Sneak Peek At Unaired TOS-R Episodes

The new Star Trek Season One Box Set contains seven TOS Remastered episodes that have yet to air in syndication. thought you might like to get a sneak peek at what you can look forward to.

Check em out below

“The Alternative Factor” (airs December 1, 2007)
A unique angle of the Enterprise firing on the uncharted planet

“The Return of the Archons” (airs December 8, 2007)
A nice close-up pan of the Enterprise

“A Taste of Armageddon” (airs December 15, 2007)
Great new matte shot for Eminar VII incorporating live action

“The Enemy Within" (airs January 26, 2008)
Nothing really new – so here’s evil Kirk chugging brandy

“Operation Annihilate!" (airs February 23, 2008)
Enterprise drops ultra-violet satellite

“Mudd’s Women” (airs April 19, 2008)
Harry Mudd gets a ship

“Court Martial” (airs May 10, 2008)
Ion storm damaged Enterprise

If you cant wait or want to see them in HD, order the TOS-R Season One Box from Amazon – available now $132.95

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete First Season [HD DVD] — $132.95

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Is that the Intrepid over Starbase 11???


I’ve never got it before!


Awwww Jeff you suck!



Love the photo of Shatner getting blitzed! Simply sticking it in the middle of all the rest makes it even funnier!

More! More! More!
Please Anthony, Matt;
Desperate fandom pleads for more! :-)

The alien city in “A Taste of Armageddon” was not a reuse of StarBase11. The Armageddon city was later reused in “Wink of the Eye” but that was replaced with a new painting in the Remastered Version. The remastered Armageddon city looks like a cleaned up version of the original.

Ha sorry man… I saw that shot of another Constitution Class ship, saw the episode name, and remembered that the Intrepid was also at Starbase 11 when the damaged Enterprise made her way from the ion storm… as I recall, Commodore Stone delayed the Intrepid so that E could take priority in repair… so if the shoe fits, I guess I answered my own question.

I cannot WAIT to see “The Ultimate Computer!” We get to see (hopefully) the Hood, Potemkin, Lexington, and the poor Excalibur get wrecked.

Isn’t Starbase 11 also in “The Menagerie”? If so, then the planet shown in the “Court Martial” screenshot is the wrong planet because it doesn’t match the one that was in “The Menagerie”.

The new Emeniar 7 cityscape is new, just very close to the original. Can’t wait to see it in use with the live action element. I bet it’s a monorail going past.

Those look sooooo cool! I’ve got this on order and i cant wait to see them although i’m tempted to spoil the surprise by keep looking in here.

Are there many more changes?

Beautiful images! Alternative Factor is one of my faves…kinda dark and brooding, somewhat of a departure from the rest of the series. God, the Big E has never looked better!

The works looks good, but in truth I was really hoping to see something in the way of the orbital drydock/repair facilities, in addition to the Intrepid. Oh, well.

It would have been interesting if they added a TMP style drydock over the Intrepid.


They cut off the top part of the matte paintingin “Armageddon”, however, it is the same matte painting in the Menagerie, A Taste of Armageddon, and in Wink of an Eye.

Even if its not the same painting, they all beam down in both episodes in front of the exact same wall…

I’m not nitpickin’- the stuff looks GOOD.

Yeah….i know…….

comment image

Isn’t technology wonderful? This new stuff lends a second birth to the origins of our TREK universe. It may be revisionist, but it sure looks nice!
Nice thing is it doesn’t detract from the original in the least… wish I could say the same of some of the changes Lucas made on Star Wars.

I’ll have it in hand tomorrow!

this is awesome, i can’t wait to see what they do with the battles from “The Ultimate Computer” and “Elaan of Troyus”…some more great ship models

These are available on netflix right now if you don’t wanna shell out the $$.. looking forward to some nice remastered original trek..

Alright! Keep ’em coming…

I love this stuff…

These new shots look awesome! I’ve got the set pre-ordered but will probably be a few days. :( I’m curious also about the episodes done with the first model. I know they didn’t go back and redo them but curious how they look in HD given the difference between the TV/HD comparison of the newer eps. More of a difference than I thought there would be and they look nice!

the aft area of the primary hull is inaccurate, you’d think they’d be more careful with the 1701…

#16… sorry, that matte was not used in the Menagerie. Only “Armegeddon” and “Wink of an Eye.” Trust me.

#16… But the wall part is too true!

Eminar VII looks fantastic!

I’m sorry, but the “Enterprise firing on the planet” shot looks SO… FAKE!!! – – as do most of the other shots! OMG, how can anyone sit there and say this stuff looks even remotely real? Looks 100% CG phony, like a cinematic videogame sequence.

Re: # 15

Maybe they did????

Wait till the episode airs.

Thanks for posting these, Anthony!!

Michael Hall… perhaps you will still get your wish. Maybe that image of the Enterprise and the Intrepid in orbit over the Starbase 11 planet was a still from a left-to-right panning shot… and when the camera pans to the right you see all the orbital drydock goodness.

Oh and Diabolik… look very closely at that Eminiar 7 still image… there are not one but *two* monorails!

Cool! Thanks for the sneak peek!

@30 – does not! ;)

The shot’s look better on a bigger screen.

Isn’t it fun that we get to see Enterprise drop those ultra-violet satellites? In the old days, the bridge was always doing cool things like that… well, they said they were doing coolio things, we just had to believe ’em! The sound effect helped, but still… this is another exciting treat fro the CBS CGI guys… thanx guys!

I agree. While I think the new effects are an improvement they are very CG looking, and not that great of CG either. Could have done a lot better. Obviously these were done on a limited budget. Something about the gray dull look of the Enterprise really bugs me. Maybe it’s the lack of a bright light source…to create more light on the model. Not sure. Wish they would shoot for the look of the movie models.

#30 Dude. Pay attention. The new shots are supposed to “match and be true to the original concepts.” They were never meant to be photorealistic; but were intended to fit into the look and feel of TOS. Anything more would be glaringly inappropriate for the 1960s state-of-art-design. For example, most of the planets as viewed from space, except those in our own solar system, look like a great matte painting from one of the better science fiction films of the 60s and 70s. (See “2001: A Space Odyssey”). The city on Eminar VII could have been much cooler if rendered as a CGI model with 2007 technology, but instead it is a beautiful new matte painting inspired by the original. Even the Enterprise and alien ships are something just short of photorealistic in appearance. For the most part, this project has been a fantastic success.

These are some really good shots. Though earthlike, the planets are beautiful. The close-up ship shots are fabulous. I like the satellite drop-out shot.

I think the phasers could be tweaked just a smidge, giving them that more particle-like texture. I’m also a little disappointed that the Intrepid seems to be another copy/paste of the Enterprise, lacking its own personality. Yes, I’ll freely admit, I sound a little nit-picky.

While it would be nice to see some drydock action, the truth is, it would seem rather unRemastered like if we did. Simply because the whole drydock thing came about in TMP, and not TOS. If they stick with the TOS vision, we will not see a drydock. Also, it would cost money.

Do I want to see a drydock? Hells yeah! But I’ve learned from this not to hold my breath on such things.

I certainly hope that for The Ultimate Computer, we do see starship tweaks, and those shield hits get a MAJOR overhaul.


Dude. I work in the visual arts in a creative environment as an art director. I am an avid TOS fan. And I know when something looks out of place when I see it. That new stuff goes with the original show like oil and water. IMO

As bad as most of the original SFX shots are from the series, I would rather see grainy, somewhat shitty footage from the late sixties of a REAL MODEL that takes up actual physical space – – than a dull, fake looking shot that appears to have been created for use as a videogame cinema. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK

I’m of two minds regarding this project… overall, I love the fact that the SFX are being replaced with improved shots. On the other hand, I find photos like these to be distressing. From time to time, I’ve seen shots that appear fake, but ALL of these very poorly rendered, even compared to, say, shots in the remastered version of “Miri.”

Are they running out of money? Time?
Are quality CG artists leaving the project out of frustration with overly high work expectations given the lack of money and/or time?
Are the shots just poorly captured for this blog and don’t really show the quality that is apparent when actually in motion on an HD set?

I’d really like to know. I’ve been suspecting that there are two teams putting these together–a more-experienced A team and a young, hungry, but less-experienced B team–that split the workload in half, and that’s why we get such erratic work quality from week to week. Some weeks, the FX are phenomenal, and other weeks, we get dull gray rings around a dull-looking, poorly rendered planet.

Just wondering what’s going on.

#40 – Seriously – these are video game quality. Actually, I’ve seen better in video games come to think of it. I guess we’ll have to wait for the re-master of the re-master to fix this mess.

Oh and one other annoyance! Have you seen some of these shots where they show the Enterprise doing these unrealistic maneuvers like it’s some kind of scout fighter? Makes it look like a tiny toy. I think Doomsday had a few of these goofy shots.

These shots will look amazing in HD. The Menagerie was simply spectacular in the theatre and the new effects fit just fine. I find it hard to believe people actually judge the final product based on these internet images. However, this is all a subject of opinion isn’t it?

I have to say the opening few seconds of ”Court Martial” are the best work from TOSR I’ve seen. Truly excellent stuff.

I had my own go at creating a “Remastered” shot using CG. Mine is a bit more contrasty

That looks excellent Dan, although it looks a bit like it belongs on a big movie.

#40 – ‘I would rather see grainy, somewhat shitty footage from the late sixties’

In HD you would? Really? With the rest of the surrounding footage so clear that you can see every pore on Kirk’s face, and finally see the zippers on the sides of the uniforms, you would rather see old process effects shots that have heavy in-built grain from 2, 3, 4 layers of film being processed? Footage that literally cannot be cleaned up?

Good for you then that the original versions of the episodes are still available on DVD. Go watch them in upscale and let us have our new HD shots, thanks.

#18 Sean4000
Now, now. Comparing this stuff to Eden FX- that’s just not fair!

As I’ve said, I think they would have been better off buying a Master Replicas model and shooting it green/blue screen. They could have used it as a base image to enhance off of ;)

The Menagerie looked like Shit in the theatre I saw it in.
Fathom’s projection system SUCKED.
These caps look great by comparison.

I didn’t know Enterprise had hinged bomber doors under the primary hull “Operation Annihilate”.Seems primative for the 23 century.