Shatner Doing Live Video Chat Thursday – First Question From Community Member

This Thursday (Dec. 13) William Shatner will be appearing on Hollywood Now, a live video Internet chat show from During the show Shatner will be taking questions from those who are logged via the PalTalk software. The half hour show begins at 1 pm Eastern, but you will be able to join the ‘room’ around 3 hours before hand and ‘raise your hand’ to be put into the queue. has arranged with PalTalk to have the first question come from from a community member (details below).

First Question goes to a community member
In the comments section below, submit a question that you would like to ask Mr. Shatner. Also mention your first name and where you are from (City, State/province/country). Tomorrow (Wednesday Dec 12) at 5PM Pacific I will be picking one question to be put at the top of the queue. Just a note, the question I pick will not be a variation on “will you be in the new movie?” since Mr. Shatner has spoken quite a bit on that recently and nothing has changed since his latest statement. The question will be asked by the host Joanne Colan.

Go face to face with Shatner!
Log in live via the PalTalk software on Thursday and see if your question gets asked. But feel free to submit questions on PalTalk since Mr. Shatner may take up to a dozen questions during the show. In the software you ‘raise your hand’ to be put into the queue. Just like with any call in show, your question will be screened by PalTalk If called on you can ask you question ‘live’ via text, microphone or your own webcam…letting you go face to face with the Shat! If you do not want to participate in the chat and just want to watch, you can see the show streaming on on Thursday at 1PM Eastern.

More information about the show and a link for the PalTalk software are available HERE

If you miss the show, a streaming version should be available at PalTalk a few days after the show.

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Oh Lord… this will be interesting…
(looking below)

Do you have any lingering regrets over how Captain Kirk was killed off in Generations?

–Timmy from Millwood

Have you ever given any thought to a T.J. Hooker reunion or big screen movie?

Timmy from Millwood

When are you filming your cameo for the new Star Trek film?

“If this next Trek movie is a success and a sequel is planned… would you do it, if offered more than a cameo?”

Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader

Has there been discussion on ”Boston Legal” of an episode featuring as many ”Star Trek” alumni as possible after the writers strike is resolved?

-Bob, Madison, Wisconsin

Reading is fundamental to the success of your response #’4 and 5. Start from the upper left hand of the article and continue through to the lower left hand part of the article ending with the word “show” and just before “Digg it!”.

What was your initial reaction to hearing that the charecter of Captain Kirk, which you had made iconic, was going to be re-cast?
-Dustin, Santa Barbara County, California

Does the line between Bill and Kirk ever get a little blurred given the degree to which he has been a part of your life in many different ways?

Steve – London UK

Would you mind if we clone you? Because the world without Shatner is a scary thought!

Would you mind if we clone you? Because the world without Shatner is a scary thought!

Steve – London UK


Will Shat be on video Paltalk?

Boston Legal seems to be revitalizing your career. You’re getting great reviews and your fanbase is going wild. You’ve written a book that was recently released… What is the next project for “The Shat”?

Lou, Michigan

Rodney – Plano, Texas

Was there a particular point in time when you realized your portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk had gone from just a “role” to a cultural icon?

Would you do some more voiceover or even another apperance, such as in “Legacy” and “Starfleet Academy”, in a new PC game, as there might be one for ST08?
Uli from Munich, Germany

How about we just ignore him like the writers of the new Star Trek film did?

Anthony this is great! Kudos to you and site for arranging such an amazing opportunity for all us here! Thank you!!!!

Lou – Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Shatner – does your distaste for ‘fruit salad’ still linger to this very day?

Have you already or do you plan on meeting with Chris Pine face-to-face to discuss James T. Kirk?

Tom, Chicago, Illinois

If you had the chance to remove or reboot (Trek pun intended) one thing on your resume, would it be ‘Incubus’, ‘The Devil’s Rain’, or a third choice? ;-)

Eric, Alabama

Do you face any emotional difficulties playing a character that has “mad cow?”

And will Leonard Nimoy ever make a cameo on Boston Legal?

-Juli, Washington DC

Paper or plastic?

Which would Capt. Kirk have preferred: a peace with the Klingons, a peace with the Romulans or a piece of an Orion slave girl?

Crusty, Mint Julep, Ga.

Chris in Atlanta, GA writes:

If they let you direct, would you play James T. Kirk on New Voyages?

When you get your hair cut, what do you tell your stylist about the top?

Jose Ebare

Joe G. – Philadelphia, PA

Now that you have just received your lifetime achievement award, and knowing how driven you are to keep busy, what goals lay ahead for you both professionally and personally? Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to your legions of fans, myself included.

Why are you so cool?

Timmy, the hall monitor from Millwood…

I don’t expect to be picked, I am playing the home version of “Show me the Money”.

Shatner… you still owe money at the cafe. You paying up?

Samuel Kirk, Riverside, Iowa

Could you ever see yourself retiring from the acting game? If so, what would you do with your free time?

Mark Z. – Seattle, WA

Some of your former Star Trek cast members have appeared in fan created Star Trek films/webisodes. Would you ever consider doing the same?

This is awesome, Anthony. Now I just have to think of a good question…

I was reading in ‘The Making of Star Trek’ by Stephen Whitfield about the time when you were shooting the pilot ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ and you got stung by a wasp in the eyelid. Do you recall this, and did it hurt like a mutha? Can you tell us the story if you do?

Tony, Waco, Texas

What do you think of Devon, Pennsylvania*? Would you see yourself more the “Main Liner” or more the “Horsey People” lol!

Bonus Question: Will you be showing this year?

Malvern, Pennsylvania

* for those that do not know, it’s the home of the Devon Horse Shoe.

Hello, Mr. Shatner,

Captain Kirk is a hero to many people. Who are your heroes?

Hudson, WI

Sorry Orbitalic, I thought your question was serious and I wanted you to have a chance. I didn’t realize that you were trying to be obtuse.

Just what was the reason, Mr. Shatner, that you didn’t do the reported appearance on “Enterprise”?

-Timmy (the hall monitor) from Millwood

Tim, Willow Grove, PA

What is the one characteristic of Kirk that you brought to the table that you hope continues above all, with the new casting of Chris Pine? Or do you own half of Hollywood by now, after all you are the hardest working guy in Hollywood.

36 or anyone

Can someone fill me in on what the rumors were about Shatner on Enterprise? I don’t remember hearing about that.

Shatner on ENT??? Ah, no, never happened though … if the show ran longer, there was idol talk about an appearance.

What was your reasoning behind allowing your character to be killed off in Generations? How do you feel about it now?

-Donn, Cleveland

if Denny Crane and Kirk got into a fight, who would win?


Hudson, WI

Since the original series was filmed during the height of NASA’s involvement in the Space Race leading to the Moon landing. Did you ever feel a sense of pride in portraying an astronaut of the future?

Hazard, Kentucky

Lord Garth Formerly of Izar

Bill, My mother was a bunny at the Lake Geneva Playboy club in the early 70’s any chance you could be my pappy?? She is and was an equestrian. I am extremely handsome, athletic and virile. I do bear a somewhat similar appearance to you and would be proud to be your son.

Dominick – Chicago, IL.

Mr. Shatner,

When most folks of your generation are looking to scale back and take it easy, what is it about you, Bill Shatner, that makes you go out and seek that next project, that next role? How does one keep that joie de vivre into one’s “golden” years?

I realize that’s two questions, but I’m really curious. I’d like to be that active and “on” when *I’m* 76.

Meg, Atlanta, GA

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#41: Easy. Denny Crane. There’d be no fight. He’d just shoot Kirk. Or, after tonite’s BL, blow him up with a depth charge! };-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Vulcanista its simple why he’s still acting, he likes it, who wouldn’t really?

Why did you and Leonard decide to end Star Trek VI with such finality if, as revealed in commentaries and other places, you guys still felt you had more stories to tell with Kirk & co. ?

george TX


Agreed, but I want to know where that *energy* comes from that enables a 76-year-old man to go out and challenge himself and his craft at this stage in his life.

It could be simply as you intimated, his love for his craft. However, I’d love to hear it from The Shat’s own perspective. That’s all. }:-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#43 Lord garth…OMG… still laughing

Mr. Shatner,

When you’re talking on your cell phone do you ever think to yourself, “I started all this”? “The show – me….we’re the reason these exist.”

Andy – Dallas, Texas

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