Star Trek: The Christmas Tree

Since 1991 Hallmark has been selling Star Trek themed Christmas ornaments and we have almost every single one. This year we have 30 of them on display, which is just over half of the total collection. See below for a video tour ‘Star Trek: The Christmas Tree.’

Fun Facts On Star Trek Ornaments

  • First Star Trek Hallmark Ornament 1991 Enterprise. This is featured in the film Free Enterprise during the scene where Robert’s girlfriend breaks up with him.
  • 2000 and 2001 were the only years with Glass Ornaments with Q or Worf
  • Each of the Captains has an ornament (Kirk 1995, Picard 1995, Janeway 1998, Sisko 2001, Archer 2003)
  • Kira or Chakotay have never been ornaments. Otherwise, First Officers have all been ornaments (Spock 1996, Riker 1996, T’Pol 2003)
  • The US Stamp ornament had some clearance issues supposedly, although I am uncertain of the facts. It usually goes for about $40 which twice its price because not many were available supposedly.

For a full list of Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments with pictures CLICK HERE

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I got myself a Star Trek tree in my room…every ornament since Hallmark released the original 1701…beautiful

man. i should have jumped on that early. i’m missing the first few years worth

very perdy! and unusual.
Thanks for sharing that.
Happy Christmas!

Wannnh! I don’t have any! : (

Cool stuff! I have the Enterprise D and Enterprise refit, but my tree has been taken over by my kid’s Star Wars collection.

Was this filmed by the aliens from “Schisms”? (joking)

Hey…Yoda is “hanging” out right behind the shuttle craft!

Is this a trek tree or a sci-fi tree?

My dad gave me his ship set because his wife didn’t let him put them out anymore. Of course, my wife won’t let me put them out either, but I have 9 of them, I think. The first 7 that came out including the original 1991 Enterprise (yeah, the one thats worth $200+), Galileo 7, Enterprise-D, Klingon BoP, Romulan Warbird, Voyager, and the Defiant. Then we skipped a few years to the Borg Cube, then skipped even more years to the Enterprise-A. Most of them still have their boxes, but they sit in a box in my basement for now.

I remember when there was only 4 or 5 and we put them all on a Star Trek wreath. Good times.

I had no idea my USS Enterprise ornament was worth so much! I wonder what the Galileo ornament would go for?

Seven of 9 looks like she is doing the Pepto-Bismo dance

Nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea.


Not much. Aside from the value of being “the first” of the Hallmark series (much like, in numismatics, the ‘first’ of a new series of coins — case in point, the Delaware ’50-state quarters’ release — commands much higher prices than equivalent quantities or quality of later-issues), relatively few of the 1991 ornaments were produced because (as I’ve heard) there was little expectation that there would be much consumer demand.

In hindsight, probably an unrealistic expectation. But, it has contributed to the $150+ price tags for unused (unopened box) 1991 Hallmark NCC-1701 ornaments.

I have Ent-D, Romulan Warbird, Spock, Voyager, & Defiant….I have heard rumors that my gf’s mom bought me the bridge from this year.

They’re all still in great shape with original packaging…love how they light up!

Thanks to this video, I went to E-Bay to get the Uhura ornament from this year! I have all the rest of them.

Hey, a very Trekkie Christmas to everyone!

the clicking makes me mad… but a very nice collection

I don’t have all the characters, but have the ships from every year. My most treasured one is the 1991 NCC-1701. It’s actually my second one. When I bought my first house, I my lot of ornaments (including the first) for $1500.00 To help come up with my down payment (I needed $15,000 down). Since then, my house value has skyrocketed, and I’ve been able to buy back every ornament.

Very cool, yet geeky all at the same time.

I could SWEAR she said “First we have our “Star Track” shuttlecraft.”

Tell me I heard it wrong!

Re: #6

LOL!! Your joke about the Schisms aliens actually did make me laugh out loud… Clicking was annoying, but thanks for sharing and taking the time to show each ornament and talk about its significance!

Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

I have all but four I think…. my tree is 100% NERD… Star Trek, Star Wars, and DcComics… I love it, and look forward to putting it up every year

Oy, there’s my old Galileo there, with non-denominational Spock. You have no idea how happy I was to open that up on Christmas day when I was… three.

very festive! i love those retro tv set lights with images from the original crew lit up. wow.

You can see a lot of my ornaments in last year’s Christmas video…


That Wrath of Khan bridge dealie was neato! I had never seen one before!

Alright, T2, your turn!

My Klingon Bird of Prey and Defiant are in a constant battle for the Frasier Fir Nebula with my son’s Star Wars Nubian.

I bought my wife the futuristic Enterprise-D this year to give to me, because she was talking bs like “It’ll be cheaper in December.” God I love that woman. Got the A. Got Kirk in his chair from a friend who knew the diff between the words Trek and Wars. Got a Nabu ship from a mom who didn’t. (Love her, miss her.) Missed the NX-01, because oddly enough by December it was not cheaper, it was sold out. I know I can get all of these off eBay, but that’s like a hunter buying venison. I just hope they keep making ships. They’re the best models.

Heh, they didn’t have my favorite, the Romulan Warbird ship which I think is awesome. Very neat video though! I had no idea there were quite so many ornaments. I just wish there hadn’t been this annoying clicking in the background during the video.

They didn’t have the Bird of Prey either…I do! ;-)

Sounds like someone is getting their HAIR CUT in the background.
: )

I guess she doesn’t have the Borg Cube ornament. It’s a great one.

john tells me that he has all but one of the ornaments. Not all are on the tree this year and not all are in the vid

That was so cool. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree.

I actually liked the clicking. Sounded like a Borg doing the filming. Or that thing from “Spock’s Brain”.


Very cool tree indeed. I did My Star Trek Tree last year. In addition to all of the Hallmark ornaments my tree had white and gold garland for Starfleets colors, blue and white lights for the Federations colors, the Starfleet Delta as the tree top, the Federation flag as a skirt and colored balls with various symbols on it. I did not take any video of it but I did take many pictures of it which are on My profile page.

Please take note that the miniature ships are meant to hang on the DS9 Space Station ornament (which I didn’t see on the tree).

have 2 complete standard size ornament sets for sale…still in original boxes..never used…1991 to 2007

question I have a 1991 enterprise where the last nunber on the 1991 was hand painted on it when I got it out of the box. anyone know anything about this Thanks

There is actually a third blown glass one,,the enterprise on an oval black background, done in 1999. I have every one, since 1991, including the comic con specials, and the series sold in Vegas at the star trek experience. also have the trek tree toppers (Spock and enterprise) and both types of trek light strings.