Stewart Wins Theater Award

Captain Picard to the podium! Today Patrick Stewart was named the Best Actor of 2007 at the Evening Standard Theater Awards. Stewart has been playing the title role in Mac Beth to sell out crowds at the Gielgud Theatre in London. At the awards Stewart stated “it’s wonderful, we’re all aglow. All of us who believe the best possible theatre should be in London are thrilled.” Stewart told the Telegraph “”I’ve never won an award like this, so it’s brilliant. It is like a fantasy to be in such a wonderful production with an outstanding company and then to find that we are such a box office hit as well as a critical hit.” More info at

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Very distinguished mustache.

congrats pat

Obviously, theatre is his first love. He deserves this.

(cont’d)..’.and P.S. I hate Hollywood and TNG!’

Great! Long overdue!

Well done Patrick!

He was such a nice man when I met him once in London and shook his hand after seeing him perform in A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic.

Hes got a Tribble stuck on his lip…

#6 Yeah nice mustache!
Captain Ned Fladders!

I miss Picard.

Macbeth not Mac Beth. Strange but true Tudor spellings

#4 trektacular

Heh,heh ;)

love him

Patrick Stewarts one darn classy guy, from what I’ve heard. So he’s more of a theater person than a Hollywood fellow…in my view, that’s a plus.

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Stewart!

I really don’t understand why he hasn’t been knighted yet.

I really don’t understand why he hasn’t been cast in the movie yet. *shiftry eyes* *runs*

All hail Patrick Stewart. He & Picard are my heroes. Really. I’ve wondered why he hasn’t been knighted either. Neither do I know the qualifications, but what else does he have to do to earn the honor? He represented Picard which is a wonderful example for mankind of a human being. His personality & the way in which he carries himself seems respectable. And he’s certainly true to his Bard & Country. What else is required?

Thanks for the news. It’s always nice to read about accomplishments.

Patrick will be flying to LA early next year tofilm a cameo in the film

It’s funny…….I personally loved the entire television run of TNG. Some people didn’t care for it. What I think should especially be appreciated is the fact that Patrick Stewart, being such a gifted actor, clearly helped ELEVATE the material of each and every episode!! Bravo, Patrick!

Here, here, Captain! You deserve it.

And he’s even taking time to fly back to the states this December and honor his friend Mr. William Shatner….

….and to film his top secret cameo in the Nimoy scenes….

…and to re-film the Veridian scenes with Mr. Shatner to change the outcome….

Okay, kidding. But still, congrats to Sir Patrick!

I miss Picard too!

Mr. Stewart deserves this, as he is one the world’s leading actors on stage and screen. Bravo!!
His portrayal of Picard will be forever part of my life, as NG really inspired me during my difficult college years.
And yes, the Veridian scenes MUST be reshot….

I sort of missed him, too.

Wonderful actor, no doubt. I saw this production and it’s every bit as good as the reviews say.

By the way, I hate to be too British about this, but as we’re talking about a British actor in a British play, in London, being honoured by a British Newspaper, I’d just like to say it’s “Theatre” not “Theater”.

I have this weird mental image of Stewart on the set of X3, with Halle Berry and Anna Paquin waving their Oscars at him. “Never mind Pat,” say McKellan, “At least we’ve got the respect of the British theatrical establishment and our knighthoods, eh? Oh. Sorry. Forgot.”

Mr Stewart will become Sir Patrick soon enough. He just needs to be back in the country for a while, really do a lot of great theatre (which he is doing) in order to shore up the ‘services to acting’ bit, while also doing a bit of charity work in the UK to shore up the ‘public works’ bit. So, give it time.

Shatner, as a Canadian, is also eligible for a knighthood. I reckon they should dub Pat and Bill on the same day.

The night a friend of mine went to see MacBeth, Stewart was ill so his understudy stood in. A woman in the foyer was angry when she was refused a refund shouting at the poor box office girl “You didn’t sell me MacBeth, you sold me Picard!”

Congrats! The man is a great actor.

#21 can’t say that I have. There was more than enough Picard to be going on with.
Always found he was likely to over do it a bit, on occasion. Preferred him when he played with a lighter touch. And certainly couldn’t accept him as an action man!.
As for the Knighthood- he’s certainly got plenty of chums in the Labour Party, so id imagine its only a matter of time!

U didnt sell me Mc Beth u sold me the nintendo dude!

If Shatner were to ever be knighted, Christopher Plummer would have to be knighted first.

Patrick Stewart is the best actor to take to the screen under the Star Trek name. Without him, TNG would have failed.

If only Patrick had donned this mustache as Picard, it might have made the fact that he was French slightly plausible.

As for the award, “oui oui mon capitaine!!!”

Christopher Plummer should have been knighted as well as any other commendations they can bestow upon an actor. The man shines in everything he does, why he did get Oscar nominated for The Insider is beyond all comprehension.

I’m sure if they can Knight the gay Ian Mckellan they can do it for the Straight legend that is Patrick Stewart, IMO he should’ve been Gandalf.

Sexual orientation and acting ability go together how??

Wonder if dr who managed to get him? They r filming the 08 series now. Busy few months ahead for paddy maybe–dr who, star trek cameo, plus wolverine cameo?

32-Meh patrick has said he auditioned for a role in lotr. Didnt say what tho- im guessing the bernard hill role or gandalf. A shame as paddy wudve made sitting though those snorefests bearable. A good 10hrs of my precious life i wont be getting back….then again ive wasted plenty more watching ds9 & voyager.

Patrick Stewart definitely should have been King Theoden in Lord of the Rings, he was made for that part.

i cant wait to see him in Hamlet in July 2008 alongisde Doctor Who star David Tennant

#36 Lol@meh

Sorry to be the apple to your orange, but I personally am very pleased that Patrick didn’t get either or those roles in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, as I don’t think he would have been either right, or as impressive, in either the ‘Gandalf’ or ‘King Theoden’ roles, as Ian McKellan or Bernard Hill proved to be. And as for those Movies being ‘snorefests’ in your estimation, I can only pray that the multi-award winning combination of exciting, and compelling Direction, Production Design, Acting, Music, and Cinematography quality is even half as evident in the upcoming Trek feature, in mine…


Amen to that! And I can’t help thinking that Peter Jackson would’ve done a great job directing ST XI.

Looks like Stewart is finally showing some signs of getting older. I swear he has remained the same since he started TNG till his last TNG movie!

Cervantes and Iowagirl, I couldn’t agree more. Having read the LOTR trilogy countless times in my youth, Bernard Hill and Ian McKellen were pitch-perfect. Although I would have to think that Peter Jackson’s paycheck to direct Trek XI would have kept him out of the running. The thought of what he might have done is intriguing I must admit.

Congratulations to Patrick Stewart. I have always thought that Star Trek was fortunate to have an actor of his ability amongst the ranks. TNG was a great series and I am going to go on the record for the ship fetishests by saying that the Enterprise D was an awesomely cool starship. I don’t care what the haters have to say. It was more interesting a design to me than the E and Berman and company were fools to destroy it as it was an icon.

Derailing rant completed.

42. I agree with that, the Enterprise D was pretty damn awesome to see on the big screen.