Morrison As ‘Number One’? [UPDATED: Or Maybe Kirk’s Mom?]

UPDATED. Although J.J. Abrams has confirmed that House’s Jennifer Morrison is in Star Trek, he didn’t confirm her part beyond saying it is not Yeoman Rand. Speculation has focused on a number of known Trek characters, such as Carol Marcus, Kirk’s mother and ‘Number One.’ Now there are two competing rumors ‘confirming’ who she will playing. SyFy Portal is reporting a rumor that Morrison will play “Number One,” the first officer to Captain Pike (played by Bruce Greenwood). While IESB is reporting that Morrison will play a ‘pregnant’ Winona Kirk opposite Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk Sr.

Like Pike, Number One was only seen in unaired pilot “The Cage” which was re-used as flashback scenes for “The Menagerie.” The character was originally played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry (credited as M. Leigh Hudec). Kirk’s mother has never been seen on screen, but has been a character in many Trek novels where she got the name ‘Winona.’

Much has been made about Morrison’s recent change to blond hair (making some guess that she would be playing Marcus or Rand), but SyFy quote’s their source saying:

Everyone wants to speculate on what roles these actors are taken on because of their looks, but they should actually be paying more attention to what might be meatier roles. What’s nice is that Number One will actually have a name

The once (Barrett Roddenberry) and future (Morrison) Number Ones?

More on Morrison as Number One at SyFy Portal, or Morrison as Kirk’s Mom at IESB.

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First! Ha!

Okay so my wife caught me looking at Morrison’s blondie pic on the other post. Hahaha. I said “it’s okay, this is Star Trek”. She was not fooled!

Picard/Marcus 2008
“Because scientists R2Cool”

1: no…you’re number one!

pun intended.

Unless they make her blonde, or she was completely out of costume in the spy shots, I would still tend to think she is Carol Marcus. But what do I know? In this version of star trek, Number One could be blonde.

Number One with blond hair? Eh… I dunno about that one. I still say she is Winona Kirk.

With changing her hair to blond I think she is playing Nurse Chapel .

More and more it seems that this movie has a lot of Pre-Kirk stuff going on in it. We have Pike, Number One, Spock and possibly more Pike era people??. Perhaps it won’t be until we are well into the movie before we see Kirk, Bones, Scotty etc.


Why not have it both ways?

As a brunette, she’ll portray Number One, “Morgana Chapel”…

As a blonde, she’ll portray her bleached-blonde twin sister, “Christine Chapel”…

Two for the price of one actress!

I say Angelina Jolie should be #1, NOT because she is an A-Lister, because I can’t see anyone else projecting that “icey exterior” that Number One projected any better than her.

There’s a picture easily photoshopped… into… wait, it already looks like she’s wearing one of T’Pol’s catsuits… standing on a holodeck…. yikes… and wow…

Am I nuts or is there no real news in this news? Other than that Number One gets a name.

It just shows how starved for info we are, and there’s more than a year left to wait!

whatever part Jennifer Morrison gets – let her part be BIG

she’s so lovely and very sexy

+ appeartently her natural hair color is “blond”ish
She only made them dark in order to have better chances for getting the House role some years back. That’s what I’ve read on another site.

12. Ben…

Morrison was a brunette in 1999 for “Stir of Echoes” (she played the dead girl.)

I don’t think that hair colour is much to go by when guessing who she is playing. From the speculation and tiny fragments of evidence that we have had so far, it looks like the movie is going to be playing it fast and loose with canon. If they’re not even keeping the Enteprise the same, do you think they’ll care what colour hair Nurse Chapel, Carol Marcus or Number One has? :-P

As I watched her in House last night, all I could think of was “Carol Marcus”. Number 1 was just too stiff a role for her. She deserves to have had Kirk.

Well, she was blonde in the most recent pic. Given the whole silly stereotype about dumb blondes, etc, (which is obviously cobblers, but is a stereotype that Hollywood generally perpetuates) why would they dye her hair from its usual brunette to blonde for a role of a non-nonsense first officer like Number One?

I think it more likely that with Hollywood’s attitude that she is love interest for someone.

hey…considering i pasted the syfy portal link on the morrison is not rand thread can i get a lil credit? pretty please? =)

but yeah…who knows…she could be wearing a wig for the role…

god this guessing of casting is so complicated…so many choices that could be argued for, and in so many ways…

A 30 year old first officer? I don’t think so.

What if Winona Ryder is playing Number One not Spock’s mother?

It’s ridiculous how so many people are obsessing about whether or not the new actors are identical in appearance to the original ones.


What does matter is that they are good actors, have the right physical presence, and are given a good script with which to work.

All of the trekkies and trekkers will attend this film no matter what – that’s a lock. The success or failure of the film (and the prospect of sequels!) will entirely depend upon whether it draws a lot of non-trek fans. Therefore, Abrams is doing his best to hire good ACTING talent as the first priority.

I’d much rather have a crew that bears no physical resemblance to the original gang and have a great acting, story, design, and FX; instead of having a bunch of TOS clones who can’t act.

When will these imbeciles stop posting this “First!” sh*t? Are we supposed to jump with joy for you because you were first to post? Will you win a prize? Will you be lauded for ever more, by all of us out here? No, people just think “you’re a twat”.

Anyway, onto Morrison, I would be surprised if she was Number One as her hair ( presumably dyed brighter blonde for the Star Trek role ) would indicate she is playing another role. I think Kirk’s mom or Carol Marcus is the best bet…but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

It seems reasonable that, if a significant part of the film features Spock serving aboard the Enterprise under Pike, then the character of “Number One” would probably appear in the script and that the actor playing her would have a good deal of screen time.

Chapel went from blonde to dark in season three.

#20, I don’t think it’s fair to say that all Trekkies and Trekkers will see the film no matter what. There are several groups who have little to no interest in this film for various reasons (lost interest in Trek, not TOS fans, only want a total reboot, film not sticking to canon etc.).

Yeah, but she’s blonde now though. The only way that it would work, and I’m HOPING this is what they do because it would be an awesome touch is if she’s playing both Nurse Chapel AND Number One, just like how Majel Barrett played both characters.

Unless she was not in costume wearing a coat to cover up her regular clothes so no one would be able to see them like the other cast members in the spy shots, she’s NOT a crew member at all in the movie. What we could see of her outfit under the coat (collar, shoes, etc) would seem to suggest she was playing someone who works in a lab unless J.J. has decided to include white uniforms aboard the Enterprise.

Of course, on the other hand…Number One could have dyed her hair. Personally I think that’s pushing it. I’d prefer to see a few things stay the same.

I could see her as Carol Marcus. More than I could as Number One.

As far as the character’s name is concerned, has it occurred to anyone that J.J. might be planning to make Number One and Christine Chapel sisters since Majel played both?

I know blonde is Morrison’s natural color, but I like her SO much better as a brunette.

At least we will finally get a name to go with the infamous Number One!

By way of exception, this isn’t about canon – it’s about women dyeing their hair. They will still do that in the 23th century.

Incidentally…this “source” says we should be looking at the meatier roles rather than the actors’ looks to figure this stuff out. Okay, first of all how in the world are WE supposed to know what roles are meatier? Has anyone here actually read the script? I think not.

Second, why do we need to try to figure this out anyway when the powers that be will reveal them to us soon enough?


It doesn’t make sense that they would go out of their way to change the character’s hair colour, though. Especially since up until recently, the actress was brunette anyway. I stand by my theory that she’s playing Chapel and Number One, and that her scenes as Chapel are being filmed first so she had to bleach her hair, and then will dye it again when she films her scenes as Number One.

Seriously, who’s to say what hair color someone might have at a specific point in their lives? Look at the Lindsays and the Britneys of the world. Their hair color’s changed multiple times.

And thank God they’re giving her a name instead of that stupid Number One moniker. It’s made her sound like a freaking android for 40 years.

As far as meatier roles are concerned, we can speculate on which ones will be till we turn blue in the face or the cows come home whichever comes first…doesn’t mean we’re on to something.

Number One could always be someone who sits there and takes orders saying, “Aye, sir.” for all we know. I’m sure there’s more to her in this than that, but again…it’s all rumor and speculation until J.J. decides to tell us what’s up.

I still like the Carol Marcus idea/rumor.

She’s the right age for Number One in The Cage era, but if Pike is Fiftyish in this film then Number One has to be just slightly younger, say mid to late forties.

I can’t believe Jennifer’s natural hair color is blond. She is classically beautiful as a brunette, but looks kind of slutty as a blond (and I don’t mean slutty in a good way, but more like the trailer trash variety).

Now that I think about it, this doesn’t really make any sense: Bruce Greenwood is a decade older than Jeffrey Hunter was when he played Pike in “The Cage” and it clearly shows on his face, so it’s mostly safe to assume that we will be seeing Pike about a decade after the pilot takes place, but since Jennifer Morrison is 27, that would make Number One 17-ish when the pilot took place, which clearly isn’t the case.


Oh wow… you beat me to it. Great minds think alike, I guess.

21. T’POW! – November 14, 2007
When will these imbeciles stop posting this “First!” sh*t?

Hey man, relax. It’s a free country so be cool. And nice language you have there. Do you kiss you mother with that mouth? Just sayin.

Hair color: brunettes are taken more seriously than blondes and that’s too bad but the way it is. But it’s like a thirty minute job to change the color to whatever she wants, so it really doesn’t matter, does it? JJ gets what JJ wants!

Picard/Marcus 2008
“Because Scientists R2Cool”

I hope its true.. i prefer number one character then Carol Marcus. Also it doesn’t matter what hair-color she has and if XI is truely a remake or reboot i hope she will remain as regular bridge member.
Kirk , number one & Spock

Ringer for Number One, she can alos paly Nurse Chapel, as did Majel Baret, played may roles on TOS and TNG

I still have to chuckle when I see Iowagirl pop into the boards. I feel like one of the nerds in Shatner’s classic SNL “Get a Life” who is hit with the “I mean, have any of you ever kissed a girl?”

I have often wondered what a gal at ComicCon or a Trek Convention feels like. She’s gotta like being able to have the pick of the litter!

Yes, this is the ORIGINAL Red Shirt. Not that pesky, no space “Redshirt” that has popped up here recently. Double dumb ass on him! ;)

I’m curious to see what the female crew members will be wearing under
Pike. (If in fact we see a good portion of the E during Pike’s command.)

Will they be wearing Black pants with velour sweaters?
Or, a Skirted uniform?

Personnally, I dont care. Just make the hot chicks look good!

I think they should wear those hot minis.

#35:”(and I don’t mean slutty in a good way…”

Good Lord, how the language changes… :lol:


You are losing touch with reality. This film is not an ode to the original actors who played the characters – it is an ode to the story itself and to the concept of Star Trek. The only reason that Majel Barrett played two roles in TOS is that she was Roddenberry’s girlfriend so he found a role for her in the original (failed) pilot and a different role in the eventual successful series. Abrams is not going to be stupid enough to pander to the extreme trekkies who won’t tolerate ANY change to the appearance of their favourites. The majority of mainstream Trek fans and non-fans (who Abrams is trying to attract) would simply laugh at the idea of a single actress playing two such different roles as Number One and Nurse Chapel in the same movie.

Is it just me or does anyone else think she would make a smokin’ hot red head? Ok, so I think she is real cute in general.

# 42

If a female crewmember is “under” Pike, they likely won’t be wearing anything :-P

In a nod to Majel Barrett why not name the character of “Number One,”
Commander Leigh Hudec?

Others can be first.
I’m sexiest.

OK, so we’re all agreed, Morrison will play Number One, Chapel and the Computer Voice, and will marry JJ.
Got it.