Quinto On Grunberg & Earlobes

EW has a brief interview with Star Trek’s Spock, Zachary Quinto. Quinto told EW that we would know ‘within a matter of weeks’ if his Heroes co-star Greg Grunberg will be in the film. If Grunberg doesn’t make it into this latest project from his pal JJ, it would be a first. Quinto also showed off his new Vulcan eyebrows and revealed that it takes 3 hours a day to fit him with both the ear points and ear lobes to match the Nimoy’s Vulcan look. Of Nimoy Quinto states he has “the biggest earlobes you’ve ever seen. But it feels good to change it up, put on some pointy ears, and shave my eyebrows for the role.”

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Not that I don’t love Quinto, but I wouldn’t mind an interview with Pine or Urban one of these days.

Wow he found swifty lazar’s glasses!

I was wondering if they were going to take into account Quinto’s lobeless ears!

I think he has given a few interviews too much in in the last time…

can he move his eyebrows seperately? (i can do a wave :P)

“Nimoy’s reaction when he learned that Quinto had taken over his role sums it up best: ‘You’re screwed.'”


Seriously, let Chris Pine do an interview. He is freaking James T. Kirk, after all.

He may be Kirk, but it’s looking more and more like Spock is the main character this time, hence the interviews…however it’s only a matter of time until that behind-the-scenes footage makes its way onto television featuring many of the cast.

oh goody- more Quinto. I knew today had been missing something!

Yeah, I think it’d be cool to start getting some interviews from other actors…although, I mean, Mr. Quinto WAS the first actor confirmed…that says something, I think…especially considering it’s the re-invigoration of our beloved franchise. Good for you, Mr. Quinto.

Didn’t Nimoy have the same glasses at some point? Even Quinto’s upper eyelids look more an more like Nimoy’s? His face is also less puffy than before. He’s really becoming Spock/Nimoy. It’s almost scary… He only needs to learn about shaving properly.

Apart from my interest in any interview of any cast member I would like to get more information about casting in general. There are still a few questions. What parts have Jennifer Morrison and Rachel Nichols? Is one of them going to play Kirks mother? Who is the misterious “federation captain”? Wasn’t it said that this would be a role for an A-Star? What about other possible parts and characters?

You know what they say about a man with big lobes….

I’m beginning to think that Quinto is a Nimoy clone that escaped the island.

Yes, it helps if young Spock has big lobes
More important is how he looks in Vulcan robes
And if he can raise one certain eyebrow
We’ll all stand and shout, “hey now!”
It’ll be great, and look, no alien probes! :)

Lobes make the Vulcan. Fascinating.

Good Lord…..with the $$ this guy is being paid you’d think that he’d have
better looking frames for his glasses. What a goofy looking dork! All he needs
now is have them taped in the middle and he’d could pass for Spaz! Then he
could practice that equally silly Pee Wee Herman laugh or giggle and he’d have
it made for sure. Seriously guy…wear contacts or get laser surgery.

It would appear that he has successfully spliced Nimoy’s genome into his own and thus transfiguring into Quinoy…..!

Did anyone see Drew Struzan’s new Indy IV teaser art? I would LOVE him to create a poster for 2008’s Star Trek. What think my message board mates and matettes?

19- I do not agree. I think Struzan’s look is retro-in-a-painful-way, not in the sleek-modern-revision-retro thing we’ve seen from the two (imo) truly awesome posters they’ve released for Trek so far.

In addition, his style is indelibly associated with George Lucas and Star Wars.

Pine + Quinto = Pinto.

that is all. carry on, soldiers.



#17. LOL

He’s hiding his spockbrows, that’s all.

Better pic here – trek burns and all.

Not better at all. Allow me to explain the situation and your picture.
Spaz just seen underage (under 18) girl or MILF.
Slow down Spasm…(Spaz) drink your milk and eat your cookies first.


Qunito overload.

Aaron R. (Sisko never needed lobe extensions... He was all natural)

To much Quinto interviews… I mean come on the time for words is over! I want PICS. Cast pics damn it… I want cast pics that don’t look like they could be a blurry shot from some random freak in the street… So what if she looks mildly green I want to see a clear pic to know its not just a camera trick or fluke…

Aaron R.

His upper eyelids do look more like Nimoy’s than they used to. How did they do that?

Quinto looks like SongeBob getting ready to go jellyfishing with those glasses.
(those of you with children — or those of you who are childlike — know what I’m talking about.)

29. I know! How did they do that?

I like Quinto…he’s a brilliant actor and a nice dude.

Maybe the next teaser poster will be a chair, flying in space, telling us about needing seatbelts to watch the film safely.

The picture on the main page looks almost ZACHtly like Nimoy.



I was hoping if anyone in the production knew when Quinto has a bowel movement? Also if Quinto and Nimoy will have movements at the same time working togeather?

Darth “Quinto the fresh maker” Ballz


In the space time continum I’m from Quinto wasen’t cast as Spock but was cast as Uncle Joey in Full House. That Uncle Joey sureis funny!

Darth “Quinto does the Olsen Twins” Ballz

Aaron R. (Sisko never needed lobe extensions... He was all natural)

Darth your first post is funny but the second… meh…

You guys are just jealous! };-P

I’m perfectly happy to have my Quinto fix, daily, weekly, whatev’! Rowr!

AFA the resemblance, I think it was girl6 who speculated on some baby-mama drama back in Nimoy’s past, oh, say, about 1976/77. You were dead on, girl!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Re: #35 – I wonder if Darth remembers Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson on SNL as a newlywed couple so in love and so intent on spending every moment together that they cherished the two-seater Love Toilet, “for couple who can’t bear to spend even a moment apart”.

I can *totally* see Grunberg as some sort of Starfleety-y type guy! Hope that little bit of casting works out.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I can’t believe that came from *my* fingertips!

Sheesh, it’s time for sleep ’cause I’m obviously-y sleepy-y.

Night, y’all!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Yes, Sponge bob……I am laughing hestircly. Like a vulcan gone nutty

And On GREG. Yah, I may have only watched like half of the first season of heroes so far, but is it just me, or is his the weakest of the characters. Someone give me a good reason to think he is a good actor (okey maybe, but not good by any stretch. That said, I still think it’s cool that JJ has been loyal to him through so many projects.

If Grunberg loses enough weight, he’ll be cast in the movie as a red shirt. Quick cameo, quick exit.

You KNOW it’s true. :)

19 – i want to see a return to the posters of TOS movies….TNGs were pretty whack (well the Gen and 1st Contacts were ok)

46 – oh and ZQ looks so much like Nimoy in that pic…out of the 7 he seems to be the closest in looks to his older counterpart

just about all the cast bear quite a good resembelence to the original actors (yes even Pegg although i hope he dyes or dons a wig – i dont wanna see a blond scotty…this aint a 007 reboot) although i hope Urban looks a few pounds.

44 – if Grungberg loses weight people will wonder what Keanu Reeves is doing in star trek

Oh and Quinto looks so much like Niomy in that pic – out of the 7 he’s the one that looks the most like his older counterpart..

Although all of them have got a pretty good likeness – yes even Pegg although i hope he dyes or dons wig – i dontr wanna see a blond Scotty – this aint a Bond reboot

Plus I hope Urban gets rid of the muscles abit – itd be weird seeing a buffed up Bones

oops – double (sort of) post ..

that haoppened cause i posted 46 but it didnt show up so i thought there had been a malfunction so went back and it didnt bring up what i have written so then had to type it out again trying to remember what i wrote..plus i then saw the 44 post about Grunberg and wanted to make the Reeves comment

wow i cant beileve i bothered to type what happened in detail….gotta get less anal bout stuff

the more i hear from this guy it confirms what i always believed he’s a duche bag!

who me jock?

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