New Chekov To Be New Flash?

Anton Yelchin, Chekov in the new Star Trek, is really on a roll. In addition to Trek he will appear in 3 other 2008 films. And now it looks like he might move from his Starfleet uniform to some red tights. Superhero Hype is reporting that the 18 year-old actor is one of the up-and-comers attached to the Warner Brothers’ Justice League movie currently slated for 2009, playing the Flash (aka Wally West). For now it is just a rumor and a competing rumor puts Adam Brody in the role. Plus it is likely the WGA strike will cause a delay in the film. Regardless the future seems bright for the new Chekov.

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It’s Yelchin.

I always pictured Ryan Reynolds as the Flash. Good for him, though.

They should pull that guy from that lousy Sci-Fi “Flash Gordon.” He’d work!
Yelchin doesn’t fit. John Wesley Shipp was better.

Great. All Chekov All The Time. And let’s have an all-Chekov cable channel with infomercials by the great Walter Koenig. More Chekov! More Chekov!
Could we please have more Chekov?!


No way… even though Wally is one of the junior crew, this guy is TOO young! Gods, I don’t have a lot of faith in JLA… they are really rushing it.
JLA 90210 is what it appears to be… and watch as they destroy yet another DC property on celluloid.
Sigh… trying to be positive…not succeeding.

At least he’s a redhead!

I agree with #5. JLA is gonna be a disaster. This film is such a rush job that quality is gonna have to be sacrificed. I’d much rather see a quality,action-packed sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS and a kick-@$$ Green Lantern film instead of this.

Maybe he will be playing Kid Flash?

Yes, wasn’t Wally West the Kid Flash? Barry Allen was the Flash if I recall correctly. I hope they don’t confuse the JLA with the Teen Titans….the JLA was made up of veteran heroes that were well established berfore they joined forces in the JLA.

He doesn’t look the part at all, even for Wally. But no worries, I don’t think this film will happen.

Is it just me, or does Yelchin look like a bit of a smug git in that picture?

I thought JLA was going to be animated anyway. So basically it doesn’t matter how he *looks* but what he sounds like.

Ty, if you were a good-looking 18-year-old starring as Chekov in a mega-million reboot of “Star Trek”, you’d be lookin’ a little smug yerself. 8)

Barry Allen “died” back 1986. Wally West graduated from kid Flash to “the” Flash and has had the role for most of the last 20 years. Apparently Barry has “gotten better” and recently….

It’s hard to imagine a JLA movie being anywhere near as much fun as the Justice League Unlimited TV. It was great.

Barry Allen and Wally West are both suppose to be in the film. Barry is suppose to die in it too.

If JLA is going to be LIVE, it will blow dogs.

The CGI animated JLA was a misunderstanding of an earlier report of who is doing the CGI effects. Oh, yes, if it gets made it will be live-action.

(Said in Dr. Smith voice…) “The pain, the pain!”

Live-action JLA does seem a bit daunting… especially considering how many concurrent projects are going on that involve the related characters. We have how many incarnations of Superman and Batman alone. Talk of a Wonder Woman movie has been going on forever, yet no one really cast. Now they’re talking Yelchin here for Flash? That indicates a younger JLA to me…

I just feel like casting a JLA movie would be harder than casting even the TOS cast for Trek. For them to do it right, it would be the most expensive movie of all time from a casting perspective.

Will Wheaton

Just thought I’d start a brawl.