Shatner & Fuller Nominated for Golden Globes

Today the nominees for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced as usual there are a few Trek connections. Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series for his role on Boston Legal. If he wins it will be his second Golden Globe. In addition, Star Trek Voyager writer/producer Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies was nominated for Best Comedy or Musical TV Series. Fuller created Pushing Daisies and is executive producer; this is his first Globe nomination.

Although he didn’t get nominated for best screenplay, Star Trek Nemesis scribe John Logan’s latest film Sweeney Todd picked up four nominations, including Best Comedy or Musical Film. Unfortunately Trek-connected shows Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes were all shut out this year.

Full list of nominees HERE.

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Be nice if he got a nomination in 2008 for best supporting actor in star trek the movie. LOL

Good news! I don’t get to watch Daisies enough, but it has a wonderful sense of humor — something I hope XI will have. Always good to see the Shat honored.

oh, and… more pirated shots of the new uniforms:

And this guy was directing B movie Groom Lake a few years ago…

Never give up! Never surrender! (Oops Wrong Captain)

Quite a come back!

Congratulations Mr. Shatner

Denny Crane rules! Well deserved indeed!


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

The only real competition I see there is maybe Donald Sutherland………

CmdrR, Is that Quinto’s new Spock uni? };-P

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Bill really is on a major roll right now! Just no stopping the guy, is there. Incredible.

LMAO@CmdrR. :-) Color me clueless, but why hasn’t a thread been started about those Starfleet duds? My first and continual reaction was *GACK!* They look like someone raided the wardrobe rack from Starship Troopers. FUG-LY.

I take that back. The Starship Troopers uniforms would be an upgrade.

Bull! This isn’t about acting, and you know it. This is about you flyin’ around a goddamn courtroom when you really want to be out there, Captain, Sir….

Get your command back… get it back before you really do become just another actor.

LOL This thread is full of piss and vinegar today, ain’t it? ;-)

Re John Logan and “Sweeney Todd,” how can a movie that’s not been released yet be nominated?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Cool. Another Golden GLobe nomination. for Bill…good for him!. I know the Shatnerphobes are beside themselves! “There he goes again, being popular and winning awards…damn him!!!” lol

Congrats Shat for a great job on Boston Legal, and great news for Pushing up Daisies, another breath of fresh air out there in the vast mediocrity that is TV land.

In a way, Shatner’s situation right now is analogous to becoming an admiral…
working in the sidelines to help Star Trek live long and prosper. But no offense, Abrams, I want him in the captain’s seat.

And yet another Golden Globe award, in my opinion, is a great reason to reconsider why you left him out in the first place…a reason you never revealed to the public!

Good to see Pushing Daisies getting attention, it’s a lovely little show.

Very, very happy for Mr. Fuller, who’s been one of my personal heroes in Hollywood. (Wonderfalls is one of my all-time favorite series – which I highly recommend picking up on DVD if you’re never seen it., btw.)

I’m glad for Pushing Daisies!
However Denny Crane, that’s another story…
The characters
shatner plays are better men then him…..
I’ve seen him turn down handicap kids asking for his autograph…and no I’m not joking.
It happend during the time when shatner was on the Hollywood Christmas parade a few years back.
Deal with this info shat freaks. I respect his performance as Kirk but shatners not Kirk…..sorry to blow it for all you shat freaks..


Funny you share that about the Shat’s behaviour……….I just heard, on good authority, that a young girl approached Shatner recently in New York, asked for his autograph and he said, “sure, if you give me $50”. Sad, but, I expect, true!

Responding to the post “Shatner is not Kirk”… I’m sure you have all seen it, but there it a video out there with Shatner and Nimoy just talking about stuff, it’s called MIND MELD. Well, in Kirk says something to the effect of “No, I don’t give out autographs, because I know people will just go and sell them. They say, No I Won’t, but I know they will.” Som that’s that. Besides that, I think shatner is okay. I actually think it’s alright that he says no to autographs, and says no to everybody. That is alright to me. He does other things, like his charaty horse shows, etc.


Exactly – would be nice to see people putting a wee bit of the effort it takes them to read up on the “evil” things Shatner did, into e.g. charity horse shows instead.

Hey steve and Harry, are you two sure you aren’t really the “kids” who got turned away?

Nope Shat_fan_2000 I don’t care about autographs…
But the handicap kid in the wheelchair wanted Cap Kirks autograph,asked him nicely and Shat said “hell no”.
I guess the kid won’t get a shot at ebay….
Shats excuse on mindmeld is pathetic…
He cares more about his horses then the fans.
Sorry shat_fan_2000
I get the feeling Mr Ballz coundt give a shat ether.

I have it on good authority that Shatner drop-kicked the kid in the wheelchair, then judo chopped his grandmother who happened to be nearby. If you’re gonna tell the story, steve, tell it right…

Hahaha. I left that out because I didn’t think anyone would believe me..
He actually slapped the kid cause he was eating and didn’t want to get up off his throne.
Lol :)

#17, I don’t care if he pulls wings off of flies. He’s still great fun to watch!

Good luck Bill, hope you bring home a second golden globe!

Shatner was just rated the fourth-worst celebrity autograph signer by Autograph magazine.

Not to turn this into true confessions, but I once got the Shat’s autograph in 1972 when I was 17 and met him in the lobby of the Inn On The Park Hotel in Toronto……….at the time he was cordial enough…….I guess times change!