Nimoy Warned Quinto About Taking On Trek + Pics Of Quinto At Parade

Carnegie Mellon University has a new article about their famous alum Zachary Quinto. The new Spock gives advice to students and talks about his roles on Heroes and Star Trek. Regarding Trek, Quinto said that Nimoy warned him about taking on the role:

I met Leonard Nimoy in the elevator the day they announced the movie. He turned to me and said, ‘You have no idea what you’re in store for’ and then walked away

Quinto offers up the following advice for CM students:

Bring yourself to the work. Make it about the work, and stay open to everything that reveals itself. It’s not always going to be comfortable or easy. Carnegie Mellon prepared me for all this.

Regarding his character of Sylar on Heroes, Quinto said:

The interesting thing about my character ‘Sylar’ is that my strengths as an actor seemed to go completely against the shape of a character in the shadows. I stepped into this character and then realized how much there was to play with.

More at Carnegie Mellon

Quinto on Parade
Quinto spent his holiday weekend in his home town of Pittsburgh, PA (also home to his alma mater Carnegie Mellon). The actor took time out to participate in Pittsburgh’s annual ‘Celebrate The Season Parade.’ (Click the image below to see more shots of him at Flickr).

Heroes Finale next week
Remember to catch Zachary Quinto in the ‘chapter’ finale (and possibly season finale) of Heroes next Monday. Here is a promo:

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I like the Nimoy comment. A little jaded?

First actor I’ve heard of who has attended this university.

You know in those glasses he actually looks alot like Nimoy would in those glasses (being serious too.)

Thanks Anthony!

I don’t Nimoy was being jaded, just very realistic.

As an old Pittsburgher (now living out west), I’m delighted by everything I read and see about Zachary Quinto. He sounds like a brilliant and very thoughtful young man. A lot of great creative people come from the city, including an old friend of mine who is also in the biz (and who also went to CMU). I know Mr. Quinto will do us all proud. Godspeed, Zachary!

Anybody else notice that his eyebrows looked a little different on Heroes this week? I’m not sure if they had already been shaved for the movie, or if they were simply waxed. But SOMETHING was off…

Sylar was deliciously evil last week.

Well… only get out of it what you put inti it whether thats good or bad.
If he puts little in then it’ll show and that will be that….but if he puts in his best
then he can look forward to a future of success and we’ll all be the bearer of that fruit.

He looks like a young Nimoy poking out if the roof of that limo.

Nimoy told Quinto in donning the ears
He’d be stuck in the role for maybe years
The kid went ahead
With no sense of dread
The new Spock seems to have no fears!

New Spock is a STEELER FAN !!!!

It is of course only logical.

Yes, Vulcans have been fans of Western Pennsylvania sports ever since that Carbon Creek incident.. .heh heh.

If they ever remaster Enterprise, insert a line about Mestral going to Pittsburgh to live… hah hah.

What is telling is that JJTrek seems like this movie and its sequels will be Spockcentric. No complaints on that! It’s only logical! hee hee.

In that pic, with the ski cap and the glasses…. Quinto definitely bears a strong resemblance to Nimoy.


So, Zachary is a Steelers football fan (picture from the parade). I knew there was something about him that I liked.

…actually, since I personally was born and raised in “the burgh”, I know that it is the LAW to be a Steelers fan if you’re from there. So I had no doubt about his allegiances.

I wonder if former coach Cowher is a Trek fan? Quint was great this week on heroes, and he will be a really good – if not great Spock, but he better hope that the Steelers get their act together. Pretty rough for them the last 2 weeks.
Just rambling here.

I wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon’s engineering school, but I wasn’t smart enough…I settled for Penn State instead.

Kudos to Zachary for graduating from such a prestigious institution.


CMU is actually a very prestigious acting school, and its alums include Rene Auberjonois (Odo), James Cromwell (Cochrane), Ethan Hawke, Holly Hunter, Ming-Na, etc.

Hey JJ, Robert etc. – any hints as to when you will show us some thing from the movie, ie picture of props, costumes, on the set video blog?

It would be greatly appreciated.


That was the very thing I was thinking when I saw the picture…It’s funny as Sylar…I don’t see it a whole lot… but in the “spy” pics (yeah right..nice set up JJ) and with him in his specs….wow….it’s hard to imagine anyone else visually coming that close to nimoy/spock.

I’ll be damned. A Pittsburgh boy. I grew up about an hour or so southeast of there. Coal country. Iron City beer. I like him already. And he looks more like Nimoy in those glasses than Nimoy does. LOL :-D

CMU = Brilliant Engineering/Science = Great Science Fiction.

Makes sense to me!

Picard/Marcus 2008
“Because Scientists R2Cool”

True… he has no idea what he’s in store for… but it’s all good I think.

Quinto = luckiest man on the planet… or at least close to it.

did Nimoy really say THAT?! or was Quinto paraphrasing him? ‘cos it’s not at all the correct phrasing :p

Just a ramble on the ways of our worlds..

Nimoy plays alien who loses brain.
Quinto plays human who eats brain.
Quinto now plays alien before he loses brain.
Nimoy appears on Heroes as father of human who eats brain?

Brain, brain… what is brain?

Zachary told this story already.

“The first time I met Leonard in the elevator at Comic Con, actually, one of the first things he said to me was ‘ You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into with this.’ And that was like, as we left the elevator into the sea of people that were waiting for us.”

I love it when attractive young actors and actresses wear the ugliest possible glasses available. “Sure I’m good-looking: but I’m serious and smart too, as evidence by the uber-ugly glasses!” Fun on the bun – and it was about Star Trek to boot!

I get the impression that Mr Nimoy is starting to remember all the little things that pissed him off about being the guy that played Spock!

Nimoy’s not jaded. He’s just being “mysterious”,

Hey, Nimoy is just calling a spock a spock!

Is it just me or do his eyebrows look somewhat Vulcanoid under that hat and glasses?

re: 10 hairy

When filming a take after take
By the shores of a hot Vulcan lake
Leonard told Mr. Quinto
“Raise your eyebrow, don’t Squinto
Or Stanky will think you’re a fake”

CLAP,CLAP, CLAP………………very nice, indeed!! :)

In further response to comment no. 2 above, and supplementing no. 17, Carnegie Mellon was one of the first universities in the world (I believe it claims to be the first in the U.S.) to award degrees in drama. The drama department sends a disproportionate number of people into Broadway theater, but in addition to the people named above, its movie/TV drama alumni include: Bud Yorkin (the man who co-created sitcoms with Norman Lear, e.g., All In The Family); Steven Bocchco (creator of Hill Street Blues, where CMU alumni were case as Renko, Belker, Faye Furrillo) and LA Law (he cast Michael Tucker as Stuart, and Blair Underwood as Jonathan Rollins), LA PD Blue; Jack Klugman; George Peppard; Nancy Marchand (Livia Soprano), Laura San Giacomo, etc.
Also, zombie movie director George Romero.

The fact that the university is so strong in tech as well as fine arts (not just drama) was always a “hook” in desribing it in the Fiske Guide and other college guides. I went there, but not in either the engineering or drama colleges.

I understand the intrest in the new Spock but this Quinto fella gets wayyyy to much attention. Every other article is about him and it’s the same stuff???? Let’s move on to the other actors, shall we? Hope thats not to harsh concidering every other post of mine is deleted?

Darth “Enough Quinto” Ballz

is it just me or does it freak anyone out about his eyebrows in this pic?

Nimoy just knows that Star Trek has a huge audiance of very loyal and vocal fans. If they see something that Quinto does in his version of Spock that does not sit well with them, they will skewer him and through him on the BBQ…

We need more Darth Ballz posts, he is an icon on this forum!

# 30 … I see that too. Do you see the lighter spots above his eyebrows? Could the photo have been edited for that effect?

Nimoy wasn’t necessarily being negative. It was just a true statement as to the amount of attention and fan following that comes with the role.


There you are; the first picture from Iceland (the text accompanying the above photo obviously has been muddled up) – it is actually showing young Spock, hiding his ears under a ski cap while keeping the Galileo 7 clear of snow. Meanwhile, the redshirts are finding out how the land lies and young Kirk is making friends with two Icelander belles approaching to offer Hangikjöt. Currently, I can’t do anything with young Spock laughing, but I’m going to figure that out, too…

I actually did a double take with that picture, I couldn’t tell immediately whether it was Quinto or Nimoy.

# 34 “Let’s move on to the other actors, shall we?”

Quite the boss are we? Well if the other actors were doing something then maybe Anthony or whomever would post stuff about them. Unless you’ve seen them giving interviews and talking to the press?

I remember sometime in the 80’s, Shatner and Nimoy appeared on some morning news show and the Shat was giving Nimoy a hard time about the glasses (similar to the ones Quinto is wearing). He was telling Nimoy to take them off because they make him look old, and Nimoy just laughed and said he was old. That’s the only thing I remember from that interview – they were acting like an old married couple who constantly tease each other, but you could tell that Shatner did not like Nimoy’s glasses, and Nimoy could care less. Funny stuff.

Stanky, I was really impressed with your poem. Give us more!

quinto looks nothing like shatner. i refuse to see the film until he does.

6. DavidJ–

I too was squinting at Sylar’s eyebrows last night as we watched the most recent Heroes on our DVR. I wondered aloud (to my partner, not by myself) if they had been shaved and replaced.

Quinto is brilliantly evil as Sylar in Heroes! That show is getting better and better. Seeing that kind of quality in Heroes gives me a lot of hope for Star Trek under JJ.

Just don’t –completely– change the ship please.

#44- James T. Kirk will be in the film. That should be enough. Don’t you get enough Shat from Priceline?

PS – speaking of the ship, I –finally– saw In A Mirror Darkly (I was not an Enterprise guy after season 1) when I DVRed the marathon.

I thought the constitution ship looked so awesome in that episode! Exterior was perfect, and there were little 21st century tweaks to the interior that I was thinking would be perfect for the movie…(such as a flat screen monitor at the science station)….loved it–loved the episode(s)…

I noted that one of the ‘future vision’ paintings in a recent ‘Heroes’ episode here had Zachary with very ‘Spock-like’ raised / angled eyebrows… :)

For those interested, Bill Hunt of ‘thedigitalbits’ has just put up his in-depth assessment of the new HD-DVD / DVD ‘remastered’ TOS set…

#44 === “quinto looks nothing like shatner. i refuse to see the film until he does.” ===

Well, if Quinto is still in Pittsburgh, he can go to “the Strip” and eat several Primanti’s Sandwiches…that’s a good start .