New TOS-R Effects Compilation Video

CBS has released a four minute compilation video of effects from TOS Remastered.

The compilation is an update of the video put together and presented by Mike Okuda at the Vegas Star Trek con in August. It contains clips from the unaired episodes “Operation Annihilate!” and “A Taste of Armageddon.”

CBS Autodesk Endorsement
Another TOS-R item that was just found (but looks to be a few months old) is a CBS Digital endorsement for the Autodesk suite of products, including the rendering program Maya. In the article CBS-D chief Craig Weiss says of the project:

While we are re-creating many of the series’ revered effects elements and shots from scratch, our creative goal has been to digitally restore them to their most pristine condition, without pushing beyond the level of effects that would have been possible in the 1960s

Weiss goes on to discuss how Autodesk products help the team put together the episodes and mange the workflow of the 30-45 effects shots they do each week. Check out the full article at Autodesk.

Compilation Video courtesy of STARTREK.COM

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“without pushing beyond the level of effects that would have been possible in the 1960s”

Don’t you think if they were possible then…they would have been attempted? Sorry, I don’t agree. I know the budget was limited and I like the new ones. but that’s overstatement.

FIELD DAY! Give me time, I’m preparing my “axe.”… as someone said a few weeks ago.

Rats, these vids often don’t work on my Mac. The QT player/web interface is iffy. No, it’s not ME

While we’re at it, why don’t we just re-do the effects in every flippin’ genre work produced for film and television pre-1970s? Metropolis, Things to come, Forbidden Planet, the George Pal films, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 2001, Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Voyage, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, ad infinitum. I mean, it wouldn’t be pushing beyond the level of effects of that time era, would it? Would it?

What’s the neologism the kids today use? “Craptastic” I think? Applies to the thinking behind ST-R, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

>>“without pushing beyond the level of effects that would have been possible in the 1960s”

Don’t you think if they were possible then…they would have been attempted? Sorry, I don’t agree. I know the budget was limited and I like the new ones. but that’s overstatement.

With regard to the above:

Yeah, it’s probably not literally true in every case, but I think the point is that they’re trying to honor the look of the original, even while giving it a little more polish.

Congrats CBS-D! Great work.

That neologism is, etymologists suggest, a backwards formation from ‘craptacular’, a word which has been attributed to Bart Simpson.

Anyhoo, whatever these CBS-D people say their reasons for remastering Trek and replacing the effects have been admitted as a) because the original negatives of the effects were grainy and pock-marked into oblivion by the original compositing process and so are unremasterable into HD and b) to generate a bit of interest in TOS again so they can go on selling it.

I think that those being the intentions there’s not a lot to say about the thing but “oh, i do/do not agree with this motive”. If it’s all a cynical ploy that catches on and is applied to those other examples then i’d be surprised. People would be reluctant to spend the money on every bit of old rope i think.

Humm. Well, in the sixties computer animation was not possible at all. For this reason Kubrick – like many others who were into SiFi at the time (and the makers of TOS did so, too) used to film miniature ship models. The “level of what was possible in the sixties” is set just by the virtuosity of what Kubrick came up with and I suppose that the remastering folks just do not want to invest in just another rendering session while they sell the shortcomings of a low budget digital remastering as a benefit. Seen like that all that counts is just and only about the budget, and, well, thus they are really up to how they treated Trek when it was first made ;-)

Effective immediately, it’s COOL TO BE NUMBER TEN :)

I go to eleven baby!

I go to eleven baby!!!

Eh……damn posting delay which caused a double post!!!! 13th!!!

I like the effects.
That background music, though, is excruciating.

I’ve said it before, but what the heck —

On the whole, I like this remastering project very well. Having said that, the advancement of sfx in general is so fast that in less than ten years, I honestly believe this level of digital work will look very dated. I remember how amazed I was at “The Last Starfighter” (and for that matter the Genesis proposal sequence in TWOK.) Now, those bits look clunky, compared to say LOTR or Pirates. Give it a decade and Pirates will look as clunky as the first Star Wars film does now. Does that mean you keep replacing the sfx every stinkin’ decade? No. You enjoy the work as is. Can anyone here tell me you absolutely can’t sit through the original King Kong because it’s stop-motion photography and –gasp– black and white? If so, you’re a fool. TOS, in my humble opinion, should always be viewed as a creation of the 60’s. It’s dated and flawed, and magnificent. Not long ago, I looked at what would become my wife’s engagement ring under a high-powered scope. It’s full of cracks and holes. Geez. But, on her finger, it’s absolutely gorgeous.
Bottom llne: gussy up the old gal all you want, as long as you remember her name: Star Trek. It’s the stories, characters, and fun that matter.

Whatever the reasons, it is the end result that counts. And in this case, the results have been excellent, in my opinion of course. This is the first time I have bought ST in DVD format and I’m glad I waited.

The picture, sound, and effects are stunning. And most importantly, the episodes for the most part still hold up.

BTW being Number 11 is cool too.

I am wondering if the above posts, which are very common on this website in terms of their negativity on TOS Remastered, are artifacts of the internet or not. I suspect it is. That artifact is that the most passionately negative individualsmake the loudest noise and the “silent majority” tends to be much more positive. I guess the alternative is that most t people really are angry and disappointed in the Remastered project.
When a customer service agent does a great job, most people do nothing, but when they provide bad service most people speak out. Sometimes I ask to speak to a supervisor to let them know I was provided with excellent service. I think that people should do that more.
With that philosphy in mind, here goes:
I for one consider the remastered project to be an unexpected gift. How many forty year old shows get remastered at all? Think about that. How many can you name? We are LUCKY. But not if one is dedicated to a half-empty glass worldview. Yeah, the remastered effects could be better. But for the most part they are superior to the original effects, and the worst of the original effects have been eliminated. For example, in the original, unremastered episodes the Enterprise usually orbited the same exact planet, (no matter what the episode) except for occasionally shading it blue instead of orange.
Now,at least I can show the episodes to my son, and many other parents can, without the kids laughing and disregarding the show, which has so much to offer in terms of characters, plots, and philosophy. The new generations would tend to disregard all of that because of the poor original effects- they have grown up on a different sensibility.
And there is the JOY, for me, of seeing something new in a show that is 40 years old- not knowing what to expect when a scene is remastered. That alone is wonderful- the show was frozen for us that have seen the episodes dozens of times over the years- and this brings it alive again as a viewing experience.
Life is too short. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and of course people don’t have to like it. But is the remastered project really THIS BAD? If people are this angry about Star Trek being remastered, I have to wonder in what other way the potential for enjoying life is being squandered.
There’s a lot to celebrate here. Am I the only one who can feel good about this project? Anybody out there?

I don’t know about everyone else here, but I bought the TOS HD-DVD set and have been enjoying it ever since! The detail and clarity is a pleasure to watch. If any of you are waiting for a better rendition of TOS to come out anytime soon, you might be old and grey before THAT happens!

Indulge yourself!

Does anyone know who did the music for this video?

You know what I can’t understand? They already watermarked the movie, so everybody knows whom it belongs to… so, why they strive so hard to make it undownloadable, thus forcing me to go back and re-stream it whenever I want to watch it? It’s lose-lose situation: their bandwidth is suffering, my bandwidth is suffering, and their website workers have to work overtime in order to implement some new anti-downloading countermeasure that can’t stop anybody except newbies.

Anyway, the System Shock-style music is kinda nice touch, yes indeed. Not really fitting with the images, but still a nice touch. :-)

Hey, I just watched “This Side Of Paradise” on HD-DVD and I’ve gotta say that Spock was a player when under the influence of the spores on the planet………….in fact, he was kind of…..a pig….Good for him!!

Spock, most times, was a naysayer
Once he got on the planet, a player!
He smiled all the time
Got laid on a friggin’ dime
Serving in Starfleet didn’t stand a prayer!

Anthony, I sometimes access this site by my IPhone. It would seem the YouTube videos work without a hitch. But the QuickTime doesn’t. I hope everyone would find a happy medium.

17. Gary Seven – December 2, 2007

Well said.

Beautiful video. I love the style of the new CG work. Completely keeping in tone of the 60s episodes.

Will these new FX date? IMO, no (because the style is in keeping), and if they do at all it won’t be nearly as much as the old ones they’ve replaced. Think about that peeps.

My axe is almost sharpened…….

#17 Great Post.

While I have been critical of CBS at times for their work. For the most part I love Star Trek: Remastered. It’s like watching the show all over again. TOS is my favorite television series of all time and the fact it’s getting a major overhaul 40 years after the fact is awesome.

I just don’t understand the people that continue to bitch about it. If they don’t like it they can easily buy the originals on DVD and watch those forever!!

I did see that Autodesk article some months ago on their site. I had been curious what package they were using and I was surprised it was Maya as there are the other packages used.

#15, well said. I’ll touch on it in my essay I’m writing for this topic.

Axe at 40%

#17, #26

Agreed. Very well said. It is far too easy to be negative and to be critical than to be positive and to give praise. So, the compliments tend to go quiet, unspoken, and overlooked. That said – love the compilation and the music. I’d also love to find out where the music is from. Thanks, Anthony for the video!!

Nice Video

The shuttlecraft launches still look like crap….

I would have to say that I am 90 percent pleased with the remastered effort. Overall, it looks great. The originals are still there for us to enjoy, so I have no problem with the remastered effort at all.


I have not been continuously negative.

Things I have praised:

**The “Amok Time” bridge crossing
**The “Doomsday Machine” as a whole
**Changing the model after fan criticism
**Their choice in tools. I LOVE Autodesk’s suite. This is mainly because of their Linux compatibility but overall it is great software.

There is a shot from Mudd’s Women on the Rigal Planet, I think that is new…

Now if they were really good, they’d cgi Kirk’s movie-era hair-do on top of his younger scalp. He’s the only dude I know who gets thicker, fuller hair the older he gets!

I mean come on, the invention of Pert in the 1970s was good, but not THAT good . . .

Oh, and they’d loop in Checkov saying “nuclear wessels” into each old episode at least once. As in, “Keptain, there’s a Romulan nuclear wessel approaching” . . . . or, “Keptain, that green space alien thingy looks like a giant nuclear wessel.”

Or when he goes into the bathroom after Spock finishes his business, and he says, “Mister Spock, what a big nuclear wessel you left.” Or when he passes Rand in the hallway: “Good morning Yeoman, and good morning to your big, nuclear wessels.”

(I was up all night last night, I think I’m overtired. Sorry.)

I realized something watching that compilation. I’ve had my ups and downs with the work CBS-D has done, but seeing many of those FX shots in sucession reminded me that they’ve actually done a pretty good job overall. Of course, they didn’t show any of those clunky shots from the first few epsidoes they remastered (the video seems to be more of a “best of” compilation), but I really enjoyed watching it.

Anyway, back to my realization. While I think the work CBS-D is putting into this project is well done, I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really fit the “look” of TOS. Perhaps it was seeing the FX shots on their own without any live-action scenes, but I couldn’t help thinking “this stuff looks great, but it just doesn’t look right.” It’s an entirely subjective thing, and difficult to put precisely. Perhaps, if I hadn’t watched TOS for the past 35 years with the original FX, then the new ones wouldn’t seem a bit out of place. They are out of place, though. Very well done, but still out of place.

Is there anyone out there who could possibly be watching the episodes for the first time ever, who has never seen the original FX and knows only those done by CBS-D? If so, I’d love to hear their take on how well they integrate into the live-action scenes.

This isn’t at all meant as an indictment of the work CBS-D is doing. It’s just an observation that struck me as I watched the clip reel (which I wish I could download to my desktop and watch at my convenience). I know others have mentioned similar opinions in the past. I can now see where they’re coming from. Still, I wish CBS-D continued success and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for future episodes.

Anybody else see the new Shatner commercial for World of Warcraft? Hilarious!

I have. Prag, it was freaking funny!

okay, that was beautiful, sweet, everything i’ve always wanted from the project. too bad fer youse guys who hate it. god, i love technology.

Buck… a… roo… hawk.

Wow. I usually read through the pretty fast. But overall I read them all.
After reading halfway through your post I noticed it was from you Buck.

You recently told me that you wanted the new Star Trek 08 enterprise movie to have the added realism that was not on TOS.

And now your starting to question if the new FX are even appropriate to TOS as a whole? This does not bode well for the new movie at all.
That is if your are going to this movie to see STAR TREK as it was when we grew up. I said here last week that the original effects were, in my own view, amazing. They needed only to hint at future technologies. The Enterprise. Its design. Perfectly conceived with all spacefaring contingincies in place. But created in a way that was wonderous and ETHERIAL! Not realistic. but Futuristic.

I’ll say it again here. I think the falling down with Star Trek started when big business came a knocking . . . right after . . .

W A R S !

((Trekkie/er Shivers here))

Yes the suits entered the room with $ ) in thier eyes.

Is everyone so sure that they “upgraded” the Enterprise to make it look more believable? And NOT because of the ships of Star Wars? Are you so sure? I mean it was pretty cool to see an X-wing for the first time right? And if you look at the hull color and texture (minus the heavy weathering of the poor Rebel ships) of the X-Wings they seem pretty close to the hull color and texture of the STTMP Enterprise. Certainly closer than STTMP looked to the original TOS Enterprise. Right? R i g h t?

see examples here…

Star wars…

Star Trek…

Not like our favorite…

Ok, follow me here.

Take for instance STTMP Enterprise vs TOS Enterprise.
The new STTMP “improvements” were very aparent but what did that really achieve? Greater believability for our “fictional” universe.
Trek was ALWAYS shooting much higher than that. The typical TOS episode always evoked a sense of wonder.

In creating this futuristic canvas the creators of the show provided a magical glimpse to what could be our proud and happy future. Peace for all mankind! Great wonderous technologies that advanced and spread humanity through the universe.

And the special effects? They complimented the message. How many closeups in TOS had a cheesecloth over the lens to soften the shot?
Or, how about all the Kirk lighting? We all know what that is.
The TOS Enterprise was created with for TV in a way that it would photograph well for the studio shots. With that in mind the FX artists came up with wonderous (and I do not use that word lightly) design.

It provided for all the necessary items that a futuristic space craft would need. A shuttle bay, Sensor disc, deflector disc, warp engines, impulse power, phasers, a bridge area that you could point to, ship marking, a life bouey primary hull with propulsion, all wrapped up in a magnificient and majestic hull design cnfiguration. Just looking at the damn ship evokes a sense of wonder, does it not?

Isn’t that enough?

It was all about the look and feel of the series.

My message is… (and I mean this sincerely) they had lightning in a bottle back then!! For instance, JUST as a hypothetical… If “they” could have produced a 4th season and never aired it, and then released it today. HOW MUCH CASH WOULD THAT BRING IN FOR THEM ALL??? Billons today I am sure. Of course, that never could have happened right?

To the present day creators. if you really want that look and feel of TOS, that the Trek purists in all of us know so well, then please strongly consider what you are doing.

Just make two episodes in one for this movie. Two different missions. 1st part would be the Enterprises 1st mission. the second half would be a new mission with the Kirk and the crew we know so well. And then maybe step back and decide how you can make the Spock time travel plot wrap aound it all. Perhaps it would serve the story well to have Spock as more of a narrator to advance the story along.

An alternate solution to all of this would be to take your complete marketing budget for this movie (20 million?) and give it to some aspiring young filmmakers to create again what would best be achieved by frugal people who have a passion to complete a vision.

Well for now we are trying to create that lightning again.
Good luck!

Ok, what’s up with the nightclub music in this?

I’ve made my opinion known in other forums before. I’m kinda 50/50 on this. I’ll admit, most of what they included on this video is good stuff (except the shield hits in the battle sequence, though I think the first one shown has a bit of tweaking) and there are a lot of good exterior shots.

However, I do think that this is an incomplete project. There are some things that this project could have done that they didn’t do. Phasers for example could have been addressed. We saw the awesome potential in “Wink of an Eye.” Things such as adding a tractor beam when dialogue called for it. Fixing some of the display screens. Heck, they changed to a digital clock, why not go further? I also think that all sound effects could have been digitally rerecorded (as the originally sounded) and that all the music could have been digitally rerecorded (as originally composed, the same way the opening theme was). Things like warp effects could have been done too.

We do have to keep in mind that new effects were not a part of the original vision of this project. So under the circumstances, with many of these episodes pretty much being thrown together, there’s some good stuff.

However, I do think that giving Trek a 2007 style would better help to ring in new fans. While the new effects may work for folks who were 10 in the 60’s, I’m not sure they do the trick today.

I’m sorry to say this, but eventually, Trek will need to have a more updated look to their effects if it wishes to remain an amount of relevance in culture.

#16 – “BTW being Number 11 is cool too.”

A slight reference to 11:11 perhaps? :)

Back on topic, I actually like the work CBS-D are doing with Star Trek TOS, They are bringing this classic series up to date and giving it a new lease of life to a new audience while maintaining the originals style and charm. I have the original non remastered versions on DVD anyway so they can tweak away as far as I’m concered.

#9 Sven K, you bring up an excellent point. Reminds me as a kid in the 70’s reading “The Making of Star Trek”. I was appalled at the problems Roddenberry and crew had with small budgets and time constraints. I remember reading somewhere, don’t know if it was “Making of ST”, where Roddenberry had so much on his plate that actors where actually standing around waiting for their lines while Gene was still writing them. Someone would actually walk into his office and stand on his desk waiting for him to finish writing the next scene. Don’t know if that’ a true story or not, maybe someone else here can confirm that.

By the third season Gene was burnt on the whole process and decided to move on to other things. From what I recall, one of the things he was frustrated at was the limited budget for special effects. While known as a great writer and idea man, contrary to what some believe, Gene was also a big fan of technology and special effects. What set him apart, was his ability to balance story line and effects, although there were times he was unable to do that. He left TOS at that time disappointed that he wasn’t able to include more and better special effects into the series, especially the third season. As much as we all cherish TOS, it sounded to me like he walked away from it wanting it to be so much more than what it was.

I think in the beginning of this project, the special effects guys may have been a little apprehensive about going beyond remaking the original special effects and putting their own “artistic values”, if I may, into the project. I don’t always want to see a frame for frame remake of the old effects. They have proven to me that when they “opener ‘er up a little”, they do an excellent job of providing a fresh look while staying true to the original series. I hope they continue in that direction.

I don’t agree with those wanting to leave TOS alone, nor do I agree with those who want to see the Enterprise do “barrel rolls”. I really like the majority, but not all, of the effects I’ve seen on TOS-R. I applaud them for listening to constructive criticism and making changes, such as the nacelle cap issue. I don’t have a problem with those who criticise the current effort, as long as it makes sense and isn’t extreme. I applaud you for your criticism, as it is based in fact and makes sense. I’ll bet if we where able to interview some of the effects guys, they would mirror your opinion.

It is frustrating to see the unrealistic time constraints yet again being put on the production of this series. When I see frames of the old series reversed and not corrected, I am puzzled, because I know they were that way in TOS because of time constraint issues, not artistic value. I don’t have a problem with CBS wanting to make a profit, in fact, I want them to. But it doesn’t seem to me that it would take that much more to allow the special effects guys to do the job they want to do. It’s not like the old days where you had to wait for sets and models to be built. I can’t imagine the pressure those guys are under.

@17 – Amen! Ayy-Mheenn!

i thought the new effects shots look pretty crap, tbh. They obviously didn’t have very much money (which isn’t their fault, of course) but the whole exercise seems like a bit of a money-spinner to me.

What was wrong with the old effects?! I’ve always though they looked pretty cool. I certainly think that the Enterprise looked a lot better in the originals than in the remastered versions

That is the most awesome 4 minutes of video I’ve seen this year!

35. Buckaroohawk

I’m one of those watching the episodes for the “first” time with these new effects. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Originally, I loved the new effects. Anything would be better than the grainy, matte-lined, fuzzy planet orbits. I still love them, but I’m beginning to see why people are complaining.

They’re almost too nice. Too clean (especially when looking at something on the grainy viewscreen). Too dark sometimes (compared to the bright interiors and planet surfaces).

I wish they could be more seamless, but I don’t think that’s possible. For what they are, they work and I’d rather have them than the originals. But I’m beginning to see why some are still complaining.

Hate to stir the pot, but that’s how I’m feeling today.

#42. They are pretty seamless if you’ve got the set, because they’ve cleaned the episodes up so much the new footage kind of matches. If they hadn’t cleaned up the eps the new shots would stand out.

Still finding it hard to understand why people think they don’t match, when for the most part it’s the same old TOS Enterprise faithfully recreated in the scenes. It’s the same Enterprise, it looks the same. The Starbases are faithfully recreated, they look the same. The shuttle crafts, are the same. It’s the same style and it fits. Unless you want it to look like Voyager or DS9 which would be totally inappropriate.

For the most part, I’m loving these new effects and look forward to each new episode. Having said that…I find it ironic that I’m getting just as “tired” of the new CGI “stock” shots as I was of the original “stock” shots. No matter how good it looks, it’s very obvious when they use the same orbital fly-bys and space travel shots over and over and over.

I wish every shot could be slightly different. I realize that isn’t practical, but it would be alot more fun than counting how many times in one episode I see that SAME red star pass by the new improved E.

I read somewhere that the original vfx elements existed, at least until the time of the making of the movie “Airplane 2.” There’s apparently a shot of the original Enterprise in that film that does not look bad on the big screen, and there was speculation it was made by recompositing those original elements.

If they did in fact survive until today, I’d love it if they original VFX shots could be restored and put on a future hd release.