Ryan & Nichols Make Sexiest Women Of TV List

Another List! AOL have issued a list of ‘TV’s 50 Sexiest Women Ever’ and like any good list, Star Trek makes an appearance.

Two Star Trek stars were featured on the list. Voyager’s own Borg, Jeri Ryan came in at number 28 and the original sexy Trekker Nichelle Nichols edged her out – coming in at 27th.

Here are the blurbs for Ryan and Nichols

28. Jeri Ryan

Show: ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ (1997-2001)
Heat Index: Look at that picture. Need we say more? Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine sporting a skin-tight catsuit left jaws gaping when she first set foot on the Voyager. If all Borg looked like her, people would be begging to be assimilated.

27. Nichelle Nichols

Show: ‘Star Trek’ (1973-1974) [yes AOL used the TAS years]
Heat Index: The original ‘Star Trek’ babe, Nichelle Nichols showed off her endless legs in a super-short Enterprise uniform. The skimpy attire didn’t escape the notice of Capt. Kirk who shared TV’s first interracial kiss with the sensual Lt. Uhura. Lucky him!

Trek guests make the cut
A number of actresses who guest starred for Trek are also on the list. Kim Cattrall, who played Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI, ranked 39th for her role on Sex in the City. Julie Newmar, who played Eleen in the TOS episode “Friday’s Child” came in at 20th for her role as Catwoman on the 60s camp classic Batman. At #49 is Teri Hatcher (Lt. Robinson – TNG “The Outrageous Okona”) for her work on Lois & Clark. And finally Nikki Cox (Sarjenka TNG “Pen Pals”) ranked 35th for her role on Las Vegas.

Is it pon farr yet?

More Sci-Fi & Abrams Babes
Many other Sci-Fi Syrens made the list including Tricia Helfer (31) and Grace Park (46) from Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. Lucy Lawless ranked 37th for her work on BSG and as the star of Xena: Warrior Princes (a show which sported the work of Star Trek scribes Kurtzman and Orci ). Two female leads from shows created by Star Trek director JJ Abrams made the list as well. Jennifer Garner (Alias) ranked 41st and Evangeline Lilly (Lost) came in at 23rd. For you Buffy fans both Sarah Michelle Gellar (50) and Charisma Carpenter (22) made the cut. The only co-star from Zachary Quinto’s Heroes on the list is Ali Larter at 42nd. William Shatner’s co-star on TJ Hooker, Heather Locklear was number 4. And AOL’s sexiest TV lady of all time?….Pamela Anderson. If you ask me, Linda Carter (who came in third) should demand a recount.

Goto AOL for the full List of TV’s 50 Sexiest Women – Ever

Thanks for Kennelly and dreamer28 for spotting more Trek guest stars

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1st. Zoe’s got big shoes to fill….

Go 7 of 9!

Hey does that make a Ausie double 1 & 2 (?3)

Sorry “Aussie” double

Also, interesting article Anthony, but perhaps all of the wierd trek connections are possibly over-doing it!

How about T’pol that chick is gorgeous! She can pan far and mind meld with me any time!

“Gentlemen, step into my parlor.”

Go, Uhura!

Lynda Carter came in third, Farrah Fawcett came in second.

Julie Newmar is 20th and she appeared in TOS:Friday’s Child

Marina Sirtis was sexy she should have been in there. And Jolene Blalock as well!

Dude, where’s Barbara Luna on that list?

Or Empress Sato?

or Ensign Desperate Housewife?

Xavier not to down you but it is spelt PON FARR

Ah yes, the lovelies of Trek. Some of the most beautiful women on the planet showed up on TOS. Jeri Ryan is a magnificent beauty as well as a damned fine actress. I remember when I first saw her on Voy, in that silver cat suit. Wow! What a babe! That whole dominatrix thing had me from day one. The most recent shots of her in FHM were stunning! It’s nice to see the ladies of Trek appreciated by the mainstream. What I wouldn’t do to share an evening with those two, when they were both in their prime. GRRRRRRR Baby Yeah!

Even today Nicholes is a beautiful woman. Trek on Trek Babes!

Nichelle is #1 on my own personal list. I’ve been in love with her since I was a teen.

*sigh* PAM ANDERSON????

Fine, put her on the list somewhere… I get why teenage boys think she’s so great, but #1??? Maybe BEFORE she got those ridiculous implants and the scary plastic surgery, but come on. Who in their right mind would have anything to do with this woman, aside from mouth-breathers who automatically start drooling at the sight of fake breasts?

Give me Lynda Carter and Nichelle Nichols any day. At least if either one of them had any plastic surgery, it’s incredibly subtle and barely noticable, unlike that walking Barbie abomination at #1. Bleeeech.

Mirror Uhura was almost hot enough to turn me straight.

Star Trek was often a sexy-looking show. I hope this Movie reflects that in it’s crew. Bring back those ‘mini-tunics’ J.J. ;)

Pam Anderson?! Who pulled the poll together? Gnarly, has-been rock stars? The American Medical Association of Plastic Surgeons? Doc Johnson’s Inflatable Love Dolls Fan Club? (Which are actually more life-like than Pam Anderson.)

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Bring on Lynda Carter!!


This always bugs me when someone mentions the “Plato’s Stepchildren” episode… because THEIR LIPS NEVER TOUCH!!! How come no one EVER seems to bring up this important point???

Kirk leans in to Uhura until their lips are about a 1/2 inch apart, and then he spins her towards the camera, and you can still see that Kirk is GRIMACING and NOT kissing. I can understand why non-TREK writers and websites would make this mistake (hey, they read it on Wikipedia!), but I RARELY hear anything from other Trekkies on this point.

How can it be the “first” interracial kiss… when they DON’T KISS?

Yeah, this is totally sweet.

I agree, some of the most stunning women EVER appear in Trek, especially TOS. Barbara Luna… good lord, are you kidding me? Like taking a Victoria Secret model, inserting a brain, and putting her in a cut-off Starfleet Uniform. Can we say HOTTT?! She is one of my all-time favorites, and Barbara Luna herself is such a sweet lady.

Certainly Nichelle Nichols should be honored… such beauty that was matched by such elegance, class and grace. You go Nichelle!

I’m surprised that Jolene isn’t on this list… she is breathtaking, and such a fun girl.

Ya know who was super hot? Jaclyn Smith… damn!

kuid hawk not to down you but it is spelled “spelled” not spelt.

Blalock, Ryan, Alley and Cattrall – in no particular order – are the women I’ve found most attractive in “Star Trek.”

Not putting Shatner in this is just a bad business decision!

See, there’s nothing wrong with sexxxy AND smart.
If XI has to have women spouting technobabble, they’d better be wearing mini’s and go-go boots!

Uhura can hail me anytime, while 7 puts the ass in assimilation.

Yes, I am a piggy and proud of it.

Pam Anderson? Are you kidding? She’s as nasty as they come. Just nasty.

Kim Catrall? Am I the only one who thinks she’s ugly as hell? Why is she on that list?

Janice Rand anyone?

What about Roxanne Dawson? I mean really how many of you guys out there would protest even the slightest (besides you #16 J) if that little Klingon-Human Hybrid slammed you against a bulkhead and took what she wanted. Okay show of hands. Hmmm that’s what I thought.

You are correct. Shatner is one hot chick.

How about T’Pol?! Jolene Blalock is the hottest girl in Star Trek….or anything!

Nana Visitor!!! (If you’ve ever seen her up close & personal, you’d know.)
Same goes for Linda Park.
Kim Catrall. Drag queen.
Marina? Even now she’s hot as HELL. Lost weight too!

Pamela Anderson? Yeah, nothing hotter than Hepatitis and ever-changing breast sizes. Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9 or 36 of DD or whatever the hell they called her breasts never impressed me. Lynda carter was beautiful and sexy, sooo alluring! She will always be my #1

…to all who ask why Pam Anderson was 1st, I have 3 words:
“Internet Sex Video”

Oh, and the slow mo beach running…

…and would all you guys who said “yuck” turn down a night with her?
I thought so…

And most important of all keep in mind the source… AOL!

#33 Commodore Redshirt –

1) There was nothing alluring about that video.

2) You mean that slow-mo beach running on that God-awful TV show?

3) I’d sooner go with America Ferrera in her full-blown “Ugly Betty” make-up before even getting within 10 yards of Pam Anderson. Yes, when she first hit the scene, I thought she was fairly hot just like every other guy, but that almost, what, 20 years ago? She’s since had at least 2 kids, contracted Hepatitis-C and has been with every other rock star under the sun… and we all know how easy it is for THEM to keep it in their pants.

TWO WORDS FOR YOU: Damaged goods.

Regarding Pam Anderson I guess the poll allowed manufactured woman. I would expect any tampering to void their warranty and immediately disqualify.

Well if #1 is Pam just think of how many have a Borat mentality to make that election? That is just too scary to ponder. LOL

Nichelle Nichols was a very breath-taking woman, obviously she was into her body and so was Roddenberry! Look at t hat washboard abs she has in MIrror Mirror! T’Pol can definitley mind meld with me and quite probably experience some sort of emotion…!
Linda Carter is just hypnotic!! 7 of 9 is a 10 of 10! Pure Dime!! She would have volunteers to get assimilated.. Resistance is Futile!!!
Pam Anderson..C’mon now!! Let’s get REAL!! emphasis on REAL!!

All I can say is:……Where is Miss Barbara Luna!!.. Mama Mia!!..I met her at the Minneapolis ST Con…she’s Still HOT…I demand a recount!!

#16: I cannot stop laughing. I do prefer the “fairer” sex, but Nichelle Nichols was actually quite alluring as she tried to keep “Mirror Sulu” occupied.

#38 Barbara Luna, humma humma.

My favorite was “Jones, name’s Smith, sir,” followed by the girl who never got to marry Tomlinson in BOT.

Sorry for posting sexist comments.

Yep… they’re hotties. And Sirtis is still rocking it. Word.


…”Nona” in A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR. Not only was she insanely beautiful, not only did she flash more belly and cleavage than Nichelle Nichols in MIRROR, MIRROR…

…but the woman pretty much had a full-blown orgasm while waking Kirk from his comatose state. Watch it again. Probably the hottest moment in all of STAR TREK. Certainly got my mugato up and roaring, let me tell you…


On this list, I don’t think it’s shoes you have to worry about filling.

Ruh Roh,

It seems SPB is geeking out on us.

I actually just remembered Mariette Harley in “All our Yesterdays.” Holy Crap, Me Too!

When I watched the syndicated TOS as a young kid, Uhura was always comfortingly maternal. An early impression like that sticks for a long time.

But when remastered Charlie X and Mirror came along, and I saw her with fresh 37-year-old eyes… holy great maker, Nichelle Nichols was hotness with warp drive. What a dazzling woman.

Jeri Ryan is genuinely pretty and sensual, but the Seven of Nine costumes were about as subtle as, well, Pam Anderson. That #1 spot sort of cheapens everything below it.

“How can it be the “first” interracial kiss… when they DON’T KISS?”

Okay, it’s the first simulated interracial kiss.

My Top 5 Hottest Star Trek Crew Babes

1. T’Pol
2. Robin Lefler
3. Ezri Dax
4. Seven of Nine
5. Saavik (Kirstie Alley)

persis khambatta was one of star treks most beautiful women-although that was in film rather than the tv series. i understand she was to star in star trek phase two series which never happened but she was made up for test screens. a stunning woman who sadly died way before her time.
united kingdom

I bought the HD-DVD player and first season of TOS a couple of weeks ago. First episode I watched was The Menagerie…Susan Oliver as Vina…. my God, what a stunner! Sexy as all-get-out. That woman just oozed it. And, Jill Ireland. Always loved her in “This Side of Paradise”. And I’m not even partial to blondes! And of course, Jolene Blalock…sweet!

– Teri Hatcher is No. 49 – Transporterchief B.G. Robinson (TNG – The Outrageous Okona)

– Nikki Cox is No. 35 – Sarjenka (TNG – Pen Pals)

– Julie Newmar is No. 20 – Eleen (TOS – Friday’s Child)

Lynda Carter? Are you kiddin’ me?? Sure, she once had a nice chest, but that face!! With those chipmunk cheeks I kept wondering how long she was going to store those nuts for winter!! :)