November 2007

HD DVD Player Buying Guide

On Tuesday Star Trek Season One is released on the combo HD DVD/DVD format. Recently Paramount Home Entertainment announced that it is committed to HD DVD exclusively until 2009 (Star Trek Season Two hits stores on March 25th and Season Three by the end of 2008). So if you want to see the new box set or any other Trek in HD in the near future, then you will have to get yourself an HD DVD player. The good news is that it wont cost you too much latinum.

Ben Cross Is Sarek first reported that Spock’s father Sarek would appear in the new Star Trek and now we can report who will be playing him. After receiving a tip, has confirmed with a trusted source that 59 year-old English actor Ben Cross will be playing Sarek. Cross himself has seemingly confirmed it as well, as Star Trek is listed on his official site. Spock’s Vulcan father was originally played by the late Mark Lenard. Cross may be best known for his his starring role in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire. More recently the actor has seen in Exorcist: The Beginning and the BBC mini-series Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial. Cross will be playing across the 36 year-old Winona Ryder who is portraying Spock’s human mother Amanda Grayson.

Quinto Talks Parallels With Heroes and Trek

Zachary Quinto has finally donned his ears and is currently at work portraying Spock in new Star Trek movie. In a interview with Cult Times the actor talks about the similarities between Trek and his regular gig with NBC’s Heroes: The consciousness of these projects is something that is overwhelmingly optimistic and hopeful and leads people towards finding our potential. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s the human condition. It’s what we can create and what we can accomplish. That’s what we need to be reminded of right now.

Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season One HD DVD Box Set [UPDATED]

Last September CBS commemorated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek by going back to the original 35mm films and digitally remastering them for the HD era. The project not only cleaned up the images, but also added brand new CGI to replace the original shots that wouldn’t hold up well to the microscope of 1080p HD. This ‘Star Trek Remastered’ has been seen in syndication, but only in standard definition. Now finally with the release of Star Trek The Original Series on DVD/HD DVD Combo disk you can finally see the remastered show in full HDTV resolution, as it was intended to be seen. Plus the set comes complete with many new special features, many of which take advantage of the interactive features of HD DVD.

Takei Talks Old and New Trek + Return To Heroes

Star Trek legend George Takei, who originated the role of Mr. Sulu, may have acquired new popularity with his role on Heroes but he’s still perfectly willing to talk Trek. In an interview with the UK’s Daily Record, Takei calls Trek “an amazing phenomenon,” despite the low ratings his show received during its original run. At the beginning of each episode we’d say we were on a five-year mission, but it wasn’t the Klingons we did battle with, it was the program executives at Paramount who aborted our five-year mission after just three.

Abrams & Lindelof Lament Effect Of Strike On ‘Star Trek’ + Trek Loses XMas 08 Competitor

As reported before, Star Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof planned ahead to ensure that the script for the new movie was ready to go in time for the WGA strike. Even though both are currently at work shooting the new film, they also are supporting their fellow WGA members (including walking the picket lines). Friend and fellow writer John August joined the pair outside Paramount this week and reported on his blog that they have felt the sting of the strike while shooting the film.

Greenwood Compares Playing Pike to JFK

Bruce Greenwood, the new Captain Pike, is getting ready to dive into the pond that is Trek fandom. In an interview with, the actor stated that taking on the role of Pike is a “similar dilemma” to his role as President John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days, noting “No matter who you are playing or what you are playing. You do a movie and people criticize it.” But when asked which role he thinks would be harder, Greenwood said Pike was “riskier” than JFK because “the Trekkies are more likely to have expectations that are cut marble.” Read the rest at

Nimoy Responds To Shatner’s Recent Comments

As recently as August Leonard Nimoy was still saying that he thought the new Star Trek movie would be better off with William Shatner in it. However, The New York Times is reporting that Nimoy is ‘not sympathetic’ to Shatner’s latest complaints about the film. In the Times ‘Arts, Briefly’ section Nimoy is also quoted as saying: I know he’s upset, but his character died three movies ago, so it would have been very difficult to get him into this one.

Morrison As ‘Number One’? [UPDATED: Or Maybe Kirk’s Mom?]

UPDATED. Although J.J. Abrams has confirmed that House’s Jennifer Morrison is in Star Trek, he didn’t confirm her part beyond saying it is not Yeoman Rand. Speculation has focused on a number of known Trek characters, such as Carol Marcus, Kirk’s mother and ‘Number One.’ Now there are two competing rumors ‘confirming’ who she will playing. SyFy Portal is reporting a rumor that Morrison will play “Number One,” the first officer to Captain Pike (played by Bruce Greenwood). While IESB is reporting that Morrison will play a ‘pregnant’ Winona Kirk opposite Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk Sr.

Nero Gets A Henchman – Hemsworth Confirmed

Khan had Joachim, Shinzon had his Viceroy, Goldfinger had Odd Job, and now Nero has Ayel. earlier reported that two of the central characters still to be cast for the new Star Trek movie were henchmen of the villain Nero, played by Eric Bana. Tonight Variety reports that Emmy-nominee Clifton Collins, Jr. has signed on to play Ayel, “the cohort and general to Nero.” Variety also confirmed the earlier story that 24-year-old Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will be playing Kirk’s father, George Kirk, Sr.

Abrams On Morrison: She Is Not Rand

Three days ago, it was reported that House star Jennifer Morrison has a role in the new Star Trek movie. Today, J.J. Abrams himself told TV Guide “she is indeed in the movie, and she is most excellent!” There has been much speculation about who Morrison might be playing and Abrams still isn’t saying, but he did say the 28-year-old actress will not be playing Yeoman Janice Rand. In addition, Abrams again assures us that the script for Star Trek is “locked” and that the current writers’ strike will not affect production.

This Week in Trek – November 11th edition

The biggest Trek news this week, of course, is that filming on the new film has begun. Well, that and the whole Winona Ryder thing. In addition to that, however, This Week in Trek also brings you news on  a holographic fashion show, the premiere of Walter Koenig’s new movie, Trek making people’s lists, Captain Picard for Vice President (?!), and much more. Just click below. You know you want to.

Hundreds Attend Trek Casting Call

Hundreds of would-be Trek stars showed up Saturday at the open casting call for Star Trek. Casting officials would only refer to the project by the code name “Corporate Headquarters,” but did acknowledge that it was a big (but not unprecedented) turnout. More pics and video below

Greenwood Talks Pike and Uniforms

The new Captain Pike is now talking Star Trek. While out doing media related to his role in the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There, Bruce Greenwood answered some Trek questions. The veteran actor told MTV “I am the second incarnation” of Chris Pike. [actually counting Sean Kenney, Greenwood would be the third] Greenwood said that he is due on the set in three weeks and that he already had his costume fitting, saying “I think there will be a certain nod to the 60s.” Although he remains as tight lipped as everyone in relation to the project, he did confirm the we would not see him in the famous ‘Pike Chair,’ telling MTV “that’s been done.”

TOS Remastered Producers On New HD-DVDs

The latest Starburst Magazine has an interview with the TOS Remastered producers David Rossi, Mike Okuda and Denise Okuda. They talk about the project and the new Season One HD-DVDs coming out November 20th. Rossi enthuses about one of the special features for the box set: In many cases you’ll get the fun opportunity to have side – by – side references of the original shots and what we have done with the re-mastering process. I think that’s going to be very cool for people to watch.

Winona Ryder is Amanda Grayson

Last week revealed that Spock’s parents will be appearing in the new Star Trek movie. And now Variety is reporting that Winona Ryder has landed the part of Spock’s human mother Amanda Grayson, a role originally played by the late Jane Wyatt. The Oscar-nominated veteran of dozens of films may be the best known member of the Star Trek cast so far. At 36, Ryder is only six years older than Zachary Quinto who plays Spock. It is possible that Ryder (and perhaps the actor playing Spock’s father Sarek) will be seen in some sort of flashback to Spock’s childhood or adolescence.

Shatner Talks ‘Star Trek’ Flap + Announces Free Vegas Trip Promotion

In the Last couple of weeks William Shatner’s comments about not yet being asked to be in the new Star Trek have been all over the news. Shatner called in to the Howard Stern show this morning [listen to audio below] and right off the bat Stern dug in, telling him he was “carrying on like a crazy man.” Shatner defended himself saying that he only answers questions when asked and that “they blow it up.” The original Captain Kirk went on to say he “doesn’t care” about not being in the movie, but again stated that asking Nimoy to be in the film without himself was a “stupid business decision.” When asked what he felt about new young actors taking over the roles, Shat seemed OK with it stating “time marches on.”

Bruce Greenwood Is Pike

Last week reported that Paramount was ‘close’ to signing their new Chris Pike, and now they have. According to the Hollywood Reporter the role of Captain Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams new Star Trek has gone to Bruce Greenwood. Although he is not necessarily a ‘big name,’ the 51 year-old Canadian actor is well known with 90 TV and film credits to his name. He most recently starred in the HBO series John from Cincinnati. Pike was originally played by the late Jeffrey Hunter in the un-aired first Original Series pilot “The Cage.” After Hunter declined to return for the second pilot, William Shatner came on board as Captain Kirk. “The Cage” was later reworked into the 2-part episode “The Menagerie” as a series of flashbacks. Although the character of Pike only appeared that episode, as the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk he will have an important role in the new prequel.