Rumor: Rachel Nichols In ‘Star Trek’

Does Star Trek have its second female cast member? FreezeDriedMovies is reporting that a source ‘overheard’ that Rachel Nichols has been cast for an unnamed part in film. Although it cannot be confirmed yet, it would not be a surprise as the 27 year-old actress has worked with Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman before as a recurring character on Alias. So far the only woman in the cast is Zoe Saldana (Uhura). In addition to mothers for Kirk and Spock we know there is at least one other female role (the one that Felicity star Keri Russell was talking to director JJ Abrams about). Nichols age would make her a reasonable fit for ‘Number One’ (Pike’s XO), Nurse Chapel, or a love interest for Kirk (Carol Marcus?).

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Sounds like we have a new cast member!

She would make a good fit for Carol Marcus.

Carol Marcus.

Yup, Carol Marcus would be a fine fit for her.

Paging Nurse Chapel.

“She would make a good fit for Carol Marcus.”

She’d make a good fit for anything.

Screw Chapel

I want Carol Marcus

Wow, tough call. Could be ANY number of TREK female roles: Number One, Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, Carol Marcus or Leila Kalomi.

Judging simply from that picture above, I’d place her in Grace Lee Whitney’s go-go boots!

No one seems to bring up Rand as a possibility at the beginning of a female cast member rumor…I know she was in a lot fewer episodes than Chapel but I still hope she’s in it.

Seems like this is indeed Carol Marcus though, based on how she looks…I also REALLY hope that Number One is in it! And that Majel Barrett has some role in the film.

Think I’m in love.

Set phasers to “stunning”

Chapel would be cool. Carol Marcus, I’m not so sure. I hate comics and books that think they have to cleverly “touch” on every little aspect of well established storylines.

A small nod here and there is one thing, but I hope we don’t see Carol Marcus and FInnegan and Ruth and Mitchell etc. Or at least not ALL of them in one “Academy” segment. My idea of just enough “winking” to the audience would be maybe a classroom scene with Professor John Gil, not when Kirk was teaching, but when he was a student. Something far removed from the typical “history” of Kirk at the Academy.
These characters should have rich historys that go far beyond what we have seen mentioned in handful of episodes. I hope they give us more, previously unknown, history rather than retreading over things, people and events we already know.

Yeoman Rand?

No! No! No! Not another pretty face actor.
Depth before beauty… please!!!

13 — I agree with you, but I do think that (depending on which segments of Kirk’s life are featured in the movie) that it would seem odd if some of the “established” storylines weren’t touched on. Ruth and Finnegan seem kind of obscure, but Carol Marcus was presumably a major part of Kirk’s life for at least a while approximately, oh, 20-ish years before TWOK. I mean, they had a kid together, and the “old wounds” of the relationship still get to Kirk 20 years later.

But yeah, I’d much rather see *new* parts of Kirk’s life rather than just stringing together the tidbits we already know. (Although some of the events of Kirk’s life hint at much bigger stories that we haven’t heard yet — for example, why was Kirk on the remote Tarsus 4 colony as a teenager, where he was witness to some truly horrific things?)

From what we know about this film, there will be no scenes at the academy. You can rule Ruth and Finnegan out of the film. And I can guarantee you we won’t see Kodos the Executioner.

I really, really, really want to see Kevin Riley, though. He was my favorite non-major character of TOS. I’d also hope to see a small bit of Gary Mitchell as well.

Thank god real Trek is back!!! Kirk gonna get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trek has been asexual for waaaaaaaaay to long!!!

This chick is hot!

How about if I say that her Maxim pictorial was delightful.

Kirk gets Maxim Chick !!!!!! Hooorah!!!!!!!

Yoeman Rand was the first name I thought of.

The shape of her head looks so much like Bibi Besch,the actress who played Marcus.Kind of makes ya wonder if they’re going for physical authenticity.

How about a brand new character we’ve never heard of?

That would be really nice. :)

OMG. She is f_ing stunning. My heart jumped out my chest and exploded.

#17 — That may not be true, depending on where / when the Kobayashi Maru scene occurs. Saavik’s KM test was at “the academy,” even though she was a Lt. at the time; Kirk’s might be the same way.

Also — I didn’t mean to suggest that we would *see* the Tarsus IV events, just that it was an example of how some of the little details that we do know about Kirk’s life suggest much bigger stories.

I’d love to see Riley as well.

Dennis — I think we’re gonna get a shipload of characters we’ve never heard of. For the 458475092347 time, this is NEW Trek, not Trek redux.

I see Rand in her. I’m still holding out for Keri Russel as Carol Marcus

As a big Alias fan this would be great.I really liked her on the last season of Alias(and by the way she was not a recuring actor but a regular during the last season) and what some forget Is the latest reports on the plot says no scenes at Starfleet Academy.If this pans out my guess Is she Is playing a new charcter.David was likely born before the events the film Is depecting however If they want to fudge when Kirk knocked up Carol and have It be In the film I don’t think many would complain.

#13 – Jonboc

Have to completely disagree with you on that one… regardless of who Rachael Nichols ends up playing, if there’s is one single character in Kirk’s past that absolutely needs to be touched upon in TREK XI, it’s hands-down got to be Carol Marcus. Don’t you realize what a goldmine of human drama and character insight there is in the scenario of leaving behind a woman you love who’s carrying your unborn child (or perhaps she’s already given birth by the time Kirk boards the Enterprise)? Couple that with Marcus’s and/or Kirk’s decision to NOT get married, and you have a truly ADULT relationship to explore, and not some googly-eyed “Oh, Ruth!” nonsense.

I don’t believe for a second that including the Carol Marcus storyline is simply fanboy continuity fodder. It’s a MAJOR aspect of the entire character of Kirk, and I would love to see it played out on screen. It’d be sure to pack an emotional wallop, if written and played right.

Rachel Nichols is great! Really liked her in Alias.

Dennis, while it would be nice to have some ‘new’ characters, certain people are vital to the history of the characters. They can still be new characters: I mean, we know almost nothing about Carol Marcus before STII other than that she’s Kirk’s ex and a scientist, so in a sense, a Rachel Nichols version would be new character! The same goes for the unnamed Number One or Janice Rand or Yeoman Smith!

It’s never mentioned onscreen where and when Kirk dated Marcus (other than by inference from David’s apparent age). There’s no reason to think that it was at the Academy; since there’s no suggestion that she was ever in Starfleet he might have met her anywhere.

Wow. I’ve never heard of Ms. Nichols, but good God, she is stunning. Let’s hope her acting is on a par with her looks. I could totally buy her as a young Carol Marcus.

15. – Rachel Nichols is an absolute goddess — but she’s also a fine actress, as evidenced by her stint on “Alias”, and previously on Fox’s short-lived “The Inside” (which was her first major starring vehicle). On both occasions she demonstrated real depth and intelligence (not all of which was acting; she’s a Columbia grad), so I think she’d be a particularly good choice for Carol, which I’m guessing is the most substantial female role other than Uhura in the script.

Alternately, if the role were juicy enough, I’d be particularly fascinated to see her as Number One, and certainly could see her pulling off Chapel just as well. Regardless, I’d be pleased as punch to see her reunite with J.J. for the film. She’s fantastic.

Okay, she seems like a good addition to the cast.

I’m happy with the cast so far, but I keep reminding myself that the best cast in the galaxy is useless without a strong story!

And as all the cast seems strong so far, the reports that keep me waiting and hopeful are the quotes from all those who have seen the script that the STORY/SCRIPT is first rate!

My hope is that the script has Number One, Rand, Mitchel, Lesley, Kelso, Kyle and Riley because it would be nice to “flesh out” the second tier of crew members.

Aside from the Shatner stuff, I’m happy with the news so far…

As Borat would say

Very Nice!!!

When I looked at her picture the first person that came to mind was Yeoman Rand.

I don’t think Carol Marcus is going to be in this picture. It just seems like it would not fit and bog down the movie. As much as a lot of people here want to see Kirk’s love affairs or relationships before he was the captain of the Enterprise, I don’t think there is very much to tell here. I have a feeling Marcus will be a tiny part or simply mentioned.

Remember, Kirk says, “I already have a lady to worry about, her name’s the Enterprise.”

Reports are saying when we first see Kirk he Is not yet a Captain,and this film shows how he earned the promation to Captain so Kirk could have a love affair In the film.Rachel Is the same age as Chris Pine so she would be a right fit as a love Intrest for him.If the character of Number One Is in the film she should be close to Pike’s age.If rachel IS In the film and plays a established charcter It probally would be Carol Marcus.The team has called the wrath of Khan their favorate film and their were rumors previsously Carol may be In the film.If true It will be Intresting to see how she Is worked Into the story

#31 / #38 – I agree that Carol Marcus should be in this movie, and seriously part of it. But did the writers just look at TOS, or include TWOK when writing this? I would like to see the history of this filled in. The events that spawned the reactions and interactions of Carol Marcus with Spock and McCoy in TWOK should be part of this, or otherwise it may just be a fluff Star Trek derived space adventure. Is this movie going to be for Trekkers or Trekkies?

#39 – If TWOK is a favorite of the writers, there may be hope. >;>}

I have no quarrels with Rachel. One thing that concerns me is how are they going to intertwine all these characters? J.J. does it fantastically on LOST, but that happens over several episodes. One of many problems I had with Transformers was that there were too many different characters and individual story lines. Only Shia’s was of any importance or worth, while the rest just muddied the waters.

Rachel Nichols, her looks are just stunning
Hiring her, they’ve hit the ground running
She could play Marcus or Rand
In any part, she’d be grand
In casting, they’ve really been cunning!

Maybe she’s been cast as the female personality of the Kobayashi Maru test computer…

It’s that little lab technician that Gary Mitchell aimed Kirk’s wa…whose name happens to be Carol Marcus!!

Maybe She will be a Green Orion that gets after Pike!!

I’d say Janice Rand 10 times before I say she looks a Carol Marcus.

Maybe she could be a young Janice Lester?

Dr. Janice Lester would be an interesting character to see in this movie. We could see her being rejected as a Starfleet officer. Failing her psychological test and her being paranoid it s because she is a women that they have rejected her.

At the same time she could see her old friend Jim being promoted and climbing the ladder and see him personally responsible for her failing to make the grade, believing him to have said something to stop her getting into Starfleet.

Even when Number One (from the Cage) visit her and tells her not to be silly she still believes Star fleet is an all boys club and goes off bitter and twisted determined to have revenge one day believing Jim Kirk to have been the reason she wasn’t selected for a command position.

I think that if this is truly a prequel focusing on the ‘main’ cast’s early years Chapel and Rand will be lucky to get more than minor cameos. Carol Marcus is my bet.

However, if the writers ignore Chapel, Rand, and Number One completely I will be soooooo mad. The re-imaged Battlestar Galactica showed that women can easily hold their own (and become the most poplular characters) in sci fi shows. Trek has to learn to use its female characters properly!

I’d love for the modern Yeomen to be more than just secretaries this time round. How cool would it be if Rand was a combat trained bodyguard for her captain. Then it should come as no surprise that she could shoot a phaser with enough accuracy to heat up a cup of coffee…

Fact is:

David Marcus was born around 2261 and Kirk became Captain of the Enterprise sometime around 2264/65. So it fits, that he leaves Carol and David to go on this 5 year mission.

If the movie is about how Kirk became Captain of the Enterprise his relationship to his “family” should be a part of this movie!