Shatner Talks ‘Star Trek’ Flap + Announces Free Vegas Trip Promotion

In the Last couple of weeks William Shatner’s comments about not yet being asked to be in the new Star Trek have been all over the news. Shatner called in to the Howard Stern show this morning [listen to audio below] and right off the bat Stern dug in, telling him he was “carrying on like a crazy man.” Shatner defended himself saying that he only answers questions when asked and that “they blow it up.” The original Captain Kirk went on to say he “doesn’t care” about not being in the movie, but again stated that asking Nimoy to be in the film without himself was a “stupid business decision.” When asked what he felt about new young actors taking over the roles, Shat seemed OK with it stating “time marches on.”

Shatner also recounted that he talked to director J.J. Abrams multiple times on the phone and in person, including a time when Abrams came down to the set of Boston Legal and they had lunch. Stern and co-host Robin Quivers ribbed Shatner that maybe after seeing him acting Abrams decided not to put him in the movie. Later in the interview Stern recalled he and Shatner hadn’t seen each other in a while which promoted Shatner to joke “we had dinner that one time, and then like J.J. Abrams you never had dinner with me again.”

Shatner also voiced support for George Takei and Nichelle Nichols appearing in the NBC show Heroes. “They should load themselves up with all these wonderful people and talents,” said Shatner.

Meet The Shat in Vegas for Free
Shatner also went on to plug his latest projects, including the audio book “Exodus” and his latest Trek book “Star Trek – Academy – Collision Course.” Shatner also announced a special book promotion in conjunction with Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. On November 19th you can meet Shatner and get a free signed copy of his latest Trek book plus two free nights at a Las Vegas hotel. The catch is likely to be that you have to listen to a time share promotion before you get to meet the Shat. For more info call 888-30-GO-NOW.

Audio of full Shatner interview on the Howard Stern Show
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More on Howard Stern’s show at Sirius.

Star Trek Academy Collision Course available now at Amazon


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