Quinto Talks Parallels With Heroes and Trek

quinto scream.jpgZachary Quinto has finally donned his ears and is currently at work portraying Spock in new Star Trek movie. In a interview with Cult Times the actor talks about the similarities between Trek and his regular gig with NBC’s Heroes:

The consciousness of these projects is something that is overwhelmingly optimistic and hopeful and leads people towards finding our potential. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s the human condition. It’s what we can create and what we can accomplish. That’s what we need to be reminded of right now.

Quinto also discusses his growing relationship with Leonard Nimoy, which he describes as “most exciting things that has ever happened to me in my career.”

Excerpts of the Cult Times interview available at SciFi Pulse.

Quinto Parading in Pittsburgh
Quinto will be spending his Thanksgiving holiday in his home town of Pittsburgh, PA. You can get a chance to see the Trek and Heroes star at the “27th Annual Celebrate the Season Parade” (Saturday, November 24, 2007, 9 a.m. @ the Mellon Arena). Quinto will join Santa Claus, Monkees member Peter Tork and other local heroes marching in the parade.

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You are.

Come on JJ – throw us a bone here! Let’s have some sort of official pictures released or something.

I’m glad people at both shows agree that, apparently with Gene Roddenberry’s text-theme at the end of ST:TMP, “The human adventure is just beginning.” I’ve seen the ‘bootleg’ images of Zachary (can we call you ‘Zach’ yet, Zachary?) on that other internet site as young Spock, and he looks like a young Leonard Nimoy in more than one shot. Nice casting there, JJ & Co.! All our hopes, Zach. We’re with you on BOTH shows! (HEROES had me hooked from the moment I saw that painting of the nuclear explosion over NYCity……….)

BTW: Anthony, Pittsburgh has an “h” in it (at the end). I know: I spent two years there as a Music & Video Business student at The Art institute of Pittsburgh (graduating in March 1994).

Yeah I need something to wet my appetite, the spy Spock photos will only hold me over for so long!

yeah yeah yeah,,,,

so is William Shatner in this yet ??


I’m certainly not the first to say “Dang, the man gives good sound bites!”

6. SirMartman – November 18, 2007

“so is William Shatner in this yet ??”

The re-cast the part of old Kirk with an actor that’s a dead ringer and has less “ham” in his Hamlet.

Every thread is NOT a plea to bring back Shatner thread, tongue in cheek or not.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It was good to see ZQ in ears…in that sense he looks pretty good.

“I will be like, ‘Come Leonard, what you want for dinner?’


He talks the talk but does he walk the walk?

More blah, blah, blah

Bonk on the head. Do you want a fooley?

Does this blog software allow you to delete posts? Particularly, the first response to a new blog? *sigh*


We’re working on it.

#14. roberto Orci – November 18, 2007

With the strike, can we assume there will be no captions on the photos? ;-)

# 8. Xai – November 18, 2007

“Every thread is NOT a plea to bring back Shatner thread, tongue in cheek or not.”

Good thing you are here Xai, lest someone get away with posting a pro Shatner comment without a rebuttal!

#14. roberto Orci-

Welcome Back!
That post gave me chills!
Bring it on!!!

The “spy” pics were pretty good! I really look forward to seeing the ship. I hope it’s not changed too much.

I really hope we get to see some production stills or promo pics soon. I know they’ve been only filming for a week and a half, but one can hope.

At this point, I’m entirely satisfied to see folks talking the talk :)

Since, frankly, even _that_ is never a guarantee …

#18 I always thought the Enterprise was the REAL star of the show. I hope they bring a new realism to the grand old lady.

how hard c\an it be to release an official pic or two?! ‘working on it’?! pmsl
get a camera- point-shoot- send out. Sorted.
But I’m more interested in seeing Enteprise, so do those shots first please!

22 – It’s possible that they don’t have everyone on the set yet.

Dang…these “Sci-Fi Essentials MANTICORE” and “Amazon” ads are slowing down my firefox browser…big time.

I’m just basking in the wonderfulness that is a Pittsburgher playing Spock! This is better than when they got one to play Batman.

Neat that he’ll be in town for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It starts a bit too early for me to be there, though. I usually don’t wake up until the smell of turkey cooking rouses me.

Still, it’s hard to beat the trifecta of Quinto, Santa, and PETER TORK! Trek, Christmas, and The Monkees. These are a few of my favorite things! ;-)

Patience, people, patience……….learn to control your emotions………

This is SO very enjoyable to see an actor looking at this role as more than just a job…. Looking forward to seeing those ‘official’ pictures… particularly of Quinto along with Pine. Was rewatching Princess Diaries 2 last night, and realizing Pine’s going to be good in the role of Kirk. (OK, it doesn’t hurt to watch Anne Hathaway either… perhaps in a later Star Trek sequel she’d make a good Saavik.. heh.)

I’m wondering though… how far is it from “Carbon Creek” to Pittsburgh? He looks deceivingly like a Vulcan. Are we sure his father’s name isn’t Mestral? ;)

#14 Thanks for dropping in again Roberto… so, although on strike, are you allowed to observe the filming as a casual, non-commenting, non-scribing striker? Must burn if you can’t hang out on set….

To #25

“All Yinz Live Long n’ Prosper, n’ at.”


Forget Shatner, I want to know if DeForest Kelly’s going to make a surprise appearance in this one.

Both Kelly and Doohan have stated that will not appear in the film unless Shatner does.

…And Peter Tork would make an excellent Romulan, I believe.



Every time I hear/read Quinto’s take on Trek, I like him more and more. This guy apparently understands ST.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

You know, I never quite understood how some people could see Quinto as being attractive, but something about that picture posted for this article clicked for me! I so can’t wait to see him as Spock. :)

#29, 30

That was quite bad taste!

– RIP DeForest Kelly and James Doohan –

Sorry – Kelley, of course. Bad influence.

31 – Roberto, any timetable for when everyone will be on the set?

36 – Yes. Soon. Before 2007 out.


All’s well that ends well…

37 – Great! And I’m glad to see that negotiations are starting up again next week. I wish they could have started earlier, but hey, I guess that’s just a negotiating tactic by you guys. I hope the studios come to their senses and give you the percentages on DVDs and the internet you all so rightly deserve.

Roberto, I have to ask – can you give me a ballpark figure on the percentage of non-extra speaking roles that have been cast so far? And if there are any roles that haven’t been cast yet, could you give us an example?

Some may think it’s crass to discuss money, but I’m really curious as to what “package” Leonard Nimoy was offered to reprise the role of Spock one last time….anybody know??

#37 — Orci. Sound like Rorschach. Influence from script?



A BIG one, with lot$ of digit$ behind the dollar $ign, I would $uppose. :-)

Peace. Live long and pro$per.
The Vulcani$ta }:-|

Hey, the original Spock doesn’t come cheap!!! :)

No offense was intended. I think very highly of both Kelley and Doohan. However, the notion of a zombie McCoy showing up during the final scenes of the movie, perhaps slavering after Spock’s brain, just struck me as amusing. I’ve also heard that DeForest Kelley had a good sense of humor, so he might actually find the notion as silly as I do…. you know, if he were able to.

Some would say you’re dead wrong about that notion…………..


I think we’ve seen most of the major roles assigned, although there are still a couple missing (and why the secrecy about JM’s role?).

There seem to be a bunch of second and third tier parts that haven’t been revealed (Carol Marcus, Chapel, Number One, Gary Michell, Sam Kirk, Dr Piper, etc). Some of these may appear, some may not, but I’d be VERY suprised if NONE of these characters show up in at least cameos, and I fully expect some in speaking roles. We also know nothing of alien roles except for Spock and his family & the bad guys (if they ARE alien). It is reasonable that Romulans will appear in this movie (even if the Time-travel plot is disinformation)- when last we saw Spock, he was undercover on Romulus, and that has to be dealt with. There probably will be other Vulcans, may be Klingons, and possibly Andorans, etc. Plus whatever one-shots are needed for the plot. Just, please, if Mr Orci or anyone else involved reads this post- please don’t invent any NEW races that then need explaining why we have never seen them since (in susequent TV shows or movies)!

For comparison, how far were the other movies cast at this point in production?