“Metamorphosis” Remastered Screenshots + Video


SFX Video

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Remastered & Original













Nancy Hedford

Zefram Cochrane

The Companion

Companion ‘loving’ Zefram

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one of my favorites

some folks poo pooed it but I like the shuttlecraft episodes

Man, I really depend on this site for re-mastered stuff now. My local station stopped showing them late at night, and now shows them in the evening on Sat when I’m at work. So just want to say thanks for doing this guys!

This is one shot they have not copied yet

comment image

I hope they do someday.

I noticed CBS put in some CG mountains and clouds when we first see Cochrane running towards Kirk and Co. A very nice added bonus!! The rocks around Cochrane looked like they were fluorescing under the dim light shining through the clouds. Very interesting approach by CBS but it made the set appear very alien. I liked it.

Either way I am thrilled CBS added some clouds and mountains!! Anything they do at this point to enhance the planet sets is a pleasant surprise.

The Shuttle Galileo shots were SO SO.

Hey! A Gene Cooner!

Hate to be the skunk at the garden party, but these original screenshots look better than the remasters shown here. The originals have nice color, contrast, and detail. The only thing that looks better here is the new planet detail, and the cloud.

There was a really sweet sideview flyby shot of the E that looked amazing on a big screen.

This was a great episode…and is it just me or did the price drop?

I was really excited about ST-R but overall I have been disappointed. In the shots above, for example, space is about 85% gray. Surely space is by definition 100% gray = black. I don’t think this is an artifact caused by the screen grabs. There have been many bright spots and surprises in ST-R like the various animated mattes, but many of the space shots just seem, well, rather drab like the contrast has been turned down.

The heart breaking part is we have all seen better Space FX, and we know many of those animators are dying to work on Star Trek. They just never got the call.

This looked amazing on my HDTV. The color really made the set shot look more alien than indoor. Nice job CBS Digital. Oh and man did Hedford’s dress glow!!

The planet set on this episode was very well done. With the CBS establishing shot improvements plus the original work done by the set designers back in the 60’s, really made this planet set actually look like a planet. The colors really jumped out in this episode as well.

As far as the Enterprise shots go; it was nice to see the asteroid field mentioned by Sulu. There was an 180 degree shot of the Enterprise approaching the asteroids and you could barely make them out but they were there. Also there was a shot of the E from the front and you could easily see a few asteroids floating behind the ship.

I thought this was a good outing for CBS.

I have not see the show yet, but from the screen grabs above, it looks like the original planet has the correct colors and the new CG planet is brown.

Bravo! The SFX fit in perfectly and I was hard pressed to tell the new from the old. For example, the planet exterior was glowing, and I knew it didn’t glow before — but I wasn’t really *sure*. It all fit together beautifully. I do agree with #5 that some of the space shots from this episode were gorgeous in the original. Too bad they can’t pick and choose.

And yeah — Gene Coon rocks. RIP, man.

This one is coming on in NY at 11. Tivo is ready to its dirty work. Bed time for fortyish Trek fans with lots of kids, and real jobs to go to in the mo-nin.

Glenn Corbett was a hottie. I was saddened to see on his imdb.com profile that he passed away in 1993.

For some reason, the screenshots always look better for the original. But that’s just the screenshots.

I’m delighted they did a little something to enhance the planet exterior. This is, IMO, one of the top 20 episodes.

I’ve been here for awhile quietly lurking and observing, reading comments for the last year or so. I have to say though, the sets looked very good. Very alien although the planetoid from orbit does not match the surface sets. The planetoid should be purple… where was Michael and Denise Okuda on this one j/k. Did anybody notice the square artifact around the Companion when it charged toward the camera after Spock tries to short it out? I hope they fix that effect and the colour of the planet upon release of the DVD. I liked the episode and think that these updates on the sets make the whole sets look more bigger. Would’ve liked some motion to the background matte of the clouds though, especially in the scenes with the Companion and Cochran. The same matte is used over and over. It got irksome.

The screen shots probably look better from the original, because they are captured from DVDs and not NTSC screen grabs.

Hey Anthony P. – maybe you should put a disclaimer up with the screen grabs that says something to the effect of: “Remastered screen shots are captured from Standard Definition broadcast. Color and contrast values may not be represenative of the actual images as seen on your TV.”

In the FX reel, the Enterprise flyby during Scott’s second log entry has a tremendous sense of scale for some reason. It’s the first time I’ve seen the TOS Enterprise feel like the beauty passes in TMP, genuinely 23 decks tall. The original sound effects and score help a lot though.

#8: I think it is either the settings they’re using when they grab the screen shots. It looks decent when I watch it on TV. The only real judgment that can be made is when we’re comparing the shots on DVD/HD DVD.

It would be more “fair” to show the regular broadcast originals than the DVD captures.

In looking at the remastered episode and then hitting up TrekCore for original screenshots, I’m convinced that CBS-D made the sky more purple than it was originally.

I thought there was more detail to the cloud cover in the planet-side shots.
Like to have this soundtrack released on cd, along with “Who Mourns For Adonis?” … some great music there from the second season that hasn’t been released.

love this episode… kinda upsets canon with First Contact though

@23 You have that backwards. First Contact contravenes canon not Metamorphosis.

I always liked the classic purple / fuchia colors of the backdrops in this one, and am disappointed that CBS Digital chose to make the actual planet a jarring BROWN overall, rather than a more ‘stylistically’ matching colored atmospere…

Boy, another episode that really didn’t need to be remastered! I wonder why no-one can see that. There are so few effects that they added that I wonder why they remastered this episode in the first place. It was perfect like it was. The effects never step in the foreground. They are no essential part of the STORY (ever heard about the concept of such?).

#23–WRONG!!! First Contact is the one that upsets the canon of this episode.

The companion didn’t just rejuvinate Cohrane She made him much better looking than the guy in the First Contact.

#28 Jon (30)

And gave him better dress sense than the First Contact reinterpretation too..

Can someone clarify something for me… is anyone seeing these in 1080p hi def yet or are they all being broadcast in standard def?

Cochrane’s appearance in Enterprise’s debut episode was more in line fashionwise… Perhaps he was wearing a similar outfit to what we see Corbett in? I’ll have to look.

Of course, it was still Jamie Cromwell… But it does put new meaning into “Metamorphosis”. Guess Jamie’s the larval form, Glenn the butterfly. Hah.

I liked the better-continuity ending with the shuttle returning to the ship. I hope they do similar with Assignment Earth heading for the Sun, Turnabout Intruder to the Benecia Colony, Lights of Zetar to Memory Alpha
and improve on Spectre of the Gun, By Any Other Name and Ultimate Computer’s endings. Way To Eden’s starbase also needs to be corrected as it’s the same as ‘Eden’, whilst I also think that the ‘contemporary’ Earth should be seen at the end of Tomorrow Is Yesterday.

Overall very good, but as others have mentioned, the planet should have remained the same colour as it’s atmosphere.

Looking at the screenshots, it’s easy to see what a clip together of stock footage this episode was. (Not that that’s bad, but it shows here.) The E is (in decending order) white, pink, grey, blue. I know CBS-D isn’t perfect, but don’t act like the original was perfect.

They could have fixed the glaring stage lights in the sky as Cochrane runs up to the shuttle.

The feed I have is run through an HD reciever. The picture is superior compared to the SD receiver I used to have and I’m watching these shows on a 50″ Plasma.

The planet does have a purple atmosphere which was easily visible from what I saw. They should have made the atmosphere a little brighter though.

Seeing these in 1080p on DVD will be a real treat because I think they look damn good in 480i.

What happened to Matt Wright’s HD fx reel and screen grabs??


They did!! with an CG extension of the set that had clouds and distant mountains.

You know, perhaps Im not right about this but should the sky show that much on the planetoid if it is primarily rock, which does correspond to the actual set?

If you think about it, we think of Earth as a blue planet because of the water, not because of the sky.

If the planet’s atmosphere is purple and surface is mostly rock, then all you would see would be the rock with a thin veil of purple atmosphere around the edges is what we do get in the remastered planet.

As Nov 20th creeps up, I realize …I’m gonna order the HD-DVDs after all.

Damn you, Paramount!

PS the original shot of the E (#7) from the front looks much better.
The old girl looks much more graceful. No offense to CBS-D, of course. They did their job. My money is set aside.

i agree, the original studio model looks more like a solid, real object that has mass. they should have used a physical model for shooting… the shuttle shots are more dramatic, but thats the only approval, the studio model looks like a toy and the cgi looks like a game. ah well…

for the new influx of profit these remasters represent, and the cultural iconery, you’d think they would have had more care with these important revisions.

well shot and constructed miniatures still look more real than these hasty polygon cartoons.


Yeah, that slow turn often used on the “STAR TREK next episode” teasers was a nice one.


Kind of the same here. I was DVR’ing them but TREK has switched from a really good local station here in the Little Rock area to a really crappy (in terms of broadcast quality) one. The picture is terrible and the closed-captions are never transmitted clearly, so I’ve essentially stopped watching it.

Ah, well, I guess I can wait a few years ’til the HD-DVD (or whatever) are all out.

#36, re: #34…

Maybe it wasn’t when Cochrane ran to the shuttle, because I do remember the scene captured above (and which you described). But at some point, the camera is panning from left to right toward the shuttle and there are still two glaring light flares shooting down from the top of the screen.

#36 re: #34…

Perhaps it wasn’t Cochrane, because I do remember the updated scene captured above and described by you. But at some point, the camera pans from left to right toward the shuttle and there are two glaring light flares shining down from the top of the screen.

Sorry for the duplicate. I posted then reloaded the page and it didn’t show up. Until I retyped the message, of course. : /

#23, #27

I don’t believe either one contradicts the other. Consider, that “First Contact” continuity-wise takes place before “Metamorphosis”. I believe it was all the fame and hype and celebrity that the events in FC precipitated on Cochran that ultimately drove Cochran to seek out a place to “get away from it all” as it were. And as far as the difference in appearance, remember that the two films were produced 25-some-odd years apart, and as Oregon Trek Geek sadly pointed out, Mr. Corbett had passed away by the time FC was made…
As far as the Enterprise pilot, since it was 90 or so years later than FC, I always got the impression that Cochran, according to “Metamorphosis”, should have been long gone and in the “arms” of the Companion by then….

Nice sense of scale of the E on a couple of new shots there, enhanced/extended studio cyce shot very good too. A great Shatlog piece in this episode too with Kirk’s dialogue with the Companion…

I thought the identity in space was too static. It should have flowed as it moved.
I do hope STXI will actually show the beautiful scenes of space. With dimension and a perspective as if being there.

The big surprise here was the last shot of the shuttle heading towards the Enterprise, cool. I know some will think it looks CGI.

Again, good restraint was used to limit CGI. I like the reddish hue the Companion takes on when she attacks Kirk and Spock!

One of the best Gene Coon episodes. And in this new remastered version, the entire cast and guest stars never looked so handsome. They all looked in their prime!

Glad to see the stage lights gone, but that was a nice shot originally. It did give a decent sense of distance. I think I am going to reduce complaining about the DVD price as well as my wife says that this is very livable and I may order my set now. Happy Festivus to me!

I guess i must have nailed it, as no one seems to disagree with me.

Regarding the FX looking “fake” or “cartonish” – I too think that sometimes they do indeed look like this – but not always – but what also occurred to me is that as soon as the HD-DVDs come out, we might have some entirely new appraisals of the FX, perhaps good or perhaps bad.

ToonLoon said: “but what also occurred to me is that as soon as the HD-DVDs come out, we might have some entirely new appraisals of the FX, perhaps good or perhaps bad.”

Effects that look bad in SD will not look any better in HD – sorry – but there’s not that much more definition to make a difference.

I watched the last episode with my 11 year old daughter and watching the new FX shots of the shuttlecraft and companion attacking it – she said “That looks phony! How could you have watched this as a kid?”

She was shocked when I told here that those were all new CGI FX – her next words had me busting up: “It looks like something from Jimmy Neutron. I’m going to bed.”