Shatner In The Movie Saga Still Not Over

Over the last few months there have been a lot of stories regarding whether William Shatner will or will not be in the new Star Trek movie. Periodically a report crops up that claims to have the definitive answer one way or another. The latest is a new report at Moviehole claiming ‘final confirmation’ from co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci that Shatner will not be in the film. However, it appears they have jumped the gun.

Last week at the Paramount WGA Trek event Mr. Orci told that nothing has changed on the Shatner front and a decision either way was still possible. The same notion that it was still possible was in his Sci-Fi Magazine interview. In that interview Orci noted that a role for Shatner was still possible but difficult due to Kirk’s death at the end of Generations. Today Orci tells that he didn’t tell Moviehole anything different and that there is no change.

Of course Shatner is not helping himself with all his talk about not being in the film being ‘foolish’ or ‘a bad business decision.’ In fact his complaints landed him on Cinimatical’s “Lame in 2007” List. But it appears he may not have learned to keep quiet. Just today KGMB’s Hollywood reporter claims that Shatner said of the new Star Trek movie: “I hope that movie bombs.”

Over? Did you say over?
For those who were disheartened to hear that it ‘was over’…perhaps this motivational speech will raise your spirits. [warning: colorful metaphors]

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I’m totally convinced that this whole Shatner “is in it/isn’t in it” — is just one huge gimmick. After all that is said and done, my gut tells me that he’s is IN IT!!!!!

I’d personally love to see him in it, but not as Kirk (of any age or vintage). But I’ll see the film either way :)

The eerie thing about that clip is that, two-thirds of the way through, the music starts sounding very Star Trek …

As of this moment, Moviehole is on double secret probation!

By God, Jim, this has gone on long enough!!!

Get back your command! Get it back before you really do become just another long thread!

Anthony, thanks for your always reliable and up-to-date coverage!

I do hope your gut is right!

Think about it – if he wasn’t going to be in it, we would have gotten the final word long ago. They only risk massive backlash by keeping up this “is he or isn’t he” guessing game only to come out in the end said “no.” In my opinion, they’re trying their best to preserve the surprise of the movie without flat out lying to us.

How about they stop jerking us around and give us a straight answer?

To me, it’s not Star Trek unless William Shatner is playing Capt. James T. Kirk. It was a mistake to kill him off, probably why Rick Berman is no longer associated with the franchise.

Plenty of time to make it work. But I’ll be first in line, regardless.

Hope they can work it out, what an awesome gift to fandom…and me… that would be…especially if it were miraculously managed to be kept secret. The media and fandom would eat it up…except the Shat-bashers of course, many whom are grumbling this very minute at the sheer thought and mention of it in this article! lol

Fingers remain crossed!

If Shatner loses any weight over the next 6 months we will have the answer.

If he’s in it, fine, if he’s not in it, fine. Either way, I’ll see the film.

This has got to be one of the lamest attempts to keep a secret in the history of Hollywood moviemaking.

The fact that Shatner is running around crying like a baby about not being in the movie is proof something is up.

Let’s think about this for a second. What is the plot of the new movie? Clearly, it’s a flashback movie. Old Spock is thinking of the past, back when he was just graduating from Starfleet Academy.

Don’t expect Leonard Nimoy to sit in a rocking chair and tell the grand story of the day he met James T. Kirk to his grandchildren or some stupid variation.

This is going to be just like The Search for Spock, but instead it’s going to be The Search for Kirk.

Old Spock is on a mission to rescue James Kirk from the Nexus. This story will be interlaced with flashbacks of young Kirk and Spock beginning their lives in the Final Frontier.

At the end of the movie, old Spock will save Kirk and Shatner will surprise us all with a cameo.

Why else would Shatner be on the Internet every five minutes complaining about not being in the movie? Because he IS in the movie and wants us all to think that he won’t be making an appearance.

Mr. Orci’s belief that it would be “difficult” to include Shatner in the script because Kirk died at the end of Generations is silly. Spock died at the end of ST II — and we all know what happened then: The character was included in the script of ST III. Amazing! How’d they do that?

Anyone else agree with my theory?

With CGI he doesn’t need to lose weight! :P

Won’t even need a girdle! =D

I think we can all agree that there is a strong possibility that Shatner will or will not be in the movie. That’s my final word on the subject. Now, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Mr Orci,

Please find a way to get William Shatner in the film as Kirk. I know he has made an ass of himself trying to get in the film, but it would mean a lot to many many people to see Kirk ride off into the sunset rather than fall off a cliff to a bloody + meaningless death.

Mr Orci, please save Captain Kirk.

Here we go again…

8. Penhall – December 19, 2007
“How about they stop jerking us around and give us a straight answer? ”

They may not HAVE a final answer to give you and they really don’t have to tell us anything. We are not owed, we don’t own this. Sorry.

6. Iowagirl – December 19, 2007

Hi, weren’t you just implying that this doesn’t get enough discussion or coverage over in the Pine thread?

Here ya go…

Nimoy and Shatner make this film complete. Nimoy w/out Shatner makes it feel half baked.

End the Shatner/Nimoy era with these two legends riding off into the sunset and then we can start the new era with the new actors.


Agree. It makes perfect sense.

The needs of the one out way the needs of the many.

Also, why December 25th? What’s the gift? Shatner of course. You have to know you want the gift before you get it, right? So this is all about making us want the gift.

Also, they could have just committed to make a Star Trek reboot without any old characters…and kept Nimoy a secret too. Having Nimoy there is the only thing that makes us ask “why not Shatner?”. Nimoy is the bait. :o)

Exciting news. We may get the Shat back after all.

I have to be honest. As much as I love Star Trek I don’t think I would go see this film if Shatner isn’t in it as Kirk.

#13 JohnnyK, well put however I would see your version of the new trek film and then I would hate it because of its lack of creativtiy and also its obsession with kirk and spock.
Star Trek is a team effort, why would a kick start focus on 2 members of that team?
If this film is a rescue mission to save kirk they might as well put it out on direct to dvd because it will do better along side “Starship
Troopers” then in the theatres…
This film IMO, will focus on the academy, pike and spock. The madien voyage of Enterprise (Aprils command will be explained away) and the upcoming crew Kirk, uhura, etc.
IMO, They will be in some grand epic storyline in witch involves time-traveling to save more than just one man……..
Shatner un-dead hear me now….
This movie is about Star Trek not Kirk….
It better be..!

What is the deal with this issue? Why can’t they just come out and say he’s not in it? I mean seriously, what are the odds at this point with the script being written and actually being FILMED, and the writer’s strike preventing it from being re-written for the forseeable future, that they will be able to fit Shatner into the story in any meaningful way? I’m not saying it’s a ruse or a conspiracy of any kind, I just don’t get what anyone has to gain at this point by leaving the door open if they really haven’t already thought of a way to include him. Sure, J.J., Shatner or both may just be milking the whole thing for publicity, but it seems to me that it stopped being GOOD publicity for either of them quite a while ago.

Can’t we just resolve this and move on, please?

Moviehole is very unreliable. I’ve lost count over the months and years they’ve said:

No Arnie for T4

Arnie for cameo for T4

Arnold will not appear in T4

Producers want Arnie for T4

Arnie will only be in a Cameo

No cameo for Arnie

Get the idea lol


While I agree that is the missing episode many fants want, it would be the lamest movie ever.

I’m sorry to disapoint you, but I’m totally sure that the Nexus or bringing old Kirk back to life won’t have any presence at all on the movie.

They are making a movie for newcomers and both those things are unrecognizable to newcomers.

Everyone I know wants to see Mr. Shatner as Kirk in this film. Why would they ever invite Mr Nimoy back and not Mr. Shatner?

Please spare me that nonsense about Kirk being dead. Wasn’t Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Checkov etc.. all “dead” at one point or another?

If they really want Shatner in the film (most fans do indeed want him back) they will find a way. I really think this is just a marketing ploy at this point. It keeps people talking Kirk and Star Trek.

Without Shatner I don’t think many people outside of the hardcore fans will really care about this film.

My prediction = Shatner is there in the end.

I think we can all agree if that Shatner was DEFINITELY NOT IN THE FILM, we would all have known that by now and it would have sprayed all over the mainstream media. The question is — why is it necessary to play this cat and mouse game? To generate more buzz? Not necessary. I think we can all agree we ALL SEE IT, whether he is in or not. I want answers…

#13 – Johnny K., your theory doesn’t make a lick of sense. True, they killed Spock and then wrote him into STIII, but they had to make up new Vulcan mysticism and tweak the Genesis plot to explain how Spock came back. Bringing Spock back wasn’t a subplot: it was the entire point of the film.

Bringing Kirk back would as a main plot would be stupid, pointless, and a disaster at the box office. Imagine the synopsis of your movie: “An old Vulcan has flashbacks of his youth while he tries to bring back a dead friend.” Ooooohhhh!!! Boy, that’s the stuff of big-screen adventure! Sounds like a real winner! Sure to resurrect the franchise…yep…

If this new movie was about resurrecting Kirk, it would appeal to NOBODY but the fanboys and fangirls who drool over Shatner. No general audience is going to show up to watch 2 hours that result in Shatner…period. If you think so, then you need to stop smoking whatever you’re smoking.

Another thing: why the hell would Spock want to bring Kirk back from the dead? Death is death; the only reason Spock came back was because of the whole “katra” idea. Kirk had no idea that Spock COULD be brought back until McCoy started acting nuts and Sarek melded minds with Kirk. If McCoy hadn’t been going nuts, Kirk would have had no reason to go back to Genesis at all.

Shatner’s complaints about not being in the film don’t prove anything. If he really did have a role, his whining would just draw attention to it. And Shatner’s hardly been “on the Internet every five minutes complaining” about it. He’s made a few statements and that’s it.

Why are you people so obsessed about Shatner? He willingly killed off Kirk in Generations; he WILLINGLY CHOSE to stop playing Kirk at that point. Nimoy killed Spock, but brought him back and then even played him in TNG to show that Spock was still around. But Shatner bowed out.

I, for one, don’t want to see any lame “search for Kirk” crap at all. It’s pointless, it’s illogical, and it would be a bad movie.

The stubborn question about whether or not Shatner is in the movie, has tired and annoyed me a lot. In short, I just want to watch the movie. That is it.

#24… agreed! If elder Kirk was not in the working script at the time of the WGA strike, and they don’t resolve the strike soon, he cannot be written in.

But, there’s always the possibility of reshoots later on in post-production (late 2008). I’m sure hope the strike will be over by then!

Though, Shatner stated he’s better than just a “cameo”. Maybe he can get over that thinking!

#13. I like your plot ideas.

24-“What is the deal with this issue? Why can’t they just come out and say he’s not in it? ”

C’mon. I mean really. What could they possibly gain by spilling the beans this soon in the game? A years worth of fans bitching because he isn’t in it? A years worth of bitching because he IS in it? Nothing is to be gained by revealing ANY surprises of the film a year before it even opens. They have no valid reason to reveal anything THIS soon. Anything leaked or released in an official capacity will be picked apart.

The will sit on the important stuff for months to come. They have nothing to gain by tipping their hand so soon.

#20. Ivory – “End the Shatner/Nimoy era with these two legends riding off into the sunset and then we can start the new era with the new actors.”

Um…they already did that. Trek VI actually ended with the entire ship flying off into the sunset (well, into the sun…sorta…ahem…). What’s the point of doing that again?

#27 – “Without Shatner I don’t think many people outside of the hardcore fans will really care about this film.”

What are you drinking? You think the general public cares about Shatner being in the film? ONLY diehard fans give a crap about who is in the movie: the general public views Trek as silly sci-fi for geeks and Shatner as a joke. He’s gained acclaim as Denny Crane, but the general public has NEVER been concerned about Shatner playing Kirk. ONLY fans care.

And the rest of you: the filmmakers have already said “Shatner is NOT in the film.” They’ve answered the question. He’s not in it. IF they could find a way to add him in, and IF the writer’s strike ended in time, and IF Shatner still wanted to, then yes, they’ve said they’d love to have him in it.

But they have given the “definitive answer” many times. Shatner is not in the film, not gonna be, not happening, uh-uh, no way. They wish it would work, but it won’t, so he won’t be in it.

How much more definitive can the filmmakers be? Do you want them to go and shoot Shatner so they can say, “See? He’s dead, so he’s REALLY not going to be in the movie”?

I think he is in it . Spock saves the past of young Kirk and that changes time and saves Kirk from death in “Generations”.

I wonder if this “will he or won’t he” has something to do with the writer’s strike. In other words, it’s still possible that they might be able to find a way to give him a small wrap-around part with Leonard, but they can’t technically write it until this strike ends. So nothing of the short could likely happen until reshoots next year at the earliest.

Look at Shatner kiddies. He’s lost a bit of weight, and his hair is longer now, like Kirk-length. Thats all I have to say about that. Otherwise: I love John Belushi. Such a phenomanal comedian, and actor. Yay Animal House (I would assume thats Animal House, after all, I can’t think of any other movies like that, that featured a young, not-dead-as-Kirk John Belushi)

I’m assuming he’s in until I hear a 100% certain that he isn’t.
Lets face it, they would be nutso not to include him.
If doing a cameo is below Bill then he needs to get over it. It would/
could be the one of the greatest, most moving cameos of all time if done right.

This is getting really tiresome. It’s almost spoiling the anticipation to constantly bang on the Shatner issue.

This just in — I will also NOT be in the movie. Absolutely, positively. Unless they work out a way to get me in there. In which case I am DEFINITELY in the move. But until I am in the movie, I’m not in the movie. When I’m in the movie, it will be DEFINITE. But if I’m not in the movie, it will also be DEFINITE.

So I’m glad to clear that up for you.


Thanks Anthony,

This article is why this site is the best trek site out there. TrekWeb just took Moviehole at their word and declared in their headline “Final Confirmation that William Shatner Won’t be Appearing in the New Star Trek Movie.” But TrekMovie actually bother to check with the writer and get the truth. And you get some Belushi thrown in to lighten the mood.

I really don’t konw what I would do with this site…thank god CBS cant lay off Anthony and his gang like they did with the staff of

Oh and the voices in my head are telling me that Shatner will be in the movie…but he will be playing an orion slave girl.

James T Kirk will be in the film. Whether Shatner will be is another question still up in the air.

Who the hell keeps deleting my comments? If you don’t want me here, tell me so, and I’ll leave.

Oh, goody — this again. It’s like Kabuki theater. So ritualized! Look, so we don’t have to go through this one more time, I’ll lay it out for everybody.

Shatner lovers: Hurray! Psych! He’s in the movie!

Shatner haters: Who gives a crap! He’s dead and egotistical! And he has disturbing hair!

Shatner lovers: Shatner-haters be danged!

Shatner haters: Shatner-lovers have no life!

Shatner lovers: Long live Shatner! Long live Shatner!

Shatner haters: Death to Shatner lovers! Death to Shatner lovers!

Shatner lovers: If he’s not in the movie, I WON’T GO SEE IT! SO THERE! HAH! THAT’LL LEARN YA!

Shatner haters: You are all pathetic Shatnerholics! Get out of your parents’ basements!

Shatner lovers: Meanies! Meanies! I’m telling mommy!

Shatner haters: (sticking out tongues): PPPLLLLLLLLL!!!!

I think that chain of stores in the malls called Hot Topic should change its name to “Shatner”. Shatner is BY FAR the hottest topic in Trek fandom, if this place is any indication. He’s so hot, the Enterprise should be slingshotting around him! Wake up and smell the tranya, Trek XI producers!

I think the Kennedy assassination had less scrutiny and analysis on it than whether or not Shatner’s in the new movie!!! :)

I think we just need to pay close attention to what the Shat’s up to day by day. If we don’t hear anything from him for a while, he might be on the set.

You know, I think we all ought to enjoy all the speculation surrounding this film, as I don’t think we’ll ever see the like of it again.

#42.. I am. Just randomly exercising my god-like powers to keep them sharp.

#47. Pragmaticus, that is a highly pragmatic view of things. Good one.

I expect that exactly one year from now, I’ll be reading the same crap from most of you. It will be December 19 2008 and both camps on either side of the Shatner fence will still be in a pissing contest.

If the writer’s strike lasts until the summer Shatner become moot.

Must be a slow day.

372 dtST