Abrams Took Convincing To Pick Quinto

Of all the casting announcements for the new Star Trek, the one that seems most obvious is the first one – Zachary Quinto as the new Spock. He is talented, a break-out star on a hit TV series (Heroes), has the right look, and was highly motivated to get the part. But apparently it wasn’t a slam dunk after all. In a new Hollywood Reporter article about Quinto moving up to a bigger agency, there was this tidbit:

When he did a work session for Spock with the “Trek” casting director in June, the response he received was that, after seeing his tape, Abrams “wasn’t convinced” he was right for the role and had to move on and see other actors. That changed a couple of weeks later when Quinto met with Abrams. Soon after that, he became the first actor cast in the movie.

It will be a good question to ask Abrams what it was that changed in that face to face. Maybe it was the eyebrows.

The change in agency for Quinto is evidence of his rising star in Hollywood, and the casting in the new Trek film is a big part of that. THR notes that he is following a ‘familiar Hollywood path of breakout actors’ moving to bigger agencies who can ‘offer expansion into new arenas including producing and endorsements.’ However it looks like Quinto’s next move will be a return to his theater roots with plans a stint on Broadway after Trek and during his Heroes hiatus.

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Good to see then that Abrams isn’t just convinced by looks.

Oh, wow. First. I’d like to thank Mr. Pascale, Star Trek, and DC Comics.

No, I don’t know why, the Sinestro Corps War just rules. Okay?!

It makes sense JJ should be cautious about casting Spock. I’m glad he looked before he leaped.

The cougar in me is coming out. I think I have a little crush on Zach. ;-D

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Oh, yeah! And Boo!

Happy Halloween from the east coast!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
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This once again shows me that Abrams knows what he is doing. He thinks… logically about what he is doing and doesn’t just act on impulse. This movie is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait for next Christmas!!

Impulse is good. Warp speed is better! :P

Something doesn’t add up here. The Hollywood Reporter says Quinto met with the casting director in June and then met with Abrams “several weeks later,” at which point Quinto got the part. However, Quinto previously stated he first auditioned on April 15th and that he met with Abrams on June 5th and got the role two days later. I think the HR meant the work session was in April, not June, when he was cast.

2. Chris Clow

I agree. The Sinestro Corps War is pretty good. :D

I hope it was more than a face to face meething that swayed him. HOpefully it was a better performance. The fact that what Quinto initally deliverd on tape wasn’t cutting it gives me some pause.

Interesting, but this doesnt mean he is right or wrong for the part. Honestly people, we have no clue about this movie until we see it. It might be horrible, it might be the best Trek since Khan. None of you know anything for sure yet, except that nothing is for sure :)

I only wish J.J. had taken convincing about pick Simon Pegg…

should have been ‘picking’ Simon Pegg. I hate typos…

Simon Pegg is the best part about the cast so far.

This has restored my faith in Abrams, sort of, as I’ve always thought Quinto seemed wrong for the role. Maybe I’ll be right after all.

And, yes, Pegg is the best part of the cast so far, by far.

Quinto is a good actor

He kinda played 3 different roles on Heroes


I like him.

I just saw prts of t Shaun of the dead. There are seesn in ther wher pegg reminds me of the bar seen wiin Trouble with tibbles. I was intially not happy with the pegg choice, but a good shidal and contacts and he could pull it off

Did anyone see Heroes on Monday?

“I find your ability fascinating.”

I thought that was a cool shout-out.

“Interesting, but this doesnt mean he is right or wrong for the part. Honestly people, we have no clue about this movie until we see it. It might be horrible, it might be the best Trek since Khan. None of you know anything for sure yet, except that nothing is for sure.”

Fair enough, and something people here should remind themselves of more often. The major players here have a great track record independent of Star Trek, to be sure–but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll produce a great Trek film. And even if they did have Trek on their resume, it wouldn’t really mean anything. Berman-bashers tend to willfully ignore all of the great hours of television he presided over before the franchise went into its long slump. But a previously little-known director who had no familiarity with Roddenberry’s universe was able to take a small budget, an over-the-top villain and story gimmick the fans hated and turn it into the something that everyone now seems to consider the benchmark for these films. (I don’t totally agree, but that’s just me.)

It’s really a crapshoot, folks. We’ll all know come next December.

I heard some A-list actors don’t even audition

the directors and producers just offer them the roles in their movies

Agreed. Nick Meyer knew nothing about Star Trek, but made arguably the best TOS film.

Shatner had been hip-deep in Trek from almost the word go, but ST:V was still crap.

Frakes, already familiar with Trek, too, made First Contact, again arguably the best TNG film.

So, there is an historical precedent, set by Meyer and Frakes, for JJ and Co. making a great film.

#19 Michael: Very well put.

I agree. I think Quinto has the acting chops and range to pull of a complex character like Spock. I was happy to read that he wants to do his own take on it, but with Nimoy’s guidance and suggestions.

I’m not familiar with Chris Pine too much, but I hope he just plays the character of Kirk as he is able to find it, with whatever tools he has in his bag, so to speak, but with just enough flavor to acknowledge and pay homage to the man who originated the role. Pity he’s not involved with Shat the same way Quinto and Nimoy are, to be sure that the role gets the respect it deserves.

Shaun of the Dead was screamingly funny (pun intended. Happy Halloween). Scotty was often semi-comic relief in most situations on TOS, so hiring an actor with great comedic skills makes sense.

Vulcanista — nice cougar. down, girl. good kitty. (Where exactly in Atlanta did you say you live??)

I think Quinto will be a good Spock, but a different Spock. His voice, while good, certainly doesn’t have the stentorian tones Nimoy has spoiled us with over the decades.
As I’ve said before, this will not be your Daddy’s Trek. It will have the soul of Roddenberry’s 1966 Trek and the skin of 2008 Hollywood and JJ Abrams. I eagerly await learning about the differences.
I fully expect (nay, demand) a good sketch of the new E by T-Day.

24- “As I’ve said before, this will not be your Daddy’s Trek. ”

Right on- I this is going to be my granddaddy’s Trek, (TOS) with a spit shine and polish!

And I couldn’t be happier!

Most fans saw it months before Abrams had probably even heard of Quinto lol

Abrams wasn’t first quite sold on Quinto
He felt like he’d just bought a Ford Pinto
He prevailed with the choice
And now he’s come to rejoice
Let’s hope it doesn’t make Trek go finito!

\ ———-^——–
\ /

23. Ok., I did have my reservations at first . I think he will do with a nice shidal and some contacts.

I am just happy that Sarek and Amanda will be in the movie, somewher eMark Leonard is smiling.

I now have one more request bring in Fleet Captain (Comodore) Matt Decker. that would be awsome.

what was the Romulan captians name in Balance of terror?? I know that Mark Lenoard played him.

sorry, I don’t speak “flat line”…………..


Sandy Springs.

And to use local vernacular, “Where you at?”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
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I just watched that last night. He’s listed in the closing credits as “The Romulan Commander.”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Yeah, I don’t know what that was there. It is really friggin’ hard to type with this Borg appendage on my hand. Shoulda picked a different costume I guess. Oh crap! There goes my martini!


I’m a Lawrencevillian and a Gwinnetian.

^ somehow, those titles seem appropriate in here. Would love to see them lifted into a Trek script to describe an alien race.

LOL! Perhaps the Gwinnetians will ultimately defeat the Romulan Star Empire!

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the late traffic reporter Keith Callan (remember him?) refer to the good citizens of Gwinnett Co. as “Gwinnetians.” Or was that Capt. Herb Emory? Laughed my ass off!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I saw his acting on Hero’s last Monday and I have never seen such campy over acting –He gave such silly evil grins that it was like he was hamming up to the camera. Actually I really don’t care for this actor so maybe I am just being cranky.

Everyone else is wondering what this has to do with Star Trek. Maybe they’ll stop by Sandy Springs and see what “Starship Enterprises” means there.

#23 If Matt Decker is in the movie about Stephen Collins as Matt Decker?

38 – He plays a serial killer. He’s supposed to give evil grins.

Well 38 you can’t judge Zachary Quinto acting just by watching one episode of Hero’s. And another thing he have to understand that character Syler to know why he has these looks and not camp.

He has the right inner workings to play Spock. Well we’ll have have to wait and see.

Interesting. The story of Patrick Stewart was similar in a sense. Roddenberry wasn’t convinced and wanted to move on, but others kept pushing him. He finally gave in, but minus the wig Stewart apparently wore because at first, they didn’t want a bald captain.

He plays the emotionless loner well on Heroes.


[long toke] Yep! Where no good Baptist has gone before! [exhales] ;-)

Peace. Live long and….um… What was I saying?
The Vulcanista }:-|

Why do I suddenly feel like I need to roll over and….

It took a while before JJ decided to cast Quinto, eh? Mmmm… perhaps it will also take him a while to do the same with SHATNER!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Totally agree with you, Crazybeach, on the relative quality of ST:V thanks to Shatner’s “direction.” Always thought the next movie should’ve been named ST:VI – The Apology.

As to Zachary Quinto …. when I first heard that last spring I was horrified. (“NOOOOOOOoooooo….”) Then I realized I was reacting as though SYLAR (his character on Heroes ) had been cast as Spock, not Quinto!

I don’t usually find it difficult to separate reality from fiction (except for Trek LOL) but I almost feel real visceral hatred for Sylar when I watch the show, as though he’s a real person. Maybe the Q-man is a better actor than I thought.

He is a very vistile actor.:)