Nimoy Log: Looking Forward To Next Week

This following is a brief guest blog from Leonard Nimoy as he returns to his role as Spock in the new ‘Star Trek.’

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday, my first day of filming. We’ve already done several makeup and wardrobe tests and I’m confident that I’m in good hands with talented people.

Very strange and exciting feelings to be coming back to Star Trek after so many years away.

Feels like a return home. JJ Abrams and his entire crew have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable with a warm welcome.

More next week.

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Bon Voyage, Mr. Nimoy.

Good luck Mr. Nimoy!

Cool feature! Will be nice to have the thoughts of Mr. Nimoy as he returns to this character after all these years.

Sweet! Spock (Nimoy) writes for the blog!!!!

BTW, tell them TO leave the Enterprise exterior and most of the bridge alone!

Must be very weird for him to be returning to the role after so long. I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts on that.
Enjoy being Spock again, Sir.

Break a leg, Mr. Nimoy!

Kid Monk Baroni is back!

and…Happy Hanukkah!

I want to also add my voice of thanks and well wishing to Mr. Nimoy as he again steps into the role of Spock.

Break a leg Timmy!

May this be one of the best Trek’s, best wishes to Mr. Nimoy and cast and crew!

Wow, Leonard Nimoy’s going to post blogs here? I’m impressed!

Thanks for the update, Mr. Nimoy! Break a leg, and have fun! :)

Mr. Nimoy,

I was lucky enough to meet you last month at my local Museum of Fine Arts, and I thought you looked more youthful in person than you do in photos. You look terrific, and seeing you reprise Spock is actually the aspect of the film I am most looking forward to. It was a smart move on JJ’s part to include you!

Next Tuesday will be happier for me, knowing that you’re finally back.

p.s. great feature, Anthony.

Leonard – Been a long time since the Sci-Fi project back in ’97…but I’m glad to see you’re coming back to Trek. It’s great to know that you’re back in such a big way, and really great that you’re communicating with fans like this.

Break a leg!

Godspeed, Mr Nimoy. Your presence gives us great confidence in this grand project.

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bestow his blessings also.

Best wishes Mr. Nimoy!!

Can’t wait to see you don the ears again!!

Thank you for returning to Trek, and making this the best one yet!!

Let us know what you think of the Sets, and whathaveyou….

Until Next Time,

Mr. Nimoy,

I’d just like to say how grateful I am for the honest, respectable way you’ve behaved, both toward the fans and just in general. It’s really neat that you’d take the time to write this.

God bless…

Mr Nimoy,

You are truly a gentleman and a scholar (British saying)

Best wishes to you and the rest of the crew for next Tuesday, its going to be a ball.

Happy Hanukkah.


Man, it’s so great to have the voice of “TOS” reason on the set of this new adventure. I can’t help but feel more comfortable with his involvement, both in front of and behind the camera. And what a fun idea to have him relay his thoughts from the set with a blog!

Mucho thanks to Mr. Nimoy for participating.
Exciting times times for Trek, it’s great to have the original Spock along for the ride!

Here’s to a fun and successful shoot!

Mr. Nimoy, it’s good to know that the future of the franscise is being managed by one of the pioneers of it – can’t wait to see what you, J.J., Roberto, et al, cook up!

Mr. Nimoy,

Thanks for taking a few moments to write, and I hope you’ll share an occasional blog now and then. Tuesday will be an exciting day just knowing that you’re back to help Star Trek regain its past glory. Good luck!

Interesting that almost every post uses ‘Mr. Nimoy’ when referring to Leonard Nimoy while references to William Shatner are almost always ‘The Shat’ or ‘Shatner’.

Hopefully, both Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Shatner will have some opportunity to interact during this latest ST adventure.

Looking forward to Mr. Nimoy’s updates in the weeks ahead.

Mr. Nimoy I find it extremely logical that your character was there at the start of the original generation of the ST franchise and that your character will be there at the end to hand it off to the next iteration.

Break a leg!

Lostrod wrote:

> Interesting that almost every post uses ‘Mr. Nimoy’ when referring to
> Leonard Nimoy while references to William Shatner are almost
> always ‘The Shat’ or ‘Shatner’.

Actually, our Captain prefers being referred to as “Bill”. (Mr. Shatner was his father.)

Mr. Nimoy

I am excited to see you in yet another adventure, sir!

May your journey be free of incidents.


(WOW He is posting blogs! I feel so honored!)

Godspeed, Mr. Nimoy… knowing that you’re driving force behind this project increases not only my confidence, but my overall excitement for its great success!

Thank you for giving us the gift of Spock again, and for being so open and kind to us fans. It is so appreciated!

What an exciting time for Trekdom everywhere!

Thank you for your blog and all the best for the shooting, Mr. Nimoy – great to have you back as the original Mr. Spock! I sincerely hope to see you alongside Mr. Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, in the upcoming film!

Let the magic come alive once again!

Best of luck Mr. Spock, I mean Mr. Nimoy!

Break a leg! Have fun, and please remember we are all proud and excited! Thanks, SO MUCH, for all the great adventures, and the adventures yet to come. Thanks for helping show us what we can be…

i didn’t think people actually said “god speed” anymore… I think that must be the new propulsion system for the next Ent.

Give me GOD Speed mr. sulu.


Why does that Captain Kirk figure look more like Jack Bauer?

Mr. Nimoy,
Looking forward to your return – – –

Mr Nimoy

Good luck to you, sir.

I’ll echo a lot of the sentiments above. All of us are hoping for a great movie, and are genuinely excited by your enthusiasm towards this new project.

Dont listen to the naysayers, they wish you well too. They’ll all be in the theaters come next year.

Now get those ears on and get in there!!!

Life is but a dream…

leonard nimoy..what a legend this bloke is.
cant wait to see him back where he belongs…in Star Trek.

How cool is this??

Mr. Nimoy, you sir, are a living legend.

Thanks for coming back to Trek!

Good luck Mr. Nimoy, have fun and prosper!

Mazel tov!

Hey, and nice little photo this week in EW. They’ve got a chart suggesting Leonard Nimoy as the official “elegant, older man” contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Which I don’t watch. But I might, if Spock were out there cutting the rug to a mambo. (Any chance. . . ?)


Mr. Nimoy,
Hope you find time to share some of your experiences. We are …all ears!

I can’t believe your actually back and will ber brought to tears once I see you on screen. Never thought I would have the priveledge of seeing you act as Spock again. Welcome back and Live Long (and to quote Shat, “you’ve already prospered enoug.”)!!

Welcome back, Mr. Nimoy! I’m so glad you’re reprising your role as Spock. Definitely a legend that deserves to return. Peace, and long life.

A message from all of us in the Boston area —

Welcome back! And break a leg!

Another well wishing from Boston….. well, Cambridge actually. Anyway, Good Luck Mr. Nimoy!

Break a leg , Leonard.
I’m glad to hear you have a good feeling about this production.
I hope we feel the same way when we see the final product.

I hope you have a blast stepping back into compfortable shoes.
Break a Leg and enjoy every second.

Bilbo Baggins!!

Nimoy is all class. Not that I’ve met the guy or anthing.. but thats what I’ve gathered over the years..

Anthony, you totally rock!

Mr. Nimoy, to paraphrase a quote from the first movie you directed, “may the wind be at your back.” Just read your biography from some years ago, “I am Spock.” That you are sir! Continue to live long and prosper!