It’s Alive – New Cloverfield Trailer

Apple has the new trailer for the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield


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So, not a lion then…

Who thought it was a Lion?

I’m not sure about the 1st person camera direction. It was great for the teaser, but confusing in the trailer.

can someone please tell me what this is? godzilla?

It looks like what “The Blair Witch Project” would have looked like if it had a budget.

How many times has the “Statue of Liberty” been destroyed on film?

Whatever the American Godzilla wasn’t, this SHOULD be.
So far, I’m impressed.
(4th. Just had to.)

I said to my brother-in-law while watching the trailer in the theater that this looks like a “Blair Witch Project” with aliens attacking. It was hard to see anything it was way to jerky.

What’s the point of this? Just a bunch of people screaming. Looks really gimmicky if you ask me.

It was written by Drew Goddard. He wrote some of the best episodes of Buffy, Angel and Lost.
Looks intriguing.

I want that 2 minutes of my life back…

I’ll certainly see this if there’s a trailer for “Star Trek” attached. :lol:

OOOhh. Eleventh! That’s 1 twice.

Trailer looked pretty cool. Decent popcorn flick.

I’m definately gonna check it out. Not a big fan of recent godzilla interpretations, but only because they’ve been bad. Cloverfield has potential.

Looks like a good Netflix rental for next spring……

It’s a shame that when we did Godzilla, it was screwed up. We should have been able to make one that would blow away the Toho versions. Instead it becomes something they mock in later sequels. Sad.

Hope this does what Godzilla 98 should have. Show ’em how it’s done!

Monsters attack New York. Yawn. Law & Order CI has monsters wh oattack New York, but their monsters look like you and me.

“4. VOODOO – November 19, 2007
It looks like what “The Blair Witch Project” would have looked like if it had a budget.

How many times has the “Statue of Liberty” been destroyed on film?”

Almost as much as the Los Angeles Police Station…Poor Joe Friday, musg have had a bad day at work following the 1952 Martian Invasion.

Looks like a good old fashioned monster movie, Blair Witch style. Great trailer, doesn’t give away the whole story. I’ll be there to check it out.

I was really excited to see this when it came on before Beowulf (better than I expected). I’m glad they changed a few things, like the size of the Statue of Liberty’s head. It’s much closer to scale now. I think this looks great! I’m still hoping it’s a Cthulhu/Lovecraftian pic, though it’s probably not.

#3 – “Friends vs. Godzilla”

I will watch it for sure if it has a Trek XI trailer before it too! If not I may watch it anyways. I do like seeing cities get destroyed. Mankind is so stuck up on its own accomplishments that I get sick. When I see something creating havoc and easily destroying those accomplishments (in film only naturally) I get all warm inside. This is why I loved movies like The Core, Armageddon, and Day After Tomorrow… Not because they are well written but because they show a dash of disaster and uncrolable mayhem done with cutting edge effects (for the time)… Whos with me on this one? … … … Now if you will excuse me I am going to watch my old Godzilla tapes for some good old fashioned destruction… You know the one with the guy in the costume stomping on mineratures… Oh yes… that one… … …


How many times has the “Statue of Liberty” been destroyed on film?

Planet of the Apes, Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Ghost Busters II, X-Men, European Vacation and Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, A.I., Independence Day, Escape from NY, Men in Black II…

feel free to add any I’ve missed.

The film is two months away and nobody knows what it is. I hope J.J. can do the same with Star Trek

There is no way in hell that we don’t see the teaser attached to this film. I mean, it just makes perfect sense.

If the trektrailer is infront ill do the shat funk in the theatre – Whoooo!

The Ghostbusters didn’t destroy the Statue of Liberty…they just borrowed it.

I’m pretty sure we’ll at least see a teaser for STAR TREK with CLOVERFIELD; it’s almost a given.

Agreed; I wish the ’98 GODZILLA wouldn’t have been the big corporate board-room kind of GODZILLA we got, but something like this — sinister, scary, terrifying. Watch the original 50’s “Gojira” and you’ll see that kind of feel. Take that and bring it 60 years into the future with better SFX and that’s what this looks to be.

Abbott & Costello didn’t destroy the Statue of Liberty…when their rocketship flew at her, she ducked!

I’m looking forward to this flick. I say anytime you have a giant monster, you’ve got a good time. I remember watching “Creature Feature” on Saturdays just hoping to see some gigantic thing destroy some city. Giant praying mantises, tarantulas, Gorgo, King Kong, and of course Godzilla and all his cronies. Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman were OK, but give me the big bugs! This looks like a ton of fun no pun. I’ve been all over the interweb once this was announced and have looked up all the rumors, lies, secrets, and spoilers that were out there.

And if there is a Trek teaser attached to this, my head may explode.

The Statue of Liberty wasn’t destroyed in MiB II: the torch was used as a neuralizer for all of NYC.

That movie was so close to 9/11 that they reshot some of the skyline shots to not have the WTC in them, so I don’t think they would have let in footage of the Statue being destroyed.

Also destroyed in Independence Day and the 1980s crapfest Meteor.

Cloverfield is the Americanized remake of The Host. There… I said it. “)

How are they gonna make yet ANOTHER big CGI monster impressive, though??
#27 Yes! (God, I’m old…)

Maybe this is a sneeky way of bringing Heroes to the big screen?

I think a movie about a 200ft tall Zachary Quinto aka Sylar destroying New York would be way more interesting than another (ho-hum) insect or lizard!

Oh. I get it- they WON’T be showing the monster- at all!
Wouldn’t that be just like JJ…

Didn’t anyone see the quick shot of the monster in the trailer?

You see it briefly running behind and trampling over some buildings.

It looks kind of yellow, which is an odd color for a giant rampaging monster.

35. TrekNerd – November 21, 2007
“It looks kind of yellow, which is an odd color for a giant rampaging monster. ”

It’s that yellow Walmart bastard that lowers prices. He’s run amok!!!

I saw this trailer before Frank Darabont’s adaption of Stephen King’s THE MIST the other day… and as I sat with my fellow movie viewer, I said, looks like The Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla. I agree the monster may be mainly a tease, and we get the “grounds eye” view of a city being laid waste by a Godzilla-type monster? I think this might be fun, if done right, ie, good engaging characters and a believable calamity. Just imagine if Godzilla attacked your town, the only view you might get of him would be his foot coming down on you. ;-) LOL!

listen the movie is a remake like batman the beginning for the godzilla 98 movie zilla the name the amercian godzilla is an original idea and the movie is a new and first zilla movie not godzilla but zilla the monster was made in the french poylnesian islands where the french detonated some atomics and made zilla now godzilla was made the same way but in different area so the movie cloverfield is a godzilla98 redue where zilla is the official name its the amercian monster and i guess we are to pretend that godzilla 98 never happened lol after we see this the only thing im stuck on is the parasites hmmmm? i bet zilla fights a deamon type sea creature in this movie lol . if you pay attention to the trailrs and clues there should be two monsters one is zilla and i bet the other is a whale type deamon who has parasitic crab like things that come after the people and the zilla comes to kick its ass.. maybe lol just my thoughts

zilla should be in cloverfield i mean its bean 10 whole years since the first one,and if there is a wale monster zilla should fight him.That whould be realy cool.If zilla makes it i dont want him to look to diferent he was kinda cool the way he was designed.

i thought it was like a T-Rex at first because when it showed the back of the monster id looked like a T-Rex to me and then there was some parts of it looking like the things from pitch black but then when i seen it at the end i thought OMG! that is not a T-Rex or a thing from pitch black it was something else and it was HUGE!