‘Star Trek’ Close To A Pike – Still Looking For Kirk’s (and Spock’s) Parents

sarekamanda.jpgJ.J. Abrams has his entire new Star Trek crew, but he still has casting to do on a number of important roles. TrekMovie.com has learned that although casting has progressed on a number of minor roles (such as crew members on other ships), no major roles have been cast since Karl Urban signed on as McCoy. However, a source tells TrekMovie.com they are close to picking their new Captain Christopher Pike. The source confirmed that Josh Lucas was considered, but implied that he wasn’t the leading candidate. Although Pike is said to have a “significant role,” the source also disputed recent rumors that Pike has a larger role than Kirk.

Meet the Parents…Star Trek style
It has already been reported that James T. Kirk’s parents are on the casting list, making Star Trek the first time for them to be seen on screen (although they have appeared in a number of Trek novels). A trusted insider tells TrekMovie.com that Spock’s parents will be in the film as well. Spock’s Vulcan father Sarek was originally played by the late Mark Lenard and his human mother Amanda Grayson was played by the late Jane Wyatt. They were first seen in the The Original Series episode “Journey to Babel.” Wyatt appeared as Amanda in Star Trek IV and Lenard played Sarek in three Trek films (III, IV, & VI) as well as a TAS episode and two TNG episodes. The new Star Trek will actually not be the first time the characters have been recast. Younger actors were used to portray the pair in a flashback scene in Star Trek V.

Jonathan Simpson playing Sarek in ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

1 week to go
Shooting on the new Star Trek film starts next Wednesday (November 7th). This was moved back from the original target of next Monday. However it appears the team are not worried that they don’t have their whole cast together. Apparently the shooting schedule has been front loaded with scenes from the already cast characters. Bear in mind that shooting is slated to run through to March. “There are a number of candidates they can pull the trigger on any time, but they are still looking to make sure they get the best possible actors for the roles” says the insider.

More on the cast page: Make sure to check out the updated Star Trek cast page. Note that TrekMovie.com has confirmed that the unnamed ‘Federation Captain’ role is a new character. Also added two new unamed characters – both ‘henchmen’ to Eric Bana’s villain Nero.

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