Video Of Shatner Getting Lifetime Achievement Award

On Sunday night William Shatner was presented a lifetime achievement award at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival in Los Angeles. The award was presented by none other than Malcolm McDowell (Generations: Soran) and Patrick Stewart (TNG: Picard). Shatner was also presented with a special gift from representatives from the Oneida Indian Nation. See below for the entire 21 minute video.

McDowell, Stewart & Shatner Video (sorry for the periodic shaky cam)

Tribute video
And if you missed it in the other thread…here is the video tribute to Shatner they showed before he came on stage:

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COOL! It is great to see him get this award! Well deserved!

God I hate Award Ceremony’s.
Even though Bill deserves it, I can’t watch em!

Indeed – Way to go Mr. Shatner, may he live long and prosper…

I find it ironic that he was presented the award from the man who killed him and the man who buried him in Generations!


Official confirmation that a certain ‘oldster’ is due to make a welcome, and long-awaited, big screen appearance once more…

Nice achievement William.

did you see he told he is half dead!!!!xmmxmxmxmxm!

Shatner should’ve dressed as Kirok when he received that award.

4. Exactly

The Shat rules!

Shatner should have been dressed in uniform – coming to collect the award straight from filming

Shatner is almost a messianic figure these days who just goes around collecting awards because hes great.

They should do away with the traditional oscars next year and just have the shat oscars – Best performance of a Shatner in a lead performance of a shatner in a supporting role…best costume that shatner visual fx with shatner in a scene etc

#11 “Shatner is almost a messianic figure these days who just goes around collecting awards because hes great.”

I was just thinking the same thing. If he actually saves all these awards he wins, he must need a separate room in his house just to store them. Shatner is a WINNER, with a super human level of charisma, and there is such a huge amount of love for him from the public, that for me it will qualify as a true ‘what were they thinking?’ if he isn’t included in Trek XI!

thanks for the vid yo..

Please put Shatner in this film as Kirk.

That script with all the captians would have been great, but probibly wouldn’t have mass audience appeal.

How can they not have these guys in this movie?

I bow to Bill Shatner’s five decades spanning acting career and the legend he’s created!

A ceremony with funny and touching moments alike. And although I’m not a particular Patrick Stewart fan, I liked the way he delivered his speech – truly witty and cordially.

Bill Shatner should be congratulated for receiving this award. However, as he himself said ….. have some of you ever kissed a girl before?

380 dtST

Great tribute video and he never fails to make me laugh…

The Shat is an original.

Congratulations, Mr. Shatner. Nice little “Generations” reunion, there. That script Stewart mentioned, only can imagine I guess. And yes, by all means, Shatner should appear on screen as Kirk one more time. Great video.

Why Why Why,, didnt someone yell out,,,

“Shatner,, have you seen JJ about the movie yet!”

afterwards would of been fun ,,, I could just see McDowell, Stewart & Shatner at a bar having afew drinks,,,

These frakin’ tribute things always make me cry…

I have to give Shatner credit on his impassioned speech……there was no hint of a teleprompter being used by him and he delivered it in a sincere and heartfelt manner! Congrats to the Shat!! You da man!!! :)

thank you trekmoviedotcom for putting this up. i loved every second. firstly that you tube tribute to shatner brought a tear to my eye. fantatsic.

secondly how lovely was that award ceremony. they often false sickly affairs but this was a joy. great to see all three such friends particualrly stewart and shatner. shatners speech is wonderfully heartfelt and funny.

i really enjoyed both these so much. having seen them both the new movie MUST have shatner in it. he is too much of a star trek legend to do it without him.
thanks again

#23 “there was no hint of a teleprompter being used by him and he delivered it in a sincere and heartfelt manner!”

I was thinking that same thing. The speech was delivered just like a performance from a true professional.

It was good to see The Shat up there with Stewart and McDowell. Almost as much fun as his Comedy Central roast. LOL :-)

can anyone tell me where to find this shatner tribute montage video on you tube. i cant seem to find it on there. want to save it to my favourites as it is awesome.

Awesome video, it really made my day. All three were very funny. How ironic that they got Malcolm and Patrick for that presentation.

Bring back the Shat!

Shatner a messianic figure? I hope ya’ll are joking about that, because it’s really sad if you think that way. But I love Bill, and Kirk. While it would be great for nostalgia’s sake for him to be in the new movie, I understand the decision. Serving nostalgia doesn’t necessarily serve the storyline, and I’m sure Abrams would have included him if it didn’t take ridiculous plot machinations to bring Kirk back to life. The needs of the story outweigh the needs of the many…

Nice lines, written all by someone else, and not enough of Shatner’s acting chops.

“Risk, risk is our business!”

“Here’s to Captain Dunsel.”

“No, no! Never lose you.”

“You deliberately stopped me. Do you know what you’ve just done?” … and “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Mirimanee’s Death (included as a space babe, sadly not as great drama)

“Finnegan!” and “Yeoman, report! Don’t move, don’t breath, don’t even think! Concentrate!”

“Forgive me, Gary.”

And frankly, he did a great job as the shell-shocked GI in “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” from the Twilight Zone. Were this not a SF event, it would have been cool to see some of his other stuff, from before Trek.

I thought you guys said he lost weight.

Congrats!!!! Well deserved and to Mr. Shatner i wish many, many more years of prosperity!!!

Thanks for that video ….great stuff! Long live the Shat!

no ones mentioned patrick saying that they were close to making a Trek movie with all the captains? and at the center would have been Bill as Kirk?

I’m guessing that was after Nemesis ?

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