Opening Scene Of Cloverfield + Message From JJ

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The JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield opens in 5 weeks (along with the trailer for Star Trek)

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I cant wait to see the Star Trek trailer!!!!!

Cool as nuts!

Cool concept. A Godzilla movie showing the effects of the attack through eye-witness video cameras. Except it’s a different design to avoid paying Toho rights. I like it!

talk about 9/11 inspiration.

it looks good though…

I’ll be going to see the Trek trailer, and this movie will just be icing on the cake,

They were making movies about 9/11 before it ever happened. Never saw the TV show “Lone Gunman”? They hit it on the head.

Strange… It’s the Blair Godzirra Project…

As long as the Trek trailer’s before all this, it’s goooood.

Looks like a big-budget version of somebody’s YouTube home video.

jj looked super worn out..

Bring on the trailer!!!

I thought this was supposed to be the opening shots as the monster is introduced.. but not necessarily the opening 5 minutes…

There seem to be alot of good popcorn movies coming out.. woohoo!! Still debating on I am Legend though..

JJ needs to get some sleep, seriously.

i take it this is the cloverfield USA release date? anyone know when this is out in the United Kingdom and will the star trek trailer be shown here with it?


No way will any trailer show the monster. You’ll have to wait til you hit the theater or a spy shot is posted.

This will be a cool flick. Bring on dem bugs!

Of course, I can’t see this til 1-19-08. Got my wife tickets to a touring show for 1-18-08 and what mama wants, mama gets.

He looks like Lindsey Buckingham’s tired younger brother.

Thank The Genes, underwear model Vogel wasn’t picked as Kirk.

The trailer smacks of Blair Witch
That shaking camera is really a bitch
It’s been done before
Looks like kinda a snore
Me? I’d catch the Trek trailer, then ditch!


Did I see the empire state building do a “pancake” collapse?

OK, I get it, shaky camera work…. made me dizzy and sick and after one minute.

Yep. Shaky, dizzy camera work is bad enough, but magnified on a massive screen? Dramamine time!

This film looks quite skippable.

Revisiting and dumbing down 9/11.

Oh hell the damn trailer is trying my patience as it’s loading really slowly.

I found The Blair Witch Protect boring, so I do hope Cloverfield is not like that movie, or I fall asleep with boredom.

1st of February Greg I’m also Greg from the UK.

This looks to be a great take on the monster movie formula. That the Trek trailer is in front of it is just cake.

hmm, intriguing. looks like i might stay for the movie after the Trek trailer after all

I would hope that the new Trek movie shows a little more imagination than THIS!!!

How can people be comparing Cloverfield to the Blair Witch Project? Totally different movies (and I’m not even talking about the stupid sequels).

Blair Witch was *ok*, it was definately new and fresh for the time, nothing special though. But Cloverfield looks AWESOME, I’m sick of the clichéd Hollywood “best-angle-showing-famous-landmark-collapsing” it’s been done to death.

At least they’re trying something different with the viral marketing, keeping up our interest, prompting discussion and by having the ordeal through the perspective of those caught up in the chaos.

The whole movie sin’t going to be like that folks, it switches back and forth from hand-held cameras to ‘standard’ movie cameras.

It’ll be great, trust me….

The Trek teaser is just iceing on the cheescake ;)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, CHEESEcake…..

– W –
* Coverfield is going to be great, just you wait and see *


How is this “dumbing down 9/11” and why would you imply that?

Now only if any ONE of them had a phaser.
Yes a TOS phaser.

didnt we already see a film recently told from that of average joe rather then those involved in the fight.
War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise)??

What’s that comin over the hill?
is it a monster? Is it a monst-errrrr????

Quickly, run! – towards the danger!
Yes, we will be much safer in a crowded and narrow street than on top of a building where we can see what is happening!

ooOO! Head of the stuate of Liberty! Closer! Get in and spend time framing a good picture on your camera phone! Yes!

Oh no! Buildings collapsing in the distance! Quickly, run into one and position yourself beneath its load bearing strucures so if it collapses it crushes you like a bug!

My money is that the monster is actually a giant Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, and the movie is one long extended fantasy as the mighty Calvin monster exacts cruel judgement on man! Yes!

#24 thanks greg for your reply! 1st of feb then.

i knew we in the UK get the films after the american release at somepoint! are we getting the star trek trailer too do you know

by the way, when do we get to see the actual new star trek movie in Great Britain? doubt if it will be 25.12.08. any ideas

It somewhat fkd with my head.
I’m sweating.
If you’ve ever been through any kind of horrible experience- you know what I mean.
(Wife and I got trapped in our house on fire in middle of night. That’s all I’ll say… about that.)

This movie scares the bejeezus out of me… the clip has such true ring to it, that it doesn’t matter what is attacking the city, I feel it! That’s good movie making (or at least good clip making for as much as we’ve seen)

re 22…. Seriously, you’re “dumbing down 9/11” comment is just ridiculously offensive in so many ways and implies that it’s somehow wrong to make a monster movie set in nyc.

As we all have heard a million times, Godzilla is a metaphor for the atom bombs dropped on Japan. That doesn’t mean that Godzilla is about the Atom Bomb or is a dumbing down of the catastrophe’s of world war 2, it’s more a statement of where the filmmaker’s (and probably the national) psyche was at the time.

For me personally having been in NYC on 9/11, I find the images hit hard and are rightfully scary as shit. Having said that, I can’t wait to see this movie… (it’s the american godzilla looking to be done right)

Doug L.

Oceanhopper, if the characters in horror/monster movies did things based on sound judgement, the movies would be boring.


Damsels running from the axe murderer and NOT tripping.
Teenagers deciding against going into the dark, spooky place and instead deciding to get help and get away from the danger.
Once main character SEEMS to have defeated the bad guy, he actually finishes the job by KILLING him.
Instead of people being transfixed by the dangerous monster and thusly serving themselves up, they run and hide for the remainder of the movie til the danger has passed.

I await the Big Bug. Let the mayhem commence.

Regarding the trailer itself, I was unaware that the whole movie is told in a 1st person hand held camera style? Is this actually the case,or is it just the trailer that’s done this way… cuz I would have to agree… that would make me dizzy :(

Doug L.

# 19 Heywood Jablomee:

Any chance you’re an earthquake engineer??


OH NO! It somehow hadn’t occured to me that STXI won’t open on the same day in the UK as in the US!!! Not sure if I can stand that!!!


Not to defend foolish character decisions in monster movies, but your critiques are a little ridiculous. What did people do in real life on 9/11 when buildings were collapsing? They ran into other buildings. In the case of the trailer, there was a huge, ominous dust clowd drifting down the street that appeared to contain some kind of creature. What would you do? Probably run for your life into the nearest structure.

With regard to running down into the street, well let’s see…according to your own criticism being in a building while other buildings in the immediate vicinity are collapsing makes little sense. That plus the huge fireballs diving into every building and causing mass destruction would probably motivate most people to leave the roof.

People don’t make calm, rational decisions when all hell is breaking loose. Instinct takes over and they do whatever appears to delay death for the next 5 minutes.

And now I look like a douche that takes horror films too seriously.

I am disappointed if the whole movie looks like this, which appears to be the case. I did not really enjoy Blair Witch because of all the dizzy camera shootings. J. J. Abrams should know better, if he thinks that people want to have their eyes subjected to this for a couple of hours. It looks like it could be a pretty cool movie, but honestly, why does it have to be this “realistic.” It’s so damn realistic that it’s making my head spin.

TK #39
sorry but it just occurred to me today. its a pain that we have to wait in Britain for films to get to us usually a couple of months or at least several weeks after the USA opening. ive been counting down the days only to realise this myself.

were going to have a heck of a time avoiding all the news, full story, reviews etc. it would be great if we saw it here on 25.12.08 too! please!!


36 Doug. This trailer has the elements of that day (9/11).You go on to say that you were there on 9/11 and go on to say that the images hit hard(flashbacks?).I said the filmakers are dumbing down 9/11 ( to a metaphor -the cloverfeild monster).The real menace is the complexities of islamic facism that most americans are loathe to comprehend so they’d rather address those 9/11 anxieties with a horror/ fantasy movie.

Re. 15. bill hiro – December 14, 2007

He looks like Lindsey Buckingham’s tired younger brother.

LOL… I was thinking of almost exactly the same thing! One of those quirky comparisons I wouldn’t think would cross anyone else’s mind too. ;)

I believe that was the Standard Oil Building at 26 Broadway that collapsed.

Anyone who can’t see the backlash coming from this movie is fooling themselves. There is blatant exploitation of imagery from 9/11, and seeing New York destroyed is going to make people very upset. This is going to be a disaster. Monster movie or not, there are just certain topics that are not smart, at least not yet. The movie may be a commercial success, but I would bet on a ton of bad press, and potentially a boycott. Foxnews will have a field day with it.

JJ really stepped in it this time….

Seeing the demise of NYC is not a new theme for movies, and it was happening way before 9/11.

Unfortunately, now we have a better template for what it looks like.

I’m not normally a fan of hand-held camerawork like this, but I have to say this look pretty intense…interesting…

A bit too much Blair Witch over dramatic trying too hard to be first person thing, but it might not be bad.