Bruce Greenwood Is Pike

Last week reported that Paramount was ‘close’ to signing their new Chris Pike, and now they have. According to the Hollywood Reporter the role of Captain Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams new Star Trek has gone to Bruce Greenwood. Although he is not necessarily a ‘big name,’ the 51 year-old Canadian actor is well known with 90 TV and film credits to his name. He most recently starred in the HBO series John from Cincinnati. Pike was originally played by the late Jeffrey Hunter in the un-aired first Original Series pilot “The Cage.” After Hunter declined to return for the second pilot, William Shatner came on board as Captain Kirk. “The Cage” was later reworked into the 2-part episode “The Menagerie” as a series of flashbacks. Although the character of Pike only appeared that episode, as the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk he will have an important role in the new prequel.

Command Experience
Greenwood will be playing the Captain of the Enterprise and the commanding officer of younger Spock (Zachary Quinto). A look at just the last decade of Greenwood’s career shows he has plenty of ‘leadership experience.’ He was the CEO of US Robotics in the sci-fi hit I, Robot. He has played a US President twice (Thirteen Days & National Treasure: Book of Secrets). He commanded a submarine in Below, a machine drilling to the center of the Earth in The Core and an Antarctic Expedition in Eight Below. And if the time-travel rumors are true, then Greenwood should be ready for that as he played an FBI agent heading up a team using time travel to solve crimes in Deja Vu.

Hunter and Greenwood…the original and new Pikes

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