3rd ‘Trek To The Troops’ Coming This Tuesday

Trek to the Troops, an organization that uses science fiction as a means to celebrate to the US Armed Forces, will be holding their 3rd Annual Meet-and-Greet on December 11th. Special guests at the event will include Tim Russ (VOY: Tuvok), Chase Masterson (DS9: Leeta), Natalija Nogulich (TNG: Adm. Nechayev) and Chris Doohan (son of James Doohan). Music will be performed by perennial Trek guest star Vaughn Armstrong’s Enterprise Blues Band. Organizers also promise “lovely models.” The event will be held at the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX in Los Angeles, California from 1pm to about 8pm. More information at the Trek to the Troops website.

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Kudos to the folks that do this!

Cool stuff!

I second the kudos to the folks that do this. Our troops do not get enough thanks and respect for saving our asses every day and living in some pretty dangerous and squalid places to do it.

My hat is off to this group!

“celebrate to the US Armed Forces”
what exactly is celebrated? their existence?

As an Army vet, American Legion member, and all-around magnanimous guy, I wholly support this. Regardless of your political stripe, these are our mothers. fathers, brothers, and sisters. Show them that you love and cherish them. I do. My wife and I have an account with Boca Java (we’re both unabashed coffee addicts), and we contribute to the Coffee For The Troops program. If you love a good cup o’ joe, the you might want to pay a visit, create an account, and show these fine people that being an American transcends any stereotype we assign ourselves.

And no, I am not shilling here for profit. I just think it’s another damn fine thing we can do for our family.


And here I thought Trek To The Troops had shut down.

Well done, Christrekkie of TrekUnited! I wish I knew your real name!

Trek To The Troops is a worthwhile cause. Regardless whether you agree with the uses of the armed forces of the U.S. you have to respect those soldiers willing to service.

It is a shame that this discussion is being used to further the belief of those who are anti-war, those pro-war, and those neutral.

The men and women of the US armed services deserve our respect and I believe that Trek To The Troops provides some with that.

Hello all,

I am a “troop” – US Army junior enlisted soldier serving my first assignment in South Korea and I hope to never have to fire a weapon at a fellow human being. My heart goes out to those of us on the front lines who might not be so fortunate. For some, being in the military is an adventure. For others, it really is just a job. Some of us are heroes, some of us are schmucks, and some of us are just plain joes.

One thing that unites us though is the fact that many of us spend long periods of time separated from our loved ones so we really do appreciate the support of people back home, especially during the holidays. Believe me, we are very grateful that organizations like Trek To The Troops are out there.

P.S. “Errand of Mercy” is one of my favorite episodes for its take on war vs. peace. War is all too frequently the result of a failure in diplomacy. Unfortunately, in the 21st century as in the 23rd, there may be times where “the best diplomat is a fully-charged phaser bank.”

I’m still an active member of the military – Texas Army National Guard – although it was something I never dreamed I would be doing when I watched ST back in the 60’s.

During my tour in Iraq I met a lot of fellow soldiers who were ST fans. My wife would Tivo episodes of Enterprise, burn them to DVD and send them to me. Everytime I picked up a care package from home, people who knock on my door asking if I had any new Star Trek (Well, Galactica also …).

In particular I remember how people were all excited about the return of the TOS style of star ship with the “Mirror Darkly” arc.

some may notice that I deleted a heated political argument from this thread. this site and certainly not this thread is not the place for that kind of thing.

TrekMovie.com applauds the efforts of Trek to the Troops. The troops have a tough job and every escape, be it the USO or meeting trek stars must be a welcome diversion. Gene Roddenberry (and many other folks behind Trek…especially TOS) were veterans and I am sure they would approve of TTTT.

I was always amazed by the stories and experiences I read of in the biographies of Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan and George Takei. Each had experienced the conflict of the Second World War from different and unique viewpoints. I had no idea that Gene Roddenberry was a pilot, or that James Doohan had participated in the D-Day landings, or George Takei had been interned in camps as child by the American government merely for being of Japanese ancestory.

Star Trek was born from the idea that the leadership abilities of the military could provide an avenue for true scientific advancement if used for the benefit of all mankind. Sure, we had military ranks, armed vessels and security officers, but to describe Star Trek as purely militaristic is a vain attempt to impose an incorrect ideology on it.

What amazes me about Star Trek over the years is that it has become something to everyone. I have political views in opposition to those of my friends. But we all share the same belief that the future that Star Trek represents is worthwhile.

I do certainly feel that this site is not one to begin or continue a debate on the rights or wrongs of war. Frankly, I believe that since so many visitors can become so enraged by the simple mention of a redesigned Enterprise, a hasty debate on war would be inappropriate.

I am glad for the great responces. We do this event as each year for the past three years as a way to keep going and eventaly achieve our goal of a overseas style tour. We would love to go and do more of these each year but for now we can only afford doing this one. We do more each year and get more actors involved.

Thanks for the great comments,


You should be aware that all trekkies aren’t Americans, and this “support to the troops” means nothing for us.


So go browse another thread if this means nothing to you. These folks are doing a good thing here.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

This is really getting silly.