Quinto: Working On Heroes and Trek Is ‘Crazy Dream’

The new Mr Spock, Zachary Quinto, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night

Transcript of his Trek answers below

Jimmy Kimmel: You’re going to have to disappear for a while at least from Heroes so you can go shoot the Star Trek movie. (This is met with a few boos from the Sylar’s Army members in the audience.)

Zachary Quinto: It’s all good. I’ll be right down the street. We shoot Heroes at Sunset
Gower and Star Trek will be shooting pretty much at Paramount, so right now I’m going back and forth between the two, rehearsing for the movie and shooting the show, which is like a crazy dream.

Kimmel: Is there anything bigger for a young actor than to say you’re going to be the new Mr. Spock?

Quinto: The scale of it, if I drop into that, is so bizarrely daunting that I feel I’m just taking what’s ahead of me as it comes.

Kimmel: and you’ve gotten to know Leonard Nimoy

Quinto: I have, yeah.

Kimmel: He’s going to be in the new movie?

Quinto: He will be involved in the new film.

Kimmel: Oh, he’ll be Involved in the — everything’s secret with you, right?

Quinto: I know, this is the worst thing, I’m involved in the most top secret things. I’m not allowed to talk about my show, I’m never allowed to talk about my movie. I feel I have nothing to talk about with people.

Kimmel: Have you read the whole script?

Quinto: I have, yeah. It’s really impressive. I had to go there and be sequestered in an office, and there were probably cameras that I couldn’t see… and I was monitored and then I had to give it back and sign —

Kimmel: So they don’t trust you at all.

Quinto: At a certain point, [I was like] you’re going to have to trust me. So now I have my very own copy that I keep hidden

Kimmel: Have you been fitted for the ears yet?

Quinto: Ya I have. I have done the make-up tests and the hair test and made the adjustments. That for me was really the moment that this was going to happen…it was the solidifying…

Kimmel: Was Leonard there when you got your ears fitted for the first time?

Quinto: No, no, but we had a conversation about it.

Kimmel: Do you think he harbors any hostility towards you?

Quinto: I don’t think he harbors much hostility towards anyone, actually. He is a really incredible man. I have a lot of respect for him, getting to know him and seeing how his creativity has evolved over the years. He’s a photographer, a poet, a director, an actor… he’s really inspiring, so I don’t think hostility is something he harbors much of.

Kimmel: Have you been mind-melding with him?

Quinto: (laughing) No.

Kimmel then closed off by giving Quinto advice to steal as many props as he could, because "To Trekkies, anything you can get your hands on is worth a zillion dollars on eBay." They then  said their thanks and farewells and that was that.

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nice interview :)


He had to talk them into trusting him…

It’s nice to get his “Gosh, golly gee, I’m the new Spock” perspective on things, but otherwise there was nothing of substance in the interview, aside from reminding us of some very positive things about Nimoy.

as I understand it…no one besides Nimoy was given the whole script before they signed on. Still even now I think only a select few see the whole script.

My show and movie? Damn….considering how young he is and thats this is is first movie he sure has a FAT HEAD. It would be totally different IF he was funding the film – producing it and somehow playing multiple roles. All this guys does is talk about one character. Get over it already!

I disagree

What I got from the interview : Hmmm Quinto seems to be a nice humble man

He certaintly does not have a “fat head ”

and he can talk about “his” movie and “his” show all he wants.

“Crazy Dream” indeed.

This is what Paramount has always wanted as far back as ’75, a younger replacement cast for the original crew. It’s kinda strange to see it come to fruition after all this time.

#1- it’s not AICN….sigh…
#6 – I agree he happened to refer to his current jobs that was all. Actors refer to their work like that all the time. I saw the interview and there was not a shred of any pride or of him being smug. He was just communicating what was going on with him.

I agree with Number 9. I really am thinking this is the right actor for this prt. Not full of himself, and commited to making a seious effort at doing the best damn spock he can

Are you sure those boos were ONLY from the ‘Sylar’s army members’…?

so I was like, you know, and its like woaaa. Its like kerazee. like wild dude, to be like, in these like shows.
God, we’re getting a Skater Spock.
Odd looking fellow. Not nearly as strikingly handsome as Nimoy was.

Damn – I was hoping that picture Kimmel was gonna show was going to be legit.


the men in my Italian-american family looked like Zachary

odd looking? Pfft !No way, jose! Good looking? YEP!Of course!

;) :)

Thanks for alerting me to this, Anthony. I would’ve stayed concious for a while longer had I known Zach was coming up. I usually turn it off after “This Week in Unneccessary Censorship”..

#13 Zach’s an actor. I bet ya “Fasinating…dude”
will not appear in the script or film. Don’t worry.No Skater Spock in Trekland.

Hahahah if i was in the movie i would totally steal one of everything on the set too!!!… it’s not the first time i thought about something like that. when i was a little guy i would always imagine visiting paramount and
ransacking (?) the star trek sets :)

I can see JJ just using Quinto eyebrows to make him look more like Spock from The Cage.

what a bunch of nit-picks

The thing I don’t get is that we KNOW that Leonard is in the film. Why did Zach think he had to cover that fact up when J.J. himself announced it in July?

So is his name pronounced “Kin-toe” or “Quinn-toe”?

Those Heroes fans booing about Quinto leaving the show for awhile to do Star Trek need to relax. Heck, I remember when Heroes was a comic book named Rising Stars.

12. “kind of shy tho”
That was my impression also. It will be interesting to see his take on Spock. Looking forward to it.

Seems like a good down to earth guy to me. I did notice he didn’t do nearly as much forehead staring at Christina as he did at Jimmy. Hmmm…maybe he will be “an elf, with a hyperactive thiroid” (horny little Vulcan)!!!


Ah c’mon, not even a Fa-shiz-inating?

I particularly enjoyed that the issue was addressed by someone named ‘ZoomZoom’.

Question: Should the nacel’s have spinners?

“I wish I had known that 11 min. ago”


22 – QUINN-toe.

I initially had doubts about this guy. I don’t watch Heroes and I haven’t seen him in anything else. But about 3/4s of the way through this clip, when you can only see his profile, Quinto appears serious while facing Kimmel. In that instance of serenity and seriousness, he does appear to display something that very much resembles Nimoy’s quiet dignity.

I look forward to seeing a trailer with Mr. Quinto as Spock.

Guys, the Heroes fans were booing as a gesture of affection for the character. They weren’t booing Star Trek. Everyone seems to be taking things a wee bit too seriously.

I found the most suprising aspect of that clip was Jimmy Kimmel actually being funny! It’s a rare thing.


Either megalomania or persecution mania. Maybe both.

Thanks Anthony, It’s going to be fun seeing these snippets during the next year, this program is not aired in Australia.

It’s interesting seeing and hearing the various commentators spin on things. 3 years ago would they have been so enthusiastic? I think not. There seems to be a ground swell of interest in the new Star Trek movie from everybody at the moment. Even the odd report we get downunder is good.

The new actors playing these iconic parts will eventually relax into the public scrutiny but at the moment they must all be a bit nervous wondering how all us geeks and the general public will take all this…and the effect it will have on there careers.

I thought Quinto seemed very relaxed.

and thanks to Charles Trotter of course!

Woah! He got really skinny. :O

Compare him to last year and …dang!

His weight is for Star trek right? Nimoy was pretty lanky guy.

talk about dedicated.

33. thanks for noticing…chuck took his late night to transcribe that…and deserves thanks for that and of course his other work here.

Jimmy Kimmel? The new cast should get a whole show on Oprah! (But if Zoe uses the word ‘vah-jay-jay’ in the film, I’m walking out.)

Zach handled himself with style and aplomb in this interview. Extremely proud member of the SArmy here… part of the core group. Just wanted to clarify that NONE of the boos came from members. We had one member there and she was the one who spoke to Zach about the name thing. I can’t wait to see actual things like the promo pics and teasers for the film.

zach comes accross as a really nice down to earth (excuse the pun!)guy. i think he will make a fantastic new Mr Spock. cant wait
united kingdom

Thought the interview was great, loved the pic of him with the ears. He’s going to be a great Spock.

Seems like a decent guy.

Those booing must have been Star Wars fans.

#42 diabolk

Or was it folk who didn’t think classic TOS should be messed with and made into this ‘revisionist’ Star Trek Movie in the first place?… ;)