Greenwood Talks Pike and Uniforms

The new Captain Pike is now talking Star Trek. While out doing media related to his role in the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There, Bruce Greenwood answered some Trek questions. The veteran actor told MTV “I am the second incarnation” of Chris Pike. [actually counting Sean Kenney, Greenwood would be the third] Greenwood said that he is due on the set in three weeks and that he already had his costume fitting, saying “I think there will be a certain nod to the 60s.” Although he remains as tight lipped as everyone in relation to the project, he did confirm the we would not see him in the famous ‘Pike Chair,’ telling MTV “that’s been done.”

In a separate interview with, Greenwood stated he wasn’t a Trek fan, but that he was going to “do the research on Pike and Hunter.” IESB asked about how Greenwood was older than the original Pike, Jeffrey Hunter, but the new film was going to be a prequel. Greenwood replied with a grin “Yes….So what?”

The real ‘second incarnation’ of Pike, Sean Kenney. But no chair for Greenwood

More at MTV and IESB

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interesting. Let’s see how this guy does. :)

WOOT! I goted the number 1!!

excited for some more pics from the set. bound to get some good leaks soon. i’m thrilled with the cast, though, so hazaah.

Chris Pike was actually a ‘Fleet Captain”, wasn’t he? Like Garth of Izar?
I would love to see some referance to the Battle of Axanar.

Just because he was, doesn’t mean he always was ;)

He isn’t necessarily older than the original Pike as seen in the FLASHBACK scenes originally from the first pilot The Cage and used in The Menagerie. Spock states in that particular episode that the footage they are watching was 13 years prior to that episode. I know about as much as the next guy as far as the new movie is concerned I suppose, but it would seem to me that the events in the new movie are approximately 6-8 years prior to the original series based on the fact that Kirk supposedly becomes a captain by the end of the film. Given that set of cicumstances, Bruce Greenwood’s age wouldn’t be too far off. Besides haven’t we seen people playing characters younger and older than themselves plenty of times before?

Of course this isn’t the first time someone at IESB either didn’t have their facts straight or hadn’t thought it through before actually asking some of the stupid questions I’ve seen them ask.

Make up will fix a lot of things. I can’t wait to see the cast pics.

IESB asked about how Greenwood was older than the original Pike, Jeffrey Hunter, but the new film was going to be a prequel. Greenwood replied with a grin “Yes….So what?”

lol! :D

Finally someone points out the recent Trekkie obsession with many an actors age, regarding this flick, is silly.

Greenwood is an exceptionally gifted actor. This is great news.

I agree that Greenwood is a superb actor! Perfect for the role of Pike!

Who the hell cares how old he is?? Sheesh!!

I’ve got no problem with him. He certainly is the right age to have been an original star trek fan. He must’ve missed that stuff in the 60’s.

I like him being the next Pike, I’m sure he will turn out just fine.

Regarding age: Mark Lenard was only about 7 years older than Nimoy when hired to play his father, so they colored his hair gray and I think they played with his make-up a little. It came across as beleivable in my humble opinion.

I wonder if the Talosions will be mentioned, or his love interest, Vina?

“nod to the 60’s”

Me and my retro lovin’ self is liking this more and more!

He’s going to be a great Pike, no doubt.

He looks about the age I’d expect Pike to be when he hands over the Enterprise to Kirk. Perhaps we’ll see the scene, referred to in The Menagerie, when Pike is promoted to Fleet Captain. In “The Menagerie” Kirk says that was the previous time he met Pike. (Then Commodore Mendez describes Pike as being about Kirk’s age, which is so obviously impossible Mendez must have been mistaken.)

I was hoping to see the Pike chair

#6 That’s sounds right. At Star Trek: Memory Alpha it says Pike takes the 1701 out on her second 5 year mission.

#16 Good point about Mendez’ mistake: unless we assume that was the imaginary Talosian-induced Mendez…

Greenwood gets a big thumbs up for an excellent response to IESB. “Yes… so what?” ranks right up there with “Get a life!” :)

Sorry I should have said takes the 1701 on her third five year mission. I wonder if we could see Pike and the 1701 saving Kirk and the Farragut after the Cloude Creature incident and that is where they meet?

#20 Maybe it has something to do with the second part of your user name. Perhaps you should change it to get more respect.

#17 Lord Garth “I was hoping to see the Pike chair”

I was hoping to see the Pike chair
Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair
We’ll have Rand with red panties
The crew’ll find her a man-tease
And still Pike will act with great flair!

Bruce Greenwood is no stranger to flying “space ships”. Here is a scene from the movie The Core. Of all the scenes from this movie, it is the one scene I remember the most.

Picturing Hillary Swank with pointed ears sitting next to Bruce Greenwood in the Shuttle Endeavour “safely” crashing in L.A. is almost prophetic.

411 dtST

A bit sad that my role as “the chair” will not be on screen, I just had the bulbs upgraded to LED’s & a new coat of black acrylic paint applied…….

Greenwoods a good choice I think. He was very good in 13 days & the Core, both were leadership roles and he came across as believable.

Cannot wait to see how/if they “retro” the Pike era Enterprise & uniforms perhaps. Maybe we’ll get a nod to the 60’s as the Big E is pulled into space dock for retrofit into Kirk’s era, that would be a nice touch.

Wondering if this will be a more “Pike/Spock” centric than “Kirk/Spock” centric film. 75% Pike, 25% Kirk?

#9 Anthony is always the voice of reason. I agree. Sometimes age, matters sometimes it don’t. :-) Seems at least one storyline in the film takes place on the Enterprise commanded by Pike, likely just prior to Kirk’s ascendency to command and of course it’s reboot of the franchise so the character’s age can change.

Craig, I was not referring to you in my #21 post. When I wrote that, someone else named Orion W___ (the second part of the name was very offensive) had #20, and she/he was asking why she/he was getting edited – then that post was apparently deleted. haha.

Pizza, I could definitely see Hilary Swank as a Vulcanoid or other authority role. She’d be great. I wonder if they have finished all of the casting already and just aren’t telling us who the rest are?

Having a seasoned actor like Greenwood in the film gives me confidence in it. Good move.

I’m still betting on the multi-story line approach ala Heroes or Lost.

“Yes….So what?”

Good answer! ;)

Im really glad he said he was not a TREK fan…..I cannot stand when Trek actors claim they had always been a fan of the franchise when they obviously were not…and were just saying it for the fans.

I’m glad there are differences becoming apparent. If it’s a good movie, it’s a good movie. I just wish it was THIS Christmas. Ah weel, there’s “Of Gods and Men” coming. And Ultimate Computer in the pipeline, too. Plus, Menagerie this week.
Oh, it’s great to be young and beautiful and a Trekkie.*

*Nichelle Nichols told me to my face it was “Trekker” but I think she’s in the minority on that one. I’d call myself Sally for her, but I think most people say Trekkie.

Everyone speculating and making assumptions on the age and time period of the movie. Since it’s looking back on old incidents with older Spock maybe it’ll cover many time periods which will align all the players and their ages perfectly in the Star Trek heavens.

The tidbit I’m taking from this is that the costumes will have a “nod to the 60’s”

YES! I’m very excited to see hoe they pull this off from a production design, props and costume angle. The visuals are so much a part of the story and the vibe and merging the 60’s palate and look with something that feels fresh and modern from our new vantage point is a real creative challenge. Glad to hear this!

#32 “YES! I’m very excited to see hoe”

Yes, I feel exactly the same way! Every time I’m in New York, I look for every hoe I can find!!

I hope we get a glimpse of the costume soon, I want to know what to wear to the premier even.

#23 I am glad for the clip. It does show his qualification of a Star Ship Captain. To bad we will not see it in STXI. Remarkable. I could almost see Pike there.
Anthony, thanks for making this place IPhone friendly. I just got mine and I love it. Jailbreak.

Alright. Consider this. The pike chair happens after the oringal pilot. The one that didn’t air, and became the menagerie. This unaired pilot is being considered cannon to say that Pike commanded the enterprise before kirk. So Pike would not be in the chair at that point, and Kirk would not meet him the the chair, or he would not be so utterly surprised to see him in it latter on in the managerie (every fan who gives a crap about believable continuity would shreek at that). Besides, any B-story about having to be put in the chair would take too much screen time (in my opinon) in a story that even Kirk is rumored to just have a bit part.

I liked him in that show called “Nowhere Man” It was a great show, but I think it got cancelled before they resolved anything, and left us devoted fans hanging. I think he’ll do great!

“So what?” indeed! :)

#33 I believe Enterprise’s two parter “In a Mirror Darkly” gives us the best hint of what the movie may look like. I thought I would be destracted by the 60’s color palate to the more modern looking NX-01 Enterprise color palate. But I was not destracted at all. I think the main key was the lighting of the sets in that episode. They were the same bright colors from the sixties but shoot and lighted in a way that made something so simply looking now. More advanced looking and streamlined. I personaly loved how many of the first season episodes where they had more dramatic lighting and that purple gel lighting off in the background. And also that almost cloudy dream like image in those early episodes.

Also (sorry to post again so soon), I just thought of this If the story was Pike and Spock centric, and not Kirk and Spock centric, then would that not meen that McCoy would not even be on the ship, so consequently not in the movie (or a bit part) I think giving the role of McCoy to Simon Peg means that it’s going to be a larger part then this scenario allows for. So what do you guys think about that?

Err, not to rain on your parade, but the part of McCoy didn’t go to Simon Pegg……………I hope that doesn’t offend all your sensibilities!!

ummmm………….. Simon peg is not playing McCoy

Urban is McCoy. Pegg is Scotty.

#40 It can be Spock and Pike centric and still include Scotty (SIMON PEGG), McCoy (KARL URBAN) and all the other characters since it is set in an alternate reality and only Nimoy-Spock is grounded in the old timeline…

That said #39 is absolutely right. Lighting is everything and the old sets and unifiorms can be turned into highly modern ones just by a few minor modifications. Just look at Superman’s suite from Returns. It’s still blue, red and yellow but it doesn’t look outdated at all…

This movie is so going to bomb. And I will be here to enjoy its doom.

If you hate this movie so much, just what the hell are you doing here? Trolling perhaps……

I’m pretty dammed excited, more than I ever was for the likes of Nemesis or Insurrection…

Hopefully the new movie won’t have any Cole Porter or Rodgers & Hammerstein.

So if age is not a factor…why not Gary Sinese as McCoy?? Much better casting than the other guy.

^^Bcos Abrams likes favoritism as much as any other Hollywood director ;)