Tonight Is Menagerie Night + Send In Your Pics

Tonight (Tuesday) The HD version of “The Menagerie” beams to movie screens across the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

Send in Pictures and get a chance at a free Star Trek Calendar (details below) wants you to send in pictures of your local screenings. Send in your pics by clicking on the ‘tipline’ link or the right column of the site. Please note the theater name and location and try and limit it to 1-3 photos. Ideally looking for pictures of big crowds, long lines, people in costumes and other interesting shots. The first dozen (first 3 from Europe, and first 3 from each North American Time Zone) to send in usable pics will get a free STAR TREK SHIPS OF THE LINE 2008 WALL CALENDAR, courtesy of and Pocket Books.

UPDATE: Greg Stamper suggests readers wear nametags with written on them to help find fellow community members…sure why not? (if anyone does this…would love to see pics of it)

There are still more screenings over the next week across the world. For more details choose your location: USACanada | AustraliaEurope 

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Tomorrow night! Sweet!

I’ll do my best to remember my camera. Going to be a fun night.

To all you people lucky enough to be seeing this, have a great time.

I’m going to see it tomorrow night at Greenwich, near London for any unfamiliar with the UK :D Gonna be a blaaast

Anthony — do you mean photos of stuff going on around the theater, or of the actual screen? The latter is illegal, I believe.

Anyway, I’ll be at the Emeryville event, and will report anything interesting.

I am on the west coast! Does this mean I am totally screwed because people on the east coast will be three hours ahead with their pics? Come on Anthony what gives?

Aaron R.

OK – hope I don’t end up taking pictures of an empty theater!

goot goot dat ist goot….

Okay, got it.

#7 and all….

I do not think that empty theaters will be a problem, but I am interested in the crowd demographics.

Will it be a bunch of guys in their forties, sqwawking about what was said on that day…”how is J.J. gonna screw it up”, or…”what he has gotten right so far”, (like getting Star Trek back in theaters…)

Keep on Filmin’ J.J.


Whats wrong with guys in their 40’s?

I really wanna go, but my dad doesnt think it’s worth spending $25 (for both of us) to see an episode we already have :-(

BTW I’m not in my 40’s (I’m 16), but my dad is! :-D

#13: But it’s on the BIG SCREEN!

Kirk blown up to several meters across is automatically worth any price of admission.

re 13: good to see that there are young people who like tos. my experience is that the younger guys only like the newer series (i’m 22).


I really dont prefer one series over the other. I was able to ‘convert’ one of my friends into a trekkie, and he really likes TOS!

#12 – nuthin’, just wondering what the crowd will be like…who this most appeals to and is willing to pay for it.

we will see…

Next year, in theaters: Season 2 promo with “The Doomsday Machine” and “The City on the Edge of Forever”

I am going and I want to see how they clean up the laser pistols and Phaser cannon blasts on the talosians elevator door. There was a lot of flashes in that scene. Plus the digital sound as well.

I have ticket in hand for the premeire in Portsmouth NH (at the Newington mall) I am so excited that I have twice lowered my head to waist level and ran headlong into the wall at my house. I have a slight concusion and my wife is still grumbling about the repair bills for the wall…but I am still excited. I may have to wear depends tomorrow night so I don’t have to leave my seat…and of course, to contain my obvious excitement. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

(Of course, I am just joking. I just wear the wear the depends so I don’t have to leave my seat.)

So far the small (228 seat) cinema I’m going to se it in has only sold 71 tickets. Hope for a few more sales on the door tomorrow evening. The £10 ticket price has probably put some people off, and apart from Trek-related websites I haven’t seen any advertising for this in the UK.

12.50 a ticket? wtf? its like 40 years old. jesus cut us a break, we’re not made of money


Exactly!!! I feel it should be $10 or LESS for a ticket, because not ONLY is it 40yrs old, but the remastered version has ALREADY been aired! If it was only available at the theaters that might be different!

It cost me £10 a ticket for the UK Showing in Southampton. I thought that was a lot really comparing it to a normal movie price which is around £6.50. Still the showing is sold out and I am looking forward to seeing this on the big screen. I’ll keep an eye out for anything of interest on the night.

re 21/22

It’ cost’s more because it doesn’t have the benefit of wide distribution or extended theater engagement. It’s a real lark they are even doing this at all. (Also $12.00 is the going rate for a movie ticket in New York)

I’m going tomorrow night, one of the advantages of living in NYC baby!

Doug L.

Are pictures taken with an iPhone ok? I could get those in real quick

No way did the studio strike prints for this thing. I just hope they have some decent DLP projectors rigged up. Either way, they got my $12. And I was happy to pay it, it’s gonna be a fun night.

im so looking forward ,im going to the stoke on trent one( east midland uk) i cant remember how many times ive watched the two parter and yet its like wow on the big screen how cool is that im sure all age groups will be there im the wrong side of 30 but hell dose it matter we are all trekies

Funny a friend and I are going to the Emeryville showing on Thursday and were discussing how many people might be there and what the crowd will be like. Another funny thing is tonight I am going to see BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RAZOR on the big screen in San Francisco. Now Universal is not charging for that event. Hmmmm…oh well someone has to eat.;) But hey it should be cool to see some retro TREK on the big screen so I was willing to pay. Looks like I will not be able to qualify for the calendar, but you have to know there will be many picts being sent in…cyber geeks you know…;)

Sounds awesome, but sadly, a lack of funds (on top of no-one to go with… :( ) are keeping me home. Thirteen dollars for a ticket is way steep, and especially considering that I never, ever pay more than four for any movie. I’d jump at any chance that came up, but it’s probably not gonna happen.

Shame. though, that my Halloween costume was a Pike-era uniform and would have been perfect for this. :/

Man I wish I could have seen Battlestar Galactica on the big screen! Anyhow, anybody going to theatre in Altamonte, FL?

I can’t wait to go, it’s going to be the first opportunity I’ve had to show off my new Enterprise tattoo to a crowd of people that will appreciate it.

I can’t go, and I’m not happy about it. I have too many (very) little kids, and I’d never be able to justify the request. “Hey honey. Not going to be able to help put the kids to bed. Going to see The Menagerie. Huh? The Menagerie. It’s the only two part Star Trek episode. They cleaned it up and put new special effects on it and it’s playing in theaters tonight!… What? Why not? Oh, come on… You went out Friday with the girls. But…but…it’s only tonight…Oh, all right.”

Anyone from the Sacramento area going? I’m intending to go Thursday night. I’ll be curious to see who shows up, especially on the second night, I sort of expect it to be pretty empty, but I could be wrong.

#13/15 — I’m 25 and was raised on TOS, I was introduced to TOS in 1986, so it was before TNG existed, and I didn’t actually regularly watch TNG until Season 2. So TOS has always held a special place for me.

Got my tickets. I’m (almost) 32, and love all that TOS has to offer (VOY and ENT? Bleah, who needs ’em! TOS/TNG/DS9 all the way!) I cannot wait. Don’t think I’ll be able to take pics, not that I could send them in on time… name tags… hmmm, it’s an idea!

No screenings in or around NE (nearest is in Ames, IA!!!) means this devoted fan will have to miss out :(

#34 sisko – “ name tags… hmmm, it’s an idea!”

sisko, I’m not really a “nametag” kinda guy but I think this event will be an exception. To help promote Anthony’s website, meet other Community members and take photos – – I’m in for this evening.

For anyone interesting:
2003 Edition Microsoft Publisher File

Type over with desired Name, Print and insert in Nametag Holder

The project uses “Federation Classic” Font found here:
but I’m sure you may have one similar already.

I will be going to watch the movie this Thursday night since I have plans tonight.

I will not be attending since no theaters out here on the desolate prairie are offering it.
Would be cool to see, though.

What does at the bottom of the Star page on the fathomevents link that says the event will be shown in 4.3 format? What is that?

Anyone here going to see it at Seattle Pacific Place? I just moved here a month or so ago and don’t have anyone to go with. I might just head down, but I’ll monitor the comments today and see if I can meet up with some fellow Trekmovie people!


re: #39

4:3 refers to the aspect ratio of the event. A lot of movies are shot in 16:9 or 1:1.85, but standard definition TV in the US has been shot in 4:3 for years. So, they’re just letting you know you get to see the episode in its original aspect ratio.


Universal didn’t charge for theatrical showings of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: RAZOR because original series Glen Larson owns the theatrical rights so he’d sue them if they charged a fee. They couldn’t even technically call it a movie but a theater showing of a special 2-hour TV event or something to that effect.

Can’t wait to see “The Menagerie” on the big screen tonight!!

hey, do u have to buy tickets online?
or can i buy it like i would any other ticket?
cuz my mom has this thing about buying stuff online (im 19 btw)

re: DC

Get a debt card :P

I’ll be at the Warrington, PA screening tonight, I was lucky to convince my wife for me to go alone (my 6 year old daughter is a TOS fan all the way, but its a school night!)

I saw a brief trailer for this event when we went to the movies on Saturday, and I must say just that short trailer gave me goosebumps.

If the clarity is like or better than what I saw then, this will be amazing!

(gotta remember to change into my ComicCon Trek promo shirt before I get over there!)

thats wat i have, but my mom still has this thing about buying online because of identity theft etc.
i can understand that to a degree, yeah, but shes kinda paranoid IMO
so, is it possible to buy it when i get there, or is online the only possible way?

I’m confused…. I know this is playing tonight, but it says a second date was scheduled (Nov. 15). I’m unable to make it tonight—how do I found out where it’s playing on the 15th? Is it all the same venues? On the web site you can only download the Nov. 13 schedule. Anybody know about this?

#47–go to the drop down menu of movies and select “Star Trek: The Menagerie–ENCORE”
That’s the thursday night showing. That’s the one I’m going to try to go to

DC #48: THANK YOU. Silly of me.


Sorry. Lakewood Cinemas.