Star Trek Teaser Trailer In The Works

Today Latino Review reported that there is a teaser for Star Trek in the works and that it will show the construction of the Enterprise. has confirmed this with multiple sources. In addition, one source revealed that parts of the teaser have already been shot. Dates for release are under discussion and two possibilities are for it to be shown with Cloverfield (Jan 18, 2008), or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22, 2008).

Remember Teaser trailers ‘tease’
It is not uncommon for teaser trailers to come out well before a film is released. However they often don’t reveal a whole lot. A good example is the teaser for this summers Transformers movie which came out a year before release, but didn’t show you much of the actual ‘transformers.’

The Teaser
While we wait for the real teaser…feel free to watch the one made by

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Finally, confirmation from Anthony!




I’m guessing, since it’s just a teaser, presumably all CGI, that it will be attached to Cloverfield, with a full trailer attached to Indiana Jones.

Can’t wait to see the E in her full glory! (Even without her skin — ha.)

I’d rather see the crew in action…if not even for a couple seconds.


Well, it had better LOOK like the early E., not some revisionist mutation, or a lot of people are gonna be turned very much OFF very EARLY on.

I absolutely LOVE the trailer.

Yeah, the trailer is absolutely amazing!


Is anyone else hoping this movie has some awesome Bass when the Enterprise does anything? LOL I mean, I want to hear this ship rumble and sound huge! LOL

“Construction of the Enterprise?”

Unless this is some sort of retrospective teaser, I hope they meant “refit of the Enterprise,” because Pike was its captain for some time before Kirk. (And April before him.)


Well I’m sure they wouldn’t center their teaser around the construction of the ship if they weren’t VERY happy with what it looks like.

I think it’s a cool idea myself. Although they should probably find a way to highlight some of the cast too (even if it’s in quick flashes at the end). Otherwise it might look a little too geeky and insidery to mainstream audiences.

Why not a teaser with Cloverfield on Jan 18, 2008 and a trailer with Indiana Jones May 22, 2008? that would be sweet :)

And I agree, Trek Movie teaser is great!!!!!


How would you feel about flames on the side?

roberto —
Then, the E could transform into a giant robot, find a 20-something Kirk and help him win the love of a young Carol Marcus.

#14 “How would you feel about flames on the side?”

Phaser on stun at close range.

Construction of the ship could be accurate, if some sequence is shown as a narrative early in the film, about the ship’s history.

It’s just gonna be a teaser, nothing more.

I’m sure the “construction of the Enterprise” is just meant to represent Star Trek being reborn and the “back to basics” idea behind it’s rebirth.

I mean really, there are a lot of teasers out there that have nothing to do with the scenes in the actual movie.

Now, you know that I love and the work all its employees do, but I have to say…I’m not a big fan of their teaser. For two reasons:

1. I think it’s too, I don’t know how to say this, happy, corny, Spielbergian. Of course Trek ultimately has a positive message, but I’d want something a little more…you know…badass for this.

2. I think It emphasizes the “prequel” idea too much. The “everything must have a beginning” theme is almost exactly the same as the teaser for The Phantom Menace. The reason I want to see this film is not because I need to see what happened before TOS, it’s because I want to see a sweet reboot of the classic with modern actors and production values. But maybe that’s just me?

The piece of music I would like to see emphasized the most in the teaser would be the slow four-note repetition that played before both the TOS and TNG themes…you know, the “DUM….dum…DUM…dum…” twice. I could envision, for instance, the sort of neutral long tone before that playing for a long time before you really know what the teaser is for, and then it would go into that, and everyone would be like ooooooooh yeah! THAT would be badass, I think :-).

That could be cool to!

In any event I’m looking forward to seeing a Star Trek movie without colons LOL.

Re: 11
I agree. It would just kill a major piece of cannon if they do that. Unless they make it clear that when she is being built…..Anyone know when 1701 was constructed?

21 – Anyone know when 1701 was constructed?

That’s easy: 1701 was built 13 years before the incidents of The Menagerie, and 15 years before the incidents of TSFS, which happened after the 5 year mission.

Forget about Carol Marcus…the enterprise is Kirk’s first and only love.

She’s a classic beauty.

I am studying to be a CG artist in college. I love the TrekMovie trailer, and I’ve been trying to contact Anthony about using ideas from it, with creating my own trailer, with my own CGI. I can’t seem to e-mail him. Anyone know a way?

Mr Ocri: Is the footage in the trailer a standalone or part of the movie?

According to the ST Chronology…they put the commissioning date of the
1701 sometime in 2245…so, figure a few years I guess to build it, which would mean 2242…that would mean Kirk would be about 9 years old.

Sweet Jesus……..I hope it is with Cloverfield…..can someone please get me a Kleenex? :-o

AWWRIGHT! Glad to hear this isn’t just a rumor. Thanks for tracking this down, Anthony!

Just reading tea leaves…the phrase “parts of the teaser have already been *shot*” suggests that it’s not all CG. You shoot models, you shoot live action, you shoot horses when they break their legs – generally people don’t speak of “shooting” CG.

KUDOS again on the TrekMovie trailer Buckaroohawk!
I know you put alot of effort onto it.

Good job on the Trailer remix, TrekMovie. Perhaps some advertising
residuals could go to Buckaroohawk for the effort.

Personally, I am up for a slightly revised ship design.
Yeah, its the gravity thing again.

#22 & 26 —

Enterprise was built and christened in 2245.


hey #19

since you seem to know exactly how the trailer should go, why don’t you do your own?

put your money where your mouth is.

Guess I’ll have to see Cloverfield on the big screen for THAT!


“Flames on the side”?

Only if the seats on the Big E have tuck and roll upholstery

I think the Enterpise should shoot fire out the nacelle caps.

That would be cool. I mean kewl.

…or, the lead engineer is identified as Dr. Ed Roth

#14 Roberto – I suggested about a month ago that she ought to get tricked out with mag wheels and dual exhast. I can live with the flames as long as you don’t give her an Earl Scheib Special. ;-)

Mr. Orci, i hope that WGA strike won’t stop you from posting here at least. I don’t imagine you are one of the sources Anthony used to confirm LR story :) Oh well we wont tell JJ.

Anyway, yeah it makes sense that teaser will be attached to Cloverfield, and full trailer to Indiana Jones. Paramount has some other pretty big movies next year, they might use them as well to promote Star Trek. And then there is CBS of course with it’s highest rated shows on tv. And MTV. Perhaps a tv commercial here and there. Although i doubt mr Moonves would approve.

The one thing i would like to most see right now is a picture from sets or something, perhaps Chris and Zachary in their costumes.

Bye everybody!

Big fins on the engines and a huge chrome grill on the front of the saucer section.

That’s one way to get Trek fans to see Cloverfield.


Candy-apple red dilithium dust paint? LOL

Bigger E, teensie windows. Give her some size!

“The Constitution-class lineage was launched sometime prior to 2245, and served as Starfleet’s front-line vessels for the rest of the century. The Constitution-class also served as a mighty deterrent to both the Klingon and Romulan Empires, several times taking part in combat actions which determined the fate of the entire Federation if not the Alpha Quadrant itself. (Star Trek Encyclopedia)”

I am guessing that this is going to be the first revision of the ship, Pike’s was second, Kirk’s was 3rd, then the TWOK through TUC was the 4th and last revision before decommissioning.

Am I close Mr. Orci??


Except, of course the Big E was lost in ST3:TSFS. That’s a new ship from ST4 on.

This could be a very cool teaser. Reminds me of that early T2 teaser where you see the Terminator being put together in the factory.

I think there’s going to be some revisionism, to an extent. I hope it doesn’t look too over detailed, I always hated that aspect of the TNG era ships. Actually I never liked the Enterprise D.

#45 – Enterprise D reminded me of a fuggin’ fern bar in space. Once they decomm’d The Big E at the end of TUC, it took them until ST:FC to get it right again. Problem was, they forgot to give the scripts the same treatment. LMAO :D (FC excepted, of course – that was TNG’s TWOK.)

#31…Well, for what it is worth…commissioning a vessel is the act/ceremony of putting it into service. To do that, it would have to have been built already.

It takes 21st century technology about five-to-seven years to build a nuclear powered carrier. As advanced as 23rd century might be in ST terms, I doubt the Enterprise could be built in a year.

Even if they could, that would mean it was under construction in 2244, so James T. Kirk would have been 11, Spock 14.

All I’m saying is that if we buy what is considered canon, and if Kirk and Company are in their 20s and early 30s, showing the E under construction has to be a flashback — just for the teaser, or a flashback
within the actual film.

I could see a teaser being done showing the E under construction with Don LaFontaine’s booming voice over…”In 2244, Starfleet would create a new vessel to take us to the stars…a starship that would make history and make the names Pike, Spock and Kirk legendary. On December 25, 2008, join us…as the future visits the past…and the adventure begins again.”

^7 roberto Orci

I always thought the Starfleet “star” is no star at all.

Take a look at a burning candle — and tell me if the flame doesn’t bear a striking resemlance to that emblem!

The teaser could very well be a symbolism of sorts for the rebuilding of TREK while going back to the classic feel. A building and soon to be launch of the ENTERPRISE gearing up the viewer of what is to come . Just my 2 cents on it. Or maybe it is a quick glimpse of a ship retrofit for Kirk and crew. Sounds like things are building up though. I am so curious of the designs and style of this film. I really want some the style of the pilot TOS shows. While sure with new tech/21st century viewers you adjust, update to a degree. But it would be cool to keep as close to the look and feel of these early shows. It is weird as I really in the last few years have gotten back into retro TREK big time. Well we will just have to wait and see what does happen on the big screen!

^49 Rick

The old Trek was tabula rasa in many ways. How many television viewers ever actually saw a computer with their own eyes? Statistically speaking, close to zero! How many had ever seen a space vessel or rocketship with their own eyes? Same answer. Trek was free to build the Enterprise with very little audience expectation and very little existing “technology” to prejudice their design.

The spinoffs had to play to audience understanding of current technology, since everyone owns a few computers and everyone has seen the Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center and the Space Shuttle at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

In a way, the later Treks are less advanced, less visionary, and less likely to predict actual future design ethics because they must play to 20th C. prejudices and comfort zones with EXISTING technology.