Paul McGillion Talks A Little Trek

Last week broke the news that Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion will have a small role in the new Star Trek movie. Apparently Paul didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but now that the cat is out of the bag he is willing to comment (a little). The actor is keeping mum on his role, but did tell…

It was really great to be offered a part in Star Trek and a thrill to work with JJ Abrams who is an absolute class act. I must say that after I wrapped my first day on the set of Star Trek, I called my agent in Vancouver to tell her what a terrific experience it was. I’m sure the fans are going to be in for one heck of a ride.

McGillion will next be seen in the final episodes of the 4th season of Stargate Atlantis airing in February 2008. He appears (briefly) in a new Sci-Fi Channel promo (below).

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Sounds great. I really hope he gets an existing character like Finnegan or Riley.


rats seems not lol…

new character or old character>? Hmmmm..

#2 and #3
Argghhh, what a shame! We were all so pleased for you for being ‘first’ and then it turns out that you weren’t. Such a shame. Better luck next time, we’re all behind you.


Gary Michell?

Capt Garrovick?


Finnegan?..Finney?…Capt Garrovick?…Gary Michell (too old?)

whoops – double post..and 8th!

#5 Translated: “First” is lame. Now 2-3 looks stupid.

Why am I so excited over a small unnamed role? This movie has be really hooked!

All characters mentioned in this thread so far would be quite consequential and recognizable supporting casts against the background of the well-known TOS lore, which probably means he won’t be playing one of them.

No. 6 –

James Kirk’s older brother, George Jr?

11 – i thought it was Sam?

Actually, Paul McGillion’s character died on Stargate SG1. His doctor character was removing a explosive from a patient when it exploded.

He would have been a good Scotty. Really looking forward to seeing a good sci-fi movie, not just a good Trek movie.

Sorry, I meant to say he died on Stargate Atlantis, So used to saying SG1 after all of those years of it being on the air.

Maybe he is doing the part of Captin Robert April?

It would fit especially if the teaser trailer is showing the Enterprise Under construction??!!??

Lee Kelso?

Dr. Boyce or Piper?

How about Mr. Kyle?

the ‘unknown’ Starfleet Captain?

Richard Daystrom?

That is GREAT news that Paul got a part. Congrats!! I’m really looking forward to this movie.

Hey Chris, no disrespect to Paul who I think is a talented actor, but it would have been a dream come true to see you reprise the character your Dad created. We miss him so much it would wonderful to see “Scotty” stay in the family. I truly hope that you have some involvement in the film. It would be cool to hear one of your songs on the soundtrack. It’s no too late.
Wishing you, and your family the best holiday ever.

You were robbed…

#7 If this is about altered timelines, then he’s not to old to play Gary Mitchell in an altered timeline in which Mitchell didn’t die on Planet Delta Vega. (However, I don’t think he’s playing Mitchell.)

I think he could play some totally new character who is an officer on the Enterprise or the Farragut, or even Capatin Garrovick, as ‘snake’ and others have suggested.

By the way…
#12 Kirk’s brother is George Samuel Kirk, but Jim (and possibly others?) call him “Sam”.

That was for Paul AND Chris…

#19 – clearly not Richard Daystrom…he’s got the wrong eye color! ;-)

The way we are seeing Kirk’s mom and dad, maybe he is playing Scotty’s dad. Would not surprise me at this point.

Great to see he’s coming back to Alantis.
See, being killed off in SciFi means NOTHING! :) Maybe the Stargate writers could get Shatners Kirk into an episode? ;) :)

He’s way too old to play Finnegan. Come on now, just think about it.

what about some arbitrary RED SHIRT named ‘Guy’? He could be doing that……

#28 – How’s he too old for Finnegan? (You gave us nothing to “just think about.”)

Finnegan was an upperclassman while Kirk was in the Academy, so it’s fitting that he’d be a few years older than Kirk. McGillion is 10 (or 11?) years older than Pine, so he could be perfect for Finnegan.

Think about it: the Finnegan we saw in “Shore Leave” was a recreation from Kirk’s memory, so Kirk was remembering a younger version. Besides, actors play different ages all the time, and McGillion can play at least a few years younger than he is.

Of course, thinking of Finnegan makes me wonder about the cadet uniform was saw him wearing (and which reappeared in “Wolf in the Fold,” I think). It’s that shimmery silver shirt: is the Abrams team going to use that? I doubt it, but it would be a nice retro-futuristic look for the Academy.

Why not an instructor at the academy?

How about Mr. Kyle? I always liked the way John Winston played Transporter Chief Kyle. Clearly a competent, professional guy. Seems like a character that would have to be around in any kind of reboot, though not necessarily in the first movie, and not with a super important role. Just a familiar face doing his job. Or in this case, a new face playing the familiar face… well, you know what I mean.

He’s a great actor and by all accounts great guy too.

I for one am looking forward to his return on Stargate Atlantis and his role as Carol Marcus in Star Trek 11.

26 – yes he’ll be playing scotties dad pre conception of Scottie so we’ll see him walking about but with scottie in his testicals ready to be unloaded.

just call it Star Trek: Conceptions

#6 Snake

TrekMovie has already reported that Garrovick is not in the movie.

Based on his age, I would say he might be playing Ben Finney… though I think it’s most likely he’ll be playing a previously-unseen character.

He’s De Salle I tell you. Or he’s not.

Wow, JJ Abrams is shooting these scenes really quickly with all these, don’t know a better term, supporting roles. Roll one person in, shot their scenes, move ’em out and in the next!

I suspect there will be more meaty scenes coming up with the main cast(?) Just getting all the preliminaries out of the way.

12 –

I stand corrected.

19 –

Dr. Richard Daystorm is black.

Woot, I’m now back in line to see the movie. I wasn’t going to see it after he was robbed of the role of Scotty, but I’ll go see it again now. Paul is a fantastic actor. And I’m SO glad the power that be on Stargate: Atlantis are bringing him back. Hopefully full time

Note he said on set, not on location. Scottie’s dad I bet


Yeah, gives you the impression of surgery hours – Emergency Trek, Part I.


I suppose that’s possible, but I think he will be an all-new character with no family ties to any original cast member — such as Lt. Commander “Smith” of the USS “Whatever”, or something such as that.

I don’t think Scotty’s dad would be that relevant to this film (although I can’t say for sure), plus just because McGillion can do a good Scottish accent on ‘Stargate’ doesn’t mean he will necessarily play a Scotsman in Star Trek.


When I said “original cast member” I meant “original crew member” — Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, et al.

Doctor Carol Marcus!

This is 2007, after all.

(No, I’m not being serious. Besides, he doesn’t have the right color eyes, and his nose is 1/16″ larger than the original actor who played the role)

Heh heh heh.

Wonder why Paul’s keeping mum on his role. I guess it could just be the less said the better the chance of spoiling fans before the movie hits the theaters.

Should be of not spoiling the fans…

#46 & 47

I thought I read somewhere that the cast and crew have signed non-disclosure agreements. Paul McGillion is probably just honoring that agreement.

Maybe Paul is an alien hope we can tell it’s Paul.

#46 “Wonder why Paul’s keeping mum on his role”

Maybe because playing Scotty’s mum WAS his role! :)

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