New ‘Alive’ Viral Video Featuring John Billingsley

The third and final ‘pre-pilot’ viral video for the zombie show “Alive “co-created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens has been added to the Falcon Rock website. The vid features Star Trek Enterprise’s John Billingsley playing the creepy ‘Pastor.’

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so will he be a bad guy? would be funny…

girlfriend made me watch greys anatomy..think he was on that and he was really good.

hope this show works out even though it is not my cup to tea.

doctor to pastor….yeah, i could see it happening…always liked billingsley on ENT, he deserved more material

:::::::arrogant opinion warning:::::::::

billingsley had more charisma then the rest of ent’s cast combined.

the character had loads of potential as well. finally we were given a less-than-crumudgenly doctor on a starship. ever the boundless optimist.

i was always hoping we would get a line from phlox akin to (imagine billingsleys perky tones):

“not only am i a doctor, but i am also a fair bricklayer who is quite capable of conducting a moon shuttle.”


“And should the moon shuttle break down, I am an excellent mechanic.”
(I *think* that was one of Bones’ listed non-occupations.)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

also not:
an escalator
coal miner

I find it funny that Iceland isin’t on that map that they showed on the trailer….good news for us ! ;)

John is an awesome person and actor. He always works. If you think you’ve seen him in other things, I’m sure you did.

I for one think a good Dead series is doable. Movies can always take the easy way out as they don’t hafta worry about future implications. Films also by nature only use broad strokes for characters. I think Stevens’s have lots of cool ideas for this. Best wishes to them.

Looks too “high school video” for me to get into it right now.

Is anyone else having trouble buffering the video? It’s taking for-freakin-ever! And I have a high-speed connection.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

He sure has a presence onscreen. And what a voice. He’ll make a great psychotic bad guy….

The Billingsley webisode of Alive is also on YouTube:

I hope the production values improve drastically for the final product. Other than that, this looks pretty interesting. I would like having a cool Zombie show on TV.

Two words:


I liked the premise of “Alive”, but I’m not sure how good it will be after seeing that video. I was thinking “Shaun of the Dead”, not…. that.

Was it just me, or did those zombies want to do more than just eat Billingsley…

Billingsley rocks like a bitch on acid.

John is a great talent and believable in everything he does, so I am sure he will be outstanding in this as well.

Will never make it on the air. Its too cheesy. From this clip you an infer he somehow has control over the zombies or they see him no longer as food but some sort of leader or prophet. Keep zombies as zombies. They are blood thirsty, un-thinking, dead creatures. Not beings who look for a leader or can be controlled and made into pets.

Billingsley is awesome though, have to the show that.