Rumor Control: George Takei NOT Appearing As Sulu In New Star Trek Movie

Once again has a Star Trek rumor to debunk. Today many Internet reports are popping up citing an article in the latest Starburst Magazine in the UK (issue 356) which states George Takei will appear in the new Star Trek movie, reprising his role as Hikaru Sulu. This ‘breaking news’ actually appears as just a sentence in the third paragraph of an article about the confirmed cast members for the film (such as Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Leonard Nimoy). From the article:

Leonard Nimoy, the only actor to have played [Spock] prior to Quinto will also feature in the film, it is thought during flash-forward sequence. George Takei is also thought to be appearing in these sequences reprising his role as Sulu.

Despite Nimoy and Takei opting to appear in the film, it is still not known whether William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, will be reprising his role to join them.

OM MY? OH NO has confirmed from multiple sources that this is entirely not true. One source has told TrekMovie that there is no role for Takei as Sulu in the script (which is locked due to the WGA strike). Apparently J.J. Abrams has spoken to Takei (just as he has also spoken to William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols), but there is no indication that this talk was about a potential role for the actor. Mr. Takei could not be reached because he is currently on set for The Red Canvas, a martial arts film. However Brad Altman, Takei’s business manager and partner told “The Starburst Magazine article is erroneous, we will be as surprised as the fans if George is in Star Trek XI.”

George will be appearing all next week on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Perhaps Howard can grill him some more and ask Takei what he thought of Bill Shatner’s recent comments on the show, including when Bill said “George who?” when Howard asked him about Takei.

Bonus Nitpicking
And since this is Star Trek, it is worth nitpicking the Starburst article further by pointing out that Leonard Nimoy is not the only actor to play Spock prior to Zachary Quinto. Technically Spock has been portrayed by five others, making Quinto the 7th person to play Spock (9th if you count voice actors). From the Memory Alpha entry on Spock:

Carey Scott portrayed an infant Spock in Star Trek V, and Genesis-regenerated versions of Spock at 9, 13, 17, and 25 years of age in Star Trek III were portrayed by Carl Steven, Vadia Potenza, Stephen Manley, and Joe W. Davis, respectively. Spock’s screams in that film were provided by Frank Welker. The young Spock from TAS: “Yesteryear” was voiced by Billy Simpson.

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Oh my!

(someone had to)

George, keep those Heroes and NVs coming.

he’s a fine actor & could bring a strong presence. Hope he gets the chance!

Starburst magazine needs some fact-checkers, because they got something else wrong besides the Takei stuff…

Leonard Nimoy is NOT the only actor to play Spock prior to Quinto. Carl Steven, Vadia Potenza and Stephen Manley were also actors who played Spock — all of them were different “young Spocks” in ‘ST III: The Search for Spock’

Two words:


That magazine should be more careful.They got fans all excitied,and It Is BS.

William Shatner

George Takei

would really make the movie,,


Perhaps many of the secondary stars of TOS could appear in cameo roles as other characters… like most of the still-living cast of LIS did in the LIS movie when it was recast?

Just said that to point out that our beloved TOS stars are so identified with their characters that you could never get away with it. They ARE those people. A cameo by any of them as other characters wouldn’t fly like it would in other remakes.

I wish, I wish, I wish, that ALL of the surviving cast members could have a small part as thier characters one last time, all together, at the end or the beginning, at a reunion party for old Enterprise crewmembers. How cool would that be?

oh well… sorry George…

I guess it’s better that Nemoy is the only TOS cast member in this thing. I’m now of the mindset that this should be about the new blood and not the old. I say that as an old school fan.

I remember when TMP came out how my friends and I were so happy to see the old crew together again. And when TNG started up, we were worried that it may fail because of the new crew and new ship and all. One review at the time said something like “You can’t go home again”…

Those days have passed. Trek has a whole new fan base. I for one welcome JJ to the fold and hope he gets the support from the fans old and new. We need a fresh look at the Trek universe! He seems to “get it” and I’m glad!

So, until xmas08… see you in line!

#5 THX “Two words: Dee. Bunct.”


I’m DEE-lighted that George won’t be in it
Him or the Shat, the vote wouldn’t be split
Unless they BUNCT together at the Academy
Old Sulu showing up would make this a comedy
And most of the fans, upon seeing him, would just sh**!

Anybody got a better way to put the word “BUNCT” in a limerick?

i would have liked to have seen both george and bill in this ovie.

Harry, you know I wrote it like that just to stoke your creative fire.

(uh-oh, I said “stoke”)

Word just came down that George Takei is one of the nominees for keynote speaker at my college’s commencement this year.

God, that would make my graduation all the sweeter.

8 – My only advice to J.J. would be to do nothing that the Lost in Space movie did, particularly casting William Hurt or Matt LeBlanc. Jonathan “Dr. Smith” Harris of course famously refused a cameo, saying he never did a bit part in his life.

I’m curious how Carey Scott (born 21 June 1965) could have played an “infant Spock” in Star Trek V…


If the role was essential to the movie fine but if you have a bunch of cameos it becomes a joke. Thats why Nimoy turned down Generations. The central character is Spock in the move so thats why he said yes. I like Takei and have meet him a couple of times but his acting is like watching cardboard…………

Shatners “Darth Ballz is my hero” Hairpiece

#17: Boy am I confused. Is there a young Spock in that movie that I missed?

17. Minnesota Bruin – November 30, 2007
I’m curious how Carey Scott (born 21 June 1965) could have played an “infant Spock” in Star Trek V…

method acting

Wait, Frank Welker did the screams in Trek III? So, Megatron screamed for Spock when he was reborn and Spock spoke for Megatron when he was reborn as Galvatron.

Sweet, sweet nerdiness.

nice job taking down a pointless rumor.

This is a travesty. They have the one true Sulu right here and available. He must do the movie. JJ wants him, the public needs him… George Takei IS Star Trek.

The world will end as we know it if Takei is not allowed to take the helm one more time. This IS a horrible business decision.

21# Oh my God, that is sooo true!!!! Crazy!!!!

So, Sulu as Fleet Captain Nogura giving Kirk his new orders isn’t dead yet?

Two word:

Trial balloon

Strike that, reverse that… Takei as Nogura…

But then again, from the initial information “Takei does not appear as Sulu” seemed to be weasly towards him being in some other role still. But the comments from Brad Altman certainly do rule him out in any potential role.

Good grief.

We still have 391 days of this stuff to get thru, right? (The countdown chronometer is hard to read.)

It’s off topic, but I gotta mention that the print of “Court Martial” on the new hybrid HD/standard dvd season one set ain’t as good as the release in 2004. Check out the briefing room scene back on the Enterprise with the court martial court, Kirk, Areel Shaw and Cogley et. al. … picture pulses back and forth in brightness. Very distracting. 2004 release of this episode doesn’t do this. Borgus frat.


Doing all of that while driving The Mystery Machine as Freddie.

#14 THX “(uh-oh, I said ‘stoke’)”…

Okay, i just got home, I’m drunk, but, what the hell………………..

There are some who worry about the word “stoke”
To be concerned you’d have to be high on good coke
It’s merely over the word “debunct”
Which is, now,……. simply defunct
And, if you disagree, please,……….take another toke!

No Takei- approve.

Will I say
Dare I say
Its not debunct

Hear me now
Watch me now
Maybe defunct

Showing no concern
Fatigue taking a turn
No matter, says this bloke
Just hand me that toke..!

it is still not known whether William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk,
He said he wasn’t, diddn’t he?

I for one would love to see Mr Takei back in action one more time.

This just one — Red Shirt Extra #2 from episode #34 WILL NOT be in the movie.

Regarding the rumour about HOT CHICK #1 being in the movie, who was last seen walking the halls of the Enterprise in episode #64 in a blue miniskirt:

We have put a call into her agent and have been awaiting an official response. But word is the actress who played her is now living in a nursing home in Montana, where she spends her day gambling with other old ladies for the rights to use a set of false teeth.

Stay turned, this is the place to come for your latest non-casting rumours about the upcoming Star Trek movie . . .

Sorry for the typo above, it should have read “This just in”.

The pet monkey who I dictate to is a poor speller. I should have proofread his work — you just can’t find good animal slave labor nowdays.

Congrats to Leonel and Jupiter1701………you guys are WORD-meisters!! :)

There once was a Sulu & Kirk
On a 60’s show both did some work
Now the Shat’s in a funk
Takei’s role a debunk
Only Nimoy gets the plum movie perk

#40 Oooooh, you give good limerick! :)

This just in . . . . I will NOT be appearing in the next Star Trek movie, either . . . . Details to follow . . . .

OK, I just got back to this thread this morning. I must advise you all to slow down with the hooch. The weekends still young.

On second thought, frack that. Parties at Harry’s house.

Thanks, Harry!

C’mon over! The booze is on ice and the livin’ is easy…………….

Me? I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!!!

Man, I feel like an 18 year old! Too bad I can’t find one!

Okey, It just occured to me that the scrip can’t be changed right? at least until the strike is over, and by that point it would be too late. So if Shatner is not now in the script, then he won’t be. And besides. I could care less of shater was not in the movie. He was great, and is great in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in. But, come on… give it all a freaking rest will yah.


“I’m curious how Carey Scott (born 21 June 1965) could have played an ‘infant Spock’ in Star Trek V… ”

You are absolutely correct — he did not. Carey Scott provided the voice of “Young Spock” in a deleted scene of Star Trek V. I have been unable to find the name of the infant actor who appears in Spock’s birth scene, but it’s obviously not Scott.