Nana Visitor Headed To Battlestar

Star Trek Deep Space Nine star Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) will be joining the ragtag fleet of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. In an interview with Starburst, Moore revealed that Visitor will have a recurring role as a cancer patient named Emily who meets Laura Roslin (played by Mary McDonnell) while she gets her cancer treatment. Moore states “Nana is going to be terrific for this role, and it’s great to see her again.” Visitor will actually be the second Trek Bajoran to join the Colonial Fleet, following Michelle Forbes (TNG: Ro Laren) who was most recently featured in in the BSG TV movie (and DVD) “Razor.” Read the rest of Moore’s BSG 4th Season preview interview at SciFi Pulse.

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Awesome! Only gets better! Great stuff!


Battlestar? what is that?

I like the blonde hair, but I wonder if she’ll go bald for the role.

One of my favs of all time. Takes her roles VERY seriously.

omg YES!!!!! I cant wait for season 4 of BSG!!!!!!

It’ll be great to see another familiar face!

Nana has always been my favorite guest at coventions.
so, this is GREAT news!

Nana ROCKS! This is excellent!

Thrilled! I have missed her!

Toughest MILF in the quadrant.

Interesting that the two most famous ex-Bajorans have wound up with such pivotal roles on BSG. Which is great news for the actors, as well as the fans of what is at times the best show on television.

Total MILF!!

Nice bio of Nana.

379 dtST


Battlestar is BY FAR the best show on TV (when it is actually on) and is an extremely close second to Trek IMHO.

I can only imagine the amazing scenes we’re going to see together between Nana and the unparalleled Mary Mcdonnell. Two of sci fi’s greatest actresses together at last.

It’s simply going to be frackin’ awesome.

DS9 had a huge number of amazing actors compared to the other incarnations (especially Voyager). Their performances got better as the seasons progressed. Nana’s Kira was always engrossing and a joy to watch. I can’t believe she’s that old though, she’s always looked waaaay younger :)

Nana’s a sweetheart. She’ll bring a lot to an already great show.

>>Picking jaw up off the floor

I love Nana. She played one of Trek’s most facinating characters. I’m looking forward to seeing her on BSG.

Re #18…
Don’t know what happened to the rest of that post, but it should read

>>>Picking jaw up off the floor

Okay, what gives?! Must have been the D word.

>>>picking jaw up off the floor

Where’s the rest of my post?

This is getting embarrassing! Let’s try this:

[picking jaw up off the floor]

She’s 51??? I had her pegged at early to mid-forties, tops!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Great news, now if they would just hurry up and get Season 4 on the air already!

I missed Season 3 on TV, thank God for iTunes since it’s not out on DVD yet either…

Be interesting if this new character turns out to be, well… I don’t want to say anything specific for the benefit of those who may not be familiar with the new series, but there is a certain hidden character that should be revealed this season…

It will be nice to see Nana without the crinkle nose.

That DS9 makeup ruined what could have been an attractive profile.

Great! I think i’ll start to see BG :-)

Personally I think DS9 benefited from the most talented actors any Star Trek series ever had… and Nana Visitor is definitely one of those talented actors. It will be a pleasure to see her again in BSG. :D

It is a very interesting coincidence that Nana Visitor is going to be on the same show as Michelle Forbes. Visitor’s character on DS9 was created after Forbes turned down an offer to be on the show. Which is also funny because Forbes turned down being on DS9 because she didn’t want to commit herself to a weekly show. Now she’s on BSG.