January 2008

Trek Celeb Stalker: Captains A’Plenty

NEW FEATURE: TrekMovie.com presents a new regular column where we stalk your favorite Star Trek celebrities and inform you on what they are up to. This week we have Shatner giving the smackdown, Patrick Stewart getting (yet another) award, Kate Mulgrew opining on the superiority of Voyager, Scott Bakula getting work, and much more!

Site Migration This Weekend

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Lost is Back Tonight

Star Trek director/producer JJ Abrams is probably best known as the co-creator of the mysterious hit series Lost. After a much too long hiatus the show is back tonight kicking off its fourth season with an episode co-written by Lost co-creator (and Star Trek producer) Damon Lindelof.

Paramount Gearing Up For Cloverfield 2

The JJ Abrams/Bryan Burk-produced monster movie is still in its second week, but Paramount is already hungry for more. Variety is reporting that Abrams (along with director Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard) is already in talks for a sequel. The low-budget scarer has already grossed over $80 Million and has yet to open in many overseas markets. So far it is the biggest movie of the year and holds the record for best January opening of all time.

Playmates Prototypes Provide Clues To New Star Trek Uniforms

Earlier this week, TrekMovie.com broke the news that Playmates Toys was granted the toy license the new Star Trek film. Now a new article from one of the Internet’s most popular collecting websites, Action-Figure.com, not only confirms the Trekmovie.com news, but also gives details on some of the first prototypes being shown off at UK ToyFair which kicked off today.

Saldana Talks Trek, Uhura… and Sex

Two new interviews show that the casting of Zoe Saldana gives the new Star Trek movie a ‘twofer’ when it comes to diversity. The actress talked to BlackFilm.com about her role as Uhura, explaining what attracts her to the part and describing her meeting with original Uhura actress Nichelle Nichols. In another interview with Latina Magazine, however, Saldana discussed matters a little more… personal.

The Young Kirks: Actors Cast To Play Young Jim and George Kirk

It has already been reported that the new Star Trek movie will feature a young/adolescent Spock in addition to the two adult Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy). But it appears the movie will also feature a young James T. Kirk, as well as a young version of his older brother. TrekMovie.com has learned that George Samuel Kirk, Jr. will be played by 15-year-old actor Spencer Daniels, while ComingSoon.net is reporting that the younger James T. Kirk will be played by (almost) 12 year-old actor Jimmy Bennett.

New Video Projects From Shatner

William Shatner continues his quest to become king of the Internet with the addition of a couple of new online projects. Firstly a site called VideoJug announced today a new set of interactive videos of The Shat discussing his “candid and personal views on life, Star Trek and the entertainment business.” And if you want to get more personal, LiveAutographs.com is offering the opportunity to get a personalized video of Shatner signing memorabilia.

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Yelchin Talks Chekov and Trek

Anton Yelchin is currently doing the rounds promoting his upcoming film Charlie Bartlett, but it seems all interviewers want to talk about is role as Pavel Chekov in JJ Abrams new Star Trek. Back when the young actor landed the role he admitted that he was not familiar with Star Trek or Chekov, but now he seems well versed and opines on both at length…even calling the character "the weirdest guy." See below for his thoughts on both and more.

More Fan Q&A With Roberto Orci

EXCLUSIVE: Last Friday director/producer J.J. Abrams and many of his cast and crew on new Star Trek film dropped by TrekMovie.com from the set of the film to take questions from the fans. However, after the dust settled, Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci kept the discussion going over the weekend answering more fan questions in the TrekMovie.com talkback. The writer revealed more tidbits about the script and the writing process and more. For those that don’t haunt the discussion threads we have put this bonus chat into an easy to read Q&A format.

Enterprise Beams Up New Transporter Chief

Daily Variety is reporting that Marlene Forte has landed the role as the (unnamed) Transporter Chief for the new Star Trek movie. The 40-something video store owner turned actress has appeared on many TV series such as Lost, ER, CSI, The West Wing, and Daybreak. Her film credits include Real Women Have Curves and Adrift In Manhattan. She starred in the 1997 independent film Lena’s Dreams (see clip below).

Star Trek Headed Back To Playmates

It has been the stated intent that the new Star Trek movie will move the venerable Trek franchise back into the broader mainstream audience. One area where this will manifest itself is in merchandising and TrekMovie.com has learned that a big step has been taken by awarding the toy license for the new Star Trek movie to Playmates Toys. This is actually a ‘coming home’ for Trek toys as Playmates held the license for much of the 90s but dropped it in 2000.

Grunberg: Big Cameos In Star Trek?

William Shatner may not want to do a Star Trek cameo, but it looks like other celebs are ready to go. In yesterday’s chat with JJ Abrams, the Star Trek director revealed that his ‘good luck charm’ Greg Grunberg (pictured in MI3) will not be appearing in the his new movie. However, Abrams pal Grunberg says that there are plenty of others who are on board the new Enterprise.

Corgi Announces Star Trek Movie License

Collectible company Corgi International announced this week that it had extended its Star Trek license through 2010. The announcement specifically mentions that the license will include the 2008 Star Trek feature film. TrekMovie.com has learned that the license applies mainly to the Master Replicas brand (which Corgi bought in 2006). Master Replicas, maker of high-end collectibles, has been producing Star Trek-related prop reproductions and ship models for the last decade.

JJ Abrams: Man Of Mystery

In the last week we have learned more about the ultra-secret new Star Trek movie being made by JJ Abrams than we learned in the previous 3 months. We have a picture of the Enterprise, a trailer, Q&A w/ Orci, Q&A w/ Abrams and Crew, a (fuzzy) shot from the bridge, a viral site (w/ secret images)…we got a lot. And yet, like after watching a great episode of his hit show Lost…it is all still a mystery.

Star Trek Cast & Crew Fan Chat Transcript + Pictures From The Set [UPDATED]

EXCLUSIVE: On Friday afternoon [UPDATED and during a 2nd round during the evening] Star Trek director JJ Abrams, along with exec. producer Bryan Burk, exec. producer/co-writer Roberto Orci, VFX supervisor Roger Guyett, exec. producer Jeffrey Chernov and Unit Production Manager David Witz all dropped in to TrekMovie.com to field questions from the fans. Also joining were castmembers: John Cho (Sulu), Karl Urban (McCoy), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), Chris Pine (Kirk), and Zachary Quinto (Spock). They posted online in between takes while shooting on the Enterprise sets! See the full transcript (in easy to read Q&A format) and a couple of photos below (including the very first picture from the Bridge).

Chris Doohan To Appear In Star Trek + Interview

EXCLUSIVE: Last February we ran our first article about Chris Doohan (son of the original Scotty, James Doohan) about his somewhat tongue-in-cheek quest to land the role first played by his father. Doohan later publicly endorsed the selection of Simon Pegg for the role, but that wasn’t the end of the story. In November we reported that Doohan auditioned and we can now report he will appear in the film. Doohan speaks to TrekMovie.com about his upcoming Star Trek role.

Abrams on Howard Stern: Talks Strike, Shatner, Cloverfield ‘Sickness’ And More [UPDATED: Abrams on Opie & Anthony Too]

Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams called in for an interview with the Howard Stern Show and being that it was Howard Stern, questions ranged from “is your wife hot?” to “did you bang Jennifer Garner?” to “how much money do you make?” to “is Tom Cruise nuts?” But he also took some serious questions about the writers strike, people getting sick watching Cloverfield and, of course, Star Trek (and Shatner). See below for some select quotes and the full audio interview. [UPDATE: Abrams also called in to Opie and Anthony Show…details and audio below]

Morrison Talks Star Trek Secrecy, Nimoy and Fandom

Jennifer Morrison still won’t say what character she is playing in the new Star Trek movie, but we know it is Winona Kirk..mother of James T. Kirk. Morrison tells Hollywood.com that she is sworn to secrecy regarding film details, joking “You have no idea how many forms I signed. I signed my life away!” But she did talk more about the shoot, meeting Leonard Nimoy and dealing with Star Trek fandom.

Details and Cover For New Shatner Autobiography

This week details and a cover have been released on a new autobiography from William Shatner, the first Captain James T. Kirk. The book titled "Up Till Now: The Autobiography" (co-authored by David Fisher) promises to be the definite Shatner-ography and will be available in May on both a hardcover and audio CD (presumably narrated by the man himself). Details and large cover image below.

James Cawley To Appear In New Star Trek Movie + Talks About Visit To Set

EXCLUSIVE: As the creator of the independent fan production Star Trek New Voyages, James Cawley has sought to recreate an exact replica of Star Trek The Original Series, right down to the braid on Kirk’s sleeve and the color of the bridge railing. So it is not surprising that he has been on the skeptical side with regards to JJ Abrams’ Star Trek ‘re-invigoration.’ But a chance encounter on the Paramount lot has turned the purist Calwey around…so much so that he is now literally ‘on board.’ In an exclusive video interview (below) Cawley tells TrekMovie.com all about his new Trek adventure and what he now thinks of Abrams and his new Enterprise.