Star Trek’s ‘Alien Choreographer’? has a brief interview from some recent event with someone named Paradox Pollack. In the interview he says he was recently ‘working on the new Star Trek‘ and also stated he worked “behind the scenes working with the creatures.” He also states he worked with Zachary Quinto (Spock) and seems to imply that he portrayed an alien (UGO speculate a Romulan), likely in the background. CLICK HERE to see the video interview.

Who is this guy?
Paradox Pollack has only two IMDB credits as a background actor. The most recent is for playing one of the ‘infected’ in the new Wil Smith film I Am Legend. It appears he is also some kind of performance artist. His blog states that his job on Trek was as a “movement coach” and that he was “choreographing aliens.” On December 6th he wrote:

So i worked on my first film down here.
It was exciting to see the inner workings of a Star Trek set, the blinking lights and the shaking camera as the ship is hit. i have completed that work and am on new auditions al the time… cannot confirm or deny he has worked on the new film, but it there doesn’t appear to be any reason for him to be making it up. He clearly is sticking with the veil of secrecy by not revealing anything. It is interesting that they have a “movement coach” for the alien background characters. One thing that would be good to see in the new Star Trek is to have the aliens seem more alien. One area that Star Wars has Trek beat is in the diversity and strangeness of the aliens.

Speaking of strange…here is the only video that could be found of his work…he seems to be playing a dog.

thanks to Patrick for the tip

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last!! i would hope for more interesting unique aliens, and less bumpy foreheaded huminoids.

Huh. Interesting.

Yeah, Star Trek has never done a great job with its aliens. Remember that AWFUL alien that looked like a giant doll in ST IV?

He’s playing that guys’ alcohol demon(my guess).

A dog huh? I was half expecting his head to spin completely around watching that video.

He said…”It was exciting to see the inner workings of a Star Trek set, the blinking lights and the shaking camera as the ship is hit.”

I thought I read on a previous thread that right now they are shooting on location(s) and later would be back at Paramount on the ship sets.

I don’t believe this guy…I think he’s padding his resume.

re: 5 Mr. X
Are you saying he’s a fake? ;)

I’m sure Anthony is readying an article, but more uniform pics have surfaced.

yea it would be cool to have some better and more unique aliens, even if its only in shots of starfleet or whatever ,

oh and just to coment on the ” One area that Star Wars has Trek beat is in the diversity and strangeness of the aliens”

yes and no , i mean they have had more strange and unique aliens in star wars , but the ones in star trek are great cause they have history and cultures i mean the vulcan, klingons , card , fenegi , borg , romulians ,dominanion, and to a lesser exent the andarians and telerites are in my opinion some of the best aliens in any sci fi show , and i know some people say trek aliens are 1 dimisonal , but thats not true i mean we know not all klingons are warriors , not all vulcans hide their emtions not all romulians hate humans or are roman ripoffs lol, and they all actually problems that we can relate to . plus klingons are f**king cool !

I wonder if he was working on the rodent creatures of Dimorus that Gary Mitchell talked about? ;-)

If this Paradox Pollack didn’t actually work on the movie, it’s entirely possible that he made it up and that this may indeed be his performance piece; Anthony’s story does say the guy seems to be a performance artist. I’m not calling Pollack a “liar”, per se, but that may be what he’s doing. That would never have occured to me if it hadn’t been for the humanities class I’ve been taking this semester.

i am sure it will be made into a topic in sec
i like it all bar the hat .

7. Anthony Pascale – December 12, 2007

My mistake then. Thanks for correcting me


The hat makes sense. In The Cage/The Menagerie Captain Pike has a captain’s hat in his quarters.

6. Stanky McFibberich – December 12, 2007
re: 5 Mr. X
“Are you saying he’s a fake? ”

I was, until I was corrected on filming schedules.
Now I am unsure.

“alien choreographer”? you sure he ain’t already an alien?

Clunky hat.

re #8

I wonder why the face is blotted out in all those officer pictures. Could almost be Hoshi Sato’s great- grandmother….

comp acting funny, I may have already posted this…

The uniform that IrishTrekkie found.

I’d like it better if it didn’t look like some officer aboard the Death Star cringing away from Lord Vader.

Tomorrow we’ll see spy pics of Threepio, Artoo and Yoda playing cards while they wait to shoot their scene.
“Hmmm, with the funny ears, I am the one supposed to be…”

That doesn’t look like a miniskirt with a plunging neckline(boohoo).


yea but i dont think its a captains hat , she would have to be a cadet yea ? she looks young . it just looks too miltary with the hat , but its cool , so i wonder why its grey , i guessing she is a cadet anyway .

my idea for why pines was red was , cause well for one hes a commanding officer ( i am guess the red uniforms will be the main ones for the movie like in star trek 2-6) , or maybe he was in red squad or something .

18. USS SANTA – December 12, 2007

I wonder why the face is blotted out in all those officer pictures.

Read the article…it says why


its blurred so they dont get fired , and she would have to be satos daugther or gran daughter .

oh and i did not find the uniform it was (star trackie) who posted it , just saying , and yes now that someone says it , its very darth star lol

death star*

RE: the latest uniform pix.

I guess I can buy that as a cadet uniform, but it shouldn’t have the Enterprise badge. I guess I’m just shouting at the wind, but the “arrowhead” badge was only for Enterprise personnel until around the time of TMP. And why not black pants? What difference would it have made to use black pants and at least give us the illusion/allusion we’re seeing the TOS universe we know.

That is a horrible uniform. The hat is simply a terrible idea!

I’m not liking that uniform. Grey, hat… It looks drab. And militaristic. And Star Warsy. Hopefully, these are not uniforms we’ll be seeing much of in the finished product. Star Trek uniforms tend to be a bit more colorful, excepting Star Trek: The Motion Picture and First Contact style. Didn’t like the TMP uniforms, but I did like the FC ones. But that hat… Why?

Re: the uniform

JFX described it as an officer’s dress uni. Looks more like a cadet uniform to me, so perhaps it’s an officer within the Academy ranks. Has a very West Point feel to it.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

It looks like Arnold Rimmer’s uniform in the third season of Red Dwarf.
Can anyone say reboot? Methinks our TOS is gone, save for NV & Exeter.

I like the new uniforms. Yes, they look very military, but it lends more authenticity to the idea that starfleet is essentially the 23rd century equivalent of the Navy. I love the high healed boots, capris, and spandex/velour of the men of TOS, but while extremely hilarious, the entire idea that any woman would be able to work wearing one of those miniskirt dresses is unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes and am planning to order a custom tailored one for halloween next year, but this uniform seems much more proffessional.

29. Dr. Image – December 12, 2007

Far too premature to say that based on a couple spy pics and rumor. Besides, we saw only a sliver of what 23rd century life was like and practically nothing outside of Starfleet in TOS. There’s so much more we could see now.
I agree with the Vulcanista… probably a cadet uniform and it does look very West Point-like right down to the grays and cap. She’s a graduate of Starfleet and future Kirk conquest.


Or maybe Kirk’s a future conquest of hers! };-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

It definately looks all wrong as a uniform (yeah, I know we’re off topic from the article posted). It looks like a Star Wars Imperial uniform. It almost looks OD green. I’m totally unimpressed with what I’ve seen for possible uniforms so far. Pine’s (notice how I didn’t say Kirk) is red. This woman’s is OD green or gray with a hat. And they all seem to be one color with no black pants.

The Enterprise embelem shouldn’t be on there if it’s not a uniform used on the Enterprise.

It could be some kind of field uniform like we saw in The Cage… who knows.

I watched the UGO video of the alien choreographer dude. He’s like the coolest alien choreographer I’ve ever seen. And his girlfriend was the best-looking girlfriend of an alien choreographer I’ve ever seen.

In regards to the gal in a hat. There could be a logical explanation for all of this. As in, hats were in style in Kirk’s early day. But some dufus leaned over a warp coil and the darned hat got caught in the thingy-a-bob and the ship went BOOM! So from then on, the policy was NO MORE HATS ON A STARSHIP!

Side note to cannon nitpicks: If you look closely in TOS Episode # 64 there is a small warning label next to the warp drive that says: “Danger. Wearing a hat near the warp coil may result in serious injury or even death.”

Can’t see it? Then get a BIGGER WIDESCREEN TV, for crying out loud!

yes… but i certainly hope there wont be some berreted idiots on the ship, that would look bad. Or captain kirk now using a Hat! woo then of course let use these HATS instead

Hmmm. Not a dog, maybe a wolf with a bad case of undigested domestic farm animal…


Well, at least the chick with the hat reassured me that COMMUNISM is still alive and well in the 23rd Century! :)

me again just looking at what people are saying , but hmm it think the uniform is alright ,in a way that if its just a cadets dress uniform it would be o.k. , i mean i dont want to see them wearing this on a starship much less the big E , and yea , i think they are using the arrowhead for starfleet now , i mean would it have been hard to make a starfleet academy one or some other ships ones and kept the arrowhead for the enterprise , oh well. hmm , so if officers are wearing this , does that mean that macos will be wearing white armour , and now called stormtroopers ?.

and in fact all this talk people not liking it and it not being star trek , just a reboot , its actaully reminds me of the battlestar galactica uniforms ( the new ones not the 70s show ) , i like that show , but the last thing trek needs is a reboot.

and if kirk could wear a rug , and picard and sisko go with the no hair , why do we need hats in space, in archer knew the hats where stupid and stoped wearing them after a few esp of enterprise

Anyone consider that these costumes may be a ruse?

“these costumes may be a ruse?”

Give us photos from Trek, we love to peruse
When it comes to uniforms, some smell a ruse
Something tells me this garb is true
In the future no one dresses like LARUE
Any argument would just be an excuse!

this guy looks nothing like shatner. i refuse to see the film until he does.
and the nacelle caps are all wrong.
they’re raping my childhood.


well, it’s not exactly a haiku… But what is with poetry replies lately Harry?

Why, when we see something many don’t like, do we ask “is this a ruse?”

How many times have actually seen a studio put out misinformation on purpose? The only time I can think of was Sony and Spiderman 3.

Yeah, Shatner’s lying. He’s actually in the movie.

The pictures are fakes to lead us away from the real uniforms which are stored at Area 51.


I’m sure they’re real. True we don’t know the context in which they’ll be used. We can only speculate. And so far, even the speculation doesn’t sound very good.

It is nice to see information like this come out about the project. It gives me something to grab on to in terms of the look of the film. Given the bigger budget of this film, it makes a lot of sense that the alien special effects should develop. As a primarily television franchise, Star Trek’s production values have always been on a shoe-string compared to other sci-fi pictures.

Hmmm. That video reminds me of a hangover I had in June of 1989.

#43 – I actually love the new look. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but I know I do. However, it’s always good to always have some healthy skepticism.

woops. put “always” twice….sorry

That’s a disturbed and disturbing dog. If that’s what it is.

1. Dave Thornton – December 12, 2007

last!! i would hope for more interesting unique aliens, and less bumpy foreheaded humanoids.

And second that.

Starship Troopers?

Imperial uniform?

but in those films they were delibritly designed to have a fascist look to them (both the Troopers and the Empire were meant to reflect Fascism)