1-18-08/Cloverfield Trailer (and title) Coming Soon

Remember that monster movie J.J. Abrams is producing codenamed ‘Cloverfield’ coming out on 1-18-08? It is the one the teaser site (1-18-08.com) with just random photographs and viral sites like slusho.jp and various MySpace pages for the films characters. Well Paramount will be releasing the first full trailer for the mysterious film in front of Beowulf on November 16th. The trailer will reveal the final name for the film, which has been the subject of much debate. Now CHUD.com reveals that they have seen a draft of the trailer…click for details. But it looks like in the end the title will actually be…Cloverfield. TrekMovie will put up the trailer when it becomes available.

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isnt janurary when the studio dump movies theatres they think are duds?

sorry, i meant to say isnt janurary when studios dump movies into theatres they believe are duds ?

Hey, destroy New York… Again! Shouldn’t this sport of digitally wrecking the capital of the world become passe after 9/11? Those special effects can never be beat.

I would be shocked if the first Star Trek trailer (probably with little to no footage, though) was not attached to 1-18-08.

I do like the video camera POV style…seen in the trailer. Pretty clever, and budget saving.

I liked Godzilla for 5minutes…especially the wave up to the jetty scene. Then I sorta went off Dinosaurs. Let’s hope JJ can whip up the monster movie genre in his special way….. might get me even more excited about the new ST…. If that’s possible!

I don’t care about this movie – It’s not Star Trek.

@7 but this along with Mission Impossible III should firm up one’s opinion of JJ Abrams movie making abilities.

I only go to the theater now for Star Wars and Star Trek. Everything else can easily be Netflixed or purchased. Looking forward also to the Ultimate 4 Disc Collectors Extended Edition in HD-DVD of STAR TREK in 2009.

If this thing DOES remain ‘Cloverfieid’, that really will be monstrous…

That trailer was truly chilling. Somehow, as with the American Godzilla trailer, I don’t think the actual film will be able to top it.
If it DOES, well, look out!

I have been all over this “Cloverfield ” thing on the interweb since it became public. I’ve done all the geekly web searching, I was first to post the Tangruato site here (on the 1-18-08 websites article) and have pored over every bit of rumor, leaked ending, photos from the set, figuring out what the recipe was on the back of the photo, watching the stupid myspace crap, that one can do and have come up with one conclusion:

I am bored with it.

I hope JJ picks a different marketing strategy for Trek than his “viral” campaign that he used for this. “Cloverfield” better be the PENULTIMATE monster flick of all time because at this time I don’t know if I’ll even go see it.

Time to arm Lady Liberty.

Oh, and Beowulf looks pretty gawdawful. The mouth movements are as bad as an old Godzilla movie. (hmm, maybe it does go well with Cloverfield…) Besides, what’s the point of putting Angelina Jolie in a movie if it’s just CGI? My lust is worth more than that!!

i for one am excited about cloverfield. never seen alias, but watched one episode of lost in the 3rd season and immediately had to buy the whole thing on itunes. i’m with you #8. lets see some more of abrams style.