Nimoy Expects Trek To ‘Surge’ Again

The Star Trek shoot starts next week, but Leonard Nimoy doesn’t need to be on the set until December. In the mean time he is keeping busy with his photography. In a couple weeks he will be appearing at a book festival in St. Louis to promote his “Full Body Project” book. In a new interview with the St. Louis Jewish Light he discusses his photography, but inevitably Nimoy gets around to talking about that other project he has in the works:

I will be acting in a new Star Trek movie, that is going to be filmed later this year and early next year, the first acting job I have accepted in 15 or 18 years. So they need me to come back once more to play the character of Spock, in a sort of prequel to the original story. I am still strongly identified with it, no question about it, and there will be a surge again because of this new movie.

Nimoy is enjoying his life as a fine art photographer, but again talked about why he decided to come out retirement to act again:

I took the job because it is being directed by a very talented young director, J. J. Abrams, and he has writers working with him that have done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of Star Trek. So I am happy to be back doing it. I will always be identified with Spock, no question, but I am happy to say I have been able to gain more and more acceptance of my photography.’

Full St. Loust Jewish Light article on Nimoy
St. Louis Jewish Book Festival Site

Nimoy’s "Full Body Project" Photography Book Available At Amazon

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Amen to that!

Nimoy’s endorsement carries a lot of weight with me. However, I am amazed at the level of secrecy around this movie. I want to see pictures of the sets, uniforms and the Enterprise. Let’s go!!

they don’t need him on the set until December eh? I guess there’s still time to book the Shat.

What’s the deal with the Botticelli-esque pics, anyway?
Also, I know Nimoy’s a master at his craft of acting, but I’d love to hear him talk about going before the cameras after such a long time.

Poor guy. Looks like after all those years of shaving his eyebrows, they never grew back all the way. :D

Since it is december before he is on set….I wonder if it means it will be at least that long before we see anything related to the production…does that make sense? (cast photos …both spocks in character..)

#2-Nimoy’s endorsement carries a lot of weight with me.

Did you just say that?

Sorry CmdrR., I don’t know if you were kidding, but Nimoy’s book featuring the pictures of corpulent ladies in various stages of undress is, I believe, a statement on the media’s and society’s viewpoint that these women must somehow be ashamed of the way they look. By showing them “un”ashamed that they don’t fit some “idealized” body type, perhaps it can help those with narrow minds to be more accepting of others that they differ from.

As for me, the only women I don’t like are the mean ones.

I’m sorry. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, it’s incredibly unhealthy.


#8-I’m sorry. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, it’s incredibly unhealthy.

Look how good I’m being, Anthony. I won’t say anything other than “I shall let your comment speak for itself.”

“I’m sorry. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, it’s incredibly unhealthy.”

Not necessarily. Exercise is the most important thing.

“I’m sorry. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, it’s incredibly unhealthy.”

So is rudeness, far more so than most people anticipate. :)

The man has an unfair amount of talent….his photography is profound – a wonderful antithesis to his Vulcan alter ego.

Spock Lives!

If Nimoy likes it, it’s generally good.

I saw him at a convention 2 years ago, and he said he was done with acting, and that he wasn’t going back. Someone in the crowd then shouted “That’s what you always say!” I’m very glad that guy in the crowd was right.


I am referring to Nimoy’s endorsement of Abrams script. Which has been VERY positive. The pun was completely unintentional I swear!! :D

Yep time for the powers in charge to throw us a bone or two.

All you have to do is look at Nimoy’s Star Trek films and know he had a pretty good idea about what Star Trek is all about. Granted, I thought IV was a bit of a stretch, time travel again and all that, but overall, entertaining none the less. That he is giving a thumbs up to Abrahms & Crew is more than enough for me to think that this movie is going to rock. I don’t recall him ever saying anything good about Berman & Co.

Nimoy is a colossal giant in the world of Trek. His restrained performances are still full of fat and he chews the scenery with perfection. I am bloated with enthusiasm for the new Trek project. This is going to be one beefy ST film, with a broad range of actors who will have fleshed out their characters to perfection. With Nimoy on board, the movie is sure to bring in a hefty amount of cash, with meaty and stout reviews. We are sure to have one whale of a good time! :D

“Bloated with enthusiasm” try Phazyme.


Agreed! He is one talented Motherfu*$%! He has accepted that people LOVE him both in front of and behind the camera(s).

His endoresment is great.

a little off topic. i think i threw this out a few weeks back and wanted to get peoples thoughts. was watching TWOK and noticed the moment at the end of the film, when Kirk says to Scotty, we need warp speed in the next three minutes or we’re all dead”. The look Spock has on his face at that moment felt to me as though he had heard those words before. the fact that JJ and company’s favorite movie is TWOK and we are going back to early Krik/Spock and the fact that we have elder Spock and a possible time travel scenario…thought that might be interesting to tie a moment like that in.


Just kidding Oregon.Love your way with words.Thanks for the visual.

I will remain reserved. I’ve heard people say more for a lot less money than what they are paying for in Spock eternal. I don’t trust this younger generation. There hearts are where their egos lie. (Yes pun intended)There is just no way to capture the past. For me, I will sit by and wait. If they can pull it off, I will be very happy and entertained, but if they can’t, I firmly believe we, the fans, need to let them know by moving on.

They should film him first… he’s getting up in years… be terrible if they put it iff and then he’s gone!

Frankly, I am thrilled that Mr. Nimoy will be back in front of the camera once again!:) He is a truely gifted and wonderful man whoses talents should not go to waste. I can’t wait for the new film.

:) LLAP \\//

#20 Bobby “The look Spock has on his face at that moment felt to me as though he had heard those words before”

Bobby, that’s an intriguing hypothesis…I myself was struck by that dramatic moment in TWOK, but for a more base, fundamental reason. When Spock hears that they have three minutes or they’re all dead, the acting by Nimoy spoke volumes (in a Vulcan-like way) in that he weighed all options, recognized he must sacrifice himself for the entire crew, knew he had no time for heartfelt goodbyes and, without looking back, departed from the Bridge. To convey all that in one flash of a virtually expressionless face is ACTING right up there with Olivier, Brando or Hopkins! It was Nimoy’s noblest moment as the character, Spock. His death scene gets more notoriety, but the moment he decides to sacrifice himself for the good of the many is a shining testament to true heroism.

If you’re right that they can add a layer of subtext to that already momentous scene, all the better! Jeez, I love Trek!!!!

I’ve got it! The PERFECT way to have a touch of Shatner in the movie! Have the Voice of William Shatner doing the “Space, the final frontier..” opening!

Brilliant! The perfect touch of nostalgia without trying to cram his character into the story where it might not fit. (no pun intended, Bill. Love your work on BL)

Certainly I hope Nimoy is right, although my hope is that Star Trek returns to its rightful place, on television.

Well, I have always been a Spock/Nimoy fan, but his photography “career” really holds no interest for me.
His interest in doing this movie really doesn’t excite me that much. He and whoever can say that Abrams and crew is talented and whatnot, but that remains to be seen when it comes to Star Trek.
I have seen very few “remakes” that stand up to the original and make me want to jump onboard and get all excited about them.
They could possibly make a good movie and all that, but I don’t really care. The series is what I like and I have no need to see it re-interpreted.

Harry Ballz

DEFINATELY a flawless moment…and laced with all those wonderful textures you explained. What a truly great performance and Trek moment.

Was just throwing out possibilites. Thanks for the feedback.


I’m glad Nimoy feels there’s still a lot of life in Trek. But I would like to bring up something no one seems to have mentioned yet: What’s this news about George Clooney starring in the movie version of G.I. Joe?

#28- Stanky-

As Chang quoted in ST VI, “You are as constant as the Northern Star…”

Actually, Nimoy has been there from the very beginning, not Shatner. Nothing against the Shat, but hasn’t it really all been about Spock? I mean, it was “The Wrath of Khan”, not “Kirk vs. Khan”, with Nimoy giving one of the greatest death scenes in film history, And it was “The Search for Spock”, not “Kirk Searches for The Pointy Eared One”. And ST:V with Spock’s half brother.
Heh, heh.
Happy Halloween Hobgoblins.

#29 Bobby

See, here’s the thing….I know we can’t go back, except in time travel…..but I really feel we were robbed of a handful of classic Star Trek movies through the 1980’s and early 90’s. After ST:II+III we should have enjoyed a classic Trek movie every two years for the next decade after that! Paramount should have signed the cast to a long term deal, where we would have enjoyed EPIC MOVIES with dramatic moments and a story arc that would have singed your eyebrows! Instead, we saw a slow disintegration of the Trek universe into slapstick and self-parody from which it has never recovered…..until #11, hopefully!

Well………………………..let’s hope for the best!!!!

Except for ST IV, it was always a near thing whether the relatively low-budgeted Trek features would make sufficient profit to justify the next one. That the studio announced plans for a fifth Trek movie when “Voyage Home” was released was unprecedented – in fact, it never happened again. So the idea of the studio doing any long range planning was really out of the question.

Harry Ballz

And to top that off, you open the doors in ST:VI with a natural TV spinoff with Sulu and the Excelsior. And instead we get DS9 and Voyager??? WTF is that?

ST:II, III, & IV at least had a common thread connecting them which was project genesis. Unfortunately, like we hear so many times, every movie they did was regarded as their last.

What hurt ST more than anything was ST:V! Lets face it…it had a few good scens and few good lines, but the movie tanked. If it would have been better than IV, the general audience would have respected Trek more.

Hopefully XI will be a turning point and prove that ST is here to stay.

Popeye punched out Khan in the Imaginationland battle on South Park!!!

Getting back to Mr. Nimoy’s photography.
I called the ladies Botticelli-esque. While that’s not wrong, I should have said Rubenesque. Not only does that mean a woman of full figure, but there’s some tantalizing trivia that’s been rattling in my cranium for ages. I’m probably getting this partly wrong, because I’m no art expert, but I think Rubens fixated on corpulant women partly because he felt the imagery imparted the pain he himself suffered, possibly due to arthritis. I may be off by miles, but my point was that Mr. Nimoy works on many levels. At 210, I’m not making fat jokes lightly.

Well, all I can say is that I would rather have a Rubenesque woman with a nice nature who likes to cuddle than a skinny model-type who has an arrogant and selfish disposition……………I’m just sayin’………..

I don’t know if anyone’s already posted this but there will be an ironic Sci Fi movie showdown next December.

It appears that a remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” starring Keanu Reeves is going to be released the same month as Star Trek next year.

Most everyone already knows that the original TDTESS film was directed by Robert Wise – who later directed “Star Trek – TMP”.

Weird, eh?

^ Hollywood is a serpent eating its own tail.

” 26. Dennis – October 31, 2007

I’ve got it! The PERFECT way to have a touch of Shatner in the movie! Have the Voice of William Shatner doing the “Space, the final frontier..” opening!”

Dennis, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. That’s an excellent idea!

37. CmdrR: “At 210, I’m not making fat jokes LIGHTLY.” Another unintentional pun? Haha. 210 could be be light, depends on how tall you are. It would be light for my 6’7″ brother.

38. Harry: It’s nice to know you like to cuddle.

If Shatner can’t be in the movie, then hearing his voice saying “Space, the final frontier..” at the opening would be great. Or even having it done at the end of the film, possibly with the young Kirk starting, and the older Kirk (Shatner) finishing it.

Of course, having a flesh and blood Shatner in the film would be much sweeter for the fans :)

#2 states “Nimoy’s endorsement carries a lot of weight”

So do the women in his photo ROFLMFAO


Shouting at each other with angry faces is, too, and yet this is what people have been doing for the last couple of months on various threads of this site…

At least, Nimoy’s pictures can be called art.

#28 – So why are you even here if you just don’t care?

Does anyone recall the name of the comic book that Mr. Nimoy did a few years back? Late ’90s, maybe. I didn’t have a chance to check it out at the time and forgot what it was called.

46: I am here because I am a fan of the series.

I’m pretty sure Nimoy isn’t saying he expects Trek to surge again, he expects his relationship to Spock in the public eye to surge – read what he says:

“So they need me to come back once more to play the character of Spock, in a sort of prequel to the original story. I am still strongly identified with it, no question about it, and there will be a surge again because of this new movie”

He’s talking about himself, not the film.

342 “Harry: It’s nice to know you like to cuddle”

Hey…..I’m a lover, not a fighter!!

Aww, Harry, ya’ big softy.

Oh, oh. I hope they’re not going to accuse me of having a “bromance” with you again.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. How ’bout them (insert favorite NFL, NHL, NBA franchise here. Or the Red Sox).

And #46, Stanky is here to act as counter balance to all the gushing Trek XI positiveness. Sort of a Yin for everyone’s Yang.

Oh crap, there I go again. Tell Scott I’ll be at the strip club.