“The Alternative Factor” Remastered Screenshots [UPDATED + Video]

Summary: Good effort, but not a lot to work with

Not a lot of new effects for this weekend’s episode. Then again some might say that no amount of new coats of paint can do much for this less than stellar outing. You have your usual orbital shots, but all nicely done. They mixed them up with some new angles, including one dramatic flyby from under the saucer. The parallel universe shots seemed to be the same (or if they were enhanced it was subtle). The phasering of the ship appeared to have some minor tweaking.

NOTE: Remastered video and images below taken from the Standard Definition DVD side of the new Star Trek Season One box set.

VFX Video

VFX Screenshots

Remastered & Original









Bad Lazarus

Good Lazarus

Lazarus v Lazarus: Parallel Pugilists

Hellooooo Ladies

Kirk as Force Ghost


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