Star Trek The Tour Behind-The-Scenes Photos + Radio Commercial

Star Trek The Tour kicks off in 5 weeks, here are a couple of behind-the-scenes shots of tour preparations::


(click to enlarge)

Radio Commercial
Tickets the first city (Long Beach) of Star Trek The Tour go on sale next Saturday, but if you have an American Express card you can pick them up now. On Monday radio commercials start running in the Los Angeles area to promote the event. has been told that the Tour is planning more TV and radio spots in the upcoming weeks. It is likely that each new city will get the same promotional effort as well.
listen to the commercial here:


Star Trek The Tour opens its doors in Long Beach, CA on Friday Jan 18th. That is the same day as the premiere of Cloverfield and the trailer for Star Trek…so you can make a Trek day out of it. More info at Tickets can be purchased at TicketMaster

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Come to England!

I don’t think the angle of those consoles is correct. If memory serves, they had more of an incline. j/k ….sorta.

Well, if those two photos are indication of the rest of tour, don’t expect any accurate reproductions here…

The Enterprise doesn’t look good. It’s a very bad quality of the model. The colors aren’t correct and it shines to much. The aztecing on the secondary hull is inexistent. The Sensor-Bands on the rim of the primary hull are also missing. And the windows of the ship are looking more rectangular.

And I agree with DJT: The angle of the consoles is not correct.

Some years ago there was a Star Trek Exhibition here in Germany (Star Trek Wold Tour 1998/99) which should go around the world (London/UK, Milano/Italy, Vienna/Austria, Stockholm/Sweden, Toronto/Canada, Vancouver/Canada, Tokyo/Japan, Osaka/Japan, Seoul/South Korea, Singapore, Sydney/Australia and Melbourne/Australia) and was stopped after only three stations (Duesseldorf, Vienna and Singapore). I think it is the same now, but with a little more exhibition samples. The quality of the exhibtion will be the same low level as in 1998/1999.

if i recall from having seen if many years ago in the Smithsonian exhibit, the actuall filming model was pretty plain and stark white. most of what se saw on film was achieved through a combination of lighting and post production effects. Also be aware that numerous sections of the hull were built for close up shots and contained much more detail then the full model.

Anyone know the difference between the $30 and $35 tickets? I cant find any info on them.

That appears to be the difference between the weekday ($30) and weekend ($35) price…

Adult Tickets are $35 weekend / $30 weekday
(on Friday weekend prices start at 6PM)

I remember the star trek exhibit came to edinburgh ooohh 6-7 years ago?
the large movie enterprise was shiny and was not the shooting model it was purely a large exhibit prop – that looks like the same one!

Ah yes it was – in the City Art Centre, Edinburgh, 4 February 1995- 14 May 1995

sorry about this keep finding link to the exhibition…

#9 I came up to bonny Scotland to see a Trek exhibition but that was just after Generations was released. (so 94 or 95 I guess)
They had a mock up of half the 1701 bridge. Which was thrilling to see.
It was quite enyoyable in the main, but I was amazed at just how poor some of the props actually looked in real life. Film hides a multitude of sins, doesn’t it!

indeed zoomzoom that the same exhibit – i remember picards big sweeping ready room table – and the shuttle model diorama from skin of evil….

my biggest memory (apart from the bridge) was seeing Khans actual costume from Wrath! Quite a thrill.
I really hope they get around to bringing this new Show over here.

This shows how stupid the dopes in suits at Paramount really are.
You Morons sold all the good stuff last year at Christies!
All the original stuff is now in the hands of greedy fans.
So you use lame reproductions for the museum in wheels?
Paramount, they are a evil corporation after all.
Star Trek Coffins, Star Trek Slot Machines & LAME Museums!
Oh & don’t forget about the Star Trek soap made in Mexico
that gives you a rash!!!

i was excited… but these pics arent making me excited… paramount sucks.

you people are idiots. Of course the props aren’t going to look like they do in the movies. Those are movie. Not representative of real life. They have special lighting and post production effects to make this stuff look good.

# 15 Scott—“You Morons sold all the good stuff last year at Christies!”

Indeed, I never understood the point of that auction. Did the money go to charity? Or to Paramount? Paramount could have rounded all that stuff up into a museum, charged for tours, made a buttload of money continuously, and donated a portion to charity to show how kind they are.

PS – Whether the tour is that good or not, I love the idea of staying on the Queen Mary, doing the ST tour, and some other fun stuff down there for 2 or 3 days. I’ve begun lobbying my significant other… :D

#17 yeh, you’re right, of course, we ARE idiots. Silly us.

#5 Did you see it before or after the model was restored? If I remember correctly much of detailing on the Enterprise model was lost after it was restored.

yah, to the guy who posted bout the consoles, I agree. I think they had more tilt. However, Zimmerman was a part of this TOUR project, soooo… That may be the way it’s suposed to be. It could just be that paramount would allow an exact replia. could be.

Oops… sorry, I was thinking of the original Enterprise, not the movie version.

hey that was suppose to be a “… would not allow…” woops

I think I have heard from Anthony himselvis that the refit model was sanded and repainted after TMP and that it was never as good again. Perhaps he can confirm.

PS – I also doubt that pictured IS the filming model of the refit E anyway…

The filming model of the TMP Enterprise was sold at auction. This one appears to be a reasonably close reproduction in terms of the contours, but the paint job is attrocious.

Yeah, it looks like fridge paint.

Um, Mission Ops and Environment should be transposed.

/couldn’t hold it in
//you know you were thinking it too…

#5 Tony

Sorry, but the following link describes the painting of TMP Enterprise by the painter himself.

Yes, regarding the 1701A model, it was advertised in the story that Anthony posted as the filming model, but I was suspect of that. As mentioned, it was sold in the auction recently and I thought it might have been on loan for this show. If that photo above is from the exhibit, I think it’s a Faaake!, er reproduction.

From what I’ve heard, The Tour chose props and costume BEFORE Christies was involved, so Christies shouldnt have had ANY effect on The Tour

The Enterprise does not look right in that picture. The surface details look smoothed out – almost like Match Box car.

Wasn’t the studio model repainted for ST 3 to make it look more like the TV Enterprise?

Yup, just as I expected. Instead of having the real spaceship props, they’re just gonna have a bunch of huge, plastic-looking reproductions.

they should send it over via the Queen Mary!

The original 6 foot Movie Enterprise from TMP, etc, did sell at Christies. I saw it in person and it looked magnificent for a 28 year old movie minature. The one featured on the tour is a cheap replica with no detailing and a bad paint scheme

Agreed with Tom. I couldn’t get to Christie’s, but I saw the filming model in 2000, while it was at Foundation Imaging. Lighting and opticals may have enhanced the way the model appeared on screen, but the physical details are all there, on the model itself. It was a tremendous piece of work, a true labor of love for its creators, and the detail and loving care put into it was obvious. ‘s a real shame that ILM didn’t have the same respect for it, but even what they did to it doesn’t dim the luster that the model itself has had since its construction in 1979.

‘s a shame that the Tour wouldn’t have access to that one, but I didn’t figure that its current owner was gonna let it out of his hands quite that readily. ;)


That isn’t the filming model. It is a replica. The real one is more detailed I saw it for myself at the Christies Auction in New York

#29 Awesome post. I had never read that one, but I had heard legends as to how perfect the TMP E was.

#35 The above post says it was 8 feet. Oh, well. But is it absolutely true that the TMP E is in private hands? He should loan it to the Smithsonian, and let us have a look. Maybe do it periodically. Like the Shroud of Turin.

As for the original E at the Smithsonian, someone needs to get a slap to the head. It looks like they let the curator’s son loose with a can of spray paint on her. I mentioned it to a senior worker-type the last time I visited. I think everyone on this board who happens to stop by the Smithsonian should complain about that paint job. She should be fixed for next year’s premiere, no?

The Smithsonian restoration of the original E is an atrocity. The model above is a bad reproduction.

It is my hope that Paul Allen purchased the TMP filming model for his Science Fiction Museum, but I don’t know. Probably some dude that won’t let it see the light of day has it now.

Still, I’m going to the Trek exhibit.

#5 Tony

Sorry, was tired and hadn’t realized you were talking about the TV Enterprise. After the article image of that poor prop I guess I had that on the brain. :P

#38 Gene L. Coon

If you enjoyed that article you might appreciate this…

#6 “Anyone know the difference between the $30 and $35 tickets?”

I believe that would be $5.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist – I’m surprised no one else said it.)


Great link.

From the looks of it, they didnt spend anywhere near as long painting this one…

I am disappointed that pretty much none of the original props, models, costumes, or sets will be there, but doggone it, I’ve missed out on enough Star Trek stuff in my life, I’m going to take what I can get!

From my understanding, all of the Star Trek props sold at the Christies auction were done so because Paramount wanted to “clear out” their storage warehouse and people like the Okuda’s managed to convince them to sell the stuff to fans rather than do what they were originally going to, which was destroy the stuff.

Please come to Montreal !!!

I’ll still pay my $30-$35 dollars to see it when it comes to Omaha. There hasn’t been a Trek convention here in years. I have lots of good memories from the 80s and 90s from the local conventions. Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Marina Sirtis, Walter Koenig, Marc Alaimo
Majel Barrett and James Doohan all came here at one time or another. Star Trek The Tour will be very welcome in Omaha!

That Enterprise 1701-A film version pictures here, looks very much like the one on a mount that was at Paramounts Great America in Santa Clara California for a long time. I remember it was shinny and copied not from the filming model but the AMT kit version. Does anyone know if the Enterprise at Great America is still on that outside mount? This picture with the hard hat guy next to him makes it seem about the same size. I still look forward to this tour. I can’t wait.

I was at the last day of the Star Trek Exhibition in Long Beach, and right from the moment I saw the Enterprise model I had a sneaky feeling I’ seen it all (mostly) before.
I had too. Same model as was on display in Edinburgh about 6 or 7 years back, as were the costumes, Prof Zorin’s Missile, the – admittedly – good reproductions of the original TV series phaser(s), Tricorder etc.
The reproduction of Enterprise’s original bridge set was terrific from a distance, slightly less so when you got closer up, and again, I’d seen half of this before in the Edinburgh Exhibition.
The shuttle simulators were good fun, but, it’s not a fairground, it’s supposed to be an exhibition, so we really could have done without them. As usual, the souvenirs were well overpriced and not such tremendous quality, but we should be used to that by now, shouldn’t we? THese merchandisers seem to think that sci-fi fans will pay anything for some sub-standard crap with the Star-Trek logo on it – uh-oh! They DO!

Of the original models used in the various movies and tv series, I think I counted about 2 or 3 originals, and none of them were lit with their original lighting systems, giving them a flat, dull look. With a little more care and attention setting up the displays, it could have been so much better.

Back to the “showpiece” Enterprise model at the entrance, I see that nothings changed since the Edinburgh show, and it looks way too shiny and the paint job is off too. Also, don’t look for any major detailing on the model either. Instead, look for the original Enterprise NCC 1701D that’s on show at the Smithsonian – it’ll make you much more nostalgic!
I know that Paramount shifted a ton of props and costumes at Christies a while back, and it shows with this exhibition. They could have made so much more out of it, instead of a smattering of dull looking models, copies of various props etc.

I will say that 10 bucks for your picture taken on the mock up of the Enterprise bridge is ok – not great but “ok’ – although $20 for the “transporter” one was wayyy too much. That said, the guy who was pulling the switch in there kindly offered to take one of us with our own cameras, so yay for him!
Finally, I thought it was ok – just ok. They could have put so much more into it., and for $30/35 they should have too, but, if they’ve sold so many of the props and model, well, then we’ll just have to put up with seeing the same old stuff, again and again.