HD-DVD Giveaways + Australian “Menagerie” Screening

The release of Season One of the digitally remastered Star Trek: The Original Series is in two weeks (Nov. 20) and the promotions for it keep racking up. Firstly STARTREK.COM has a new contest with a grand prize of a Toshiba HD-DVD player and a TOSR Box Set, (DETAILS HERE). And if you live close to New York City and are one of the first in line to buy the box set at select Virgin mega-stores you will get a free Toshiba HD-DVD player and a ‘Star Trek goodie bag’ (DETAILS HERE). Lastly screenings of the HD version of “The Managerie” have been added in Australia (DETAILS HERE).

Tickets are still available for other “Menagerie” screenings around the world, CLICK FOR: USA, Canada, Europe

Don’t forget that if you buy a Toshiba HD-DVD player (on or after Nov. 20) and the new Box Set, you will get a free ‘Phaser Remote’ (DETAILS HERE). Toshiba HD-DVD players are selling for as low as $199 and come with up to 7 free HD-DVD (depending on the model)

Rod Roddenberry doing media interviews for “Menagerie”
All the screenings of “The Menagerie” are preceded by a ‘making of’ documentary hosted by Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. This week Rod will be doing a round of satellite TV and radio interviews to promote the “Menagerie” event. CLICK HERE for a list of stations where he will be appearing.

Pre-order TOS-R Season One Box from Amazon for $132.95

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete First Season [HD DVD] — $132.95

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Can’t wait – have my tickets for next Tuesday in Toronto.

(Possibly first)

Have they done the entire first season with new FX? Or is this gonna be have some that don’t have the new FX? I haven’t been keeping track how many eps from which seasons have been done.

CBS-D finished all of the first season episodes so they could put together this set. Whether thats a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Oh sure, give all the free stuff to the New Yorkers. They already have scads of entertainment options. I guess we on the frontier will just have to pay money for stuff. I suppose this is to make up for the Yankee’s and the Knick’s.


Is anyone aware if any of the material (interviews with cast, crew, etc) from the Sci-Fi channel TOS airings in ’98-’99 will be incorporated into the Extras for this set?

Snif, and still no screening in France :(

re: #5 Yes, some of the material from SciFi Channel’s Special Edition will be in the set. The intervews and such will be featred, but Nimoy and Shatner’s host wraps will likely not be used.

featured…not featred…damn fingers.

I wish I could visit New York that day… I just have to hope I win on Startrek.com

No Menagerie screening in Montreal.

Montreal forgotten as always… There’s just 3 millions people here… Surely not enough to fill a theater…

Same thing with conventions, we’re always forgotten.

10 – You got that right!!!

maybe it’s because of Shatner!!! :-P

We need more trek in Montreal s.v.p. :)

Wal mart had the Toshiba HDDVD players for 98 bucks this week…might be worth it just for the phaser remote.

Why are the prices different? 132.95? 129.95?

More trek dvds I have sooo many allready.
It would be cool if Paramount would re-issue the Next Gen,Ds9 and Voyager on widescreen format.
These new trek TOS dvds look cool but there way overpriced for me.

#1. CanuckLou

I’ll see you there… lol


I thought I was the only one from MTL!
Does Shatner ever visit Montreal, or does he snub it now?
It would have been fun if they would have filmed some bits of the film here, I would have totally auditioned for a red shirt role!

#17 Shatner is a Ceo of a FX company up in Nova Scosia. There most famouse for their work on LEXX.


There are already 3 people in that theater I guess.

Fantastic, they now have screenings in Australia.
Great news!! Great news!!


LEXX!!! Oh my…
Eva Habermann- (the original Xev!)
Ahhh… my robot head is spinning…

Member that great show LEXX. Paramount should free up that 1st season and make it availible in the US.
Until then I’m spending my DVD money on Dr.Who season3 !!

“The Grand Prize, featuring the Toshiba HD-A3 player, delivers the best image possible with picture quality up to 1080i, ”



The Toshiba A2 & A3 are entry level players. 1080i contains ALL of the same information as 1080p. If you have a display that is already 1080p capable, then the image you receive on your screen will be 1080p, as your display will simply combine the two fields to make them progressive (native 1080p players simply do it in the players so your display won’t have to). I have an A2 connected to my 1080p Sony SXRD and it looks sensational.

In other words, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. In the end if you have a 1080p display being fed a 1080i signal, you’re still getting 1080p.

Well I’m one happy Treker! There’s no way I hought this presentation would come downunder. But some one must have seen my plee on TREKMOVIE cause it’s here! And I just bought the 1st tickets!

Ohh mi god… It’s showing in the ODEON in Leeds-Bradford on the 13th Nov
Anyboady else going to see this there.

yay there showing it at my local odeon in bradford UK

#10 and #11

I think they have a problem with French speaking peoples, because they are no screening in France, Québec, and in the French parts of Switzerland and Belgium. That’s about 77 million people !!!!

Someone needs to tell Paramount to get off their butts and release the Ultimate Star Trek movie collection that was promised ages ago on HD-DVD…


I’ve heard that Paramount will not begin releasing the Trek feature films until next Fall/Winter (around the time the new Abrams film arrives in theatres). We’ll just have to cope with TOS Remastered Seasons 1-3 until then.


I guessed you’re right… maybe they think they would need to show a french version. Witch is not the case cause I speak french and I would never, ever, watch those poor translation with the same 4 voice actors in every film

I can’t believe they’re actually showing it in Australia!

I’ve booked my tickets and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I’m getting excited about it just thinking about it!!!!

Dear Gods – will we see it in Brisbane? Please say that this is not just teasing but that they will treat these cultural treasures with respect.. Bring on the HD format, but not at the expense of our already weighty collections. We moved to DVD from VHS – but to also move to HD would require not making our collections redundant.