‘Star Trek: The Tour’ Starts January

It was announced long ago, but details have finally been released for ‘Star Trek: The Tour.’ The Tour is a 50,000 square foot traveling interactive exhibit of Star Trek sets, props, models, motion-simulator rides and more from all five Trek series and all ten Trek films. The tour will visit 40 cities around the country, kicking off in Long Beach California on January 18th, 2008.

A number of Trek vets helped put together the tour, including production designer Herman Zimmerman, costume designer Robert Blackman, make-up supervisor Michael Westmore and visual effects producer Dan Curry. Gene Roddenberry’s son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry provides narration for the exhibits and the man himself, William Shatner has been dubbed the official ‘ambassador.’

Shatner will be making appearances at ‘a select number’ of the cities on the tour. The official press release quotes the original Captain Kirk saying:

STAR TREK THE TOUR promises to be the largest, most interactive and entertaining Star Trek event ever presented to the public., This will truly be an impressive experience for the whole family and I am happy to be associated with it.

Visit the bridges of the Enterprise

The tour has been put together by SEE Touring Productions. CEO martin Biallas describes the journey of making the tour a reality:

Years in the making, the creation of STAR TREK THE TOUR has been a voyage of discovery worthy of the show itself. Over the past 10 years, we secured privileged access to the vaults for the Star Trek TV shows and films, plucked select gems and tirelessly assembled the world’s leading collection of priceless Star Trek sets, ships, props and costumes. Now, we’re bringing Star Trek to life and inviting the public to experience it up-close-and-personal in a way never before possible.

Highlights of STAR TREK THE TOUR, which can be fully experienced with an accompanying audio tour, include:

  • The chance to take a ride through a Star Trek adventure in four full-motion, show-based flight simulators.
  • An all-new multimedia Encounter Theater, built like a theater in the round with 360 degree video screens. Computer-generated sequences put visitors in the middle of the Star Trek action.
  • The opportunity for exhibit-goers to sit on a full-size Enterprise bridge from the original TV series and have their photo taken and superimposed with an image of the original cast – including Spock, McCoy and Scotty – to look as if the Enterprise crew is standing right next to them.
  • Detailed recreations of original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation®, including Captain Picard’s quarters, Dr. Crusher’s sick bay and the majestic NCC-1701-D Bridge.
  • The ability for guests to star with the original cast in an episode of their choice and watch themselves interact with Star Trek icons such as Spock and Scotty. Guests can take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends.

Exhibit Floor plan

Cities & Dates
The tour starts in Long Beach, CA for a limited engagement on January 18, 2008 and runs to February 17. The next 4 cities STAR TREK THE TOUR will visit are San Francisco, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Chicago and Detroit. A full list of the 40 cities is available at STARTREK.COM

Tickets & Pricing
Tickets to STAR TREK THE TOUR will go on sale on December 7th during an exclusive 7-day pre-sale offer for American Express Cardholders. Beginning December 15th tickets will be available to the general public. Tickets can be purchased by calling 213-480-3232 or by logging onto www.ticketmaster.com or www.StarTrekTheTour.com.

Adults: $30 weekdays / $35 on weekends.
Children (12 and under): $16.50 weekdays / $17.50 weekend
Seniors (65+) and military personnel: $25 weekday / $30 weekend.

More information and pictures available at STARTREK.COM

All images Courtesy of STAR TREK THE TOUR and STARTREK.COM

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Owned! *pumps fist in the air*

Seriously, this sound awesome.


Kick ass!!

no uk dates?

When are they coming to New York!?! Don’t tease me!!!

Yes, I’m there when it comes to Tulsa, gotta break out my Spock ears and have my mom sew me a new uniform

Does anyone here remember, The Open The Sets Campaign?

This has to come to the U.K

Get Shatner in this now!

Oh wait…

Anyway I hadn’t heard about this at all until tonight and this has gotten me a little excited! I’d like to definitely check it out!

Thanks Anthony!

YES!!, Kansas City…..finally us Midwestern trekkies get something awesome like this.

I am so there. Already apoligising to my wallet for this though……… can’t resist those photo-ops and merchandise………

kinda doubt Shatner would appear in Kansas, but that in no way brings me down…..


damn, if I had put off my US trip until this coming year… but seriously, looks fantastic, better than the day I spent in the Star Trek Experience!

Doubt it will come to Australia

The ability for guests to star with the original cast in an episode of their choice and watch themselves interact with Star Trek icons such as Spock and Scotty. Guests can take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends.

All I can say is WOW, they are seriously going all out this year. And so is Shatner…wow.
I’ve got to admit the price is pretty cheap for entrance itself, so everything else must be expensive, but still…this is so worth it, I’ve got to check out the cities I can visit, lol.


This sounds awesome…

Cool! A couple of those cities are close enough for me to drive. Might even get my daughter to go with me.

Damn, no german dates !!

Is this the tour that came to London in 2004?

When is it coming to the “BIG APPLE”????

I don’t know what props they could display that are worth seeing, they’ve sold everything Trek related but the Neelix’s kitchen sink. All the good stuff from the refit Enterprise to the space station of Ds9 is in private hands now. But to walk on an actual TOS bridge recreation is, by itself, worth the ticket price!

No Toronto date?

We had something like this in London. The appear in an episode idea was fun, but hard to do, you stand in front of a blue screen and are inserted into an original episode. The simplest and cheapest option was to appear on a viewscreen talking to Kirk and the more expensive was playing a security officer (you had to turn and move when lights flashed).

There was also a cool ‘simulator set’ of the engine room, you rode in a turbolift and the ground vibrated to simulate movement and explosions.

They didn’t let us on the sets though (maybe cos the transporter room and bits of the old bridge were original props). Some geezer stole the buttons on Shatners chair though!

I’m buying tickets as soon as the Indianapolis dates are announced. It’s like a dream come true.

What, no Antarctica dates?

Hmm. Looks like they skimped out on the 1701-D bridge. The rear platform is not nearly high enough and the details are all wrong. Grrrr.

This will be incredible! Can’t wait for the DFW dates!

Montreal! I can’t believe they’re coming to Montreal. Star Trek things never come to Montreal. The last convention I can remember was 12 years ago!

YES! Hotlanta is on the list!
So cool. It looks like an even better exhibit than Federation Technology from more years ago than I care to admit. And pictures. Me in Kirk’s chair will go right next to my wife and me on the Great Wall. I’m sure she won’t mind. (What’s that honey, a lawyer on the phone… for me??)

The images are bit large, can they be made a bit smaller?


We should wear trekmovie.com tags to this, like they did for the Menagerie screenings

“The ability for guests to star with the original cast in an episode of their choice and watch themselves interact with Star Trek icons such as Spock and Scotty. Guests can take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends. ”

Anyone remember the old TWOK era Universal Studios Star Trek Adventure? Where people were chosen to go dress up and were put on semi-authentic sets and blue screened into a cheezy adventure?
That’s what this bullet point sounds like.

That TOS bridge is way too bright, and the chairs are wrong on the TNG bridge.

I might still check this out, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty cheap looking production. Instead of the actual refit model, they’ll have a giant, poorly detailed plastic version, etc.

Hey, I have no information on Toronto, but Germany’s surely no Antarctica…! Trust me, the weather conditions are much more convenient and you wouldn’t have to do sea ice cruising to get to the exhibition… ;-)

I agree to #17 – I would like to see that exhibition too; please add German dates.

Exactly – too much information; we aren’t used to that anymore.


I hope that TOS bridge looks better in person because it sure doesn’t look like the one I saw in the series. For starters, check out the Turbo lift doors, they look awful. They’re flush with the communications and engineering stations. Not good – looks cheap and tacky.

One of the stops is Omaha, Nebraska.
This Omaha resident is a very happy camper.
I’m buying tickets ASAP-this is really good news!

Matt Wright:

Yeah, I was in that Star Trek Adventure @ Universal as a little kid. I played a Starfleet officer who has to fight some Klingons.

There actually weren’t any bluescreens. The way I remember it, we “performed” in front of a live audience on real sets, and the scenes were narrated by a comic for the live audience. The footage of us was later spliced into scenes from the TWOK to make a new story that they sold to us on videotape. It was a lot of fun.

As for the bridge recreations on this tour, I too hope that they are as authentic as possible.

It’s coming to Boston! Wow!!!! Can’t wait!


Some of my friends worked on one of the motion simulator rides, it’s a dogfight with the Borg through the solar system. The parts I’ve seen look pretty sweet.

Cleveland. Ah, of course!
There ARE some advantages to living here…
(Gary- bring Vulkon back again!)


I am so ridiculously excited that it is coming to Omaha.
We got shafted when they didn’t schedule The Cage: Remastered for any theatres in our area. I’m buying tickets as soon as I know the opening dates. I’ll even take the day off from work if I have too.

For ther record, The sets are EXACT and designed and built by Herman Zimmerman. The original Production Designer. It cost tens of millions to built them – they won’t be tacky. The Video is also new technology – not like last ime. And you can sit in the chairs also. I live in Los Angeles and I have an Amex card – eat your heart out!

I see Vancouver is on the list. I’m not going to complain but I was looking for a good excuse to go down to Seattle. Seriously I’m really surprised to to see Vancouver when it’s also coming to Seattle. Creation Con haven’t bothered to do a Trek Event here in over a decade.

I wonder if this is in any way affiliated with Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas.

come to England!!!!

Yes! Washington! I’m so excited!

Sure the bridge isn’t quite the same. It’s a recreation. That’s because the original was destroyed to make room for a new series. So…. If it came to Portland Oregon (or close by) I would probably go….Although I do think that with the $30 price tag it’s merely another way for Paramount and other associated people etc, to squeez money out of this franchize. I would have to see it for myself I quess. That would meen the possibility of “Well there goes 30 dollers down the crapper”. I don’t know. I think I might save the money for my first convention.

Uh yeah the sets aren’t exactly accurate are they? I dunno about $30 (on a weekday) to see semi-accurate recreations. It’s coming my way, so I dunno I may go see it.

Don’t see how we can argue about whether or not the bridges are exact– they either are or aren’t. Pretty easy to look and judge. I think it would be an interesting experience to check out the TOS bridge- although it’ll probably be a bit more crowded than say, “The Mark of Gideon”.