Jennifer Morrison In Star Trek + Spock’s Kirk’s Father Cast?

Yesterday there was a lot of guessing that an actress spotted in the JFX Online Spy Photos was Jennifer Morrison from the TV series House. Today confirmed with Morrison’s manager that the actress has an unnamed part in the new Star Trek.

Morrison spotted yesterday (left) and in a publicity still for House (right)

What Role for Morrison? Marcus Confirmed?
Morrison is 28, making her around the same age as Rachel Nichols who has also been cast in an unnamed part. IESB reports that they have confimed that Carol Marcus is in the script and speculates Morrison could play Kirk’s old flame and mother of Kirk’s son (Nichols would be as good a guess for Marcus as well). Now that the 36 year-old Winona Ryder has been cast as Spock’s mother, the notion of Kirk’s mother must also be considered (the idea being that the parents are seen in earlier stages of the lives of Kirk and Spock). So here again is updated the list of possible roles for Morrison (and Nichols).

  • Number One (Capt. Pike’s First Officer)
  • Carol Marcus (mother of Kirk’s son David)
  • Kirk’s mother
  • Ruth (another of Kirk’s old flames)
  • Nurse Christine Chapel
  • Yeoman Rand [UPDATE: Abrams ruled this one out]
  • other known character
  • …or a new character

More on Jennifer Morrison: IMDB Page | Wiki Page | Official Site

Morrison on House

Hemsworth As Sarek George Kirk?
UPDATED: IESB also has a rumor, citing a ‘source deep inside’ who reports that Australian soap star Chris Hemsworth will be playing Sarek. In an update they now report Hemsworth has been cast as Kirk’s father George Samuel Kirk. Kirk’s father was never seen on screen, but did appear in a number of Trek novels (more details at Memory Beta). Hemsworth is only 24, which is 3 years younger than Chris Pine who plays Kirk. It seems obvious now that, along with Winona Ryder’s casting, that Kirk and Spock’s parents will be seen in at earlier stages of the lives Kirk and Spock.

Chris Hemsworth…Poppa Kirk?

More on Chris Hemsworth: IMDB Page | Wiki Page

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Fookin’ first? I can hang with him – Vulcans age slow.

Filming starts and the news keeps going. Interesting casting though like with most of the others I have know idea who this Chris Hemsworth fellow is.

Looks like Mark Lenard, if he dyes his hair dark. Ms. Morrison, speaking of hair color, why did she go blond? Looked much better as a brunette. Now I sound like Captain Picard, Enterprise Barber in Starship Mine.

#2 – I think she did it to mess with House!!

Jennifer Morrison is terrific on House and — let’s be honest — easy on the eyes too.

It’s all good, J.J.

fourth – as in the best trek movie!!!!

damn you!!!!

well six was a damn good movie too!!!

just wished they kept using the “double dumb ass” on you joke tho!!!

If she’s confirmed, I’m in the pool for Morrison playing CM and Nichols playing Janice Rand (or else Ruth). Second choice for JM is Chapel. What was Chapel’s first episode? it seems to me like she was a later addition, wasn’t she?

Of course, with the focus on Spock, Leila is a VERY good possibilty.

If Ryder’s in, I hope he can play at least 10 years older. It sounds like Sarek and Amanda may have larger roles than we first thought; perhaps a scene of how they met?

I don’t know who this Hemsworth kid is, either, but I envy any Vulcan that gets to wield his ol’ lirpa on Winona Ryder. ;-)

7. raulpetersen: I especially liked it in STIV when Spock told Kirk “Just one damn minute.” He should have been able to use that back in the TOS days; you tell em Spocko!

I hope this Chris Hemsworth rumor is not true. I was really sold on Liev Schreiber. Hemsworth is too young and too much of a pretty boy toy. We are talking about Ambassador Sarek damn it!

I hadn’t seen Morrison before, but in the House clip above, she makes a very convincing Carol Marcus. I’m liking it.

Great face on the left.


Between Morrison, Rachel Nichols and rumored actresses Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell, and basing this purely on looks alone…

…I think we have our new Carol Marcus in the form of Ms. Morrison!

(If the character’s even in the movie, of course.)

#10 – Liev Schreiber as Sarek. Yes. That totally works for me. Hire him.

How about Jennifer Garner for Number One, Rand or Chapel?

Unless significant screen time is devoted to the relationship between Kirk and Carol Marcus, I do not want her to be portrayed in this film. A small role would cheapen that relationship and subsequently Star Trek II.

Jennifer Morrison looks like Yeoman Rand!

Nichols looks more like Carol Marcus.

I’ll jump on the Liev Schreiber as Sarek train too, liked him in his brief stay on CSI. Good actor.

Very wierd and overly young casting for Spock’s mother and father in my opinion.


Morrison definitely looks like Carol Marcus in that on-set image. I’m guessing that’s who she’ll be playing.

Jennifer Morrison’s natural hair color is blonde.


I don’t know why we’re all getting so hung up on the age of some of the actors with respect to the characters they’re being cast to. A little makeup goes a long way to adding years to a person’s appearance, where as subtracting years is a bit harder.

Also, with regard to the Vulcan castings, remember how long lived the species is supposed to be. Just how old would a 40 – 50 year old Vulcan look when they can live into their hundreds? Maybe 25ish? Don’t know, maybe.

More importantly, can they act and carry the role?

T’Pol was suppose to be 62 ?? Very hot for a Vulcan.

Joaquin Phoenix looks a bit like Mark Lenard. Therefore he is all wrong.

I’ll bet my 3rd knee that she’ll be Kirks Mother. She has a very determined Tomboy look to her.

MARON!!! These women castings are getting better and better!!!

She’s the main reason I watch House. Beside s the snide, cocky comments from Dr House.

hey she’s hot. never heard of ol boy that’s gonna play Sarek though. This keeps getting excited. I promise not to have a dorkgasm when i see the new E, redshirt’s honor

So Liev Schreiber is tied up with Wolverine, damn. Why did they wait so late to do casting? Of course A-listers and the best actors are already tied-up – because they are in demand, duh. So what we have left are the ones who are not in demand right now, or young tv actors looking to improve their resumes with a feature film role, and an Austailian soap actor.

I checked out Hemsworth or whatever his name is on youtube just to see what he’s like……..”Hemsworth shirtless”, “Hemsworth sex romp”, “Hemsworth on Dancing with the Stars” I really could not take it anymore. Please say it ain’t so…please.

KIRK’S dad.

Much better.

[Cranston takes a deep breath.]

Obviously a Kirk’s-childhood scene then, no?

Ah!!!…..Mr. Pascal beat me to the news….this is so exciting though the rapid pace of casting announcements. I cannot wait to see who will be confirmed next!

#8 – Ruth?!? Why do people keep talking about Ruth? You might as well have the tiger and the samurai and Alice and the white rabbit and Antonia.
Carol Marcus, I hope will be in this, and a significant part of it. Jennifer Morrison would be great as Carol Marcus!
I’m not impressed with Heath Ledger Jr. shown here as Sarek. It needs to be some who at least a little more like Mark Lenard and a little less like a 24 year old Australian soap star. HLJ does not look like a Vulcan, much less Sarek.

OK, I read the IESB article, which stated “Apparently, when Chris read for the part, the filmmakers, including JJ Abrams, were so blown away by him that he was offered the role on the spot.” If that is indeed true, then maybe Hemsworth is not so bad after all. And, maybe this is how young Jim Kirk got into the habit of going shirtless so often, he learned it from his surfer dad!

OK, as Kirk’s dad, maybe…he’ll pass for Iowan. >;>}
Wow, they really know how to whip us into a panic.
“Get A Life” mode back on.

Jennifer Garner as Number One!

Now for the next obvious question to ponder:

Who will play child Kirk and child Spock?

Whoa, read the IESB article again! CAROL MARCUS APPEARS IN THE SCRIPT!!!

OK, now this makes sense.

35. cd – November 9, 2007
OK, as Kirk’s dad, maybe…he’ll pass for Iowan. >;>}

And what do you think a real Iowan looks like?. An ear of corn?…sheesh.

cd I’m with you Jennifer Garner would be a perfect Number One, two, three, four….

Is it just me or does the guy on the far right in the image linked below look like James Kyson Lee? :-P

Jennifer Morrison is perfect for Carol. I love her on House.

Notice, she ain’t wearin’ no pants. However, the asian woman does appear to be wearing the classic leggings with Peter Pan boots that was so popular in the 80s.

I am sad wretched the Marcus features in this picture. She is a stain on the honour of Trek and a propaganda coup for the Baby Boomers’ everpresent middle finger to common morality. Giving Kirk a bastard son serves no good purpose save to pull down a hero to the gutter.

Yet I expect she will be popular amongst Trekkies who fancy themselves agents of social revolution, much as schoolmarmish Mr Bailey. At least her character did not kill the foetus in her womb, except a termination would not have shamed the Kirk character which seems to be the end point. We ought be grateful for silver linings, no matter how slender.

Shame on you, Messers Abrams and Orci &co! Shame on you!

more ridiculous by the second

Yeah Stanky I can see where you are coming from. This film could go either way. With all of these characters being squeezed in they are either going to establish a lot of canon or stomp on a lot of continuity. If JJ can pull this off I will be amazed.

Sure wish they would fit Shatner in somehow. But that looks dimm. Oh well screw them, their loss.

Aaaaaa comments are so fun to read.;) Let the story unfold…



#46 “Giving Kirk a bastard son serves no good purpose save to pull down a hero to the gutter”

Hmmmm……interesting that you don’t seem to take issue with Kirk banging half the women in the galaxy during the run of the original series, but it’s totally unacceptable that, back in his youth, he had a child out of wedlock with a woman he loved?