Star Trek Teaser Trailer In The Works

Today Latino Review reported that there is a teaser for Star Trek in the works and that it will show the construction of the Enterprise. has confirmed this with multiple sources. In addition, one source revealed that parts of the teaser have already been shot. Dates for release are under discussion and two possibilities are for it to be shown with Cloverfield (Jan 18, 2008), or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22, 2008).

Remember Teaser trailers ‘tease’
It is not uncommon for teaser trailers to come out well before a film is released. However they often don’t reveal a whole lot. A good example is the teaser for this summers Transformers movie which came out a year before release, but didn’t show you much of the actual ‘transformers.’

The Teaser
While we wait for the real teaser…feel free to watch the one made by

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