Quinto: There Will Never Be Another Leonard Nimoy

Last week Zachary Quinto took a moment at the premiere of Paramount’s Sweeney Todd to talk about Spock, telling FEAR.net he was attracted to the “layers” of the character. He again praised working “in the shadow” of Leonard Nimoy and stated the new Star Trek was was “a new imagination but at the same time honoring the past.” See video below

FEAR.net interview with Quinto

NOTE: FEAR.net state a release date for Star Trek as Dec. 28, 2008. Don’t worry that is just a mistake.

Quinto at the premiere: Check out those brows

Extra Quinto video (warning: no Trek…actor talks to EW about his favorite plays)

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It said that STAR TREK was coming to theaters December 28th… am I missing something?

‘honouring the original’ mmmm sounds like there is going to be some big changes to me!
Better brace yourself!
I’m not necessarily against changes, but they may, nevertheless, be hard to accept.

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!

What a humble guy!
I like his style ..very nerdy. hehe!
This is probably a unpopular opinion… I really like what the guy has to say..

He’s also a brilliant actor.

so there. :)~

My two cents.

The eyebrows and overall look are convincing. The voice, not so much.

Still, I can’t wait for the trailer to come out.

He sure seems gay, which I think is awesome!

That would make him… the third gay Trek actor? I can see some subtleties of it here and there, but it could mean nothing at all. *shrug* I know there’s Andy Dick and of course Takei, but I can’t remember who else if any. I’m sure there’s got to be more who at least kept it hidden.

I’m pretty sure he acts a lot different for the character of Spock. ;)

“There will never be another Leonard Nimoy”

Eventually, a true statement without ifs and buts.

I am very impressed with Quinto’s Sylar on Heros. Him and Hiro are my favorite characters. (Hiro just makes me laugh my ass off.) And you can’t even tell it’s the same guy who played in 24 that one season. I think he will play a terrific spock. I can’t wait to see it.

Quinto will do spock justice, but he’s right, Leonard Nimoy is irreplacable and no matter how the new movie does, he’ll have his place at the top of Trek Lore. God bless.

Some how i think Quinto will be great as Spock, but what he said about Leonard Nimoy it’s true and also there will be no another Shatner.

Leonard Nimoy is Spock
William Shatner is Kirk

He should throw up that nerdy glasses.

My audio was a bit off, but there are times when he moves exactly like Nimoy. There may never be another Nimoy Spock, but Quinto Spock isn’t going to be bad either. I wonder if he tries to sound like Nimoy on set, or we have to get rid of a much younger sounding Spock…

Like Valeris told SPock in Trek 6, she can never replace him, only follow him. Same with Quinto.

is it just me or does he look like a potential Clark Kent? Maybe bucking to trade his blue starfleet uniform for a blue suit and red cape in Justice League?

# 7, the THIRD gay Trek actor? Okay, Takei was the first, but who is the second?


Kirk’s son I forget the actors name. But who cares who’s gay anyway?

Straight, gay, sheep… who cares what you do in your privacy. Same as being one or the other is nothing to flaunt and proclaim publicly. It’s your business and isn’t mine, so don’t bother me with it… I really don’t care. It’s the consistent reminder (race, orientation) that we are different that maintains the separation. I’m not saying hide ANYTHING… but I don’t parade in public and on the news that I have a bad haircut, a big nose, and like woman. ;)

Tell me your gay and I’m like “yeah, so?” Tell me your asian or black and I’m like “yeah, I see that” … again, so?.

I think he will have a harder time playing younger Spock with Nimoy as the older Spock with the two of them in the same scene together, plus poeple comparing them also.

# 18 Merritt Butrick.
Would have been very interesting to see how his relationship with his father would have developed.
Sadly Merrit is no longer with us. Very sad.

“9. Iowagirl – December 27, 2007
“There will never be another Leonard Nimoy

Eventually, a true statement without ifs and buts. ”


The idea that they actually interact on the screen in the same scene is only an unsubstantiated rumor at this point. I think a lot of the plot points we have heard “leaked” are just “Of Gods and Men” confused with this movie.

It would be neat if they had Nimoy do all Quinto’s lines and dub them in, lkike Chris Reeve did for his younger-self actor, Jeff East. But, it will never happen. We’ll just have to get used to a different voice, unless he can muster a more Nimoy-like delivery.

Speaking of voices, and getting off into a tangent, I woke up thinking of a way for Shatner to be in the film. But ultimately, it would likely be considered not worthy for Shatner.

I woke up wondering if Nimoy or Pine would do the opening monologue, Space The Final Frontier….with Courage fanfare. I was thinking of how Transformers opens with monologue by original voice actor doing Optimus Prime. So it should be appropriate for Shatner to reprise that.

I’ve still to see the Quinto video above, but does it appear he has the pointy side burns?

This movie is sounding more and more like a reboot.
A good thing…IMO


I’m not worried at all about Quinto’s voice be naturally “higher” in register than Nimoy’s. If they’re going through the trouble of adding LARGER EARLOBES to Quinto’s make-up, then why can’t he train himself to talk a little “deeper,” to sound more like Nimoy?

Any actor worth his salt shouldn’t find this hard to do. And even if he doesn’t, well, who cares? Isn’t this supposed to be a younger version of Spock? Didn’t we ALL have higher voices in our teens and early-20’s???

…and there will never be another cast of actors that can match the magic of the original TOS roles either… but I hope to enjoy this movie anyway. Bring on those production design details!

#25 maybe they won’t start with the “space, the final frontier” speech. No need to. As the movie is a reboot from scratch why not do it at the end of the movie? Once all the elements of the new crew are in place and the Enterprise is correctly crewed it can more properly used then.
007 never uttered the “Bond, James Bond” line until the end of Casino Royale. ;)

Spock is the deepest and most interesting of all Star Trek characters. Therefore, I believe this is the most crucial casting. This is the one they have to get right.

@29 – I like what you’re saying… makes perfect sense.

With so many elements being brought in the film may have a long way to go before we even see the Enterprise, let alone have Pike ruffle Kirk’s hair and send him out on some 5 year mission with a “don’t forget to write and don’t go upsetting the Klingons now…”

Agreed. Maybe, this is also the reason for Pine’s striking silence compared to Quinto‘s logorrhea. As the decision on Shatner’s involvement is still pending, Pine probably isn’t supposed to comment on his view regarding the character he’s about to portray. So, for now we don’t get the unique “first-hand” chance to compare Shatner’s and Pine’s varieties in approaching this character.

In any case, if they decide against Shatner, the challenge Pine has to rise to will fall off.


Not a bad idea, but just want to point out that in Bay/Orci/Kurtzman’s Transformers, the original voice of Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) actually played the role for the entire film, not just the intro.


Finally Netflixed TRANSFORMERS the other day… easily the WORST film I’ve seen all year. Certainly gives me pause about Orci & Kurtzman writing the new STAR TREK. Or maybe that had more to do with Michael Bay’s overbearing, juvenile influence…?

Not that im complaining……
But why is it ;
the only person we hear from or gets interveiwed , is Zachary Quinto ?

is there anyone else in this movie? LOL

The best thing that can happen is for people to debating who is the better Spock 20 years from now. That would mean that a whole new generation of fans have embraced Star Trek, and that the franchise is still going very strong.

Of course, for us Spock will be Nimoy. But if they do 8 new movies over the next 20 years, then, we should all be glad that Star Trek has prospered. And there will be a new generation of fans who just can’t quite picture anybody but Quinto playing the character.

Just like with James Bond, Batman, Superman, etc.

Or you could be the grumps who hang around here and want to see this movie fail miserably. All that will do is kill Star Trek forever. If you’re that possessive of the franchise that you’d rather see it die than be entertaining future generations, well that’s your choice. One that I will not share.

Did Leonard Nimoy Die?

The title of this article “Quinto: There Will Never Be Another Leonard Nimoy” made me think just that.

I’m so glad this wasn’t true.

Live long and prosper Leonard.

re: 36
“Or you could be the grumps who hang around here and want to see this movie fail miserably. All that will do is kill Star Trek forever.”

Star Trek that is not Star Trek is not Star Trek.

Re:33- Yes, I was aware of that minor detail! : ) Makes more sense if Shatner really is in the film. It would amount to a cameo, which is why I felt that film makers would nix the idea.

#38 So is Casino Royal not James Bond? Is Any Batman later than the original 1943 Batman serial not Batman? Are the new Spiderman films not Spiderman because they are not the cheesy 70;s productions? Is the Bogart Malteese Falcon not the Malteese Falcon because it was a remake? There will be Star Fleet, the Federation, the Enterprise, warp drive, phasers, and most importantly the spirit of hope for humanity, the wonders of exploration, action, and the message of tolerance and peace. It will be Star Trek don’t worry, sit back and enjoy.

#34 Transformers was EASILY my favorite movie of the year… I thought It was absolutely a hoot to watch!!! What didn’t you enjoy about it?

#40–well said. You and I are on the same page. Star Trek is about characters, not actors. It is about storytelling and a philosophy, not outdated special effects and cheap props. It is not about dated uniforms or bland starship paintjobs, either. It will be the success or failure of the film to deliver the essence of the characters and the proper quality of the story that answers whether it is worthy of the name.

Live long and prosper, Star Trek.

#38 – “Star Trek that is not Star Trek is not Star Trek. ”

But we don’t know that it’s not. Now if it were, as #29 theorized, a “reboot from scratch”, I could see the concern. But we’ve been told that it’s not, so I dunno…if it’s still definably within the Trekverse, it could stand a very good chance of being Star Trek.

At least until and unless I hear and can confirm something to the effect that they’ve crossed the line, I’m still willing to go with it.



“Star Trek that is not Star Trek is not Star Trek. ”

That’s funny… I could have sworn I heard the exact same thing while standing in line at a TREK convention… back in 1988.

It was Marina Sirtis’s first convention appearance in Boston and some woman behind me was going on and on about how STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION “was NOT ‘Star Trek.'” I remember thinking back then (at age 16) that she took herself and TREK in general far too seriously.

An argument could be made that TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT “aren’t STAR TREK,” but if TREK ’08 has the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, transporters, phasers, et al, then how exactly is it NOT considered STAR TREK…?

Yes, finally Nerdy cool. I really am warming up to Quinto. Gay or not, he’s a great actor. And that’s what should matter. Not his sexual prefrence.

#41 –

Trust me, I realize I’m in the minority where TRANSFORMERS is concerned… literally EVERYONE I know who saw it absolutely loved it; that’s the main reason why I finally broke down and Netflixed it a few weeks ago.

Without boring anyone with a long-winded review, all I can say is that “dumb fun” summer movies can STILL be well-made, if they’re well-written and produced. One could argue that the INDIANA JONES movies are the CITIZEN KANE’s of that sub-genre. But then there are movies that are so dumb, they simply insult your intelligence and are completely devoid of real characters, suspense and wit. That’s pretty much TRANSFORMERS in a nutshell.

Sure, if I were 10, I’d probably love it, but I could feel my brain cells start to leak out of my ears after the 15 minute mark. Couldn’t stand 2 minutes of any of it. Loud, obnoxious and witless.


And to throw in my 2 cents… so far, no one seems to be saying anything derogatory about Quinto’s sexuality (thank God), but in this day and age, why is this even a major issue with some people? Personally, yeah, I think there’s a good chance he might be gay, but even so, there is an enormous pool of talent out there of gay & lesbian men and women, especially in the arts. Some of the greatest actors/entertainers were or are gay, and they kick some serious butt… Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford, Michael Stipe, Ian McKellan, Rock Hudson, Melissa Etheridge… even Kevin Spacey and Jodie Foster, if rumors are to be believed.

Never mind writers as diverse as Arthur C. Clarke and Oscar Wilde, or numerous backstage production people in film and theater. Being gay absolutely has no bearing whatsoever on God-given talent.

All I care about is whether or not Quinto is a) a great actor and b) makes a convincing younger Spock. The end.


Actually, it’s harder than you might think. The reason people have higher and lower voices has everything to do with the structure of the individual’s larynx. For anyone, there is a range of notes that thier voice is capable of and notes that are outside this range are basically impossible for that individual. Training and practice can increase the range somewhat but there will still be limits. So, if Nimoy’s voice is significantly lower than Quinto’s (and it does sound that way), they are going to sound different. Plus, there’s other factors like Nimoy being a smoker for decades (which tends to drop the pitch) and age (men’s voice continue to deepen into thier fourties) which set the two men further apart.

There are electronic means of altering pitch, but, if I were producing this film, I’d avoid using it because, if the movie is a success, I’d be locking myself in to having to post-process Quinto’s dialog in all the future movies – which would be more expensive and kind of pointless without Nimoy to match up to.

re: 44
“if TREK ‘08 has the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, transporters, phasers, et al, then how exactly is it NOT considered STAR TREK…?”

Quite simple, I just decide. :)

– Quite simple, I just decide. –

Bravo! (Insert applause)