Rachel Nichols Talks ‘Star Trek’

Rachel Nichols has seemingly confirmed the rumor that will be in the Star Trek movie. In an interview with the Toronto Sun the 27 year old actress said “I’m very restricted on what I’m allowed to say, but yes, there’s a good chance you’ll see my shining face in the new Star Trek.” Nichols said she did not even know the name of her character and even her mom didn’t know about it until she saw the rumor reports online. As noted in the first report on Nichols, she has worked with Star Trek director J.J. Abrams before on his show Alias. The connection is not lost on Nichols who said “J.J.’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever met … He’s very, very loyal.”

Nichols is best known for her recurring role as Rachel Gibson on Alias, but before that she had appeared in several films including a number of horror films. Since Alias ended in 2006 she has worked on four feature films in larger roles including the lead in the horror/thriller P2 opening this weekend. The actress will also be appearing alongside Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in the Mike Nichols film Charlie Wilson’s War opening this Christmas.

What Role?
Nichols would be the second known woman to be cast in the new Star Trek, but it is not known who she would be playing. What we do know is that co-writer Roberto Orci promises that the female roles in the film will have more to do than just answer the space phone. It has been all discussed before, but here are the possibilities again

  • Number One (Capt. Pike’s First Officer)
  • Carol Marcus (mother of Kirk’s son David)
  • Nurse Christine Chapel
  • Yeoman Rand
  • other known character
  • …or a new character

If the character name is being kept a secret, then it is possibly to protect a plot spoiler. However, Chapel, Rand and Number One should not really be any more of a spoiler than known characters such as Uhura or Pike. A new character name is also unlikely to be much of a spoiler. The only listed name that would be much of a spoiler would be Carol Marcus as a love interest for Kirk. Then again maybe it is not a big secret and Nichols just doesn’t know yet.

Bibi Besch (left) as Carol Marcus in Star Trek II and her younger self?

More on Rachel: Wiki Page | IMDB Page | Fan Site

Nichols on Video

From Alias

Trailer for P2

Maxim photo shoot

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Numero UNO?! A Good MAtch for carol Marcus

Based on these videos, I’m thinking Rand, which would be awesome. Beam her up!

Agreed. She looks like a young Carol Marcus. Hot too!

It says Carol Marcus to me since the beginning

Not really much to go one. Don’t know if this is a one-liner or a “pivitol” character.
All we really know now is that in the 23rd century, mankind rediscovers willowy blonde shekind.


Now where’s Jessica Biel?


“If the character name is being kept a secret, then it is possibly to protect a plot spoiler.”

Well, as long as she’s not credited as “Romulan Who Blows Up the Enterprise”, I don’t see how knowing who her character is could be much of a spoiler.

It’s amazing to hear all these actors sounding excited to be in a Star Trek movie. Obviously most actors would be happy to have ANY job, but I’m sensing a different kind of excitement here– which could only be because of Abrams and the fact it’s TOS.

Whether the movie succeeds or not, you gotta give Abrams credit for at least getting people excited about Star Trek again.

No. 7: Because it’s a spoiler for us. For the general public, whether it’s Carol Marcus, No. 1 or Ruth, no-one will care.


That’s probably because, unlike Patrick Stewart — who admitted that he didn’t (initially…so, after he’d auditioned for the role of CPT Picard) have a clue about the full cultural impact that Trek had had — all of these actors/actresses have grown up (not sure about Simon Pegg) around TOS and TAS, and TNG, AND DS9, AND VOY, AND ENT and, until now, 10 feature films…

Definately could see her as a younger Carol Marcus. I would think that a revelation of her being cast as any of the other young female characters would be QUITE as much of a potential spoiler — given Carol Marcus’ position as the mother of an “about this age, given the apparent time period for ST2008) young Kirk’s child.

Hmmm… a David Marcus fetus, like an infant Dave Bowman, with a beatific smile on his face — looking at the San Francisco orbital assembly yards where the “E” is being refit for the TOS 5-year mission-era — orbiting Earth?

/2001 — just kidding!

If Chris Doohan does get a part, which I hope he does,..we’ll Have a Nimoy, Nichols and a Doohan in the film…Sweetness!!

Before, I was thinking “Carol Marcus,” but based on the Maxim shoot video, I’m now thinking “Orion Slave Girl.”

Scott B. out.

Ok, Scott, I’ve already made that suggestion. Of course that’s just the sort of thing that you can expect from me, eh?

Anthony, on behalf of all the straight men who frequent this site, thanks for the Maxim photo shoot.

Poor dear. It must be tough to go through life with that horrible disfigurement. Guess they’ll just have to paint her green and make her dance about in a space bikini.


Well, if it is Carol Marcus, they’d have to address David, somehow. He would have been born by that point, you know.

if her character is a seceret , can you say Romulan Henchman??
but I vote for yeoman rand, but there is a carol marcus resmbleance

but I could also see Nuner One. bases on the photo from the first story.

“If the character name is being kept a secret, then it is possibly to protect a plot spoiler.”

If her character’s name is Vina, then the movie will be a re-make of “The Cage” / “The Menagerie.” Thus, revealing that name would be a big plot spoiler.

Rachel Nichols does look a little like Susan Oliver, who played the Vina and the Orion Slave girl in those episodes.

Orioan slave girls, yummy

she looks more like Ruth than Carol Marcus

Oh gee, another actor with the last name Nichols….this could get confusing.

Everybody chant with me..

Why? Because as much as I would love to see Rand and Number One, I’m hoping (and thinking) that this film will be a dramatic and realistic take on these characters and their back story and Carol Marcus represents “old wounds” in Kirk’s own words. Let’s see that on screen and see the impact of it and how it shaped these people. Part of the fun of forty-plus years of Trek is playing connect the dots with the story and it’s richness and detail. We know how this ultimatly pays off with Kirk, carol and David and his death. Let’s hope we see the tapestry of this story woven even more in this new installment. I want Gary Mitchell’s line in “Where no man has gone before “about the “little blonde lab-tech” that he fixed Kirk up with to have meaning and tie in.

On another note, I was always bugged that in Generations Moore and Bragga had Kirk shacking up with some off screen woman named “Antonia.” Why could that not have been Carol and instead of some throwaway line we could have imagined how that arc would have progressed. There was something that felt episodic about it in the sense that TV episodes reset each week (or used to) and the story just started again as if last weeks events never happened. Perhaps that choice was more true to the Kirk character … but I would have like to see a progression with a little more depth and consequence. For fans that pay attention to such trivia, Antiona had no meaning. If it were Carol, who we saw and liked, we might have felt something more about his conflict about going back to Starfleet. I know it’s a very small point, but that’s the kind of minutia that we dorks seem to relish.

Looks a hell of a lot like Vina to me!!!! Carol Marcus played by Bibi Andersson was not exactly dripping with sex appeal. Kirk must have been drunk that night!!!!

I thought she bears a strong resemblance to the actress who played Vena in “The Cage” Pilot of Star Trek, so I was thinking more ‘Orion Slave Girl’ too ( like Scott No.13 ).

Carol Marcus makes much more sense however…but what about even T’Pring? Spock’s betrothed…? A long shot I know

She’s a woman from Kirk’s past. A woman of substance who used her emotional devices to return Kirk’s emotional energy in equal or greater strength, thus destroying his self-confidence.
Her name is Betty Corbomite.

No Carol Marcus! I don’t want to see her in this movie. Cause’ the Kirk-Marcus-relationship is very simple: “Hey Jim, last night was great, by the way I’m pregnant. Please keep away from us” – “Ok” – that’s it.

Here’s a better suggestion:
Rachel Nichols for

Not Jim, not Spock, but McCoy needs a love interest! Remember Dax’ eyes in “Trials and tribble actions” (“…had the hands of a surgeon”). That’s something I really want to see…


SMOKING AS CAROL MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carol marcus? yawn…

was i the only one who hated davey kirk… that spoiled preppy weenie? he was actually wearing a sweater around his neck in the search for spock…


how un-kirk like can you get?

a more genuine and established trek character is more like it… my first bet is chris chapel, next is jan rand

although the ruth character is intriguing, as is antonia….

she is HOT! would make a great nurse chapel or janice rand. wouldnt mind her as carol marcus either. dont know why its such a secret though.
united kingdom

I suspect it’s either Marcus or Rand, but if this is a story that centers mostly around Spock’s character growth before TOS, I’m thinking Leila Kalomi.

Or, you know, an actual *new* character.

I think she outta play Kara from the brain-stealing planet of Sigma Draconis VII!

Bibi Besch the Trek babe we never got to see in action romancing the starship captain. Then again I want to see a Yeoman Rand or Number 1 in this one.

I would’ve preferred Crystal Allen. Just as cute, less generic blonde, more personality and already in the Trek family.

I’m sure Rachel will be fine. Watching these clips I see nothing special.

PS This was the only vaguely negative comment I’ve made here.

#6: Having Jessica Biel in the movie would be cool because both of her TV parents (Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks) were in Trek movies.

Oh yeah, and she’s hot, too.

It’ll be Rand. I’m right and I’ll be proved right.

Am I the only one thinking that since this is a “Spock-centric” film, this could be Lela Kalomi?

#37… That sounds cool

Hey she could could be Areel Shaw (“Court Martial”) or Janet Wallace (“The Deadly Years”.

i get the feeling that the movie is gonna be more of of prequel to the Movies than TOS…(specifically Wrath of Khan onwards) in terms of look, sets and story elements (Carol Marcus, Kobiashi Maru etc)

Hmmmm the STAR TREK issue of Maxim in 2008. Okay sorry too much guy in me.;) She is an attractive gal though especially in the cover picture. I recall her from ALIAS. She came across as a real sweet gal you would want to hang out with. Well here is to what she may play…I am so curious how this will come together.

My vote would be to poof up that hair a foot in the air and give her a red mini dress and let’s hear her say “Captain, LOOK AT MY LEGS”
Rand all the way!

re:#7 “as long as she’s not credited as “Romulan Who Blows Up the Enterprise”, I don’t see how knowing who her character is could be much of a spoiler.”
lol! funny!

If she does play Leila Kalomi, could it be possible, that since we also see Sarek and Amanda, that T’Pring could also appear? Perhaps, we could see the seeds being planted for the events on Vulcan in “Amok Time” and thus introduce Leila into the story.

#37 diabolik — Nope (see #31)

Great minds, and all.

This girl may take the mantle as hottest Trek babe over Jolene Blalock and Jeri Ryan!

Nope…. she’s the woman who ALMOST got command of Big E. Kirk beat her out of the commission.
Ok, everything else was guessed…

Love this site (good work!) and first time posting….(be gentle.)

I think if she’s cast as Carol Marcus it could be a brilliant move on the part of the writers IF they go the right direction with it. Not only does she look A LOT like a young Marcus, but the fact that this would be about the time she would have asked Kirk not come around any more and leave her and their son alone gives them a lot drama with which to work. It also ties in PERFECTLY with established canon from ST II:TWOK and the “Blond Lab Tech” line from TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Old wounds indeed!

This would be great back-ground on Kirk and partially explain his fanatical devotion to the Enterprise-the only Lady that wouldn’t leave or hurt him. It would also provide some motivation for him to avoid serious relationships with other women and his famous “woman in every port” James Bond style. Let’s face it, every time Kirk has a serious relationship he gets burned: Carol Marcus, Edith Keeler, Miramanee, Rayna, being the main ones.

I hope they use this to build-in some great back story on Kirk that shows us how he got to be who we know him as a few years later. It would also prove that they really do “get” Trek, can respect and adapt established canon, and tell a good story too.

Kirk has had enough love interests. It’s time for Spock to have a “love(?)” interest. I agree with the others who say it’s possible she’ll play Leila Kalomi.

Besides, she looks like a young Jill Ireland moreso than a Young Bibi Besch (not that I think resemblance to the original actress matters that much for either Leila or Carol Marcus.)


She is far too much a bimbo to play the Brilliant, Genius, Sober DOCTOR CAROL MARCUS PHD!

Turning Carol Marcus into bimbonic eye candy is sexist and misogynist.

I thought Trekkers were progressive and could see past a woman’s boobs as the equal of any man.

Casting Nichols as Marcus will be turning back the clock 40 years. Carol Marcus is not beautiful — she is competent!