First Look: Star Trek Slot Machine

Get ready to Boldly Gamble! Last week the gaming company WMS showed off the first Star Trek slot machines at a trade show in Las Vegas.

WMS has provided with some exclusive shots of these machines which offer up some innovative technology:

(click to enlarge)

New Slot Tech For Trek
These new Star Trek slot machines utilize something WMS calls ‘adaptive gaming technology.’ The technology, which is premiering on the Trek machines allows what they call "a personalized and episodic game experience." When you play the machines you will progress through Star Trek storylines and earn ‘medals’ to unlock new episodes. You can also save your progress and pick it up on any Star Trek game machine (even if it is in a different casino, even in a different city).

The Star Trek slots should start showing up in casinos in 2008. Hopefully they will be at the Las Vegas Hilton in time for the 2008 Creation Convention…where they will surely be very popular. 

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You have got to be kidding. This is right down there with the Trek Funeral stuff. Bad merchandising choices

oh, and please note.. the crew images are NOT Shatner, Nimoy, etc… just close. Avoiding payouts in other ways I see…

“”When you play the machines you will progress through Star Trek storylines and earn ‘medals’ to unlock new episodes. You can also save your progress and pick it up on any Star Trek game machine (even if it is in a different casino, even in a different city).””

Jesus… Don’t complicate gambling… Gambling should be simple.

this is in poor taste

Dangerous for fans.

So you can progress through to different storylines?!

Great way to make sure people don’t realise how much money they’re losing!

Not a huge fan of slot/poker machines. Back here in Melbourne, Australia if you walk through the floor of Crown Casino at 2:00am or 3:00am and you will see all sorts of people including elderly playing these machines.
Dor what ever reason they have nothing else to do and all the flashing light and bright colours make it feel like fun. Occassionally I will put $20 through and it’s gone in about five minutes. Goodness knows what some poor sap whose been on a machine all night would lose!

At least here, unlike the US, it’s the law to have the time displayed on each machine so people realise how long they’ve been on there!

Star Trek does not need this kind of attenetion!

Especially when at the moment Star Trek is receiving some reasonably positive attention!

I’m waiting for the Star Trek commode.

“The Star Trek Commode for the Captain’s Log.”

slots r 4 suckers, they have the worse odd for winning in the whole casino. All the progress will show is thru the episodes, not how you are progressivly losing your money, just look at the type of people who are playing slots and that should sum it up. Now maybe a blackjack themed table with ST cards and that’s where you will see me. Live long and prosper, no live long and lose on slots. HAHA

These slots will have little if any effect on Star Trek….good luck because you will need it on slots.

And you just know that this will be at the ST-The Experience in Vegas.
And if you were there, you’d play it.
Admit it!!

1 & 4, Agreed.
This is shameless.

#2 those images are VERY close. id say they were the actual images. surely this must be approved by paramount or else they would not be able to use the star trek trademark which is copyright?

im not sure this is in good taste. wonder what Gene Roddenbery would think of this?

Where are the juvenile “first” trolls that always have to be first in the comments section, usually with nothing to say? Probably not old enough to gamble, much less a slot machine or did mommy and daddy take your computer away for the weekend?


Free enterprise – pun intended – at its worst.

For true gamesters only.

Hell, I’d drop a dollar in it! I pumped quarters into the Star Trek pinball games for a chance to with nothing but a free game.


Next up: Star Trek toilet paper, with a different character on every sheet!

Well the Star Trek Experience is in Las Vegas right? I am sure someone asked why there isn’t a Star Trek slot machine already, What they need is slot machines that give you interaction and a little bang for the bucks you are loosing. I still do not support gambling . My wife has a problem with slots and gambling can become like a virus that can’t be cured.
There should really be an Experiance for Star Trek in the Bay Area and not Las Vegas the city of sin. It is not Rodenberrys vision and kinda makes me sick that it is in Las Vegas and this machine I agree is in bad taste. If it went to charity I would understand and it does so bad wisdom.

Hey, I think it pretty cool. It will be a nice addition to the ST:Experience area and I hope it makes it there for the 2008 convention. I am not a big gambling fan, but I’d give it a try just to say I played a Star Trek slot machine!:)



HMMM. Trek Slots and some Blackjack at The Bellagio and then Scores Las Vegas. Sounds like a plan!!!!!


Whats gambling got to do with Star Trek,,


To have various slot machines all over the country and elsewhere is just a real poor choice. While their at it why don’t they just set them up in the theaters lobby prior and during the release of the New Film? Its just poor PR all around. Whoever is in charge should have their head checked out.

they’re hoping that you’ll prosper, I guess.

Star Trek. The coolest military adventure I’ve ever seen and the greatest capitalist adventure since the Bond franchise!

This makes perfect sense to me. Trek fans are famous for throwing their money away at anything with the Trek logo on it, now they get to do it while “gaming.” It’s a match made in Stratos!

And before the flaming starts, I am joking. This is an absurd idea, but I bet (pun intended) those games will be huge moneymakers.

I just wonder if there comes a point when you have to shout “Dabo!” if you win?

This game…Its NOT of the body. It must be absorbed!

I have no problem with it. I’m sure I’ll try one next time I’m in Vegas.

Some of these new slots allow you to play with as little as 10 cents a spin. If you did that, 5 bucks would prolly last a long time. Art least that way you could at least “play” it.

Time of the festival and the Red Hour and thus this game has neither a beginning or ending.

But do the slot machines accept quatloos or latinum…?

Pretty soon Las Vegas is gonna come looking for a piece of OUR action!!

While I think the story-line gambling is fun, I think this is a bad marriage. Trek should not be “fleece em at all cost.” The story-line one armed bandits should be themed with the Sopranos or Goodfellas or Casino (unless that’s just too on the nose.)

Sadly, the technology involved sounds like it would make a superious video game. You could leave out the gambling, and actually entertain some Trekkies… oh, and make bucks.

#18. And you’d buy it wouldn’t you? Heck, what Star Trek fan wouldn’t?

Progress through episodes…interesting. I admit I’d probably drop a dollar or two in just to see how it works. But unless it’s as obsessing as the episodes themselves, nothing much will come of it.

What they really need to launch is a Star Trek bed set…Spock sheets…mmm….available for an extra fee ($$$) at Las Vegas Hilton…

And while you’re putting that last quarter into that slot machine remember this: Peace be with you!

What a feeling to know that I’m not the only one who think’s this is in bad taste…Video games about trek are cool, and yes, some people will dump alot of quarters into star trek pinball but I doubt that someone will dump all their earnings and savings into it.

Could be worse. Could be official Star Trek cigarettes (available in San Francisco Shipyards Unfiltered or Pon Farr Menthol), or a limited-edition collector’s set of Star Trek sniper-rifle rounds (“You can own the bullet with Kirk’s name on it!”), or perhaps a licensed Star Trek shotglass that plays the Alexander Courage tune every time you tip it back far enough … or …

Okay, couldn’t be a LOT worse. But if there’s a buck to be fleeced, people will always find a way, I guess :)

FWIW, they’re rather late to the party. Star Wars and Twilight Zone slots have been out for years.

When I saw this article, my first reaction was, “My God, they really will try to sell Trekkies anything.” Unbelievable.

When I’m in Vegas, I’ll drop $200 on a pair of shoes before I’ll play slots. At least I know the shoes are coming home with me.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I wouldn’t call gambling or slot machines for that matter poor taste, considering it is at the Las Vegas Hilton and ST Experience anyways, but slot machines are a little mundane, surely they could have made it interesting by offering like a Dabo table fro gambling or what not, but I do suppose there are probably laws that prohibit such a form of gambling and not much peeps would know how to play anyways! :P


No LCARS interface?


Television-themed slots are VERY popular and, frankly, it’s about time Star Trek finally caught up to it.

Star Trek hasn’t been about “what Gene wanted” in quite some time and we’ve seen some successful and some not-so-successful results in that time. That doesn’t make it right but Trek is a FOR-PROFIT business enterprise and not a charity. It’s pimp (CBS/Paramount) wants it to bring home as much money as it can. It’s been called a franchise before, but it’s been turned into a brand, for better or worse.

Paramount doesn’t allow more Star Trek to be created because they love it. They commission it when they think they’ll be able to make money on it and, when they don’t, we don’t get any. (See ‘Star Trek: Nemesis.’)

Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people in our demographic and San Francisco isn’t. I’ve heard dozens of people–including Trekkies/Trekkers–ask “why aren’t there any Star Trek slots near the Star Trek bar?” (Their words; not mine.) Perhaps the Hilton will add these in spades since slots are the biggest money makers on a casino floor. Gambling is a multi-BILLION dollar a year industry while regular ol’ gaming just isn’t. The former appeals to a far broader segment of the population and the latter appeals to ONLY Trek fans and gamers.

I’m sure that Shatner and Nimoy will see *something* from this. They ARE using episodes in the commission of playing the game and there are character faces on the “wheels” that look like grabs from episodes.

These slots are not disrespectful (and neither are the funeral products). I’m sure we’re going to see a whole lot more things with Star Trek on them going forward, especially with the buzz for the new film coming in just over a year.

Whatever else Star Trek is or means to us, it’s still a business and has been since September 8, 1966. Back then it was about earning ratings which translated in to commercial success with the network. Now, it’s about branding, rights, and usage fees.

The only altruism in Star Trek is in the actual episodes and movies.

on a positive note…’s all TOS baby….no sharing the slot machine spotlight with others….original all the way baby

Its funny to read some of these posts. My god, are you really THAT shocked and surprised? After 40 years of TOS sppearing on everything from band aids and sheets to popsickle molds and pinball machines I can’t believe anyone is surprised by this. The cash cow continues to get milked, nothing new there. Me, I like it, and I especially like that it’s TOS themed.

Hmm..I wonder if Spock shows up on screen when you plunk your money down, giving you your “odds” of winning.?

I doubt it. lol

I agree 43.

They have had Addams Family, I Dream of Jeannie, and Price is Right slots in Vegas for years. Why not Star Trek? We had pinball machines and arcade games with our original crew that were in every game arcade I can remember from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

One of the largest and most reliable group of conventioneers have been making the Las Vegas Hilton their home away from home for decades. I would not be surprised at all to see this machine at all of the casinos in Vegas.

I think it is great, and I am glad the slot machine company had the good sense to go with TOS. The probably know that the largest group of Trekkies with money to drop in slot machine are probably 40-60’ish TOS fans.

It is also great timing for this to hit casinos with the release of the movie in the coming year.

This machine will be a highlight for many a Trekkie when they go to Vegas I’m sure. I know I will drop money on that machine.



What’s the one Jadzia played with the Ferengi in Quark’s Bar?

Need I mention the poker games on Next Gen?


A new low.

If licence holders are prepared to do this, how about a feminine hygiene product, the Photon Tampedo?? :-)

#46: No…what you just said was the new low.

#47 actually the new low is the “rational responders” ad that pops up on the right hand side column of some of these pages.
Tasteless and a big turnoff for fans who worship God and who need the inspiration of Trek V, thank you William Shatner, in the midst of a world getting more and more crazy by the minute.
As to Star Trek gambling, that’s too bad. I know of people who have ruined their lives by spending all of their money on these one-armed bandits. Rather they spend their hard earned money going to Star Trek The Tour than this absurd nonsense.

#49…agreed…it’s not like this is such a huge make or break issue for Star Trek
It’ll either generate attention…or it’ll be left alone and forgotten, lol.
But on another note, why not create even more common merchandise that *every* other TV and film brands have…like watches, bed sheets, board games, clocks, widely available t-shirts, etc. Compared to Star Wars, most of their merchandise is limited (and only available online).

Oh, and #46…if they make it high tech and unbelievably absorbant, I don’t care what they call it. As long as it’s cheaper than their boxed TOS DVD sets, I’m buying it, lol.