Picard’s Chair, Uhura’s Uniform And Other Trek Memorabilia On Auction Friday

Profiles in History, long known for their Hollywood memorabilia auctions, will be featuring 31 Star Trek lots in an Ebay Live auction on Thursday and Friday (the Trek lots go up on Friday). Included will be Picard’s Captain’s chair from the Enterprise “E”, which previously sold at Christie’s last year for $62,400 and an original Uhura costume from TOS. The auction also features a stunt Geordi LaForge VISOR, a nice Angosian ship model from TNG, a rare DS9 Klingon Tricorder, a mobile emitter for Voyager’s Doctor and a whole host of weapons. A list of lots available at Ebay Live Auctions. For a detailed analysis check out the Star Trek Auction Blog.

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First! God I wish I had the cash for this kinda crap.

If I ahd the money I’d buy some of this stuff.

Might see the Star Trek Tour in Seattle, then go to Paul Allen’s sci-fi museum to see THE chair. Don’t own any props but would be nice to someday have something actually used on screen. The thought of cuing up an ep and holding up a hunk of plastic and pointing to the screen and squealing “See? See?” to my guests would be fun. They would probably back away slowly and ask to leave. Trekkers are so misunderstood.

So what size is Uhura’s uni? Not that I could fill it out w/o some serious bra stuffing, but WTF. That’s what tailors are for!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

This auctioning of Star Trek items makes me ill, don’t know why exactly.

Yeah I’d rather see all these props preserved for the public exhibition, not in some rich a-hole’s basement. It especially upsets me that both the glorious Enterprise-refit/A model and the Enterprise-D filming models are in some private collection. Really sad, but still, if I had the cash I’d probably buy some stuff anyway.

What happened to Picards chair from the Enterprise-D??

7# ^ I’m pretty sure it was stolen prior to filming on GENERATIONS.

The one featured in that movie was a quickly-put-together mock up.

Do you think I’d have a case if I bought the “Working Cardassian tricorder”, then sued the seller once it failed to detect subspace micro-fluctuations and ionic transporter residue?

Who is Uhuru?

Word is the hottest item on the list is Worf’s pimple from Insurrection.

When I glanced at the title I could have swore it said “Picard’s Hair on auction.”

Which would have been a very short auction.

Vulcanista in Uhura’s mini?
Get the crash cart! Charging… CLEAR! zzzzZZZZZattt!

there, I’m better…

new “uniform” pics at JFX… I think they are decoys myself, but who knows???


Its a shame that in addition to Uhuru’s uniform, they aren’t auctioning items of Kurk, Spawk, Mack Koy, Skatty, Soolou, and Checkhoff.

Re: #14, they’re not as horrible as I feared and could conceivably be something pre-TOS, but TOS it ain’t.


I guess we know who wrote the credits for Star Trek VI now. :)

I agree with some of the posters here…auctioning this material is a disgrace and a big swipe at the true fans. The auction from awhile back that Paramount conducted “for the fans” (yeah, right) was such a blatant cash-grab that it made me quite ill…I might have felt better if Paramount had just been honest and said that they wanted the money…

I guess it points towards the darker side of capitalism (which I generally agree is the best system we have), but this material really belongs in a musuem for all to see, not in some rich fans basement for only a select few to ever enjoy…

All true fans should band together and refuse to buy this stuff…but I’m sure that that will never happen… :(

#16 from some of the reports, these might just be Dress Uniforms, i have conflicting stories from different sites. They certainly look like dress uniforms.

Watch the value of these props and uniforms plummet.

I really think it’s wrong to auction off certain Trek props. The fact that the Ent 1701-D, DS9, and Voyager belong to someone is distressing. They should be kept some place where all Trek fans can see them, like The Star Trek Experience in Vegas.

9 Ves – Do you think I’d have a case if I bought the “Working Cardassian tricorder”, then sued the seller once it failed to detect subspace micro-fluctuations and ionic transporter residue?

Only if you retain the services of Samuel T. Gogley.

9 Ves – Do you think I’d have a case if I bought the “Working Cardassian tricorder”, then sued the seller once it failed to detect subspace micro-fluctuations and ionic transporter residue?

Only if you retain the services of Samuel T. Cogley.

Maybe Vulcanista would be kind enough to post a picture of her own beautiful face so we could photoshop it onto Uhura’s uniform……now THERE would be a nice screensaver!!

C’mon Vulcanista……..be a sport!! :)


Only if I could arrange a photo shoot with Mr. Nimoy. He can make *anyone* look good!

Hmmm…wouldn’t that be sumpin’!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Nimoy is good at photographing nudes…..so yes….that’s even better!

He’ll shoot you in the nude, post it on this site and then we’ll simply superimpose Uhura’s uniform over your naked body……no, really…..we will……..I promise…………..well, maybe after 6 or 7 hours!! :)


LOL, and eww!!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#14 those uniforms must be decoys as the insignia is for the Enterprise crew. Since bck in the TOS era each ship and/or starbase had its own design. This does not look like a uniform I can imagine to fit the starship enterprise. But then again urban is McCoy.


There is a female red Lt. uniform at the Science Fiction Museum that bears a striking resemblance to Uhura’s uni but I can’t for the life of me recall if it was worn by Nichelle Nichols. I would say it was about a size 3.

BTW #3–The Chair looks pretty good for it’s age. It sits right under the Enterprise they used for Trials and Tribble-ations and flanked by Kirk’s and Spock’s tunics from the original series. They also had the Little model of the Enterprise seen outside the K7 station window in The Trouble with Tribbles. See ya’ in C@L.

Yes, the chair for GENERATIONS was stolen. I remember hearing that, on some comentary or other.

#29 THX


NN was way too *healthy* looking to be a size 3. Must have been a sample. Size 3 means you’re either a preteen girl, or you need to eat something besides Tic-Tacs and Diet Sprite at every meal. }:-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Some people like a little meat on the bones……..more cushion for the pushin’ and all that! :)

They had a LOT of Uhura’s stuff there, but like I said, I just don’t recall seeing her uni. Maybe it was one of the nubile background extras uni’s. It was a bit difficult to get a feel for the size of the thing because there wasn’t much material there.

On another note, they had Ann Frances’ skimpy little outfit from Forbidden Planet on display as well. My goodness, she must have been a tiny little thing! The outfit was still in immaculate shape, BTW.