Shatner on Raw Nerve, TOS-R, new ‘Star Trek’ and more had a brief moment to chat with William Shatner on the green carpet at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival on Sunday, where Shatner received a lifetime achievement award. Shat talked to TrekMovie about his new talk show ‘Raw Nerve’ and about talking to Nimoy now that he is in town to shoot Star Trek. The video below also shows a couple of questions from another reporter (with thanks) about TOS-R and Trek references on Boston Legal.

Shatner on green carpet at JVAFF

Shat denies cameo again
Shatner also talked to IESB at the JVAFF about rumors he has a cameo in Trek…see it here.

Shat on watching himself, Star Trek 2008 and Nimoy’s book
ShatnerVision was also at the JVAFF, but have not yet put up their video yet. However they do have an interview from his recent book signing where he again expresses sadness over not being in the new Star Trek movie.

Remember: You Watch Shat’s Live Chat Thursday 1PM Eastern at PalTalk (details)

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If anyone asks William Shatner one more time about not being in the movie, I think it’s best that he tells them that he has already given his answer elsewhere. Because if he keeps on answering it, it gives the impression that he continues on bellyaching about it, which doesn’t look good at this point.

Wow, can’t believe it. FIRST! I had to post that quickly just to check. Doesn’t matter anyway though. Just something curious.

To elaborate… it doesn’t do William Shatner any good to be seen always seeming to complain that he isn’t in it. And the reason he gives for that is he is always being asked the question, so it’s only right that he answers.

It’s hard to imagine that Shatner as Kirk won’t be involved in future movies somehow. After all, there is more than one, as far as I know.

Why’s it taking so long to load?

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#2 Gerry- “It’s hard to imagine that Shatner as Kirk won’t be involved in future movies somehow. After all, there is more than one, as far as I know.”

An interesting point which many have not considered.

Enjoyed this page from your site:
Thought it showed class – – –

Well #2, how stupid do you feel now, being #2? Enough with this first stuff, please!

I wish he was in it but Shat needs to get past it. He cashed his check from Generations–not being in this one is the pay stub.

“He’s got pictures, I got words”….. Priceless!

It really sucks that they don’t want Shatner involved.

Seriously, this Veoh thing won’t quit loading. Are there some settings I need to change on my end? The Shatner acceptance speech played just fine the other day.

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#5, how stupid do you feel pointing out to #2 that he wasn’t #1, when he actually was?

No hard feelings Shatner, I would be jealous too if my best friend got into Star Trek..and never frickin told me about it!…

and then I found out a while later and, despite my greater quantity of awards, was turned away from the new movie. >_> Peace and long life, Mr. Shatner.

I feel really stupid that I thought that I was #12, but then I thought I wasn’t, until I realized that somene didn’t point out that I really was #12 after all . . .

On a more serious note, William Shatner is probably getting tired of being asked the question. He ought to just have some fun with it and say that HE IS the movie. Then he can sit back and have a big laugh watching all us geeks come walking out of movie theaters all dumbfounded — trying to figure out how we missed him in the movie.

That would be funny, seeing some people all out of sorts about it, lol.

I agree with Jupiter1701. Shatner SHOULD start having some fun. It’s getting tiring hearing him say the same old thing. Of course, if web sites would stop posting these parts of the videos, maybe he wouldn’t look like such a whiner, and we wouldn’t be so tired of him. I do understand his sadness, and if I look at it through his eyes, I feel bad too.

But you have to admire Abram’s resistance to pandering. I truly believe if they hadn’t given Kirk that pathetic death in Generations, he’d be in the new movie. I’m personally grateful that J.J. didn’t write up some ridiculous way for Kirk to come back. The whole Deus Ex Machina senario has been way overdone in Trek. It’s bad enough they’re doing a time travel storyline again.

I am excited, however, so see Nimoy play Spock again. He’s always been overshadowed by Shatner, so maybe this is his time to really shine. This will probably be his last chance to play Spock.

Ugh. Shatner needs to stop beating this dead horse. #1 is right. He should politely demure when he gets that question.

Its really great that shats not involved.

Love the Shat. Always will. REALLY TIRED of this line of questioning.

WANNA see the E.

#11 Anthony


Reload after reload didn’t work. Had to download VEOH, but it’s free, I have the memory, and it worked fine!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I wonder if the strike is preventing Raw Nerve from happening?

#15 i think its really great that perverse posts just come off looking like childish nonsense.

Boy, considering Shatner loves horses, he sure doesn’t seem to mind beating a dead one! :)

Non-belligerancy Confirmed

this guy looks nothing like chris pine. i refuse to see the film until he does.
and the nacelle caps are all wrong.
they’re raping my childhood.

Is this the thread where I am supposed to post my “Bring Back Shatner as Kirk” comments?

Speaking as a Trek fan who was there right from the beginning of TOS’s original network run, I gotta tell ya, it ain’t right, it just ain’t right…it just won’t be Star Trek without the Shat as Captain Kirk. One has to wonder if Mr. Shatner doth protest too much and that his assertion that he’s not in the movie is just so much disinformation.

Ok then. He’s not it in. I get it. How about the next one? :D

Its a big mistake to not include Kirk? Why the hell didn’t he bitch and moan when TNG were making movies?

Why am I so threatened by him?

#7 voodoo. i dont want him involved either. i hate cheap escapes. James Tiberious Kirk died saving Varidian III. Thanks, Bill Shatner for accepting that role fifteen years ago. A heroes death suites you, oh original captain of captains. If JJ somehow brings Kirk back to life, I for one will be very very angry. I love James T. Kirk, but don’t Efff with canon or continuity. My hero is dead. Do not cheapen it by somehow magically bringing him back from the dead. No matter what these so called fans say, he must remain dead, unless his resurrection is unrelated to his death in st vii. I am officially starting a counterpoint to the bring back kirk movement: KKD: Keep Kirk Dead!

#27 Kirk’s death was cheap no matter how you look at it. I thought he deserved a better death than that ughfest known as Generations. I say let Kirk be dead, but I thought he could have gone down a lot better.

It won’t be Star Trek without Shatner?

Oh, please! Then I hope you don’t go to the movie.


Ok. Final comment here ever. fed up. I realized just now (finally!) that i am separate from you all. I love Trek so much, but i must love it for different reasons. I’m one of the dorks that you all make fun of for loving all trek: tmp, tff, ds9, enterprise, all of it. Yes, i’m undiscriminating. I love it all. But you purists, although i respect your devotion to TOS, alienate me with your insane willingness to destroy continuity by magically bringing back Kirk from his heroic death. What kills me is that the same purist crowd screaming for Shat’s appearance in JJs trek are the same people that will cry foul by discongruent canon. I hope for your sake that jj and co. don’t take your advice. Enjoy it for what it is, not for whether or not it has your egotistical hero from forty years ago in it.

FYI: "First" is LAME.

Love the Shat.

I welcome his expressing all of the opinions and criticisms that feels like expressing when asked.

He’s earned it.

In twenty years, he’ll most likely have shuffled off and we’ll be nostalgically revisiting his impromptu witticisms in such interviews as these.

My kids are 3rd generation TREKIES!!!! Believe it or not kids ages 16 thru 21 are looking forward to this new movie. They want to see Shatner in this movie. Its these kids, in this age group, who go to the movies, it’s something to do on a Friday. Hate to say it, but I’ll wait for it to come to DVD or buy a boot leg, if Shatner aint in it. Why dont these idiots making this movie go to a Trek convention and take a poll, see how many want to see Shatner in this new film, also see how many teens and young adults attend, ask them!! They are the ones who spend money to see a movie. My kids would like to see Patrick Stewart (forgive me if I spelled it wrong), also. Matter of fact cameos for all main Characters, Of Star Trek.

Shatners death was a stupid decision especially now in hindsight, but really Shatner helped kill him, was he forced to die in the first place?
This is just freakin’ ego speaking, the bad kind that we’ve heard from the supporting players of TOS finally on view for all to see.

Meant ‘Kirks death’ or did I?

Anthony – was that you talking with Shatner? is that the 1st time you met him?

Well, the accompanying text to the vids says they will include references to the cameo rumour – thus, if you read that and still play the vids and after that complain about Shatner’s whining…it’s you who do the whining.

Liked that one, too.

Because Kirk is a TOS character and STXI will be a TOS based movie.

No matter what these so called fans say, he must remain dead, unless his resurrection is unrelated to his death in st vii. –

Although I refuse to tolerate being called “so called”, I appreciate the paradoxical quality of your remaining sentence.


#32-You could not have stated in any better. Yes (pardon the pun) the “new” generation of ST fans TOTALLY identifiy Shatner with TOS. This is science fiction who says Kirk “needs to remain dead”???

Still think he’ll appear in it somewhere :P!!!

Many of you may see Shatner as bellyaching. I don’t. I see it as a genuine love for Star Trek and a yearning to still be involved with it. I think it’s wonderful that after all these years Shatner still has a fondness and passion for both Star Trek and Captain Kirk. He’s never turned his back on the franchise or its fans.

I still don’t understand why TPTB wouldn’t want Shatner in the movie? He is Captain Kirk! A new Star Trek movie with him in it would be much better and would draw much more people to the cinema… I don’t get it, sorry.

If someone is now saying: But he is dead…! – WHO CARES???

Groannnnn. . . you know what I think? I think that it ain’t THE SHAT beating the dead horse, it’s EVERYONE ELSE. He’s just answering the question, people.

I also think that I would like to be so globally, cosmically, universally, incontrovertibly revered and admired in my chosen field that unseen millions were clamoring for my involvement in the next big project. I would like to be the lucky stiff fielding the same old questions all the time. Having people jab microphones into your face and then posting your exhausted replies online has GOT to be a mark of success.

Also. . . JGreen in # 30 makes a good point here: . . “the same purist crowd screaming for Shat’s appearance in JJs trek are the same people that will cry foul by discongruent canon. . . ”

Touche. Though I DO think the Kirkner is more than an “egotistical hero from forty years ago.”

#13 “But you have to admire Abram’s resistance to pandering.”

I really don’t. I tihnk it would’ve been just as gutsy, and please a lot more people in the end, if he’d resist Generations and have Shatner alongside Nimoy where he belongs. Screw “canon”. Canon Shmanon! As has been stated here too many times, Kirk’s status as a living, breathing being could be easily explained in a freakin’ novel. And only a handful of geeks would care anyway; Joe and Jane public don’t remember Generations (it’s what happens to mediocre films, they fade from memory).

“This will probably be his last chance to play Spock.”

Same goes for Shatner. What a waste.


Even though I’m still looking foward to seeing Leonard Nimoy far more than William Shatner, I can understand the gripes people have about him not being there. I just wish said fans would wait to actually see the story Abrams & Co have created. Maybe we’ll watch it and realize there’s a huge, gaping hole where William should have been and we’ll leave the theatre thinking someone just unleashed a little shock n’ awe on our childhood.

OR maybe, just maybe, we’ll leave the theatre saying ‘OH…that’s why’ and wondering if he’ll reappear in Trek 12. After all, didn’t Quinto indicate he had a contract for multiple films?

How do we know that this is really a time travel story? How do we know it isn’t just one big flash-back sequence being relived by an older Spock? The Guardian of Forever part turned out to be false after all…

I want to say something…..If Kirk had not died in Generations, but had either returned to the Enterprise-B or not appeared in the movie at all…..Would William Shatner definitely be in this new movie? It’s a question no one has asked before. If the script called for Spock’s pursuits after Unification, which was a boring TNG episode unfortunately, how could Kirk have appeared? McCoy was like a ghost several years before that. He’d be ancient. The only way would have been through time travel, or going against TNG canon for Spock. So in that way, Generations, via some sort of resurrection of Kirk, was the only way you could get him in a movie like this, no? Therefore, William Shatner accepted that role in Generations was technically good?

Let’s face it, if Kirk doesn’t die in Generations, we still would never have seen him or Spock until a movie like this. Rick Berman (I know I am beating the dead horse) just didn’t care for TOS or its actors. J.J. had a giant opportunity and appears to have missed that.

#41 “Groannnnn. . . you know what I think? I think that it ain’t THE SHAT beating the dead horse, it’s EVERYONE ELSE. He’s just answering the question, people. ”

Thank you.

Lt. Green... but not JGreen...although he makes some good points
#30- Spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. ALMOST any attempt to bring Kirk back would just seem contrived. …however… What I kind of really hope happens is this: Let’s think about this, people; assuming that time travel really is involved in the plot of this movie, I really don’t think it would be hard to come up with a way to use that to bring him back from the dead without messing up The Canon. You can do anything with time-travel! He could have died on Veridian III AND still be alive for more adventures. Kind of like how Miles O’Brien and Harry Kim were both actually killed off in our Precious Timeline, but oh, what’s this?… We get to keep virtually identical copies of them from a virtually identical timeline, so it’s really kind of like those fellows we were so fond of a few minutes ago aren’t really dead?! How splendid! Canon remains intact and His Royal Shatness lives to kick butt, take names, and shag as many exotic alien women as possible for another day! Live Long and Prosper, Big Guy- You’ve Earned it! Despite that lengthy hunk-o-text, that’s not even really why I’m posting. Anthony- I can’t seem to get this site’s Contact button to work, so I’ll just add it here. One year ago today there was a story about the prospect of some New Animated Trek set in the 26th century. My heart rejoiced. . . and then I heard the sound… Read more »

Shatner is awesome.

Lost a lot of interest in the new movie lately, but my interest in Shatner remains.

Hoping for Trek remastered and Boston Legal dvd’s for Christmas.

#9- Good one! lol.

Shat looks great by the way.

The new audience that the producers are trying to attract to this film don’t give a rat’s ass about “canon”. But they do like William Shatner. Just get him in it.

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