Star Trek New Voyages Wins TV Guide Award

The Star Trek New Voyages episode “World Enough and Time” (featuring George Takei) has won TV Guide’s Best Sci-Fi Webisode Award. It beat out entries from The 4400, Battlestar Galactica and Afterworld. More info at TVGuide. Congrats to STNV producer James Cawley and his team.

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Congrats to NV!

Nice, it was a really good ep! Cool seeing the Excelcior again too. I liked the previous “TSAMD” but this was just seemed much better (to me anyway). Good to see it recognized.

Elvis Lives!

Uh — I mean, good job, guys!

Seriously, very big effort and the hard work shows.

George Takei as Captain ,,, why didnt that use that idea,,,,


now,, If I was running the next Trek movie,,,I would,,,,,,,,

Why didnt they use that idea more,, ( I mean)

Scotty,,beam down another coffee,,,

Fantastic news guys. Voted many times. Still amazed that a fan series can beat such heavyweights as The 4400 and Battlestar Galactica.

Congrats to the NV Team! This was an outstanding episode.

Oh wow! Very many congratulations to all concerned. Richly deserved indeed.

It’s easy to nitpick the acting and story points, but they did a phenomenal job with World Enough And Time. So much of it is really quite beautiful. Cawley & crew have a lot to be proud of.

That final scene is a huge payoff and I’m grateful Takei had the opportunity to do it.

This really was a wonderful Star Trek episode… very worthy of such an accolade, and more. I know ST:NV has many critics, but when compared to say… oh, I dunno, The Way to Eden… I think that this episode is just as good as anything Paramount ever produced, and I count it in my ‘personal canon.’

I think that we should all be proud of the work and the accomplishment that the folks over at NV have put together for us.

My congratulations to the NV team, and of course, Mr. Takei and Ms. Whitney, for giving us the gift of more Hikaru Sulu and Janice Rand!

What magic NV does with their budget in and of itself deserves the award.

Considering they’ve done this for perhaps less than $150,000, it should be interesting to see what $150,000,000, a thousand times as much money will bring next Christmas, eh?

Nice Job James and NV Team !

A well deserved award, indeed. Watch this one folks. You won’t be disappointed. NV has reached a new zenith of accomplishment.
The sacrifice of Sulu’s daughter from the “other” timeline is very moving. An act of love. Inspirational, in contrast to a lot of TV fare these days.
The last scene was very moving also between Sulu and his daughter and grandchild from the “proper” timeline.
Thanks again James Crawley and Co! Thanks Mr. Takei and Ms. Whitney!!

My congratulations and felicitations to the New Voyages team. The writing was terrific: literate, moving. Takei gave a formidable performance.

I hope the new film’s script, obviously “bigger”, will be both as moving and exciting. The D.A.V.E. school’s, with consultant Darin “Doc”, did a fantastic job on the visual effects.

I look forward to David Gerrold’s “Blood & Fire”.

It’s so comforting to see Mr. Takei finally hit his stride as an actor after all this time. This performance combined with his last appearance in “Heroes” show the depth of his ability many of us knew was there. Hope he gets more significant roles soon before we lose him forever. Good thing he is an exercise and health nut.

Gan batte, Takei-san!!

Congratulations to the STNV team

Let’s not forget Christina Moses. She was terrific.

Wow! Maybe I should get around to watching this thing!

Just watched this episode this morning. In the esteemed words of George Takei himself, “Oh my!”

The production team’s mission was to capture the look and feel of the Original Series, and they accomplished that remarkably well along with a very entertaining plot.

VERY GRATZ! Now let’s move this production team to the big screen and get some REAL trek. ;)

Just wanna continue to point out, that the visual effects guru on this episode was the talented Joel Bellucci, and I didn’t have anything to do with the main effects… he and his guys put in a lot of hard work and effort, and they should be recognized.

World Enough and Time is a great— and legitimate— episode of TOS. Congrats to James Cawley and everyone involved. It’s also a nice feather in the cap for George Takei, beating out all of that so-called professional competition. This is truly an amazing time to be a Star Trek fan, and New Voyages is definitely a big part of it. Warp speed ahead!

Huzzah! Huzzah! Well done, New Voyages team! :)

Congrats to all! WEaT was certainly an emotional, fantastic adventure that’s been the best Trek to be released in a long time.

I just want to add Kudos to the list. A great effort & well done from Australia

living briefly and going broke

Congrats…to all on the team that worked on this! I remember seeing the trailer and felt really iffy on this NV episode. I saw the show months later and wow was really moved emotionally! Hard for a guy to say that sometimes.;) It really was an enjoyable viewing experience of a ST kind!

I really believe scifi/fantasy tales can really tell powerful emotional stories about the human condition. I think much more of society is starting to see that with some of the successes of some scifi properties of late. STAR TREK to me was the most powerful with strong character stories with loyalty, friendship, love and many times sacrifice along with hard decisions to be made in the mix. This Sulu story had many of those things going on in it! Here is too many more good episodes and a film next December that remembers some of these strong story elements!

Thank You to all who voted for us. It reall means alot to us!
I also want to point out this award is for BEST SCI FI WEBISODES.
It recognizes the series as a whole and not just the one episode. Making these episodes is an amazing amount of work, and a whole lot of fun.
Thank’s for the kind words and all the support, we really do apprieciate it!

Am I the only one who thinks they need to get better actors!

Forget ‘best webisode’ accolades; this is one of the best hours of Trek, period. Easily George Takei’s finest performance as Sulu. And the young lady playing Jana has a hell of a career ahead of her. And the best part for me? Sulu was allowed to retain his memory of Jana, without the damn “galactic reset button” that forever hovered over Voyager. James Cawley and Co., please keep up the fine work. Looking more forward to “Blood and Fire” than I am the new feature film. You guys do it for passion, which trumps profit any day!

Congratulations on the much deserved praise and recognition.

(Didn’t mean to ignore Ron Thornton and Lee Stringer and their DAVE school team… )

I sure hope PARAMOUNT is paying attention to this. People want STAR TREK: EXCELSIOR!

#29: Amen.

No matter how rough it may be at some of the edges, this episode packed a real heartbeat. “Fan” or “semi-pro” or otherwise, it’s simply highly-quality Star Trek.

I want a Sulu Excelsior series dammit!

I’m not surprised. Cawley and crew have done an outstanding job of keeping the spirit of the TOS franchise alive. NV’s story telling to me is just absolutelty wonderful — and NOT JUST the Sulu episode. Keep up the great work Mr. Cawley!!!!!!!!!!

27- Thank you for these New Voyages Mr. Cawley!!!

I am such a big TOS fan that I will happily take ANYTHING I can get!! The eps with Chekov and Sulu were wonderful if for no other reason then to give us one more show with them on it as their TOS characters.

You guys should do a vignette with all the living TOS cast members who would be willing to participate, something dealing with them in old age, a reunion type show/vignette- that would be AWESOME!!

Keep up the great work!!

A well deserved award for a team working hard to keep the true essence of Trek alive. Hopefully, this will bring many people unfamiliar with NV over as fans.

Mr. Cawley, you and your team should be very proud. Heartfelt congratulations to everyone at NV!

Sulu as Captain and Paramount could have done this years ago. Maybe CBS will get the hint. Sulu with a sword once again! Cool fight between Sulu and Kirk! West Coast take a hint from the East Coast. New Voyages are Star Trek!!!!!

Post #28. You’re a dick. I can’t believe you get a gift like ‘new voyages’, without spending a dime of your own money to get it, and you dare complain. Your mother should have spent a little more time with you teaching you manners and etiquette. I am embarrassed for you and your shortsightedness.

Daren Doc,

First, sorry for spelling your name wrong, “Darin”. ;)

Secondly, you’re right, Foundation Imaging Lives. Props to Ron Thornton and everyone at Dave.

I hope this and TO SERVE ALL MY DAYS come out on DVD Format. Here’s a link for a site that downloads:

Daren, did you “Poseidon” the new Enterprise? I suspect it looks like Anthony’s April 1 sneak peak.

Finally, I’ll let you have the last word — in quotes:

Now, with this new episode, to be released in late August, Cawley, Director/Writer Marc Scott Zicree, Reaves, and the rest of the enthusiastic cast and crew have taken yet another large leap by actually making me believe it is Star Trek. I found the episode engaging, fascinating, entertaining, and emotional. The story maintained my interest level as no modern trek has in quite a long time. There is an intangible quality to this that makes it feel like the spirit and sense of fun has returned… without all the technical mumbo jumbo that is usually substituted for in the later incarnations of the show. John Lim turns in a truly enjoyable performance as younger Sulu without blatant mimicry or parody. He simply became Sulu. Frankly, this is the level of “honor” I want to see in the next Trek film. I don’t want new actors playing the old actors. What I want is the new actors playing these roles… and getting to the same place that the older actors did. This has been accomplished with New Voyages more than any other attempt I’ve seen. Yes, there is still room for improvement… but most of the fannishness is gone, and has been replaced with confident bravado.

The effects are top notch… and aren’t so flashy that they call attention to themselves. They seem to fit pretty well into the classic trek envelope. Ron Thornton, Lee Stringer, Joel Bellucci and the talented folks at the DAVE animation school really look like they’re having fun. It will be great to work with them on the next episode.

I’m glad that MOST of the posts on this thread are positive. Those guys work hard at this, and it is really starting to show. I have watched them from the first one they made and have enjoyed each one more as they have improved. Great job guys. You are keeping my Trek jones under control.

Do you guys really want Grandpa Sulu cavorting around the galaxy on the Excelsior every week? It would have been a cool idea 15-20 years ago, now it’s just not realistic to have a weekly series based on that.

As for New Voyages, congrats to them. It’s not my cup-of-tea but they obviously put a great deal into it. Getting something from TV Guide is pretty massive.

While the acting in STNV can be teeth-grating (less so as they go along, to their credit), I gotta tip my horns to Cawley & Co. for what they’ve pulled off so far. Recruiting all those Trek alumni – from in front of AND behind the camera – is a coup unto it’s own. Christ, I’d thought William Windom died several years ago. LOL The set re-creations are fantastic (correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Paramount hit them up for a prop for the Defiant bridge for ‘In A Mirror, Darkly’?).

James, as a long-time NV supporter, I can safely state that things can only get better.
Congratulations. It is well deserved.

Well, to be honest, I’m a huge TOS fan, but once I get past marveling at the sets of New Voyages the rest doesn’t do much for me…for a multitude of reasons. Having said that, this is quite an honor, congrats to the entire NV team, well done!

I have been very impressed by the efforts of the folks at NV. Talk about a labor of love! But didn’t they break their own mantra of staying true to the “season four” universe. The Excelsior bookends really pulled me out of the fantasy. It looked beautiful…but it’s clearly not a “true” 1969 episode.

“World Enough and Time” is without a doubt the best Star Trek episode ever. For the folks who haven’t seen it, check it out.

It was amazing. The tie in with “The Tempest’ was incredibly well done, and the Sulu was the best I’ve seen him.

Keep up the terrific work!

Months later. But yes, “World Enough and Time” showed the closing gap between pro TOS Alumni and the New Voyages/Phase 2 crew. The SPFX are awesome on the latest episodes. Lim and Takei are both SULU. Lim was incredible. He was seamless. And the lovely Miss Christina Moses as Alanna Sulu. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or few”. Understanding self sacrifice without even having to say it. Beautifully written. Great to see an overlooked character in Sulu (can’t wait to see Uhura get a shot). The production values are excellent, particularly the Romulan ships in action and interior wreckage scenes.
All the accolades this episode has either won or been nominated for are deserved. And the ending with Damora , “You had a sister”. This took me back to TNG with Guinon asking La Forge after Tasha Yar made the supreme sacrifice , “Jordy. Tell me about Tasha Yar.” Touching . True spirit of Trek.