John Cho: Sulu Is A Badass

We haven’t heard much from John Cho, but in a great new interview with Star Trek Magazine the new Sulu talks Trek. The actor reveals that he isn’t a hard core fan, but says he has “more than a casual association” with Trek. He has been reviewing DVDs, but feels that he should “let J.J. dictate” how he should approach the role. Although Cho didn’t reveal any plot points, some of his answers gave insights into the character of Sulu in the new Star Trek movie. (see below…minor spoilers)

On what landing the role means to him:

…as an Asian American actor, there are certain things that you are never going to be able to do. There are certain acting roles that you are never going to get, and one of them is playing a cowboy. This, to me, is a realization of that dream – going into space and that kind of thing.

On what attracts him to the role of Sulu

I guess the macho stuff: Sulu’s going to be fun because he’s extremely skilled and a badass, but for me I would say more importantly , its the bigger stuff

Regarding his preparations for the role [note interview conducted in early November]

I’m not up for a month or so [early December]. In the meantime, the last two weeks, I’ve been starting some fight training, which has been really fun. It’s just a level of commitment and learning that I’ve never had to do for any part. It’s been great.

Action hero Hikaru?
Sulu may be best known for looking over his right shoulder to see which way Kirk wants him to turn, but The TV series and films have hinted at his ‘badass’ side. Of course pilots are traditionally known for being mavericks and since we will see him even younger than it makes sense. Plus it has been established that Sulu has a thing for swords and guns. We know one thing for sure…don’t call him ‘Tiny.’

Sulu showing off his skills

The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine has much more from Cho as well as other good articles on the film, the new tour and much more. Pick it on newsstands now.

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