Abrams On Morrison: She Is Not Rand

Three days ago, it was reported that House star Jennifer Morrison has a role in the new Star Trek movie. Today, J.J. Abrams himself told TV Guide “she is indeed in the movie, and she is most excellent!” There has been much speculation about who Morrison might be playing and Abrams still isn’t saying, but he did say the 28-year-old actress will not be playing Yeoman Janice Rand. In addition, Abrams again assures us that the script for Star Trek is “locked” and that the current writers’ strike will not affect production.

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I still think she could be Leila Kalomi, seeing that this film seems to be possibly following Spock’s life.

Get some pointy ears on her and give Nero a hot side-kick!

To clarify my post #1 —

I think either Morrison or Rachel Nichols could be playing Leila Kalomi.

Whoever she plays I’ll be drooling over her for sure!

She would have been a great Rand!

First! Yeah!


Wondering if we will see any more “surprise” castings via Spy Pics, etc?

Thanks Charles!

She’s got to be Carol Marcus. That leaked photo of her from the filming makes her look uncannily like a young Bibi Besch!

I’m unfamiliar with J.J.’s manner of speaking, but does he normally say “most excellent” or is that some sort of clue?


probably fifteenth knowing my luck!

its carol marcus and kirk’ll impregnate her soft focus style!!

That’s fine, but I still really hope to see Rand in this, beehive and all!!!

^ Kinda doubt we’ll get the beehive, but the “and all” would be nice.

With her medical acting, could she be Nurse Chapel?

Her facial features look good for a Vulcan/Romulan, actually…she’d probably have to die her hair again, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Morrison…

I hope she’s Carol. Quite a resemblance. Plus Jennifer’s hot!

She might be Nurse Chapel because McCoy will probably ask her to join him on the ship but since I saw that pic with the costumed 24th century TNG actors I am betting she is a scientist at the facility studying the Guardian along with the white Asians in the pics. I don’t think there will be room for Spock and Leilas story as He will be with Pike.

#10 Think “Bill & Ted” and you get a real demographic where this is all heading… was time travel in that one too. Maybe little Spock has a most bogus paper to write for school. Any word if Carlin has been approached yet for a reprising role, or was that handed to Nimoy? LOL

what about pikes 1st officer?

Am I the only one who doesn’t know who the hell she is?
Maybe they’ll put the Friendly Angel in the movie!! Melvin?????
(Having a rough day. Sorry…)
And Doctor Phlox too!!! YAAAAHH!!!

well, both chapel and pike’s number one were played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry…

10. Pragmaticus, try not to read too much into that statement; you’ll just make yourself crazy trying to find some veiled meaning that probably isn’t even there.

In the leaked pics it looks like Winona Ryder is behind Jennifer. It’s difficult to tell……but it looks like Winona. Any thoughts?

Jennifer Morrison is playing Kirk\’s mother. The scenes that she\’s involved in take place in a time period before TOS.

She could not play Number One because she is to young. Barrett was close to Pikes age.

#15 — Ah yes, I keep forgetting that shooting has already started, so the hair color we see now is likely the hair color we’re getting. Silly me.

Re my #27 — I meant in response to #23.

Re #23

According to the story, Jennifer is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair in order to be taken more seriously at her audition for House.

Abrams says the script is “LOCKED” so I guess that means either Shatner is out or J.J. is quiet and Bill is lying the whole time. Why can’t he finally put this issue to bed? And then get blasted for it! Ha ha



32 – WOW!!!

Anthony, I believe this merits its own thread!

Dammit! Spock! Wow. He looks great!

I always thought Nimoy made a shitty Spock anyhow…

(That statement was actually made by a friend recently. He was serious.
I laughed my ass off.)

Wow looks just like young Leonard!!!!!

Not a bad look……I have a cheesy grin on my face for some reason. This is gonna be cool!

So who is Yeoman Rand?

The Quinto as Spock photos are great. Interesting though… the wardrobe he is wearing looks vERY Romulan with teh boots and the cut of the tunic. Also, the set he is on looks very Romulan as well… almost deco like they had in Next Gen. Anyone else have an impression like this?

Again, great to see the new Spock. He REALLY LOOKS THE PART :)

#10 — Maybe that was just J.J. doing his Ed Grimley impersonation.

Looks like he is in a church. It might be a Vulcan Ceremony Center. If you look in the pictures it looks like a judge standing at a podium and Spock is standing at a witness booth.


Re: Photos of Spock

Comment at the site sugests a Vulcan trial, but it could easily be an SF Academy extrance interview or the Vulcan driver’s licence verbal exam.

Perhaps Vulcan formal wear? Remember, the Romulans were originally Vulcan conservatives, and many Terran fundalmentalist group retain the clothing at the time they were founded.


Those photos are friggin’ awesome.

Wow!! Quinto looks great as Spock!! What a treat to be able to see these photos so early in the shoot.

Anthony must be away form his desk. ;-)



Anthony, wake up man!

ANTHONY!:) Where are you? I thought for sure your would be the first to know about this!:)

Love the Spock look. VERY reminiscent of his look in “Errand of Mercy”. Not only does it have the retro flavor of TOS, With that cape and boots, Spock is looking damn cool. And the ears are closer to TOS than Nimoy, himself, got in the movies! (with the exception of TMP of course)

Well done JJ! Bravo.

@38 – agreed Quinto’s Spock looks to be in Romulan garb. Fascinating.